The GOS 177 – Agastya’s blessings 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

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[This series contains the answers given by Agastya during generic Nadi reading session]

In the recent past, Shri Ganesan read the Nadi for general queries from the devotees in Bangalore, this was done as per the instructions of Agastya Muni. Apart from specific or personal queries, the clairvoyance were based on what to do in order to uplift oneself in life. We earnestly thank Shri Ganesan who read the Nadi and the Maha Muni Agastya who gave His immense wisdom.

At first, Agastya gave some words of blessing in general and went on to answer questions posted by the devotees.

“We speak through the grace of the Almighty at this moment. Blessings to all you children seated in front of me, through the grace of the Almighty. The reason we say ‘Through the grace of Almighty’ in every instance is…

No one can draw a conclusion of how the Almighty is…what His form is and all that.

One can choose to worship the Lord in the form they like, only to realize the formless completion. This is realization. The Almighty does not have a single name or a form or an attribute. Hence we say ‘Through the grace of Almighty’ without cornering a name or form.

The same lord is being worshipped by people as per their mental temperament, as the Foremost one (Ganesha), the younger one (Subramanya), The Three Eyed One (Shiva), as Maha Vishnu, as Brahma, The Goddesses and in various other forms, all the methods are good indeed. Then when can they realize that every single thing is the absolute One in completion (Purna)? For that One to be realized within oneself, to fix the mind in that One, to contemplate on that One, to keep thinking about that One and on and on…then to realize that the One is the only available One, the permanent One, the ever present, unchanged One. Till that time, every soul is guided by that One Almighty itself, to search Himself in various names and forms, as per individual’s state of mind.

To that Almighty, the individual who has completely surrendered himself through his body, mind and speech (Mano-Vak-Kayam), that individual will reach the ultimate realized state called as Sayujya, Sayroopa, Sayloka, Saameepam etc. The almighty is present even beyond these stages and hence, to reach these stages first, we bless these children through the grace of Almighty.

Having said that, what is this speech? Though whatever is being said here and in the personal Nadi reading is by no means complete. But if a soul which is eager to grasp the truth and determines to follow the good path, whether they listen to this Nadi or not, We shall be guiding them through the grace of Almighty at all times.

O dear children! You are aware of your parents in this birth. Who is your parents for every birth? When such a question is raised, the answer is The Almighty himself. To realize that One OR to realize what that Almighty wants you to realize, the only requirement is Sathya & Dharma. Just these. With these two, a little bit of bhakthi gets mixed, it is enough to realize that Almighty. It is actually very simple to realize the Almighty. Then why is the simplest one the most complex? Why isn’t it possible to everyone then? As we frequently say, if we research through this, the human being has a tendency to expect others to believe what he or she knows. It’s an expectation. If that expectation goes down, these miracles called realization will happen every now and then, continuously.

No! These are my brain’s outcome, I learnt it, My efforts, I am progressing. Where comes Almighty? Where is births? How come Nava Grahas? Even those who do not believe in these things are doing very well with their lives right? – for all these ‘rationalists’, let us say this: In every medicine, there is inscription on what have been mixed and in what level. For those without the knowledge of medicine, the writings doesn’t make sense. No one cares to read it in the first place. But if the medicine goes inside that individual, does it say “This fellow doesn’t know about me. Why should I bother working?” No right? Likwise, even if one does not believe that there are multiple births, even if one does not believe that the Almighty governs the lives through Nava Grahas, it continues to happen irrespective of what one believes or doesn’t. This is just His play. To believe or not is dependent on one’s karma and its effects.

For those children who believes, the children who doesn’t believe, the children who are about to come, for those who will seek this Jeeva Nadi in the future, We bless everyone from the Holy Abode Mount Kailash!

Blessings! Blessings! Blessings!

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~ to be continued…!

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