The GOS 189 – Kuthambai Siddha

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[From the 203rd episode of the Tamil series]

There are many who attained the state of Siddha by doing severe tapasya for months together and did many yagnas. There is one who attained a great level of Siddha by singing 32 philosophical songs, he is Kuthambai Siddha.

No one knows his real name, but how he got his name is due to the ornament he wears in his ears. It is called Kuthambai, an ornament generally worn by women. The moment he was born, they observed divinity with a trace of feminism. Though he was a male, they adorned him with the garments of girls and enjoyed.

Whoever sees this child will obtain a Kuthambai in their houses the next day. They could not trace the reason, who gives it and lastly found that it is this child who was the reason. This child was standing at the entrance of his house when a Sadhu came.

He asked, “Do you prefer Dhanam or Gnanam?” (Dhanam – charity, offering etc. Gnanam – wisdom, spiritual realization)

The child replied, “I like only Gnanam”

“Very well. Then let me teach you both. Would you come with me?”

“O yes, right away Swami! What more of a blessing will I get?” – said that child and walked along with the Sadhu.

The parents were terribly shaken, started searching for the child everywhere. He was found seated obediently like that of a student in front of that Sadhu in the outskirts of the village under a Athi tree (Ficus racemosa).

The parents and the villagers misunderstood the Sadhu and thought of giving him a royal punishment. They spoke ill of him, accusing him of a person who sacrifices small child.

Kuthambai Siddha



But then, there heard a voice:

“Do not disturb this Sadhu. Do not hurt his flower like heart by accusing him of anything. He was the guru of this child in its previous birth. It is due to this Sadhu that this child will attain the state of Moksha!”

Just like Lord Shiva’s divine plays (Thiruvilayadal), this child will get fame by the name ‘Kuthambai Siddha’ and will live a great life, the voice said. The villagers did not believe in the voice, they thought that it is someone who spoke on behalf of the Sadhu. Right then, the child began to sing a song, whose meaning goes like this:

“There is onion, there is pepper, there is dried ginger. What is it your physical body for? A vigil that does not hurt others, provides warmth, food for hunger is good, O Kuthambai, it’s a good vigil.”

Then the child explained the meaning of this song in such a simple terms that even a layman could easily grasp the meaning, taking the parents and everyone around by surprise. They eventually realized that this child has been a Siddha in his previous birth, and since it wasn’t completed, it took birth again and that this child is an Amsam of Lord Shiva Himself!

The child thereafter was called Kuthambai Siddha, who did penance in a tiny hole of the Athi maram. He solved many people’s problems by His soft spoken words, merciful heart and performed a lot of miracles.

They say that to this day, the Panchakshara Mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is heard from the Athi tree hole. Those who could hear are blessed one indeed, they say. Through His 32 songs, one can learn the meaning of life and attain salvation.

“Those who have taken the milk of mango and be like a mountain, why do they need the milk of coconut, O Kuthambai, why do they need the milk of coconut?” – asks Kuthambai Siddha. This song can be heard from many people. Where else can one find such a simple yet profound philosophical song?

An interesting note on this Siddha from Ramanan‘s blog:

He has stated in one of his Poems about environment Pollution and Ozone layer in the atmosphere. He talks about the effect of Ozone layer on Earth and the people. In the following poem, he says that the increase in Air Pollution causes Ozone layer imbalance in the atmosphere and this shall cause breathing and Lungs related problems for the Chinese.

One must remember the Siddhar dates to 11 Century AD.

The Poem In Tamil.

சீனத்தோர் சோகங் கூடும்
வாயு மண்டலத்தில் நுந்து லோகமது,
மிதக்க, ஒளி மங்க, புகை மூட்டங்
காண, மூச்சுக் கோளாறுகாணுதே’

When Ozone level is depleted in the atmosphere ,light dims,fog increases and the Chinese shall have breathing difficulties and Lung related problems.

Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 188 – Vilayattu Siththar (The playful Siddha)

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[From the 200th, 201st and 202nd episodes of the Tamil series]

The boy could just not study, no matter how he is taught. Money was spent lavishly to enroll him in various schools. He was just playful and never focussed in studies. On top of it, his parents had to get the scoldings from the teachers on his playfulness. They concluded that the parents should bow their heads down in shame to have got such a son.

The heartbroken parents planned to go away from the city elsewhere. The boy came to know this where he said, “Why should you go out of town? It is because of me you are upset and I should go out. No one has to suffer because of me.” The parents were shocked, that the playful boy who takes nothing serious is taking so differently today, they tried to convince him otherwise. They did not want the boy to get separated from them and so they took him to a nearby Shiva temple and prayed earnestly.

That night, the parents felt so much of grief in knowing that the boy was missing. They were terribly shaken out of fear as to what might have happened to him. They began to search for him right in that midnight but of no use. The grief overpowered them to decide that they should commit suicide by jumping into the pond of that Shiva temple.

When they reached the pond, an old man stopped them saying, “Why are you taking such a wrong decision? Your son is a divine one who will become a Siddha, who will make your name glorified. Drop this decision, go home, your son will come back!” – he said these words like a clairvoyance. The parents looked at that old man who did not appear normal. The radiance from his eyes and the glow from his body told them that he could be a big Munivar.

They were surprised on how that old man knew their thought flow of suicide. They bid farewell to the old man with due respect and came home. A fifteen days went by. A couple visited their home from a nearby city and said, “You are blessed indeed! Your son is performing a certain miracles. Our son was fighting for his life where your son gave him Vibhuthi (sacred ash, bhasm) while singing and saved his life. We inquired about him and got to know about you, we came here to offer this small token of gratitude.” – they prostrated before the parents, offered them some contribution and went their way.

The parents’ joy knew no bounds but they did feel that he could have stayed in the same place and have done all these. It took less time for them to get convinced that these are all but the acts of God, its good enough if their son comes back.

The next early morning…

Four of them came in a bullock cart, they appeared rich. They had a silver plate with a saree, dhothi, gold coins etc and asked the parents, “Is this the Vilayattu Siddar’s (Playful Siddha) house?”

“Playful?! Siddha?! It looks like you have come to a wrong address. Whom are you searching for?” – asked the confused parents.

“O Sire! Your son who is in a different city, everyone calls Him by that name. Probably you aren’t aware of it!” they said, “In our family, there is a disease that troubles everyone and it’s followed generation after generation. We have met many a physician and have suffered for 30 long years. It is through your holy son that the 30-year long disease disappeared. Your holy son is indeed a divine one.!”

“How did he do it? He does not know anything about disease or medicines!” – exclaimed the father.

“What are you saying?! Do you know what he did? He chanted a mantra and sprinkled water on all of us, all our leucoderma disappeared!” – they were extremely happy.

The parents could just not believe what they heard. “Is it so? We ourselves are surprised on hearing this!” they said.

“Not just this. We never mentioned about this disease to him. He himself mentioned it and said that he will cure our disease and performed this miracle.” – and they showed their hands and legs, taking the parents to deep surprise. They tried to refuse the offerings politely asking them to give it away to their son himself.

They said that their son asked them to give these offering to the parents and that they could not but listen to Vilayattu Siddha’s instructions.

Two days passed by. A group of people came to the parents’ house with utmost devotion. They said..”Cholera had spread in our village killing two children and an aged person. We sought the shelter of your holy son. He blessed a pot full of water by chanting a mantra and gave it to us asking us to pour half of the water in the pond and the rest to be consumed by everyone, each a drop.

Those who took that drop stood up instantly. Half of them were almost about to die as if they wouldn’t live for the next hour. They got up!

Your son Vilayattu Siddha saved our village. We came here to thank him.” – the parents felt so proud and happy. They wanted to meet their son and set forth immediately, but a number of obstacles appeared. They returned to their house with a heavy heart. They even developed a hatred towards their son thinking, such a son who helps everyone is not helping us to meet him.

They tried meeting him again with the help of a few. En route, the bullock which took them dropped dead.

“Is it a bad omen or that our son does not want to meet us? Is this otherwise the play of God who thinks that our son is no longer our possession and there should be no attachment towards him?” – they got confused. Why should the bullock die which was hale and healthy suddenly? They went to the Shiva temple and prayed earnestly.

The old man whom they met before appeared suddenly. They fell at his feet pouring their grief out.

“Why do you want to go and meet him? Chitra Pournami comes in four days. He himself will be brought here with all due respect. He is a Siddha. It is difficult to attain this state at this young age. It is due to the merits of his previous birth.” – he smiled.

“We just wanted to see him from a distance, we tried twice but a number of obstacles appeared. We felt very disturbed. Will we get our son back Swami?” – asked the parents.

“Your son is yours, but the Almighty have given him a lot of responsibilities. Till he completes them, it is not advisable for you to meet him.”

“So, can’t we see him at all?”

“Yes, you can. He knows your mind too. He will satisfy your wishes. He will roam around like a wanderer. Just leave him like Adi Shankaracharya. There will be a lot of merits because of him. There is no affection or attachment in him.”

The parents cried profusely. When they regained their consciousness, they saw the old man going into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple, not to be seen thereafter, ever! The parents told this surprising even to many others who did not believe. They even ridiculed the parents that they have become crazy. The parents clearly realized that it is Lord Shiva himself who appeared as the old man.

Though they were convinced, the grief of not having their son like all normal parents still pinched them. They sat there in the temple in a strange state of mind. When they woke up in the middle of the night suddenly, they saw the Vilayattu Siddha coming towards them. He embraced the parents calling them, “Amma! Appa!”

The mother pleaded, “Please do not leave us…” by holding his hands.

“Never, dear Mother! Whenever you think of me, just call me, “Siddha”, put some food in a plate with the Milk Pudding that I like. I myself will come to eat it. Then I will go out to play, is it alright?” – asked the Siddha.

“O very well, yes! I will do this every single day and call you. You should come here and eat.” – said the mother right royally with love.

The father asked, “When we tried committing suicide, an old man saved us by telling about you. Who was that?”

“It is the Three Eyed Lord Himself who dwells everywhere, in this Sanctum Sanctorum as well.”

“Is He the same who came this evening, mentioned about your arrival?”

“Yes, it is Himself! It is through His grace that I got the Siddha state. Why are you lying here in the temple? It is Brahma Muhurtha now. Get back home. Lord Shiva will take care of you!” – the Siddha held the parents’ hand till they reached home and was not to be seen. When the parents opened their eyes, they realized that they were at their house. They even realized that their son has played with them and recalled all the conversation. They started looking at him as a Siddha than their son thereafter.

The mother places a plate of food with milk pudding and calls her name. She realizes that the pudding is being consumed. She continues the practice. It is said that the Vilayattu Siddha observes this practice to this day in His family.

The strange thing however is, during Chitra Pournami day, when the Siddha was brought to the village with a great pomp and respect, he looked and blessed his parents like anybody else, did not come near them or talk to them.

The ones who called him as playful and disobedient, they themselves were lifting Him in a palanquin. He continues to perform miracles to this day!

The GOS 187 – Englishman and Vaduga Siddha

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[From the 199th episode of the Tamil series]

An Englishman from England had come to Kollimalai (Kolli Hills) to take rest in summer. He didn’t like the life in London. As he got a higher position, he came to India with his family, roamed around a number of places and chose Kollimalai.

The nature of his work made him stay in different places but he constructed a bungalow in Kollimalai for vacation purposes during summer and spends a good time in Kollimalai to return to work refreshed. He is naturally a kind hearted person, wanting to help others. Some of his higher officials who had a very low opinion about Indians, particularly Tamils, where all the plans he brought forth for the welfare of Tamils were opposed by them.

This Englishman being a believer of God, did not like the partial attitude displayed and was losing his peace of mind.

Once, one of the officials insisted that a certain Indian must be punished with a capital punishment of hanging, our Englishman knew that the Indian was not guilty. It was true that he had done minor crimes, but they did not call for such a death sentence. He explained his point of view and sent it to his higher ups, causing his boss irritation.

“Though born as an Englishman, you don’t have any gratitude. I suspend you from your post.” – ordered the boss. Our Englishman was not startled by all these. He went to Kollimalai with his family. A great surprise awaited him.

As he stood, forgetting himself in the beauty of Kollimalai’s natural abundance, Vaduga Siddha appeared before the Englishman! Though he heard about Siddhas a bit, he hasn’t seen one before. He did not know that Vaduga Siddha was standing in front of him, even to say, a Siddha, the Englishman initiated conversation.

“Who are you?”

“I am just a passerby. As you stood here alone, I thought I shall see what’s the matter.” – said Vaduga Siddha, in English.  The Englishman was taken by surprise with the fluency of English with the accent that the natives speak from a hermit.

“You do not worry. The suspension order of yours has been canceled. Not just that, your name is recommended for a very high post as well.” – said the Siddha!

Our Englishman is now shocked than surprised, “How do you know that I am being suspended?”

“Just a guess, I wouldn’t say so! You are devoted to the Almighty. You had served me here in the same Kollimalai in your previous birth. As you fight for the right, such tests will always be there for you. But just see now, a surprising news will reach you.” – saying this, Vaduga Siddha began to float in the thin air as that of a cloud downslope.

The Englishman was stunned. He could not understand what has just happened. Who is this person? How did he know all these about me? He spoke to me about my previous birth! Who is he? Is he God? A Yatchini? Or a Siddha? He spoke as if he was there right next to me when things happened. What a surprise this is? He stood there for about ten minutes thinking and wondering. The place he stood was on top of a rock on the top of the mountain. As he hadn’t taken any breakfast and was taken by surprise by the sudden appearance of the Siddha and what he mentioned, the Englishman fell unconscious, thankfully to the nearby bush. Had he moved a little bit forward, he would have fallen down thousands of feet.

As he fell down, he felt someone is helping him lie down. When he woke up, he found himself in the shade of a tree, in a grass bed. He found Vaduga Siddha sitting in front of him.

“What have you done O Durai! (it was a practice to call the Englishman as Durai in those days) You could have fallen down from the hill.” – said Vaduga Siddha.

“Thanks to you and the Almighty.” – said the Englishman. Something sure is happening, I won’t know if it is for good or bad, he thought and tried to get up slowly.

“You can’t get up now. Just lie down and take some rest. Then you could climb up.” – said the Siddha, gently running his hand on the Englishman and went his way. He was not to be seen afterwards! The touch of the Siddha made the Englishman feel like fresh blood started flowing in his body. In the next fifth minute, he climbed up the hill swiftly.

His family had been worrying on his whereabouts, started searching for him and had reached there. They even thought that he might have tried committing suicide because of the suspension order. His wife knew that he was not that type of a person. She believed in the Almighty and was praying to Jesus Christ. They eventually found him and felt happy. He explained all that happened to his family and relatives. Half of them did not believe it, the rest thought that he is speaking out of his imagination.

Some even said that he migth have gone mad by the impact of his suspension. A local even said that the ghosts who roam around the place might have done something. The Englishman did not pay any heed to these. His hands were folded, praying to Vaduga Siddha.

Around 11 in the morning…

A Government vehicle came to his bungalow. A higher official got down. Our Englishman was surprised to see such a person of that caliber coming to visit him. He welcomed the official.

“Congratulations my friend! You are proven to be right. You have saved an innocent from the death sentence. Your boss, who reports to me had done this as a mistake. We have asked him to return to London. We decided that you should be promoted. We canceled your suspension order. We request you to take charge of your new position today itself. We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.” – he shook the Englishman’s hand and handed over the official orders for suspension and the promotion.

His joy knew no bounds. He was so surprised that Vaduga Siddha had mentioned all these precisely already. As he had served Vaduga Siddha in his previous birth, He appeared before me when I needed, helped me and performed miracles. The post is not great, my Atma (soul) is! Even bigger is the love of Vaduga Siddha, he thought and decided to dedicate his whole life to Vaduga Siddha.

He sought many people’s help and made a stone idol of Vaduga Siddha as possible as he could remember from his memory and performed many a pooja to the Siddha in his Kollimalai bungalow. Vaduga Siddha appeared before him frequently, advised him on many a thing and even gave him Kaya Kalpa to live for a hundred and forty years.

The Englishman changed his name eventually to Vaduga Siddha Adipodi, did a lot of dhana-dharma, helped people in healthcare and dedicated his life helping people and to Vaduga Siddha. His bungalow was moved to a different place once he passed away but Vaduga Siddha still visits there!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 186 – Holy places that wards off Putra Dosha

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[From the 198th episode of the Tamil series]

In everyone’s horoscope, if Rahu or Kethu or any Neecha Grahas are present in the 5th house, which is also called as Poorva Punya Sthanam, and when their marriage happens when the grahas’ Dasha Bukthi is happening, it will be called Putra Dosha. It is classified in to 9 types:

1. Not having children even after many years of marriage.
2. Not having a male child.
3. Even if they have children, the parents won’t experience happiness.
4. The children at their young age suffering from various diseases.
5. To have children with disability.
6. Son or daughter abandoning the parents, running away.
7. Though they are hale and healthy, the children either torturing the parents or make the parents feel disturbed.
8. The parents being murdered by their own sons or daughters for matters related to inheritance of wealth and other things.
9. The children being brought up happily either pass away due to illness or accidents at a young age.

There are certain dosha which remains for some time. There are few which lasts for years together. There are a few which follows one till the end. In spite of all these, the children are being born healthy, remain good, study well, remain in accordance with the family values and to the parents, to be with good behavior, to make the family name proud even to this date. These are the punyas done by the parents.

In general, the 5th house in a horoscope won’t have any doshas. But for such a couple, for some reasons, there won’t be a progeny. Even if they are born, they might fall under any of the 9 doshas above. The reason, not having marked the horoscope accurately, true. Another important reason still is, in one’s horoscope in the 5th, 9th, 12th houses, if Rahu or Kethu or the graha who is the owner of Purva Punya Sthana, joins with other evil grahas and look evil, and when Dasha, Bukthi and Anthara is happening at them, and when 71/2 Shani, Ashtama Shani, Arthashtama Shani, Ashtama Guru wanders, such parents will suffer trouble in the hands of the sons and daughters, feel frustrated, loss, pity and all that. So even if they don’t have any dosha in the 5th house, a lot of such parents suffer because of their children due to these reasons.

There are however remedial measures to ward off these doshas. Those who are rich can do them easily. But what is the way out for the poor and the ordinary? They can visit these temples given below and perform a suitable remedial measure as per the procedures.


Though being a very old temple, it is not sung by the Azhwars. Still, if one performs 16 different types of Abisheka to this Rajagopala Sway on a Wednesday of bright fortnight or during the Janma Nakshatra of either of the spouses, the problem that appears like that of a mountain will become as that of a til seed and disappear.


It is rare to have not heard about this temple for the people of Tamil nadu. It is good not only to get progeny, but is also good to ward off the 9 different types of dosha. This temple is near Kumbakonam. Link


This city is about 45 kilometers from Salem. The Hanuman is pretty famous here. If one applies butter as much as one’s affordability, or adorn Him with a garland of Thulasi, performs Thirumanjanam, the Putra Dosha wards off. Those who can afford can adorn a Vada Mala as well.


This place is very close to Nadukallur in the route of Thirunelvei-Thenkasi. For the Pachai Vanna Perumal, do a Amirtha Kalasa Neivedhyam. It is one of the best remedy for Putra Dosha. This is a very good place to ward off the Sarpa Dosha which is called as Kala Sarpa Dosha. For progeny, the marriage which keeps getting postponed, loss in business, for the health and well being of sons and daughters, this temple is a very good place for remedies.


This is a remarkable Rahu Kethu parihara sthala. Do archana for the Pathala Vinayaka, lit up lamps, do abisheka with milk, tender coconut for the Ambal (Goddess Gnana Prasunamba), these are very good remedial measures for Putra Dosha


Do milk abisheka for the Lord Rahu here during Rahu Kala which gives Putra Bhagya, wards of any doshas related to Putra and gives happiness, pride, prestige and status through the progenies.


In this temple in Kerala, perform worship in many different ways as one can afford, give Thula Bara, the child’s health and future will be very good. Those who cannot visit here can send their offerings to the temple.


This place is near Haripadu in Kerala. This is a very good place for any kind of remedial measure related to children. The only best method is to visit here in person.

Naagar Yantram:

Those who cannot go out of their city, those who live abroad, those who follow a different religion, those who do not have their horoscopes, if they do pooja to the Karkotaka Yantra in their homes, it is sufficient. Though the effect of this might be delayed, it will be a permanent and good remedy.

We pray that let everyone get the blessings of the Almighty, the Siddhas and live happily and peaceful!

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~ to be continued…!