The GOS 181 – Agastya’s blessings 5 – Who is a Guru, What is a birth?

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[This is from the 191st episode of the original Tamil series]

Eighth question:
Om Agatheesaya Namaha! My love for Lord Muruga is abundant. He takes care of me every second too. He bestows with everything I ask for, every second. I am worshipping Lord Agastya for the past 6 months. He too helps me with everything I ask for, immediately. I wish both their grace should be on me at all times.

Through the grace of Almighty, he said what he said, that he loves Lord Subramanya. It should be the Mothers who should be worried, not me. It is Sri Valli and Sri Deivayanai who should be worried, not us. But still, through the grace of the Lord, we bless him that his devotion may continue the way it is.

Ninth question:
Pranaams to Agatheeshwara Peruman! His Holiness should lead the Sudarsana Homa to be conducted in the Aapur Nithya Kalyana Venkateshwara Perumal temple. Who is the Perumal who dwells in the basement of that hill? Can He be installed at the hill stop?

Through the grace of Almighty, there were different types of yagnas and rituals carried out for three days as per our guindance earlier when we were sought for. Hence, at the suitable time, there will be another yagna through the grace of Almighty. That Almighty who bestows His grace as Lord Venkateshwara on that hill, there are about 60 Siddhas who are doing Tapasya there. When the yagna is fixed on dates of full moon days, suitable devotees may feel it!

Tenth question:
Apologies for raising a question again on rebirth. The explanation they gave on Sukha Brahmam and what my teacher said, are they referring to them with doubt or are they referring that a person who passed away has to take a birth again? Please enlighten.

What we say through the grace of God is, pray to Ravi, you will understand the secret of birht (Ravi – Surya / Sun). It will be interpreted by many in many ways when we say this. Try to understand what we are referring to now, in this circumstances. It is a birth when Atma is dwelling in this body. When this gets completed, the Atma leaves the body and gets into another body (takes birth) as per the effects of Karma and the Lord’s will, we call it a birth. Apart from this, whatever else is said, we do not approve of it. It depends on each one’s mental temperament. Hence, try to understand this better.

Eleventh question:
To reach God, is this required that a Guru in the physical form is required? Can we realize the Almighty without a Guru, that is through our own efforts?

Through the grace of Almighty, Who is a Guru, you think?

…eleventh question continues:
Guru means…I say this for the sake of others as Agastya knows. When a child is playing, it forgets about its house, parents and gets so involved in the play. It assumes those who are enacting as parents as the real parents, as part of the play, and forgets the real parents. The child has to be reminded of its real parents and to help it reach home. This must be done by someone who remembered the real parents and have reached hom. This person I think, is the only Guru.

Through the grace of Almighty..

The one who dispels ignorance or darkness is Guru.
The one who helps us to attain the purpose of birth is Guru.

But know this…

To have learnt something, whatever is the reason for that learning, an experience, a person, an incident, a relation, a friend, whatever that leads to that learning, to realize that we have learnt something and we should be alert hereafter – that feeling – in whatever ways or through a person this is felt, all that is Guru. Therefore, instead of searching for a Guru externally, pray to the Lord within, especially when the Lord is worshipped in the form of Guru Dakshina Moorthy, all the doubts about Guru will vanish. The darkness in the mind vanishes.

We are not saying not to search for an external Guru. How much ever an Atma does punya and comes down to show others the means of salvation, it does apply some impurity when it reaches the Bhu Loka (Earth). Hence, even when such a person teaches 90 different good things and does a little bit of a mistake, the person who receives all those lessons mis-interprets it. So we aren’t saying that its incorrect to visit many a different Guru in the physical form but after that, pray to the Lord within “O Lord! Please guide me in which is good, which isn’t” and surrender to Him. This is the suitable way to reach and test the true Guru!

~ to be continued…!

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