The GOS 178 – Agastya’s blessings 2 – Vasi Yoga, requesting for a teacher, birth-rebirth…

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here.

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First question:
Agatheeswaraya Namaha! We visit this Thanjavur Arut Kudil for quite some time. Why? One is to get in the path of salvation. Second, a few troubling issues such as family quarrels, to get rid of diseases etc. We were really tired after searching places for solution and have found that they are either cheat, no truth whatsoever and have come here. Right after coming here, The Maha Muni had showered numerous blessings on me and others. But still, I haven’t tried more subtle things in the spiritual path and neither has Agastya Muni granted them.

If one practices breathing control, Vasi Yoga, Pranayama in the right method, many diseases gets cured. The Siddhas have emphasized about this in many a manuscripts. They said, “even if you walk all the way to Kasi with your legs paining, what’s the use if you don’t learn Vasi?” in a subtle manner, urging us to learn Vasi Yoga. But we haven’t got the suitable teacher yet. We are trying this with whatever ways we know, even half baked and are finding some results. There are some clear merits. Therefore in this Arut Kutil, if a suitable teacher is searched for to teach us this yoga so as to ward off any diseases. People spend enormous amount of money in hospitals, for cancer, but pray, can the Maha Muni help us find a good teacher to teach us and to establish a teaching session?

Through the grace of Almighty, we speak. From what he said, if we turn Vasi, it is nothing but Pranayama. Do Vasi again and again, which is nothing but Pranayama. One must understand another thing. The people who come seeking help from us build so many remarkable imaginery stories around us (He referred to a display device, such as television and internet). Thinking of which, the people think about such incidents, think about us, believe in us that we will take care of thier problems, and reach here. There is nothing wrong in their beliefs.

But just as an infant has to be taught as per its mental matuirity and receiving capabilities, We offer solutions and practices as per one’s individual maturity and temperament. Therefore for those who come here, until and unless their past karmic effects reduce, it is extremely rare to know anything as Vasi Yoga or other immortal techniques. Else, one can learn these things in places where they are being advertised, but they can learn them only about the size of a mustard seed. If the milk is being heated without the container getting cleaned, the milk is spoiled. Therefore, we are suggested the people who come in search for us about simple remedies, prayers and parikaras than suggesting them complex practices, only to suit their temperaments and karmic effects. Here we say, we said this already and will continue to do so as well, understand this well: Let everyone’s mind act as per their temperament and as per fate or karmic effects. But the human who comes and sits before us thinking that their fate has to change, peace has to settle down in our minds, if he accepts 100% out of 100% as to what we suggest in the Jeeva Nadi, there definitely will be progress step by step through the grace of Almighty.

We ourselves know the progress made by the individual where we shall ourselves teach them the path to salvation when we know that he has had the effects of karma sufficient enough and that he is ready to make progress. We have indeed suggested a few on this. But not a great benefit they reaped as their minds went back to the materialistic plane. Hence, till they reach the unattached state of mind, magnanimous state of mind, till they discard thoughts and attitude of “my house, my family, my wife, my wealth”, they won’t be able to grasp what is Vasi Yoga.

Second question: [[the readers are strongly requested to read this again and again to grasp the depth]]
Om Namah Shivaya!

If said as One, then it’s just One.
If said its many, then it’s many.
If said yes, then it’s yes.

The poet Kamba says the above about realizing the Almighty in the Yuddha Kanta of Kamba-Ramayana. We are but confusing ourselves as ‘lets take this path to salvation, let’s take that one’. Let me put the blame on myself and say ‘I am taking every possible pathways as I can’. For the question of “IS GOD ONE OR MANY”, He clearly mentioned that HE IS ONE IF YOU THINK HE IS ONE, HE IS MANY IF YOU THINK HE IS MANY. If He is one, then it is the Jyotirmay Namah Shivaya, the formless. If I think of You, Shri Agastya, the reader of this Nadi, Shri Ganesan, myself who is seeking an answer, everyone around us, everything to be a particle of that same Para Brahman.

There is but this thought, “I” AM thinking that I am everything and everything is in me” but you are saying that the moment this “I” thought arises, then ‘You are not that’. If I have to leave that “I”, what should I do?

If I have to let go of myself (my ‘self’), how??? What is the method?

Lord Krishna tells Arjuna thus: “There has been never a time where I and you were not present” where He explains the omnipresence. If we assume that all the billions of people were there at all time in the form of Atma, it also means that the cycle of birth and death continues to be present and there is no way we can get rid of that chain. We are keep saying that the bondage of birth cycle should be broken. Is this philosophy true that let us be born again and again and think of the almighty OR to break out of the chain of births and say ‘I’ve become one with God’. In that case, if there is no Almighty to pray to, to praise to, when all the world gets dissolved in to That One during the Maha Pralaya, there is no need of the world as it were, right? Therefore my question is:

Do we need a rebirth, in other words, to be born again and to think of the God Almighty as many say OR to pray for a birthless state?

Through the grace of Almighty, for his question, we say at the moment: “There is a minister. Let’s say its a very high post. There is a person who used to be the minister’s classmate. Now which one is better? Is it the person saying that the minister was his classmate and his friend or the minister saying this person was my classmate and friend, bring him in? It is better than a man saying I know God, let us not search for God and all. It should be like God saying “There, the one who’s coming, she looks after me as a Mother does” by looking at Karaikkal Ammayar and “There, He is my friend” by referring to Sundarar. It is sufficient if one attains that state where the God Almighty comes Himself to dwell inside. There are countless methods and suggestions on how to reach that state. We are also suggesting some of them through the grace of Lord Almighty for quite a while.

Hence, instead of having thoughts such as birth-rebirth, is God there or not, what to do-what not to do, if one remains as an empty vessel, having surrendered himself totally to the Lord, what to do, when to do, what not to do, everything will be taught to him by the Lord Himself. This is applicable to one and all and not just this one who posted this question. If gold remains under mud and dirt, no one will know its gold. But if made pure, then everyone will know its value. Likewise, the humans’ Atma is covered with dirt such as attachment, Maya, desire, greed etc., If these are left off, everyone has a potential to raise up to the level of divinity.

(This is from the episode number 188 in the Tamil series)

(AA refers to Agastya Answers)

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~ to be continued…!

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