The GOS 186 – Holy places that wards off Putra Dosha

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[From the 198th episode of the Tamil series]

In everyone’s horoscope, if Rahu or Kethu or any Neecha Grahas are present in the 5th house, which is also called as Poorva Punya Sthanam, and when their marriage happens when the grahas’ Dasha Bukthi is happening, it will be called Putra Dosha. It is classified in to 9 types:

1. Not having children even after many years of marriage.
2. Not having a male child.
3. Even if they have children, the parents won’t experience happiness.
4. The children at their young age suffering from various diseases.
5. To have children with disability.
6. Son or daughter abandoning the parents, running away.
7. Though they are hale and healthy, the children either torturing the parents or make the parents feel disturbed.
8. The parents being murdered by their own sons or daughters for matters related to inheritance of wealth and other things.
9. The children being brought up happily either pass away due to illness or accidents at a young age.

There are certain dosha which remains for some time. There are few which lasts for years together. There are a few which follows one till the end. In spite of all these, the children are being born healthy, remain good, study well, remain in accordance with the family values and to the parents, to be with good behavior, to make the family name proud even to this date. These are the punyas done by the parents.

In general, the 5th house in a horoscope won’t have any doshas. But for such a couple, for some reasons, there won’t be a progeny. Even if they are born, they might fall under any of the 9 doshas above. The reason, not having marked the horoscope accurately, true. Another important reason still is, in one’s horoscope in the 5th, 9th, 12th houses, if Rahu or Kethu or the graha who is the owner of Purva Punya Sthana, joins with other evil grahas and look evil, and when Dasha, Bukthi and Anthara is happening at them, and when 71/2 Shani, Ashtama Shani, Arthashtama Shani, Ashtama Guru wanders, such parents will suffer trouble in the hands of the sons and daughters, feel frustrated, loss, pity and all that. So even if they don’t have any dosha in the 5th house, a lot of such parents suffer because of their children due to these reasons.

There are however remedial measures to ward off these doshas. Those who are rich can do them easily. But what is the way out for the poor and the ordinary? They can visit these temples given below and perform a suitable remedial measure as per the procedures.


Though being a very old temple, it is not sung by the Azhwars. Still, if one performs 16 different types of Abisheka to this Rajagopala Sway on a Wednesday of bright fortnight or during the Janma Nakshatra of either of the spouses, the problem that appears like that of a mountain will become as that of a til seed and disappear.


It is rare to have not heard about this temple for the people of Tamil nadu. It is good not only to get progeny, but is also good to ward off the 9 different types of dosha. This temple is near Kumbakonam. Link


This city is about 45 kilometers from Salem. The Hanuman is pretty famous here. If one applies butter as much as one’s affordability, or adorn Him with a garland of Thulasi, performs Thirumanjanam, the Putra Dosha wards off. Those who can afford can adorn a Vada Mala as well.


This place is very close to Nadukallur in the route of Thirunelvei-Thenkasi. For the Pachai Vanna Perumal, do a Amirtha Kalasa Neivedhyam. It is one of the best remedy for Putra Dosha. This is a very good place to ward off the Sarpa Dosha which is called as Kala Sarpa Dosha. For progeny, the marriage which keeps getting postponed, loss in business, for the health and well being of sons and daughters, this temple is a very good place for remedies.


This is a remarkable Rahu Kethu parihara sthala. Do archana for the Pathala Vinayaka, lit up lamps, do abisheka with milk, tender coconut for the Ambal (Goddess Gnana Prasunamba), these are very good remedial measures for Putra Dosha


Do milk abisheka for the Lord Rahu here during Rahu Kala which gives Putra Bhagya, wards of any doshas related to Putra and gives happiness, pride, prestige and status through the progenies.


In this temple in Kerala, perform worship in many different ways as one can afford, give Thula Bara, the child’s health and future will be very good. Those who cannot visit here can send their offerings to the temple.


This place is near Haripadu in Kerala. This is a very good place for any kind of remedial measure related to children. The only best method is to visit here in person.

Naagar Yantram:

Those who cannot go out of their city, those who live abroad, those who follow a different religion, those who do not have their horoscopes, if they do pooja to the Karkotaka Yantra in their homes, it is sufficient. Though the effect of this might be delayed, it will be a permanent and good remedy.

We pray that let everyone get the blessings of the Almighty, the Siddhas and live happily and peaceful!

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~ to be continued…!

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  1. Sagar Dagadusheth Bhavsar says:

    Om Agatheesaaya Namah

    We sincerely pray for those who are suffering from all these issues. MahaMuni bless them all.

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