The GOS 176 – The story of how one’s life was given back

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Man becomes the slave of desires / pleasure and acts accordingly. Sometimes, to get out of such slavery, the Almighty’s grace and the Siddha’s mercy is required. Let us see how one such lad was saved from the brink of death and gave him a happy life by Agastya in this post.

A lady came with teary eyes saying, “Agastya who does so many miracles, can’t He save my son?”

“He sure will, however, let us ask Himself.” – I prayed to Agastya to give this lady a good solution and opened the Nadi.

“Ey you! You have put me in a dilemma by giving her that word. Her son is a drunkard, consuming alcohol three times a day, infecting his intestine. If he continues to do so, he may live for another three months that’s all. You have but told this lady that Agastya will cure him? Can’t you have control over your tongue?” – said Agastya.

I normally do not give away such promises but that lady’s face made me say those words somehow. But the reality that her son is addicted to alcohol and about his life span terrified me. I remained silent for a while. The lady had some doubts perhaps. With a voice choked with emotion, she asked, “Did Agastya mention something bad about to happen?”


“Then why isn’t there any reply?”

“Is your son addicted to something?”


“What is it?”

“Drinks. He consumes drugs as well frequently.”

“For how long?”

“About 7 years”

“Did you arrange any treatment for him?

“Many. We got him admitted in a hospital. He was ok till the treatment went on. He resumed his habits the moment he got out of the hospital.”

“What’s his age?”


“Is he married?”

“No. Since he didn’t go to his work place regularly, they took him off the work. Who will give him their daughter?” – said the mother while requesting that Agastya only can save him.

I thought for a while and opened the Nadi.

“His intestine is infected. The kidneys have begun to get affected too. His hands and legs will start shivering even if he doesn’t consume alcohol even a little every day. In this stage, how do you think he can be saved?” – Agastya asked a little angrily. I remained silent, let Him speak…He spoke again shortly.

“Let me suggest a few medicines. It has to be dried in shade, powdered and mixed with water or hot water. Ask him to consume it in the morning and evening, at least for 48 days. There will be cure then. If there isn’t, come back to Agastya.” – He mentioned a few country herbs and said “sometimes, these herbs may not be suitable resulting in some other troubles. If such things happen, come back to Agastya at once.”

It was very relieving.

“If only he comes out of this habits, he is our only son. We are not that rich. Though we have relatives, none cares for us. He is the only solace for me and my husband. We are awaiting on when he will be alright, trusting our whole self on Agastya.” – said the lady.

“Just do what Agastya said. Everything will be alright.” – I consoled the lady and bid farewell.

Two and a half months passed by where that lady came running and screaming.

“Through the medicines you gave, my son was recovering slowly and got rid of his drinking habits as well. I was very pleased but now he got this malaria. The doctors said that it is difficult for him to be saved. I came here leaving him in the hospital, to beg Agastya for his life!” – said the mother.

I was reminded of the letter she had written sometime back, that he is slowly recovering. The condition that she explained was terrific, with the blood spoilt totally and malaria in addition, death might be staring at him right now. I prayed to Agastya earnestly that he should be saved and opened the Nadi.

“He will be saved! Ask her to head straight back to the hospital, sit near his headrest and begin reciting ‘Garuda Dandakam, Shashti Kavacham, Dhanvantri Gayatri and Maha Mrutyunjaya Japam’. If she cannot read, ask her to keep these books and recite the Kula Devata’s mantra. No botheration even if recited incorrectly for the Almighty won’t get displeased. Agastya will save that son for this lady and for my beloved son.”

Maha Mrutyunjaya Mantra

Then he said only to me, “O son, For this time, I shall save this boy for your request. Do not give away promises hastily hereafter. Don’t make me get in such dilemma either. There will be a miracle in the hospital through which her son will be saved. Just wait and watch the drama..”

This cleared all the fears in me. I was staring at that lady running and shouting, “Agastya has told. My son will be saved…!” like a crazy woman.

I was restless for four days as I didn’t hear anything from that lady. I didn’t dare to ask Agastya either. The next day when I was browsing the daily paper, a small bit of a corner read:

“In Chennai’s biggest government hospital, a lad suffering from malaria was saved by giving him fresh blood.” – I confirmed that it was indeed the lady’s son. What has happened was:

This lady who sat in her son’s bed by his head and doing the japa that Agastya suggested, a chief doctor who happened to pass by checked this boy’s case with his crew and decided that the impure blood should be taken out through one hand, and through another hand, pure blood is to be injected. He was lucky that his blood group was available in ample quantity and the treatment became successful also. Agastya had saved him. They also said that such a treatment has happened there for the first time. The boy who recovered never touches alcohol or drugs, 100%.

~ to be continued…!

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