The GOS 189 – Kuthambai Siddha

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[From the 203rd episode of the Tamil series]

There are many who attained the state of Siddha by doing severe tapasya for months together and did many yagnas. There is one who attained a great level of Siddha by singing 32 philosophical songs, he is Kuthambai Siddha.

No one knows his real name, but how he got his name is due to the ornament he wears in his ears. It is called Kuthambai, an ornament generally worn by women. The moment he was born, they observed divinity with a trace of feminism. Though he was a male, they adorned him with the garments of girls and enjoyed.

Whoever sees this child will obtain a Kuthambai in their houses the next day. They could not trace the reason, who gives it and lastly found that it is this child who was the reason. This child was standing at the entrance of his house when a Sadhu came.

He asked, “Do you prefer Dhanam or Gnanam?” (Dhanam – charity, offering etc. Gnanam – wisdom, spiritual realization)

The child replied, “I like only Gnanam”

“Very well. Then let me teach you both. Would you come with me?”

“O yes, right away Swami! What more of a blessing will I get?” – said that child and walked along with the Sadhu.

The parents were terribly shaken, started searching for the child everywhere. He was found seated obediently like that of a student in front of that Sadhu in the outskirts of the village under a Athi tree (Ficus racemosa).

The parents and the villagers misunderstood the Sadhu and thought of giving him a royal punishment. They spoke ill of him, accusing him of a person who sacrifices small child.

Kuthambai Siddha



But then, there heard a voice:

“Do not disturb this Sadhu. Do not hurt his flower like heart by accusing him of anything. He was the guru of this child in its previous birth. It is due to this Sadhu that this child will attain the state of Moksha!”

Just like Lord Shiva’s divine plays (Thiruvilayadal), this child will get fame by the name ‘Kuthambai Siddha’ and will live a great life, the voice said. The villagers did not believe in the voice, they thought that it is someone who spoke on behalf of the Sadhu. Right then, the child began to sing a song, whose meaning goes like this:

“There is onion, there is pepper, there is dried ginger. What is it your physical body for? A vigil that does not hurt others, provides warmth, food for hunger is good, O Kuthambai, it’s a good vigil.”

Then the child explained the meaning of this song in such a simple terms that even a layman could easily grasp the meaning, taking the parents and everyone around by surprise. They eventually realized that this child has been a Siddha in his previous birth, and since it wasn’t completed, it took birth again and that this child is an Amsam of Lord Shiva Himself!

The child thereafter was called Kuthambai Siddha, who did penance in a tiny hole of the Athi maram. He solved many people’s problems by His soft spoken words, merciful heart and performed a lot of miracles.

They say that to this day, the Panchakshara Mantra ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is heard from the Athi tree hole. Those who could hear are blessed one indeed, they say. Through His 32 songs, one can learn the meaning of life and attain salvation.

“Those who have taken the milk of mango and be like a mountain, why do they need the milk of coconut, O Kuthambai, why do they need the milk of coconut?” – asks Kuthambai Siddha. This song can be heard from many people. Where else can one find such a simple yet profound philosophical song?

An interesting note on this Siddha from Ramanan‘s blog:

He has stated in one of his Poems about environment Pollution and Ozone layer in the atmosphere. He talks about the effect of Ozone layer on Earth and the people. In the following poem, he says that the increase in Air Pollution causes Ozone layer imbalance in the atmosphere and this shall cause breathing and Lungs related problems for the Chinese.

One must remember the Siddhar dates to 11 Century AD.

The Poem In Tamil.

சீனத்தோர் சோகங் கூடும்
வாயு மண்டலத்தில் நுந்து லோகமது,
மிதக்க, ஒளி மங்க, புகை மூட்டங்
காண, மூச்சுக் கோளாறுகாணுதே’

When Ozone level is depleted in the atmosphere ,light dims,fog increases and the Chinese shall have breathing difficulties and Lung related problems.

Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

~ to be continued…!

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