The GOS 191 – Patience is a virtue!

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[From the 205th episode of the Tamil series]

“We like each other very much. Will our marriage happen without any problem?” – a young man and a girl came. They appeared confident and courageous as they both were working.

I thought, “If both the parents cooperate, there wouldn’t be a problem eh?”

“The problem starts there. My parents live separately for a long time. Her Father is no more. No one comes forward to get us married.” – said the lad.

“Very well then. You both are working, both are young. Why not tell your parents and do a ‘register marriage’?”

“It’s not possible sir. Could you please ask Agastya?” – the lad asked.

I opened the Nadi.

“It’s a relation followed from their previous birth. There won’t be an issue with their marriage. There’s nothing wrong in falling in love. There isn’t any hindrance in the form of caste or religion. But postpone your marriage as much as possible. There is no use in hasty decisions. It’s very good if you re-consider your decision.” – Agastya answered like he touched the surface.

They both were disappointed as obvious.

“How long can we postpone? Did the Maharishi say?” – the girl said.

“When Agastya has mentioned something indirectly, it means that there is something. Hence, postpone the marriage at least for a year.”

The young man intervened. “It’s not possible sir! We have decided to get married, it cannot be postponed. If there is any problem, let us know of the remedial measures. We shall do it.” – he said it with a bit of aggression.

I opened the Nadi again.

“Whatever has to happen after the marriage has already happened many times between them. They just want to live together as husband and wife in front of others. When Agastya said ‘Have patience’, there are a lot of meaning. The child to be born should be healthy. Hence I said. There is no remedial measure. Then it’s up to them.” – the Maha Muni concluded.

I sensed that the young man does not believe in Nadi or astrology when I was reading the Nadi.
The girl appeared disappointed too on what He said, no remedies, just have patience for a good offspring to be born. The left. A year and a half passed by.

The same boy and girl came back with a sad face. They appeared married. I realized that there has been some serious trouble.

“Sir, please forgive us. Agastya wanted us to wait. But we did not listen. We are going through the effects.”

I remained silent.

“I love kids. There are no offsprings for many in my dynasty. It’s a rarity to get a male progeny too. I too hurried decision out of the desire of begetting a child. The child was born too but right after, my Father passed away and her Mother passed away too.”

“What happened?”

“It was a male child. I felt very happy. But the head of the baby is very big and the body is puny.
Whoever sees the child dislikes it. We have lost the happiness of the child being born.” – they cried.

“What do you want me to do now?”

“We did not listen to Agastya’s words and are going through this now. We are deeply hurt by seeing the child which has abnormal looks everyday. Sometimes we even feel like mercy-killing the baby” – the young man vented himself out.

“Agastya asked to wait to have a healthy child but we did not listen. We would like to know if we will be forgiven if our child will become normal or is this all our fate.” – the wife asked amidst tears.

I opened the Nadi.

“Agastya mentions anything subtly. If one understands and follows, they can live peacefully. What does Agastya care to change your fate? No need! When you seek Agastya, He feels like He has to guide them properly right away. But for those without faith, there is no compulsion that Agastya has to suggest. Let whatever might happen. Those who think as to what is there for Agastya to say anything, then why should they come to Agastya. They need not right? You belong to that category.

Not just that. Let me tell you a truth. There had been an affair between your father and her mother. Knowingly or not, you have become like a brother and sister. You do not know that it is for this reason that your father did not live with your mother.

Your father had many such relations with many girls and was spoilt. He has cheated many girls’ lives in the name of marriage. One of those affected girls is her mother. Now she is no more, nor your father. Only then Agastya felt I have to share this truth.” – there was a brief silence from Agastya.

“Had Agastya mentioned this earlier, we wouldn’t have married at all. Such a child would not have been born!” – lamented the girl.

“Is it that this wouldn’t have happened had we waited for a year?” – asked the man.

“Whatever happened. You liked each other and got married, got a male progeny as well. You have to surely go through the effect of karma for some time. It’s not a curse from Agastya, but fate. I suggested subtly that day only to alter the fate. None understood but.” – said Agastya and mentioned..”even today, many feel that what Agastya suggests does not happen. Not just me, they even blame my beloved son. It will take some time for this to change.” – He started mentioning seemingly unrelated. Then..

“Do not worry. There will be a doctor from abroad visiting here to treat your child. Through him will happen a surgery. The bulge in the head will come down. Though it won’t come down completely, it won’t appear abnormal. The child will be saved as well. It will take 5 to 10 years at least. If you can wait, wait.” – mentioned the all graceful Siddha!

After twelve years..

They brought the boy with them. He appeared anything but abnormal. He was intelligent and healthy. He lives in America working for a software industry in a big post. The happy parents are thanking Agastya every day.

“Our patience and faith have transformed our boy. Everything is happening good for us.” – the couple is telling this to everyone.

Featured image courtesy: Pixabay

~ to be continued…!

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