The GOS 183 – Agastya’s blessings to us – Pancheshti

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[This post is the English version of the 193rd episode in the Tamil series here]

When I was alone, I asked Agastya “could you please tell about a temple that You are associated with”. He was pleased and began to tell about the temple which I took notes, as given below:

There was a time…

When Agastya was doing tapasya, a demon (Asura) named Sukethu came with his family and fell at His feet. Agastya saw the reason through His Gnana-Drishti as to why an asura who belonged to the royal clan should fall at His feet and knew that Sukethu was actually good and due to his past karmic effects, he was born in amidst Asuras, and that he was thinking and worshipping Lord Shiva all the time, the rest of the asuras were torturing him and his family.

He began to think on how to save Sukethu and his family.

By doing a yagna, his karmic effects could be nullified, He thought. Deva Yagna, Brahma Yagna, Bootha Yagna, Pithur Yagna and Manushya Yagna – such 5 types of yagna should be done, He thought. At the same time, the rest of the asuras will definitely try to create trouble during the yagna. When Agastya was thinking of the ways to prevent the trouble, Goddess Parvathi Herself appeared before Agastya!

“O Agastya! I have heard about your yagna through The Three Eyed One but haven’t witnessed one directly. Would you let me witness it?” – she asked politely. Agastya was pleased so much.

“O Mother! So far, I have been performing yagna for Devas and Manushyas to nullify their dosha, for the first time, I am about to perform this Pancha-Yagna for an asura and his family who always thinks and worships Lord Shiva, to ward off his dosha. If you allow, I shall perform this yagna at the very spot that You will ask me to.”

“O Agastya! Yagna for an asura? That too by you? I am surprised. Then won’t all the asuras come and fall at your feet?” – asked Umayal.

“O Mother! You are the embodiment of mercy who bestows it even to the enemies. Then let us transofrm all the asuras to become good.”

“No Agastya! Only when such bad elements exist do people realize the importance of good, devotion increase. If all the asuras reach Deva Loka, that place cannot sustain. Let the bad do their work and only through that will the good stand out, emerge. Hence, don’t spoil the asuras” – hinted Parvathi .

“O Ma! I know what you mean. But you don’t have any objection for this Sukethu and his family who came seeking mercy to me right?”

“O Son! There will be a reason in everything you do. Can anyone oppose you? Am I an exception? Just tell me what you want me to do.” – said Parvathi.

“O Mata, you wanted to witness this yagna which I intend to perform to help Sukethu. I request you to bless and help protect this yagna with Lord Mahadeva.”

“How do you want me to do it?”

“Let there be no obstacles from the other asuras till the yagna completes. I pray, please appear in your form with Three Eyes since I intend to perform a ‘Chathru Samhara Yagna’ also, with the help of Lord Karthikeya”

“What about that yagna now?”

“It is the first time I am performing such a yagna. Jealousy, Anger, Greed – people who suffer from these things, to get rid of these, such a yagna has been ordered by Lord Karthikeya himself to help those who suffer from such unwanted things. I am going to perform as per the methods.”

“I am very pleased Agastya! The place suitable for such a yagna will be called as Pancheshti, where Lord Shiva appeared Swayambu. This wonderful place near Kanchipuram will eventually become a spiritual spot as well.” – Parvathi blessed pleasingly.

“O Mata, it is of immense bliss that you yourself have come to bless on my behalf. As you mentioned about this place with Ananda and that you will protect my yagna, I would like to call you as “Anandavalli Thayar”. Is this agreeable to you?”

“So be it!” – blessed Anandavalli Thayar (Thayar means Mother)

Anandavalli Thayar prevented all the obstacles created by the Asuras, standing with Her left foot forward, destroying the asuras with Her third eye while Agastya completed all the 5 yagna and then the Chathru Samhara Yagna successfully. Sukethu and his family got rid of the dosha. Goddess Parvathi appears very pleased, blesses this place with Her left foot forward, as Anandavalli Thayar.

This temple is about 28 kilometers from Chennai in Calcutta highway, near Redhills. The temple dates back to yore with the Raja Gopura illustrating Dasavatara on one side and incidents related to Shaivism illustrated in the other side, equally, telling us something!

The Nava Grahas are in straight line with Shaneeshwara having Garuda as His vehicle as against the usual crow, a rare sight indeed.

There is a big pond on the left side of the temple. The Puranas mention that it appeared from the saliva of Agastya. But when asked about it in the Jeeva Nadi, Agastya mentioned that Ganga herself appeared from His Kamandalu for Him to wash His hands after the yagna.

There is no place than this to perform Chathru Samhara Yagna. It is such a Vara Prasadi Sthala for all the Shiva Bhakthas. Agastya said, “Those who have the karma to visit, whose fate has it, let them come to get my blessings!”

[PS: Every month during Sathaya star, there is special pooja and worship happening here as per the instructions of Agastya. Those who know more information about it, please pass it in the comments section, we shall append it in the article for everyone’s benefit.]

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~ to be continued…!

7 thoughts on “The GOS 183 – Agastya’s blessings to us – Pancheshti

  1. Venkatesan says:

    Aum Sairam, Om Agatheesaya Namaha,

    I have read the tamil version earlier, and have been intending that our family will be blessed to visit, this Tuesday also planned but finally went to Kanchi Kamatchi Amman Temple, Hopefully Mahamuni Ayya blesses us soon to visit the temple, whenever he deems it fit.


  2. Venkatesan says:

    Aum Sairam, Om Agatheesya Namaha.

    Yes, Mahamuni Ayya blessed us exactly on the ninth day after writing here, that he should call us soon to visit the temple.

    On Sunday, the 23rd Oct, incidentally my birthstar our family was blessed to visit Panchesti, A great experience, Thank You Maha Guru for guiding us always.

  3. Kishore Krishna says:

    Thanks for the informative articles and messages from the Mahaguru – I came across this site several months ago and have been reading the updates as well. I came to know about this temple by reading the article. This morning we had a great darshan at the temple. I hope to visit again at a future date, There are a number of pumas and yagnas that can be performed- Kandaswami gurukkal at 9962570445 can give details.

  4. Sailaja says:

    Om Agastheesaya Namaha! Om Namaha Shivaya! I pray Mahamuni blesses me and my family to visit the temple and have His darshan and Ammavaaru’s blessings.


    We visited this temple in 2012 and 2013.As a mark of five yajnas 5 oil lmaps have been placed in all direction and are burning continuously They need oil for this. Now we have to perform this yajna to save our HINDU DHARMA which being challenged by Christians and Muslims.

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