The GOS 182 – Agastya’s blessings 6 – Simple and effective remedial measures for all using flowers!

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[This is from the 192nd series in the Tamil version]

When there weren’t anyone to ask for a Nadi reading, I asked “There are quite a lot of different flowers. Can you please explain about them?”. Agastya was very pleased and shared a number of things. Here they are:

The almighty created human, gave them pleasure. Then through humans themselves, He gave them misery. Then He showed various different ways for them to live happily and peacefully. Such a guidance given by the Almighty is Bhakthi. It can be categorized differently. Gnana Bhakthi, Acharya Bhakthi, Serving the Almighty and to do the archana to the Lord with different kind of flowers. All these are done as per one’s temperament and as per the circumstances.

Gnana Bhakthi is obtained after severe penance. Not everyone can follow this path. Only a few could get such a chance. Even Acharya Bhakthi is obtained by worshipping the Lord and not everyone can follow this either.

To serve the Lord, such as constructing a temple, doing Anna Dhana, helping others as per one’s dharma without expecting any returns is such a Bhakthi.

The Bhakthi that surpasses all these is to worship the Lord with flowers by doing Archana and Prarthana. This type is applicable and doable by one and all. It not only bestows peace, but one could do it at any time and call the Almighty for help to give us what we want.
Flowers are an important factor of this. Our ancestors have mentioned about what flower is suitable for which graha, which deity. It is not said just for the sake of it. They formulated them with the subtle base, then once they verified it through their experience just like any scientific experiment, they spread it out for the sake of all through Gnani’s, Rishis, through Vedas.


If in your horoscope, if Surya is either in the Rashi or Lagna on 8th or 12th house, worship Surya with ‘Red Lotus (Senthamarai)’ flower every Sunday. Any type of eye related issues and work related issues will vanish. Do not worship Surya with any other flower. If you are not able to find the red lotus flower, then lit a lamp with the wick obtained from the stem of the lotus flower.


If Chandra is joint with harmful grahas and if Chandra Dasha, Chandra Bukthi or Chandra Anthara is happening to one, then that person should do archana to Chandra with white Alli flowers. It wards off any water related disease and removes obstacles for one visiting abroad, could come out of court cases related to women. If one is not able to find white alli flower, let them do archana with Kumkum.


If Sevvai is present in one’s horoscope in 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12 house and if Sevvai Thasai or Bukthi or Antara is happening where out of disease, jealousy or through envy if someone is not able to make progress in life, the only way out is to pray the Graha Sevvay or Lord Subramanya with Shenbaga flower. The problems would go away just like that.


When Budha joins with harmful grahas, in whatever Rashi he is in, there will be harmful effects. Court cases, unwanted skin related disease, enemity through one’s uncle’s relation, loss in business etc might happen. To get rid of these, pray to Lord Budha every Wednesday with Ven Kanthal flower. It is a great parikara.


If Guru is present in one’s horoscope on 3, 6, 8, 19 or 12, and if Guru Maha Dasha, Bukthi or Antara is happening, instead of doing various other parihara’s, if one does archana to Guru Bhagwan with Mullai flower, one can cross any obstacles without a fear. The obstacles themselves can be used as a stepping stone.


If Shukra is hidden in one’s horoscope on the 12th house or stays alone in the enemy graha Guru, it is called Shukra Dosha. If one adores Shukra with White Lotus every Friday and does archana, Shukra will become double the amount of benevolent and will provide all types of Sowbhagya.


If Shanishwara is present in one’s horoscope on 2, 4, 7, 8 or 12th houses, one may be affected with various different problems. To get rid of them, if one does archana to Shanishwara or the Saturn planet with Karunguvalai flower every Saturday, Shanishwara will help in many ways.


If Rahu is present in one’s horoscope on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8 or 12th house, he may be facing one or the other issues constantly. To get rid of this, when one does archana with Mandarai flower whenever possible, Rahu won’t trouble that person till the end.


If Kethu is present in one’s horoscope on 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, or 12th house either alone or with other grahas, there will be Kethu Dosha. To get rid of this, simply do archana with Red Alli flowers (Sevvalli) whenever possible, they will get Kethu bhagwan’s complete blessings.

These are simple but effective remedies. Let the humans believe in these and do these parihara’s, our blessings!

navagraha-flowers-as-per-the-planetory-positionsFrom the above picture, we could not locate an image for White Kanthal flower. The readers are requested to present with a link or details on where this flower can be obtained.

O devotees of Agastya, please follow these remedies and cleanse yourselves.

~ to be continued…!

One thought on “The GOS 182 – Agastya’s blessings 6 – Simple and effective remedial measures for all using flowers!

  1. Ranjani Sathyan says:

    Aum Agastheeshaaya Namaha. Thank you Gnana Bhoomi team for translating the Tamil episodes. Most of the episodes and experiences by devotees brought tears. Though I have not got my nadi read, I feel very blessed that I came across Gnana Bhoomi and Sri Agastiyar’s Vaak. Looking forward for more.

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