The GOS 200 – Nava Grahas – Kethu

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[From the 215th episode of the Tamil series]

From Jyotish Shashtra, whatever is mentioned about Rahu appears similar to Kethu as well. He is reddish as that of a red flower, he is the foremost of the stars and grahas. Angrily temperament. He is the reason for Vedas, Vedanta based minute details and Moksha. He is the reason for the scientific efforts. He likes Shiva Bhakthi. He is simple + stubborn. He relieves one from the materialistic bonds.

He is the lord of hunger. He is aggressive in defeating his enemies. He governs the fever, eye related diseases, wounds etc., He is an eunuch as well. He creates anti-marital and unwanted affairs and thereby problems.

He is at his peak on Vrischika and neecha (lower) in Rishaba. His own house is Meenam. His gem is cats-eye. Though serving as a papa-graha, he gives vimochana (salvation) from the papa (sin) as well. Hence, being the remover of Vigna, he is called as Vinayaka. They call the Friday Vinayaka as his amsa. Budha, Shukra and Shani are his friends where Surya and Chandra with Guru are his enemies.

Kethu is Gnana Karaka. They say that Ganesha is Kethu’s swaroopa. If and when one prays to Ambaal (Goddess Parvathi) or does pooja to her, Kethu gets very pleased. If not Kethu, there won’t be devotion towards God, Gnana in people.

It is advisable to prostrate to Kethu before starting anything for he is Vinayaka swaroopa.

Jyotish gives the number 7 to Kethu.

If and when one chants the Kolaru-pathigam (Kol – graba, Aru – to cut, pathigam – sloka) everyday with devotion and focus, it clears off any obstacles due to grahas, time, if the day is not good etc., just as the fog and snow disappears on Sun’s arrival. It is very good to chant this every day for they get all kinds of auspiciousness.

It is a Tamil sloka which can be searched for (keyword – Kolaru pathigam). Pay some attention to the occasion in which it was sung by Thiru Gnana Sambandha and meaning of those verses which are very beautiful in itself. The meaning of this Pathigam is given below, stanza wise.

1. That Lord, who gave half of His body to Uma, whose shoulders is as that of a bamboo. He swallowed the alahala poison in order to save everyone and keeps it in His neck. He plays the veena which produces divine music, wearing a unpolluted Chandra and Ganga on His holy matted hair, the one who is fully occupied in me (that is, me thinking constantly about Him), none of the 9 grahas will do any harm to me and similar Shiva Bhakthas, whereas, they will do only good!

2. That Lord who subdued the ego of Vishnu’s avatars Vamana, Varaha and Koorma whereby the bone, kombu and the shell of tortoise adoring His chest, with Uma devi, He is seated on the white Bull (Nandi), wearing the garland of Oomatham flowers that glows like gold, wearing Ganga on the head and is occupied in me, the 9th star Ayilya, the 10th Maka, the 16th Vishaka, the 18th Kettai, the 6th Thiruvadhirai, all these stars which are not recommended for commencing travel, they do good to the Shiva Bhakthas even if they start their travel on these days.

3. The Lord whose body is reddish as that of coral in which the radiant holy Bhasm smeared (vibhuthi or sacred ash), that Lord wearing a Konrai flower, Chandra on His head, seated with Uma on a white Bull, is occupied completely in me. Hence, Goddess Lakshmi, Goddess Saraswathi, Durga, Booma Devi, the lords of all 8 directions, everyone will provide merits similar to a rare wealth. They do good to the Shiva Bhakthas.

4. With Uma, whose forehead itself is like a crescent moon, the Lord who sat on the root of the banyan tree and offered the Vedas, is occupied in me completely with Ganga and Kondrai flower adoring His head. Hence, the time which is prone to cause anger, Agni, Yama, the messengers of Yama, cruel diseases, everything becomes very good hearted, and does very good to the Shiva Bhakthas.

5. The Neela Khanta who stores the deadly poison in His throat (whereby the name Neela Khanta), who is my Father, who rides on the white bull with Uma devi, who is the Supreme God Shiva, wearing the dense-black Vanni flower, Kondrai flower in His head, is occupied completely in me. Hence the asuras with deadly poison, the heart-breaking thunder, lightning, the elements which may cause grief, all these gets scared of us, the Shiva Bhakthas, and does good to us.

6. The Lord who wears the tiger skin which is radiant and with lines as a garment, who wears the Koubeena, who wears the Vanni, Kondrai flowers that appears like they blossomed just now, who wears Ganga on His head, that Lord is occupied completely in me with Uma. Hence, the terrible animals which kills, the tiger, the mighty mad elephant, the wild boar, snake, bear, lion etc., does only good, only good to the Shiva Bhaktas.

7. The Lord who gave Uma, who has breasts like that of a sombu (a copper vessel) half of His body, who rides in the white bull, who wears the Ganga and Chandra who approached Him, is completely occupied in my self. Hence, diseases like fever, jaundice, vaadha, piththa, and grief caused by these will not reach us, will only do good to us.

8. The Lord who opened His third eye to burn Kama (Manmadha), who rides in the bull with Uma, who wears the radiant crescent moon, Ganga, Vanni leaf, Kondrai flower etc., is occupied in my self completely. Therefore, similar to the amount of grief caused to the king of Lanka, which is surrounded by 7 seas, Ravana (by abducting another man’s wife) won’t affect us. Even the deepest of oceans will do only good to us, it will do only good to the Shiva Bhaktas.

9. The Lord who anoints different forms, the Ardhanaareeshwara (Madhorubagan = maadhu (lady), oru (one), baagan (given a side) – the one who has the woman on half of his body), our Lord who rides in the bull, Lord Shiva, who wears the Ganga, Erukku flower on His head, since He is occupied in my completely, the Lord Brahma who is seated on the lotus flower, Lord Vishnu, The Devas, The Vedas, the future, the ocean with mighty tides, the mount Meru, all these will do only good to us, the Shiva Bhakthas

10. The Uma devi who wears beautiful flowers on her hair with whom the Lord in the form of a hunter went to help Arjuna, the Lord who wears Oomatha flower, crescent moon, snake etc on His head, is occupied in me completely. Hence, the Buddhists and the Shamana followers will get defeated by Lord Shiva’s test of holy ash. It’s glory is certain. Everything will do only good, they will do only good to the Shiva Bhakthas.

11. The garden which is full of flowers brimming with honey, the place where sugar cane is grown in abundance, the place where reddish rice grain is grown, the one which is radiant as gold, the place where Lord Brahma worshipped and thereby was known as Brahmapuram, in this place where me, Gnana Sambandha, who realized both Apara Gnana and Para Gnana, who has sung this Pathiga so that the grahas, the days, the stars won’t affect those Bhakthas who recite this sloka with devotion, who in turn will rule the heaven who recites this. This is my pledge.

The Nava Grahas series ends with this episode.

~ to be continued…!

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3 thoughts on “The GOS 200 – Nava Grahas – Kethu

  1. Jayaram says:

    I beg to differ on one point in the following narration. “Budha, Shukra and Shani are his friends where Surya and Chandra with Guru are his enemies “. According to vedic astrology it is vice versa. Budha Shukra & Shani are enemies, whereas Surya Chandra & Guru are his friends. There is also a dictum –“Shanivad Rahu & Kujavath kethu ” meaning Rahu gives results like Shani & Kethu acts like Kuja.

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Thanks for your feedback. This series is translated from the Tamil original and it follows what is mentioned there. But logically, Kethu should be angry at Surya and Chandra who pointed him out to Mohini right?

  2. Sagar says:

    ll Om Agatheesaya Namah ll

    Dear Team,

    Thanks a lot for such beautiful translation of Navagraha

    Om Adityacha Somaya Mangalaya Budhayach Guru Shukra Shanipacha Rahave Ketave Namah.

    If possible kindly update the Gyatri mantra of Ketu.

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