The GOS 190 – Agastya’s Advice

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[From the 204th episode of the Tamil series]

There are some who seek Nadi will have a lot of expectations. In spite of the suggested remedial measures are completed, it may take some time for the results to show up. Do not grieve. Agastya Himself has explained the reasons in many occasions. This post is a compilation of a few advises that Agastya gave:

This post has answers to questions you may have. Evaluate them as per your circumstances, follow through that Agastya has given You the answer and if you feel peace, then you can have the clarity that it is indeed an answer for you. [See how closely this matches with the core principle of Sanatana Dharma, to question everything, evaluate and decide what suits you!]

1. Agastya is a Siddha. When you seek Him, He will show you the right way. 90 out of 100 get good results. The rest, if they follow the suggestions with faith, He will sure help. Here, our duty is not just to do the remedies, but also should continue to do good, think good thoughts. Never should one lose faith. Good will definitely come your way.

2. Generally, Agastya does not give His words that easily. He tests them, “Are they seeking me with faith or is it just a selfish act”. Once the person passes this test, He helps them miraculously with His power of Tapasya. It is us who needs to be very clear in what we ask. If what we ask is a good thing, long lasting, it will definitely happen.

3. It may appear that His words have gone wrong. But at the right time, it will result with a magnified effect and come out so big. This is true.

4. “I won’t say ‘have patience’ without a reason. This is a hurrying world. People believe that they can do anything only if they throw money. It does happen in most of the cases too. When one surrenders to Agastya with complete faith, I will hold his hands and take him. I never bother about those who do not have faith. Those who believe in me should not suffer afterward. I ask Lord Brahma about their future and do things accordingly with His permission. It may take some time as per you. Brahma might not agree to all the requests. If He disapproves, I seldom say this outright to my devotees. I try again. Agastya does not have the habit of saying ‘Yes it’s possible, No it’s not’ in a blunt fashion. If I do, except one or two out of hundred, nothing will happen.

“When I say ‘have patience’, it means that Agastya is actually fighting for you. The devotees should understand this.” – says Agastya. We need to understand this correctly. Patience pays off for sure.

5. It is only after experiencing that one understands – that prayers and the guidance of wise people do improve one’s life, saves them from trouble. Agastya says that it is us who rush through.

6. Though it is a general rule that when Agastya says something, it will happen for sure. But we should also understand our responsibilities and act accordingly. If it’s one or two, the help can be given right away. But sometimes, there are 1000 individuals who come in a day. Agastya wishes to help everyone for sure. He has a number of requests himself. He has to do tapasya. He needs to carry out the tasks given by the Lord Almighty. He can’t keep taking incarnations to carry out everything. He does help everyone step by step. We must remain patient, as said by Agastya Himself many times.

7. It is a mistake to expect results the next day after carrying out all that was suggested. The results may show up immediately based on one’s good karmic effects. It gets delayed for some. Patience is very important.

8. Those who accumulate wealth by evil, adharmic, illegal methods, will definitely have to suffer at a stage. Some may not have progeny. Some may not be in a position to enjoy the wealth, those they own it due to diseases. Stay away from evil!

9. No one can escape without going through the effects of Karma. This is a rule set by the Lord himself.

10. Understand something. Agastya is like a guide. He will point certain things straight away, and suggest many things subtly. Understand and act on it. If what He suggested did not happen, it probably means that the ‘karmic effect’ is not ripe for it to happen. There is no use in blaming Agastya. It is either our actions are not right, or there isn’t sufficient faith or devotion. It is good to check ourselves thoroughly first.

11. Most will seek Agastya for Nadi. But there are certain who worshiped or served Agastya in their previous lives. Even if they might have been born poor, Agastya has ordered the Nadi be carried to their very place and helped their lives for good. So pay attention to what you do, what you think in this birth.

12. The holy smoke of the yagna being carried out at home protects those in the family. Hence He suggests that Sambrani be shown Tuesdays and Fridays. If ghee is mixed a little with Sambrani, the effects are easily reflected on those in the family.

13. From the four Vedas, there is Atharvana Veda that deals with mantras and tantras. Those who use them should create a protective layer around them after cleansing their body and mind. It should be utilized for helping others. They don’t misuse it generally. Some do misuse it and extract money from others. Unfortunately, such acts surface big time and they blame the Veda for it.

14. Whatever we have done in our previous births will have its effect on this birth, even sufferings.  This can be rectified with faithful prayers. But those who involve in witchcraft, their family will be ruined, even they may face untimely, cruel death. Stay away from such activities!

15. When one performs Ganapathy Homa and Maha Sudarsana Homa and enters a house to live, most of the negative energy loses its powers. One can live peacefully. It is a very good practice to perform these homa in periodic time intervals. It wards off negative energy.

16. The fat mixed in the waters of Koutrala Shenbaga Devi falls, it cures leucoderma. The Siddhas use it in Chaturagiri. The mount Theerthaamalai itself is herbal. Its waters are filled with medicinal qualities. It defeats diseases like leucoderma as well.

17. Agastya does not help those who accumulate ill-gotten wealth. He discards them as they have to face the effects of their karma. He does save them from life-threatening incidents, only with a broad sense of mercy that they should correct themselves.

18. Those who loot the wealth of the temples, their family will roam the streets as insane or they will lose their body parts in accidents or worst case, they will have to be bed ridden till their death. Especially, the wealth from temples of Narasimha, Anjaneya will have disastrous effects if one steals them. The Almighty sets such.

19. Where there isn’t faith and devotion, there isn’t any victory.

20. It is only those who are with diseases who should consume medicines. Therefore, those with karmic effects will only have to do the remedies themselves!

~ to be continued…!

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