The GOS 181 – Agastya’s blessings 5 – Who is a Guru, What is a birth?

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[This is from the 191st episode of the original Tamil series]

Eighth question:
Om Agatheesaya Namaha! My love for Lord Muruga is abundant. He takes care of me every second too. He bestows with everything I ask for, every second. I am worshipping Lord Agastya for the past 6 months. He too helps me with everything I ask for, immediately. I wish both their grace should be on me at all times.

Through the grace of Almighty, he said what he said, that he loves Lord Subramanya. It should be the Mothers who should be worried, not me. It is Sri Valli and Sri Deivayanai who should be worried, not us. But still, through the grace of the Lord, we bless him that his devotion may continue the way it is.

Ninth question:
Pranaams to Agatheeshwara Peruman! His Holiness should lead the Sudarsana Homa to be conducted in the Aapur Nithya Kalyana Venkateshwara Perumal temple. Who is the Perumal who dwells in the basement of that hill? Can He be installed at the hill stop?

Through the grace of Almighty, there were different types of yagnas and rituals carried out for three days as per our guindance earlier when we were sought for. Hence, at the suitable time, there will be another yagna through the grace of Almighty. That Almighty who bestows His grace as Lord Venkateshwara on that hill, there are about 60 Siddhas who are doing Tapasya there. When the yagna is fixed on dates of full moon days, suitable devotees may feel it!

Tenth question:
Apologies for raising a question again on rebirth. The explanation they gave on Sukha Brahmam and what my teacher said, are they referring to them with doubt or are they referring that a person who passed away has to take a birth again? Please enlighten.

What we say through the grace of God is, pray to Ravi, you will understand the secret of birht (Ravi – Surya / Sun). It will be interpreted by many in many ways when we say this. Try to understand what we are referring to now, in this circumstances. It is a birth when Atma is dwelling in this body. When this gets completed, the Atma leaves the body and gets into another body (takes birth) as per the effects of Karma and the Lord’s will, we call it a birth. Apart from this, whatever else is said, we do not approve of it. It depends on each one’s mental temperament. Hence, try to understand this better.

Eleventh question:
To reach God, is this required that a Guru in the physical form is required? Can we realize the Almighty without a Guru, that is through our own efforts?

Through the grace of Almighty, Who is a Guru, you think?

…eleventh question continues:
Guru means…I say this for the sake of others as Agastya knows. When a child is playing, it forgets about its house, parents and gets so involved in the play. It assumes those who are enacting as parents as the real parents, as part of the play, and forgets the real parents. The child has to be reminded of its real parents and to help it reach home. This must be done by someone who remembered the real parents and have reached hom. This person I think, is the only Guru.

Through the grace of Almighty..

The one who dispels ignorance or darkness is Guru.
The one who helps us to attain the purpose of birth is Guru.

But know this…

To have learnt something, whatever is the reason for that learning, an experience, a person, an incident, a relation, a friend, whatever that leads to that learning, to realize that we have learnt something and we should be alert hereafter – that feeling – in whatever ways or through a person this is felt, all that is Guru. Therefore, instead of searching for a Guru externally, pray to the Lord within, especially when the Lord is worshipped in the form of Guru Dakshina Moorthy, all the doubts about Guru will vanish. The darkness in the mind vanishes.

We are not saying not to search for an external Guru. How much ever an Atma does punya and comes down to show others the means of salvation, it does apply some impurity when it reaches the Bhu Loka (Earth). Hence, even when such a person teaches 90 different good things and does a little bit of a mistake, the person who receives all those lessons mis-interprets it. So we aren’t saying that its incorrect to visit many a different Guru in the physical form but after that, pray to the Lord within “O Lord! Please guide me in which is good, which isn’t” and surrender to Him. This is the suitable way to reach and test the true Guru!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 180 – Agastya’s blessings (4) – Ashtavakra Maharishi

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Sixth question:
Namaskaram to the Almighty! Agatheesaya Namaha! There is not much known about Ashta Vakra Maharishi. I request to elaborate about Him. As per His upadesha, if one gets hold of “Shakshi Bhavana”, there is no need of doing Pranayama, Yoga, Self-cleansing to reach Moksha and that one can attain Moksha this very second – please explain about this too I pray. As per Ashta Vakra’s upadesha, is it possible to attain Siddhi by following the methods? Kindly explain.

Through the Almighty’s grace, that Maharishi got a specific boon from God that his body should appear split in eight different angles and look very ugly, hence the name Ashta Vakra Rishi. When everyone made fun out of his appearance, he remained silence. Not just that, He also thought that every soul should reach the state of bliss that He has reached and gave upadesha on what he realized every second.

But here lies the problem. Until and unless the Maya and Ignorance leave oneself, the one-split-second- of a realization won’t be possible for anyone. What this beloved son mentioned is true. If one follows Ashtavakra’s methods, he can surely attain Siddhi. But to realize that state, to understand it, to perceive it, it takes crores of birth for an Atma. The upadesha of that maharishi can be understood by someone who is already nearing that state in its true form.

Otherwise, just as the man reads so many spiritual scriptures, listens to speeches but acts like a savage when it comes to his own self, till this quality is left, it is impossible for a soul to elevate. Hence, think of the noblest of all, Ashtavakra Maharishi, pray to Him earnestly, particularly, observe a fast in Guru Vara (Thursday), He is waiting to appear in one’s dream or in some other form and have given many a upadesha through God’s grace.

Seventh Question:
O Sire, during Barani, Krithika stars, Ashtami, Navami Thithi, like said in Shri Hanumath Dasan’s palm leaves that He won’t appear on these dates and even if done, there will be some hinderance or delay. I wanted to start in a specific time and hence I started in Budha Horai. If we avoid Chandra Horai, Shani Horai and when Guru Horai approaches, just like Guru’s presence, just to say that all these happened when the right time comes. I somehow think that if Guru Horai is chosen, everything will be taken care of. Please clarify me this doubt. When you said that You won’t come on Barani, Krithika, Ashtami Navami time period, it doesn’t mean You won’t give your words, but its just that everything happens smooth when Guru’s presence is there. Is this correct?

What We say through the grace of Almighty is, We do not have anything like Ashtami, Navami, Barani, Krithika or Chandrashtama. All we say is, when a person with patience comes and sits, We are ready to give our words day and night, continuously, if God permits. But to say it frankly, when the person’s karmic effects is still present and when he is asking about worldly things, his accumulated sins already pressing him against progress, to show him a way out, the fate has to allow.

We are only seeing the time just to make a way for him, to get away from his bondings such as karmic effects when he wants to know worldly things. But there is no time limit or anything for knowing the real Gnana!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 179 – Agastya’s blessings (3) and answers on the Kaveri issue!

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Question 3:
Om Agatheeswaraya Namaha!

Pranaams to all the elders. I am not sure how to ask, where to begin. A gentleman asked a while back that he needs to have the mindset to ‘seek You’ no matter how many births he may take. Such a noble soul, an elderly person lives in Madurai, near Palanganatham. They are taking care of a Kashi Vishwanathan, Visalakshi Ammai temple. His name is Krishnayya. He has assumed Patanjali Maha Muni as his guru and is teaching Yoga to those good souls who seek his assistance. One such a disciple who learns yoga is Siva Gnanam. An elderly person met Siva Gnanam, took him to a place and asked him to ‘build a temple here’. That place is called Aritta Patti near Madurai. They mention the history of this place. Maharishi Agastya himself had a doubt once as to who His parents were. He knew that only Lord Shiva & Parvathi can clear the doubt and so He did a severe penance to the Divine Parents who appeared and said ‘We are indeed your parents’. Agastya became very pleased and he did the Pradishta of a Shiva Linga there and worshiped).

To construct a temple in such a place, there is a shortage of money and it is very difficult to get it. When will they complete the construction? How will it happen? They say that it came in the “Vishwamitra Nadi” that it will happen under the lead of Krishnayya. Now there are different information coming from Patanjali’s Nadi. Good should happen to those who learn Yoga through Krishnayya and the construction should happen smoothly. It is better if it happens under the lead of Krishnayya. He is teaching the students many a things without any selfish motive. If one noble soul lives peacefully, he/she will ignite many such in their way.

We seek your blessings to have the temple construction for Kashi Vishwanath and Visalakshi happen smoothly, and that the students who learn under Krishnayya should progress well with their lives for good.


Through the grace of the Lord Almighty, what we say is. The place where the Atma dwells is temple. It is the Lord’s wish too that the humans construct a temple within themselves, within the womb of their mind and to pray to the Lord with pure love. But if such a subtle thing is said, not many will understand. Therefore, the forefather Rishi-Munis made such procedures to build temples externally, to do pooja externally etc. This is carried forward to this date. Some temples become dilapidated. There are subtle reasons for every such thing.

Having said that, to this son’s query, we shall bless that the temple construction to progress, through the grace of Almighty. For every temple to grow (the Maha Muni means the progress of spiritual sanity being more in that temple,  not the commercial aspect of ‘growth’ with loads of Hundi in every corner!) it is enough if spiritual-minded individuals gather together. There should be a connection of spirituality there, it’s enough. The material connection is not a big deal  for it will happen through the grace of God.

In this land of the Tamils lies many a temple for the First One. If those who are connected to the places where those temples are and perform appropriate poojas and begin the task, everything will go smooth. Blessings!

Further to this question. The people of Aritta Patti has come forward to have this temple renovated and have formed a committee where Siva Gnanam is part of. The devotees who want to know the present state and to contribute may contact the Pranava Nadha Saba & The Residents of Aritta Patti here: +91 99524 54869, +91 80151 46989.

Question 4:
There is a Soolagiri Varadaraja Swami temple. Arjuna himself did the pradishtai (installation) of that Swami. It is a Abayahastha type (the temple where the preciding deity’s right hand shows the mudra of Abaya Hasta). [But the temple did not grow much].

Through the grace of the Lord, all those incidents of Prana happened for true. When suitable time comes, all the growth aspect will happen. One must understand something. A temple’s growth is not as per how humans perceive it. What if many a number of people flock to a temple? Only commercial aspects remain there. Will there be sanity? Just because a temple is not seen or known by many, not many are thinking of that temple’s Lord or visiting that temple does not mean that there is any shortage to that temple. Those who have a spiritual connection to that place, in the appropriate time will come and continue their service. Blessings!

Question 5:

Please forgive me for repeatedly asking the same thing again and again. Without selfish motive, with humanity in heart, for Tamil, the one who grew Tamil, to have established a Sanga for Tamil (Tamil Sangam), the one who lives for Tamil, the Tamil God and the Lord Muruga, who said that Tamil will rule and to have given Tamil the power, let me ask this question:

The Agastya who gave the Kaveri, though created it in what is called as Karnataka now, is blessing many landscape of Tamilnadu. When will this Kaveri issue be solved? I earnestly pray to you. No matter if someone is born in Tamil Nadu or Karnataka, the Mother Ganga herself whose water consumable by anyone in the world has come here as Mother Kaveri, how then can this issue be solved without quarrels, in a peaceful manner? Please let us know, I request this with a common-good-cause in mind.

We shall say through the grace of the Almighty. O dear! As long as humans live, there will be conflicts and quarrels and problems and complications. The reason may differ as per the time. But the difference of opinion and hatred will continue to exist. As long as the humans develop individual righteousness, culture and attitude, no one can change this present scenario. This is human’s perspective. The human mind will travel as per the fate and karma.

But we always pray to the Lord Almighty that there should be a peaceful world, brotherhood. The people of Tamil Nadu and the people of Karnataka are created by the Lord Himself, just like any other humans. Not just them, everything including the river is created by the Lord Himself. Therefore, there is ‘No one who owns it’, there is No one who is a master and No one who is a slave. Everything is common, this attitude should be cultivated in every individual’s mind.
Though it is very difficult to get such a state of mind, We are ever praying to the Almighty that such a mindset should be present. We shall bless that such a mindset would come!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 178 – Agastya’s blessings 2 – Vasi Yoga, requesting for a teacher, birth-rebirth…

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First question:
Agatheeswaraya Namaha! We visit this Thanjavur Arut Kudil for quite some time. Why? One is to get in the path of salvation. Second, a few troubling issues such as family quarrels, to get rid of diseases etc. We were really tired after searching places for solution and have found that they are either cheat, no truth whatsoever and have come here. Right after coming here, The Maha Muni had showered numerous blessings on me and others. But still, I haven’t tried more subtle things in the spiritual path and neither has Agastya Muni granted them.

If one practices breathing control, Vasi Yoga, Pranayama in the right method, many diseases gets cured. The Siddhas have emphasized about this in many a manuscripts. They said, “even if you walk all the way to Kasi with your legs paining, what’s the use if you don’t learn Vasi?” in a subtle manner, urging us to learn Vasi Yoga. But we haven’t got the suitable teacher yet. We are trying this with whatever ways we know, even half baked and are finding some results. There are some clear merits. Therefore in this Arut Kutil, if a suitable teacher is searched for to teach us this yoga so as to ward off any diseases. People spend enormous amount of money in hospitals, for cancer, but pray, can the Maha Muni help us find a good teacher to teach us and to establish a teaching session?

Through the grace of Almighty, we speak. From what he said, if we turn Vasi, it is nothing but Pranayama. Do Vasi again and again, which is nothing but Pranayama. One must understand another thing. The people who come seeking help from us build so many remarkable imaginery stories around us (He referred to a display device, such as television and internet). Thinking of which, the people think about such incidents, think about us, believe in us that we will take care of thier problems, and reach here. There is nothing wrong in their beliefs.

But just as an infant has to be taught as per its mental matuirity and receiving capabilities, We offer solutions and practices as per one’s individual maturity and temperament. Therefore for those who come here, until and unless their past karmic effects reduce, it is extremely rare to know anything as Vasi Yoga or other immortal techniques. Else, one can learn these things in places where they are being advertised, but they can learn them only about the size of a mustard seed. If the milk is being heated without the container getting cleaned, the milk is spoiled. Therefore, we are suggested the people who come in search for us about simple remedies, prayers and parikaras than suggesting them complex practices, only to suit their temperaments and karmic effects. Here we say, we said this already and will continue to do so as well, understand this well: Let everyone’s mind act as per their temperament and as per fate or karmic effects. But the human who comes and sits before us thinking that their fate has to change, peace has to settle down in our minds, if he accepts 100% out of 100% as to what we suggest in the Jeeva Nadi, there definitely will be progress step by step through the grace of Almighty.

We ourselves know the progress made by the individual where we shall ourselves teach them the path to salvation when we know that he has had the effects of karma sufficient enough and that he is ready to make progress. We have indeed suggested a few on this. But not a great benefit they reaped as their minds went back to the materialistic plane. Hence, till they reach the unattached state of mind, magnanimous state of mind, till they discard thoughts and attitude of “my house, my family, my wife, my wealth”, they won’t be able to grasp what is Vasi Yoga.

Second question: [[the readers are strongly requested to read this again and again to grasp the depth]]
Om Namah Shivaya!

If said as One, then it’s just One.
If said its many, then it’s many.
If said yes, then it’s yes.

The poet Kamba says the above about realizing the Almighty in the Yuddha Kanta of Kamba-Ramayana. We are but confusing ourselves as ‘lets take this path to salvation, let’s take that one’. Let me put the blame on myself and say ‘I am taking every possible pathways as I can’. For the question of “IS GOD ONE OR MANY”, He clearly mentioned that HE IS ONE IF YOU THINK HE IS ONE, HE IS MANY IF YOU THINK HE IS MANY. If He is one, then it is the Jyotirmay Namah Shivaya, the formless. If I think of You, Shri Agastya, the reader of this Nadi, Shri Ganesan, myself who is seeking an answer, everyone around us, everything to be a particle of that same Para Brahman.

There is but this thought, “I” AM thinking that I am everything and everything is in me” but you are saying that the moment this “I” thought arises, then ‘You are not that’. If I have to leave that “I”, what should I do?

If I have to let go of myself (my ‘self’), how??? What is the method?

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna thus: “There has been never a time where I and you were not present” where He explains the omnipresence. If we assume that all the billions of people were there at all time in the form of Atma, it also means that the cycle of birth and death continues to be present and there is no way we can get rid of that chain. We are keep saying that the bondage of birth cycle should be broken. Is this philosophy true that let us be born again and again and think of the almighty OR to break out of the chain of births and say ‘I’ve become one with God’. In that case, if there is no Almighty to pray to, to praise to, when all the world gets dissolved in to That One during the Maha Pralaya, there is no need of the world as it were, right? Therefore my question is:

Do we need a rebirth, in other words, to be born again and to think of the God Almighty as many say OR to pray for a birthless state?

Through the grace of Almighty, for his question, we say at the moment: “There is a minister. Let’s say its a very high post. There is a person who used to be the minister’s classmate. Now which one is better? Is it the person saying that the minister was his classmate and his friend or the minister saying this person was my classmate and friend, bring him in? It is better than a man saying I know God, let us not search for God and all. It should be like God saying “There, the one who’s coming, she looks after me as a Mother does” by looking at Karaikkal Ammayar and “There, He is my friend” by referring to Sundarar. It is sufficient if one attains that state where the God Almighty comes Himself to dwell inside. There are countless methods and suggestions on how to reach that state. We are also suggesting some of them through the grace of Lord Almighty for quite a while.

Hence, instead of having thoughts such as birth-rebirth, is God there or not, what to do-what not to do, if one remains as an empty vessel, having surrendered himself totally to the Lord, what to do, when to do, what not to do, everything will be taught to him by the Lord Himself. This is applicable to one and all and not just this one who posted this question. If gold remains under mud and dirt, no one will know its gold. But if made pure, then everyone will know its value. Likewise, the humans’ Atma is covered with dirt such as attachment, Maya, desire, greed etc., If these are left off, everyone has a potential to raise up to the level of divinity.

(This is from the episode number 188 in the Tamil series)

(AA refers to Agastya Answers)

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~ to be continued…!

Experiences 1 – Spine chilling experience at Kallar

I am not an ardent bhakt of any God though because I am from a Sikh family. I got to know about Thavayogi Thangarasan through my aunt (as she searches the web for yogis to know about them for my son who has brain calcification). I emailed him for the issues with my son & for my in-laws. Then one day I got a chance to talk to him & requested a schedule to read Jeeva Nadi for my son. They gave an appointment for the 29th Nov 2014. I did not tell my in-laws about this but informed my husband that I am going to Coimbatore. I had to travel all alone with my son (he does not walk properly, does motion two to three times in a day,  does not sit at one place for long, lot of drooling from mouth) but I got a notion that Maha Guru Agastya says: “I am here, come along; I will take care of everything.” I was nervous but I got some confidence with these words. So from Kanpur I started to my mother’s place at Hyderabad first on 24th November as my mother agreed to accompany me to Cimbatore.

I was in the train with my son. As the train moved distance he started wandering here and there. To my next seat there were a Nepali & Tibetan family where my son found his company with their two daughters who were of age 19 or 20 years. He would sit near them, play with them, eat from them as they were taking care of him as he was their own. I reached Hyderabad safely without any hassles. We stayed at my mother’s place for a day and started the next day to Coimbatore.

The train was Saburi express with full of Ayappa Swamis. The journey was full of bhakti bhavana & throughout the journey, I felt as if there was a powerful shakti coming along with us. At night I could not sleep as there was something of a curiosity which did not let me sleep. Next day around 10 to 11 ‘o clock we reached Coimbatore. Now we had to go to Mettupalayam. We were told that we had to go by bus. But a lady who was sweeping the platform came forward telling us that a train will be coming in some time (I could understand some of it as I had knowledge of Telugu language). The train arrived; we took some sweets and after sometime we reached Mettupalayam. A father son duo told us that they will take us to the bus stand but to confirm the way he was taking I asked few policemen who explained the route, which I followed. We thought we would take lungi pieces & saree for them but we could not as the bus was full. I showed the address to the bus conductor and requested to let us know when the destination arrives. When we got down, two children of 14 years and 9/10 years old came towards us asking if we had to go to the Ashram. We nodded where the elder one took my bag & I held my son in my hands as he cannot walk properly. The road had some blocks due to some construction work and we cleared our way, then we walked on the railway track that appeared. Then we could see the Ashram from a distance.

I heard my mom saying Mataji is here & Guruji is following us. I said Ma I will stop only after reaching the ashram as I was holding my son was gasping. We reached the Ashram. The Mata & Guruji were in front of me. I took blessings in traditional way by doing Namaskaram from every one present there (Mahamuniji, Guruji & Mataji). Then we freshened ourself up & had some lunch. Although Guruji is very busy but the two days we stayed there,  there was no disturbance it was as though Mahamuniji did not want anyone to disturb us. I felt it was like father-daughter relationship as he listened to my queries & answered them. On Saturday after the Nadi reading was over I stayed back.

At night when I was conversing with Guruji, I heard a noise, that of a stick hitting the ground from inside of the locked room where Naadi was kept. I asked guruji what that was. At first, he said nothing but we heard it again.. guruji said nothing. The third time it happened again. Guruji opened the door and went inside. After a minute, he came out & said “Go and meet your father!”.

Iwas shocked and went inside with my knees bent. I saw a golden glow of Mahamuniji in front of me, although pale it was but I could feel Aanant blessings and a strong aura covering me, as though its saying: “I am there to protect you from all kind of hassles”. Till then my son came inside and I told him to take blessings. That was the same feeling which I was getting in the train. The whole journey’s tiredness just disappeared. I was feeling like a new person. I think this secret should not be shared but when father & children meet that experience is amazing and full. Please feel as if you are all one and they will make us feel that the whole universe is there to guide and protect you from any kind of problems. I hope we meet the ultimate almighty and we feel the same oneness.

Thanks & Regards
M…… ….r

~Please pass your valuable inputs on what you felt and how we can do better. And yes, do send us your experiences!

The GOS 177 – Agastya’s blessings 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


[This series contains the answers given by Agastya during generic Nadi reading session]

In the recent past, Shri Ganesan read the Nadi for general queries from the devotees in Bangalore, this was done as per the instructions of Agastya Muni. Apart from specific or personal queries, the clairvoyance were based on what to do in order to uplift oneself in life. We earnestly thank Shri Ganesan who read the Nadi and the Maha Muni Agastya who gave His immense wisdom.

At first, Agastya gave some words of blessing in general and went on to answer questions posted by the devotees.

“We speak through the grace of the Almighty at this moment. Blessings to all you children seated in front of me, through the grace of the Almighty. The reason we say ‘Through the grace of Almighty’ in every instance is…

No one can draw a conclusion of how the Almighty is…what His form is and all that.

One can choose to worship the Lord in the form they like, only to realize the formless completion. This is realization. The Almighty does not have a single name or a form or an attribute. Hence we say ‘Through the grace of Almighty’ without cornering a name or form.

The same lord is being worshipped by people as per their mental temperament, as the Foremost one (Ganesha), the younger one (Subramanya), The Three Eyed One (Shiva), as Maha Vishnu, as Brahma, The Goddesses and in various other forms, all the methods are good indeed. Then when can they realize that every single thing is the absolute One in completion (Purna)? For that One to be realized within oneself, to fix the mind in that One, to contemplate on that One, to keep thinking about that One and on and on…then to realize that the One is the only available One, the permanent One, the ever present, unchanged One. Till that time, every soul is guided by that One Almighty itself, to search Himself in various names and forms, as per individual’s state of mind.

To that Almighty, the individual who has completely surrendered himself through his body, mind and speech (Mano-Vak-Kayam), that individual will reach the ultimate realized state called as Sayujya, Sayroopa, Sayloka, Saameepam etc. The almighty is present even beyond these stages and hence, to reach these stages first, we bless these children through the grace of Almighty.

Having said that, what is this speech? Though whatever is being said here and in the personal Nadi reading is by no means complete. But if a soul which is eager to grasp the truth and determines to follow the good path, whether they listen to this Nadi or not, We shall be guiding them through the grace of Almighty at all times.

O dear children! You are aware of your parents in this birth. Who is your parents for every birth? When such a question is raised, the answer is The Almighty himself. To realize that One OR to realize what that Almighty wants you to realize, the only requirement is Sathya & Dharma. Just these. With these two, a little bit of bhakthi gets mixed, it is enough to realize that Almighty. It is actually very simple to realize the Almighty. Then why is the simplest one the most complex? Why isn’t it possible to everyone then? As we frequently say, if we research through this, the human being has a tendency to expect others to believe what he or she knows. It’s an expectation. If that expectation goes down, these miracles called realization will happen every now and then, continuously.

No! These are my brain’s outcome, I learnt it, My efforts, I am progressing. Where comes Almighty? Where is births? How come Nava Grahas? Even those who do not believe in these things are doing very well with their lives right? – for all these ‘rationalists’, let us say this: In every medicine, there is inscription on what have been mixed and in what level. For those without the knowledge of medicine, the writings doesn’t make sense. No one cares to read it in the first place. But if the medicine goes inside that individual, does it say “This fellow doesn’t know about me. Why should I bother working?” No right? Likwise, even if one does not believe that there are multiple births, even if one does not believe that the Almighty governs the lives through Nava Grahas, it continues to happen irrespective of what one believes or doesn’t. This is just His play. To believe or not is dependent on one’s karma and its effects.

For those children who believes, the children who doesn’t believe, the children who are about to come, for those who will seek this Jeeva Nadi in the future, We bless everyone from the Holy Abode Mount Kailash!

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!

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~ to be continued…!