The GOS 185 – Sivadasa Siddha

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[From the 195th & 196th episodes of the Tamil series]

The Siddhas live in solitude and on hilltops. Hence we visit the mountains to have their darshan. But is this the only way? Can’t we have their darshan in our own house, in our own city after pulling them through our devotion? Such a genuine question rises naturally. Let us see what Agastya says about a Siddha.

A small town near Chennai. It is apt to call it a village without any facilities. The people there were villagers, doesn’t appear to have literacy or wealth. Sivadasan was born in that town. He was rearing the cattle and sheep in the nearby farms. Due to poverty, the seven-year-old Sivadasa did not get adequate food.

The only food he has seen is the rice cooked the previous day (which is usually soaked in the water the previous night – the water is consumed by many villagers in empty stomach, supposed to be rich in nutrition when soaked with rice cultivated without any pesticide or contamination). He did not have proper clothes to wear. His hair must have seen oil many years back. He wore a kaubeenam in his loin and was rearing the cattle.

One afternoon! An aluminium vessel that carried Sivadasan’s food was kept under a tree. He came to have his lunch, he slipped and the force toppled the vessel. All the food fell in the muddy ground. Alas, he could get a little food only around 9 in the night. He was already very hungry. He even thought of eating the food which fell in the ground at least from the surface which didn’t touch the soil, but somehow he didn’t feel like doing so.

The hunger transformed to wailing. He cried aloud to his heart’s content which echoed in that dry land. Then it happened…

“Crying for food right? Here, there’s all the food you wanted. Have as much as you want.” – said an aged Sannyasin handing over a big bundle to him. Sivadasan was so hungry that he swallowed the food, without even thinking who that person was, why he is offering it. He just could’nt wait.

Only after finishing the food did he care to look around, but that person was nowhere to be seen. He thought, “He must have been a traveller who had some mercy on my situation.” He could not think anything beyond.

The next day he went to the same dry land with his cattle. His mother was down with fever and so could not prepare any food for him. He somehow thought that the same Sannyasin will feed him today too and he waited.

The same person came to Sivadasan’s place in the afternoon but he did not have any bundle, which disappointed Sivadasan. He saw that in his face, smiled at him and tapped his face slightly.

“We’re hungry and he hasn’t brought any food. On top of that, what’s the use of smiling?” – he thought and turned his face away

“O Sivadasa! Are you angry at me?” – the Sannyasin asked.

He nodded, just like his cattle does.

“Why? Is’nt it because I did not bring you food like yesterday?” – he asked like an innocent child.

He nodded heavily.

“Ok, don’t get angry. You just want food right?” – he waved his hands here and there. Did some Japa. He kept the bowl he had in the ground. He picked up a couple of dry leaves. Then he sat down and began to meditate. His mouth was murmering something. Sivadasan was curious on these and he forgot his hunger momentarily. He sat in front of the Sannyasin.

He opened his eyes after a while to see Sivadasan sitting in front.

“Wait for a minute. You will get a feast.”

Sivadasan nodded his head, but he seldom had faith in that Sannyasin who now sprinkled a drop of water on the dry leaves. The dry leaves fired up! He placed the bowl he had kept on that fire and prayed something. The bowl transformed in to a huge cooking clay utensil. It appeared as if someone poured rice and water in to that pot. It was brought down in the tenth minute.

The Sannyasin raised his hands again, another vessel appeared followed by green lush vegetables. He placed the vessel with vegetables in the fire. It cooked the vegetables. Within half an hour’s time, delicious food was ready. He brought a banana leaf placing it before Sivadasan saying, “Here, everything is for you. Have as much as you want.” and disappeared!

Sivadasan has never tasted such a food in his life time. He had heard that such a feast is fed in marriage halls but no one has ever invited him for a wedding, so he left that desire. But now, under the shade of a tree, the villagers saw Sivadasan having a feast in the afternoon. Within an hour, the news spread where many of the villagers came there wondering how did he get such a food, is this an act of a ghost or so. When he said that he had similar food the day before, they were surprised. They wanted to taste the food themselves and in that hurry, they even grabbed the food from Sivadasan by force.

But every time when they grabbed the food by force, delicious food kept appearing from Sivadasan’s hands. The villagers were so surprised and they began to look at Sivadasan as some incarnation. Even he wasn’t sure as to why such things are happening and how! Who was that Sannyasin, why should he hand over food to me, he didn’t know. When asked, he just said that a Sannyasin came and he gave him the food. People began to disperse with a few of them staying back with Sivadasan, thinking of finishing their dinner too. The Sannyasin did not return. Sivadasan began to walk towards his house.

When he returned in the morning, there were hundreds of people waiting to taste that delicious food already, even people from the nearby villages. He was thrilled. He waited with the others for the afternoon and for the mysterious Sannyasin. The time passed but he didn’t come. The people got frustrated as they were hungry right from the morning. Out of their blind-folded frustration, they even began to beat Sivadasan who fell down unconscious eventually. They all ran away thinking that he had died. Later on, the Sannyasin came to him.

He got him up, took him along as though in a magical spell, embracing him. His parents came to the dry land screaming and crying that their son is no more. There they didn’t find Sivadasan. They began to search for him, and sat down in the local temple. The priest came in the evening assuring them all that Lord Vaideeshwara will cure the child and took them in to the temple.

When he opened the sanctum sactorum of the Vaideeshwara temple, there came from inside Sivadasan, looking healthy and glowing, wearing a turban, saffron robe and with a dhandam  (the stick that holy men carry), smiling. They could not identify if it was him. They were confused as to how he came here, was he dead back then, has he turned alive and so on. Then the wise men thought that it was Lord Vaideeshwara who took him here, gave him the Gnana and so he is a blessed one. They all paid their respect to Sivadasa whose eyes were glowing.

Sivadasa said, “It was indeed Vaideeshwara who fed me that day. He woke me up from unconsciousness, placed me in His sanctum sanctorum, gave Gnana, gave Siddhi, all is done by Him. This temple is going to be very famous in about 300 years. I will go around the country and will return. There are 9 different Siddhas who are in their Jeeva Samadhi state here in this temple, who can come out at any time.
This temple will be called as Siddha Temple and this place will be referred to as ‘Siddhar Kadu (jungle).” He walked out and no body could see him thereafter.

A few “highly intellectuals” shouted that the sanctity of the temple is disturbed because Sivadasa was actually dead, who went inside, and somehow came out alive. It must have been Sivadasan’s ghost that they all saw, anyhow, the temple’s sanity is now compromised. The villagers were confused. That night, the temple bell began to sound by itself vigorously which made the villagers run towards the temple with all sorts of weapons they could find.

What they witnessed was an abisheka being performed to Vaideeshwara with milk, rosewater in an excellent manner. The fragrance of the flowers mesmerised everyone. The people were carried away by what they saw, they worshipped the Lord when that voice was heard:

“Sivadasan had attained the Siddhi in his previous birth itself, who served this Vaideeshwara. He wanted to serve the Lord in this birth as well. He is going to perform many a miracle and through him, this Siddhar Temple is going to become famous. Though he is gone north, he will come here in the form of a bird to shower flowers on the Lord. He may appear as a crow and taste the ghee in the lamp which is lit.

He will solve the genuine queries of people through his Siddhis. We wanted to show you all about his true nature and so we brought you all here, we the four Siddhas who live here.” – said that voice.

The villagers believed what they heard, a few miracles began to happen as well. Two owls appear during Pradosha time during the Lord’s procession and they fly away when Swamy is taken inside again. They say that it happens to this date. During Thiruvadhirai star, a crow comes and sits near the ghee lamp lit. Without worrying about the fire, it eats the ghee lit there, doesn’t disturb the lamp and flies away. The birds that settle down in the evening and this crow, they say it is Sivadasa Siddha.

To prevent anyone entering the temple in the midnight, they say that the Siddhas circumambulate the temple with Veda-Kosha in turn. There seems to be a snake for hundreds of years on the left side of the temple garden (Nandavana) and doesn’t harm anyone, they say it is a Siddha too.

They say that even to this date, if someone prays to the Siddha-pillars, Sivadasa Siddha himself will point the solution through someone, somehow. This is a repetitive incident that strengthens the presence of divinity in this Kali Yuga through the incidents happening there.

Now where is this holy place is the question that arises naturally. Here it is:

Sri Thatheeswarar Temple, (Chithukadu), South Mada Street, 1/144, Thirumanam Village, Via Pattabhiram, Vayalanallur Post, Chennai – 600072.

Temple timing:
8.00 AM to 10.30 AM
5.30 PM to 6.30 PM

Contact: Shri Kumaran Sivachariyar (+91 94447 93942)

Those who can, please visit this temple and get the Siddha’s blessings!

Request to the readers:

If you happen to visit this temple or any other places that we write about, please send us the pictures of the pillars and any details you may get. Thank you!

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~ to be continued…!

The GOS 184 – Saanga Deva Siddha

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[From the 194th Tamil series]

After I started reading Jeeva Nadi, I seldom get solitude, mostly. When I do, I raise one of those numerous questions I have in mind and the Maha Muni answers me. He has mentioned about many a temple, Siddhas, holy places etc. This post is about a Siddha which Agastya Muni mentioned in one such interaction.

There is hardly anyone who does not know Thirumular in Tamil Nadu. Likewise, there is a Siddha in the northern part of the country called Saanga Deva. He is an expert of transferring his soul to another physical body. His very own disciples have not seen him directly. He teaches his students through the medium of just voice (asareeri in Tamil), a first of its kind in educating.

He lived on the shore of Tapti river in his ashram. He taught hundreds of students. At the same time, he flies all the way to Pandaripuram and sings the Pandarinath’s praise. Such a Siddha Saanga Deva who taught students through his ‘voice’ heard an information through a voice one day.

“On the outskirts, there is a person who is well learned, very talented, who has reached the peak of spirituality. His name is Gnana Deva. He is a very big Siddha. Meet him this Pournami (full moon day) with due respect.”

Saanga Deva felt a bit of pinch in his heart once he heard that voice. He refused to meet Gnana Deva. The thought of “I” dominated him. He rejected everyone’s suggestion. The news reached Gnana Deva. He thought that Saanga Deva might come to meet us once his mind changes, and Gnana Deva was playing with a child in front of his house.

Saanga Deva eventually decided to meet Gnana Deva. He created a tiger through the power of his tapasya. He then transformed a black cobra as a whip. He sat on that tiger with the whip in his hand and majestically reached Gnana Deva’s residence.

Gnana Deva saw this and he waved his hands thrice. The whip changed to a garland and the tiger changed to a cow. Saanga Deva lost his tapasya’s powers and stood alone. He then realized that there is a lot more that he could learn from Gnana Deva and fell at his feet. Gnana Deva accepted Saanga Deva as his disciple and taught him various knowledge.

Once Saanga Deva accepted Gnana Deva as his guru, he continued his miraculous powers but with a limit. He would sat on the water and cross the river. If he puts his legs in the water, the river split into two, letting him go. He brought back many a dead with the grace of Lord Shiva. He quenched the hunger of poor through Amudha Surabhi. Apart from the art of transferring one’s soul to another physical body, he taught his disciple every other knowledge. He gradually then became visible to others in a human form in the due course.

Saanga Deva lives to this date on the banks of river Tapti, blessing those who seek His guidance and grace, eradicating their karmic effects and diseases!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 183 – Agastya’s blessings to us – Pancheshti

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The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


[This post is the English version of the 193rd episode in the Tamil series here]

When I was alone, I asked Agastya “could you please tell about a temple that You are associated with”. He was pleased and began to tell about the temple which I took notes, as given below:

There was a time…

When Agastya was doing tapasya, a demon (Asura) named Sukethu came with his family and fell at His feet. Agastya saw the reason through His Gnana-Drishti as to why an asura who belonged to the royal clan should fall at His feet and knew that Sukethu was actually good and due to his past karmic effects, he was born in amidst Asuras, and that he was thinking and worshipping Lord Shiva all the time, the rest of the asuras were torturing him and his family.

He began to think on how to save Sukethu and his family.

By doing a yagna, his karmic effects could be nullified, He thought. Deva Yagna, Brahma Yagna, Bootha Yagna, Pithur Yagna and Manushya Yagna – such 5 types of yagna should be done, He thought. At the same time, the rest of the asuras will definitely try to create trouble during the yagna. When Agastya was thinking of the ways to prevent the trouble, Goddess Parvathi Herself appeared before Agastya!

“O Agastya! I have heard about your yagna through The Three Eyed One but haven’t witnessed one directly. Would you let me witness it?” – she asked politely. Agastya was pleased so much.

“O Mother! So far, I have been performing yagna for Devas and Manushyas to nullify their dosha, for the first time, I am about to perform this Pancha-Yagna for an asura and his family who always thinks and worships Lord Shiva, to ward off his dosha. If you allow, I shall perform this yagna at the very spot that You will ask me to.”

“O Agastya! Yagna for an asura? That too by you? I am surprised. Then won’t all the asuras come and fall at your feet?” – asked Umayal.

“O Mother! You are the embodiment of mercy who bestows it even to the enemies. Then let us transofrm all the asuras to become good.”

“No Agastya! Only when such bad elements exist do people realize the importance of good, devotion increase. If all the asuras reach Deva Loka, that place cannot sustain. Let the bad do their work and only through that will the good stand out, emerge. Hence, don’t spoil the asuras” – hinted Parvathi .

“O Ma! I know what you mean. But you don’t have any objection for this Sukethu and his family who came seeking mercy to me right?”

“O Son! There will be a reason in everything you do. Can anyone oppose you? Am I an exception? Just tell me what you want me to do.” – said Parvathi.

“O Mata, you wanted to witness this yagna which I intend to perform to help Sukethu. I request you to bless and help protect this yagna with Lord Mahadeva.”

“How do you want me to do it?”

“Let there be no obstacles from the other asuras till the yagna completes. I pray, please appear in your form with Three Eyes since I intend to perform a ‘Chathru Samhara Yagna’ also, with the help of Lord Karthikeya”

“What about that yagna now?”

“It is the first time I am performing such a yagna. Jealousy, Anger, Greed – people who suffer from these things, to get rid of these, such a yagna has been ordered by Lord Karthikeya himself to help those who suffer from such unwanted things. I am going to perform as per the methods.”

“I am very pleased Agastya! The place suitable for such a yagna will be called as Pancheshti, where Lord Shiva appeared Swayambu. This wonderful place near Kanchipuram will eventually become a spiritual spot as well.” – Parvathi blessed pleasingly.

“O Mata, it is of immense bliss that you yourself have come to bless on my behalf. As you mentioned about this place with Ananda and that you will protect my yagna, I would like to call you as “Anandavalli Thayar”. Is this agreeable to you?”

“So be it!” – blessed Anandavalli Thayar (Thayar means Mother)

Anandavalli Thayar prevented all the obstacles created by the Asuras, standing with Her left foot forward, destroying the asuras with Her third eye while Agastya completed all the 5 yagna and then the Chathru Samhara Yagna successfully. Sukethu and his family got rid of the dosha. Goddess Parvathi appears very pleased, blesses this place with Her left foot forward, as Anandavalli Thayar.

This temple is about 28 kilometers from Chennai in Calcutta highway, near Redhills. The temple dates back to yore with the Raja Gopura illustrating Dasavatara on one side and incidents related to Shaivism illustrated in the other side, equally, telling us something!

The Nava Grahas are in straight line with Shaneeshwara having Garuda as His vehicle as against the usual crow, a rare sight indeed.

There is a big pond on the left side of the temple. The Puranas mention that it appeared from the saliva of Agastya. But when asked about it in the Jeeva Nadi, Agastya mentioned that Ganga herself appeared from His Kamandalu for Him to wash His hands after the yagna.

There is no place than this to perform Chathru Samhara Yagna. It is such a Vara Prasadi Sthala for all the Shiva Bhakthas. Agastya said, “Those who have the karma to visit, whose fate has it, let them come to get my blessings!”

[PS: Every month during Sathaya star, there is special pooja and worship happening here as per the instructions of Agastya. Those who know more information about it, please pass it in the comments section, we shall append it in the article for everyone’s benefit.]

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The GOS 182 – Agastya’s blessings 6 – Simple and effective remedial measures for all using flowers!

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[This is from the 192nd series in the Tamil version]

When there weren’t anyone to ask for a Nadi reading, I asked “There are quite a lot of different flowers. Can you please explain about them?”. Agastya was very pleased and shared a number of things. Here they are:

The almighty created human, gave them pleasure. Then through humans themselves, He gave them misery. Then He showed various different ways for them to live happily and peacefully. Such a guidance given by the Almighty is Bhakthi. It can be categorized differently. Gnana Bhakthi, Acharya Bhakthi, Serving the Almighty and to do the archana to the Lord with different kind of flowers. All these are done as per one’s temperament and as per the circumstances.

Gnana Bhakthi is obtained after severe penance. Not everyone can follow this path. Only a few could get such a chance. Even Acharya Bhakthi is obtained by worshipping the Lord and not everyone can follow this either.

To serve the Lord, such as constructing a temple, doing Anna Dhana, helping others as per one’s dharma without expecting any returns is such a Bhakthi.

The Bhakthi that surpasses all these is to worship the Lord with flowers by doing Archana and Prarthana. This type is applicable and doable by one and all. It not only bestows peace, but one could do it at any time and call the Almighty for help to give us what we want.
Flowers are an important factor of this. Our ancestors have mentioned about what flower is suitable for which graha, which deity. It is not said just for the sake of it. They formulated them with the subtle base, then once they verified it through their experience just like any scientific experiment, they spread it out for the sake of all through Gnani’s, Rishis, through Vedas.


If in your horoscope, if Surya is either in the Rashi or Lagna on 8th or 12th house, worship Surya with ‘Red Lotus (Senthamarai)’ flower every Sunday. Any type of eye related issues and work related issues will vanish. Do not worship Surya with any other flower. If you are not able to find the red lotus flower, then lit a lamp with the wick obtained from the stem of the lotus flower.


If Chandra is joint with harmful grahas and if Chandra Dasha, Chandra Bukthi or Chandra Anthara is happening to one, then that person should do archana to Chandra with white Alli flowers. It wards off any water related disease and removes obstacles for one visiting abroad, could come out of court cases related to women. If one is not able to find white alli flower, let them do archana with Kumkum.


If Sevvai is present in one’s horoscope in 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 house and if Sevvai Thasai or Bukthi or Antara is happening where out of disease, jealousy or through envy if someone is not able to make progress in life, the only way out is to pray the Graha Sevvay or Lord Subramanya with Shenbaga flower. The problems would go away just like that.


When Budha joins with harmful grahas, in whatever Rashi he is in, there will be harmful effects. Court cases, unwanted skin related disease, enemity through one’s uncle’s relation, loss in business etc might happen. To get rid of these, pray to Lord Budha every Wednesday with Ven Kanthal flower. It is a great parikara.


If Guru is present in one’s horoscope on 3, 6, 8, 19 or 12, and if Guru Maha Dasha, Bukthi or Antara is happening, instead of doing various other parihara’s, if one does archana to Guru Bhagwan with Mullai flower, one can cross any obstacles without a fear. The obstacles themselves can be used as a stepping stone.


If Shukra is hidden in one’s horoscope on the 12th house or stays alone in the enemy graha Guru, it is called Shukra Dosha. If one adores Shukra with White Lotus every Friday and does archana, Shukra will become double the amount of benevolent and will provide all types of Sowbhagya.


If Shanishwara is present in one’s horoscope on 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12th houses, one may be affected with various different problems. To get rid of them, if one does archana to Shanishwara or the Saturn planet with Karunguvalai flower every Saturday, Shanishwara will help in many ways.


If Rahu is present in one’s horoscope on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 12th house, he may be facing one or the other issues constantly. To get rid of this, when one does archana with Mandarai flower whenever possible, Rahu won’t trouble that person till the end.


If Kethu is present in one’s horoscope on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 12th house either alone or with other grahas, there will be Kethu Dosha. To get rid of this, simply do archana with Red Alli flowers (Sevvalli) whenever possible, they will get Kethu bhagwan’s complete blessings.

These are simple but effective remedies. Let the humans believe in these and do these parihara’s, our blessings!

navagraha-flowers-as-per-the-planetory-positionsFrom the above picture, we could not locate an image for White Kanthal flower. The readers are requested to present with a link or details on where this flower can be obtained.

O devotees of Agastya, please follow these remedies and cleanse yourselves.

~ to be continued…!