The GOS 199 – Nava Grahas – Rahu

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[From the 214th episode of the Tamil series]

Rahu is called as the Chaya Graha. Born in the asura kula to the father Viprasidhi and mother Samhika. He is seated in a Simhasana, four hands wielding varadha mudhra, shoola, sword, and shield. He has the dhyana for Kavacha and Dhyana.

The shilparathna says the following verses about Rahu:

Rahum Chathurbujam Sarma Shoola Gadga VarAngitham


KarAla vadhanam Gadga Sarma Shoola VarAnvitham

He wears the garment resembling the colour of smoke, blue coloured flower, sandalwood, garland, flag, umbrella and chariot. He circumambulates the Mount Meru in the anti-clockwise direction. Paishusha is his gothra.

The Puranas say that Rahu and Kethu are of the Revathy star. But in Navagraha ArAdhik Krama, Kethu has a separate star. He was born in the star between Uthrada and Thiruvona stars. It is said that it is the 28th star.

He is the king of Babara Desa. He is seated in the South-Western direction of Surya in the SurpAkAra mandala, facing south. This mandala appears as that of a winnow.
The Samith for Rahu is Arugu
Metal is lead
Vehicle is goat
Durga devi is the Athi Devata
Sarpa Raja is the Pratyathi Devata

As the bestower of wisdom, Rahu is called as Gnana KArakA.

When the Parkadal ocean was churned, the Amruth came out. The asuras knew that the devas will become immortal if they consume the amruth and so they rushed to get their share. Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Mohini, enticing the asuras from goind after the amruth. Mohini asked her to sit the asuras in a line. Before they could form a line and sit, Mohini distributed the amruth to the devas quickly.

The asura Rahu realized this and disguised himself as a deva, sat in between Surya and Chandra and started consuming the amruth. Surya and Chandra signalled Mohini about Rahu’s presence, who swiftly beheaded the head of Rahu with the Sudarsana Chakra. As he had consumed the amruth, his head appeared huge and when it got cut down by the Sudarsana, it fell down as if there was a big earthquake. The hands fell down as well with the various parts of the body falling elsewhere.

Someone named Paitinasa was going with Rahu’s mother Simhika, they got hold of Rahu who fell down. Rahu grew further with his face appearing with the tejas of Devas and the body as that of the snake. He wanted to take revenge on Surya and Chandra, he wanted to swallow both of them, which we call as Surya Grahana and Chandra Grahana.

He then did severe penance towards Lord Vishnu, who granted him the status of a Graha. But both Rahu and Kethu are not denote as grahas, though they are part of the grahas, but they are referred to as Chaaya Graha.

Rahu’s mantra begins with the phrase “KayAna Chithra’. The rishi for this mantra is Vama Deva. Chandha is Gayatri. He is the owner of Nruthi direction.

Black sandalwood, black flower, black garland, black garment, black umbrellla and flag belongs to him. The Athi Devata for Rahu is the Cow. Pratyathi Devata is the Snake, they say. He has a son named Amutha Katikan. He is slow in nature. Black rock stone and cinnamon stone are his.
His grain is black Urad bean (vigna mungo), orchid flower, Arugu (Tamil word) are the favourable flowers for Rahu’s archana.

In his dhyana sloka, it is mentioned that he is seated in a black simhasana, snake in appearance, the son of Simhika and the one who protects his devotees.

“NakadhwajAya vidhmahe padhma hasthAya dheemahi
Thanno Rahu PrachothayAth”

…this is Rahu’s Gayatri Mantra. The holy places for Rahu is Thiru Nageshwaram and Srikalahasti.

Thiru Nageshwaram is near Kumbakonam with a separate shrine for Rahu where abisheka are performed during Rahu kala. When milk is poured, it turns bluish.

Srikalahasti is in Andhra Pradesh, in Chithur district, about 20 kilometers distance en-route to Thirupathi. The Gnanambika here is Rahu’s athi devata. One can do archana here, the Rahu dosha will vanish.

Jyotish shashtra gives the number 4 for Rahu. Rahu is the lord of Thiruvadhirai, Swathi, Sathaya stars. The shashtra goes on saying that Rahu has half body, very brave, the one who is born on the womb of a asura woman, position in Government, fame, the positions that are very active are all by Rahu. He causes roam around. He transforms one to intelligent.

He is the bestower of the pleasure from a woman. He checks ones merit and demertis and makes one a millionnaire in shortcut means. He is the enemy of studying. He has most of the qualities of Shani. His qualities are that of an eunuch. He is Tamasic in nature.

He is the lord of the South-Western direction, he is the sky in five elements. He is of ill-spoken words. He has cruel qualities, he consumes sour tasting items. The cinnamon stone belongs to him. Black rock stone is his. Vruchika is the Uchcha house, Rishaba is Neecha house, Kanni is his own house.

He becomes the reason for inter-caste marriages. He makes one speak heavy (not pleasant) words. He likes bad company and likes serpents and widows.

Budha, Shukra and Shani are the friends of Rahu. Guru, Surya and Chandra are his enemies. He makes one suffer due to Vadha and Kapa. He is considered as the bone in human body. He removes diseases and destroys fear. He also grants proficiency in languages, says Jyotish shashtra.

To win in anything that is started, the following sloka from Soundarya Lahari should be recited everyday.

“Virinchi Panchatvam Vrajathi HarirApnothi virathim
Vinasham KeenAso Bajathi Thanano yaathi nithanam

Vithanthari Mahenthri Vithathirapi Sammeelathi ThirusAm
Maha Samhaare Smin Viharathi Sathi Thvathpathi Rasou”

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~ to be continued…!

2 thoughts on “The GOS 199 – Nava Grahas – Rahu

  1. Partha sarathi sarkar says:

    Shani is dark blue and black.Rahu is brownish purple as the symbol of baseness,grossness,lust and perversion.Rahu is the breaker of sexual taboos and the maker of bad habits like addictions, gambling,indisiplin and extravagances.

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