The GOS 193 – Nava Grahas – Chandra!

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The GOS 193 – Nava Grahas – Chandra

Chandra gets the light from Surya which reflects on earth. Hence is called Thankathiresan (Tamil: Than – cold, Kathir – rays, Esan – Eshwara or Lord, the lord of cold rays)

His appearance is whitish as milk. He wears white garments, white flower, white pearl necklace. He rides on a chariot driven by 10 white horses under a white umbrella and revolves around mount Meru as per the Vedas.

The Athi-Devata for Chandra is Varuna. Prathyathi Devata is Gauri. There are other demi-devatas as well. There is a gemstone called Chandrakanta. When the rays of Chandra falls on it, water oozes out. He appeared when the ocean was churned (Parkadal). He is considered to be having the ‘Amsa’ of Devi. Also, Chandra is feminine in his characteristics.

He nurtures the cows, milk, medicines and medicinal plants, flowers, curd, alcoholic substances, fame etc., When he goes closer to Surya, it becomes Amavasya and when goes away from Surya, he is Pournami (full moon).

The Vedas praise him as the brother of Goddess Lakshmi as he appeared with her in the ocean when it was churned. He has the blessing of being right at the head of Lord Maheshwara and Goddess Ambika (Parvathi). Athri Maharishi raised him.

As the grace of Guru fell on him, he was given the command over medicinal herbs. The Jyotisha Shashtra says that he rules over the number 2.

Shathapatha Bramana when mentioning about Chandra says that Soma (Chandra) was brought to the earth through the grace of Gayatri Devi. The kind Soma was a friend of a Gandarva. Since the Gandarva had this king as the friend, the Muni’s and Devas were scared. Therefore they lured the Gandarva with a girl, got him separated from the king Soma and kept him with themselves, says Aithareya.

They say that Chandra is the left eye of Lord Shiva.

In Thaitheerya, Prajapathi had 33 daughters whom he got married to Soma out of which, Soma fell in love more with Rohini and he ignored the others. The other daughters complained this to their father who got irked. Due to his anger, Soma became weak and lost his radiance. He then sought Surya’s help who made him strong again.

Another story says that Soma performed the Raja Sooya Yagna when he had the command over  all the medicinal plants where Daksha-Prajapathi got his 27 daughters married to him but he loved none other than Rohini. He then got cursed by Daksha Prajapathi where his radiance began to wade. Then Lord Shiva blessed him out of His mercy that he will wade for 15 days and grow again in the next 15 days. Hence we have 15 days of waning moon and 15 days of waxing moon.

One of Chandra’s wife is Swati, who shines as a star. On a Swati day, when a fish family shell opens up its mouth and if a rain drop falls on it, it becomes the pearl (this is probably mentioned as an illustration to denote a spiritual truth as the modern science clarifies us on how the pearl is formed).

But why is there so many wives for Chandra? He attained a great siddhi in Dyana Yoga when he was the disciple of Bruhaspathi Guru. Thereby he has this spell where any girl who looks at Chandra will fall in love with him and hence these many wives. They illustrate Chandra as feminine in nature where Surya is remarked as a Purusha (masculine) form. He is liked by the Boomi Mata (Earth) and hence they have a magnetic attraction.

Chandra’s rays is absolutely required for the plant kingdom. The feeling of love depends on Chandra. His rays are required for the vapour to be formed in the ocean.

The one who worships the Crescent moon will have a longer life span.

There is a divine circular radiance around Chandra’s head. He wears various ornaments, wears
rose-water flower, white garments. He carries Kumudha in his two hands with a golden thread in his holy chest.

Sri Rama was born in the Surya Kula. The Pandavas were born in Chandra Kula.

He is the reason for the human body’s strength. For one to get a good sea-route travel, his horoscope should have good Chandra aspect. There is no enemy-graha other than Rahu and Kethu. When he joins with Guru and Shukra or when he is given a look of auspiciousness, the person with that horoscope will become very lucky.

The peak-house for Chandra is Rishaba. Kataka is the own house. He becomes Neecha in Vrischika.

Chandra is the lord of Rohini, Hastha and Thiruvonam stars. Pearl belongs to him in Nava Rathnas. His taste is salty. He is very gentle in characteristics, he owns the North-western direction. Generally he is a Shuba Graha.

To get a good night’s sleep or to get awards from the Government, one should Chandra in a good house in their horoscope. He is the lord of many gentle things like Love, Poetry, Softness, Pleasure, Heart etc.,

Lord Brahma has appointed Chandra who himself is the other eye of the Lord Almighty to be the lord of herbs. He is one of the Parivara Devata in the temples, he rides in a chariot of two wheels, seated in a square pedestal. It is said that he appeared in the Somavara (Monday) on a Krithika month.

Padmathvajaya Vidhmahe Hemaa Roopaya Dheemahi
Thanno Soma Prachothayath!

The above Gayatri of Chandra when chanted 27 times in the morning can bestow a lot of luck.

~ to be continued…!

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