The GOS 194 – Nava Grahas – Angarak (Sevvai)

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[From the 209th episode of the Tamil series]

They say that Veerabadhra seen in temples himself is Angaraka. Veerabadhra’s birthday is on a Tuesday. He is from the Bharadhwaja Gothra, the king of Avanthi. With four hands wielding Vel, Shoola, Gatka and Gadhayudha.

He wears a garment flame-red in color, reddish flower and coral is his gem. He revolves around Mount Meru in a chariot pulled by eight reddish goats. To get his grace, one should pray to Lord Muruga and Booma Devi (Mother Earth) everyday, by doing a circumambulation.

His dwells in the southern side of Surya, in the southern side of the Trikona Mandala as per the puranas.

When Lord Shiva in his yogic state left out drops of sweat from His forehead, it fell on Earth and later transformed to a male child. Goddess Booma Devi raised the child. Being the brother of Lord Muruga, this child Angaraka or Sevvaai is considered an ‘Amsa’ of Lord Muruga himself, says a Purana.

There is another story. Bharadhwaja Maharishi saw a beautiful girl in the banks of a river, fell in love with her where no efforts were strong enough to control his emotions for her. The ‘Rethas’ from his body fell down which got transformed in to a male child, which was raised by Booma Devi by naming him Bhauman. He did severe penance to the Almighty which earned him the status of being one of the Grahas, with the name Angaraka.

The Linga Purana talks differently on his birth. Agni and Vikesi were close to each other where Vikesi gave birth to a male child. As the child had the attributes of Agni, they named him Angaraka.

Daksha performed a yagna. Veerabadhra wanted to show that he can perform even greater and began to do a Maha Yagna, which terrified the world. They begged Veerabadhra not to proceed with this yagna. He changed his appearance from a horrific form to a beautiful one and got the fame that he is ‘Meritorious manifold than Daksha’. This, the Macha Purana says as the history of Angaraka’s birth.

Sevvaai (Angaraka) has 5 faces. Ushna, Asrumuka, Vala, Rudraanna, Nisthrimsam. Some scriptures say that he is seated in a Mesha vahana and some say he is seated in Simma vahana (lion). His flag is reddish with a Goat’s emblem on it. He has a neatly formed hair. He does not do anything without his wife. The athi-devata for Angaraka is Pruthvi. Prathyathi Devata is the Kshetra Palaka. They both occupy the right and left side of Angaraka.

Lokithangan, Rakthaya DeshaNan, Raktha Varnan are some of the names by which he is called. As the wielder of Vel, he is Shakthi Dharan, as he is handsome, Kumaran, as he does auspiciousness, Mangalan, as the bestower of wealth, Dhanapradhan, as the wearer of golden ear rings, Hemakundali.

Gunahartha, Rogakruth, Roganashana, Vidhyuthparapani, VraNakaran, Kamathan, Dhanahruthi, Samagana priya, Raktha vasthra, Graha Nayaka, Sarva Dharmava Bodhaka are some of the subtle names by which Angaraka / Sevvaai is called with. Even the Romans worshiped Angaraka as their war-god. There are temples for Angaraka in Rome even today.

In TamilNadu, there are three famous temples for Angaraka.

Thiruchirukudi – near Mayavaram, 7 kilometers from the Peralam railway station.

Vaideeshwaran Kovil – From Mayavaram en route to Chidambaram.

Thiru Avinan Kudi – the temple which is near Pazhani, one of the six battle-houses of Lord Muruga is another best Angaraka Parihara Sthala.

The same place which is a parihara sthala for Sevvaai and Budha and the one which destroys any Rahu Kethu dosha is “Kotakanallur”. Jyotish Shashtra gives the number 9 for Angaraka, which is a complete number by itself. It denotes a state of attaining a Maha Shakthi.

The Vedas mention about Angaraka as the one who is born from the womb of Booma Devi, the one with a radiance of a lightning, handsome, the wielder of Shakthi weapon. He is the embodiment of mental and physical strength. Those who are politicians, police officers, lieutenants, judges, engineers and the likewise will have the grace of Angaraka for sure. Those who involve in revolutions will have his grace as well. Being strict, leadership, vairagya, the power to thrash the enemies are bestowed by Angaraka.

He is the source of blood. He is the ‘Karaka’ of blood-related brothers. He is the mesh inside our bones. He is the ‘Karaka’ of the Earth. Anger, Political science, Fuel, Copper, Naga,  Nagasubramanian are Angaraka himself. The wielder of weapon, the royal one, reddish one, the one with a fierce glance, the one who gets pleased with bragging, the one without patience, the one who likes hunting, the one with audacity is Angaraka himself. His gem is coral. He is the owner of fire. Male. The lord of Southern direction.

Guru (Vyazhan, Surya, Chandra are his friends). Budha is his enemy. Mesha and Vrishchika are his own house as per Jyotish Shashtra. Kataka is a Neecha house, Makara is Uchcha house. The enemy houses are Makara and Kanni. Simmam, Dhanush and Meenam are friendly houses. He is the lord Mrugaseerisha, Chithirai and Avitta stars.

When one prays to Veerabadhra Swami on the first Tuesdays of Chitra month, they get the grace of Angaraka as well. To get cured of diseases, to buy land or a property, one needs the grace of Angaraka. When one starts consuming medicines on a Tuesday for any disease, they get cured faster.

Veera Dhwajaya Vidhmahe Vigna Hasthaya Dheemahi
Thanno Bhauma Prachothayaath

When one chants the above Gayatri of Angaraka for 27 times in the morning and evening, it is true that they won’t be affected by any disease.

Featured image courtesy: Bhargavasarma

~ to be continued…!

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