The GOS 201 – Perumal & Adiyen, an intro – 1

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[From the 217th episode of the Tamil series]

Beloved readers,

Whilst we apologize for the delay in publishing the 201st post due to a hardware issue, now an understanding has dawned that it probably is due to some reason that a week’s gap was ordained.

This narration is from another devotee of Lord Agastya. The Maha Muni wanted Shri Karthikean to compose the leela conducted by Agastya Muni with Lord Narayana in a separate series through Siththan Arul blog.

Shri Karthikeyan bestowed this task to me and I thought, “I am not qualified enough to do this mammoth task but composing the amruth from Agastya muni in writing is blessed to Shri Karthikeyan only who was governing the Siththan Arul blog. It was because of the thinking that it is He himself who gave the task to Shri Karthikeyan and therefore, it may not be appropriate for me to do so.

When I met Shri Karthikeyan, I realized that due to the magnificient changes in his life, he is focussed on completing the episodes of The Grace of Siddha, and I decided that all the treasure that Shri Karthikeyan has about the Maha Muni must be broadcasted to the world, just as he did every Thursday. Hence, whatever credit or praise goes completely to the Maha Muni and Shri Karthikeyan. If there is a shortcoming, only I am responsible. Please remember this.

[The above statement holds just true to the team of Gnana Boomi. If you praise or have derived any merits out of this series, the credit goes only to Shri Karthikeyan and Lord Agastya. The shortcomings, mistakes etc is through us.]

At first, I had titled this series as “Agastya & Perumal”, may be due to the affection towards Agastya. When I mentioned this to Shri Karthikeyan, I could see his face turning a bit dim. “I am not sure if our Guru Nath will agree. You have kept the title as per the term Matha, Pitha, Guru and Deivam where Deivam comes after Guru. I shall ask the same Guru himself, let’s see what He says.” – said Shri Karthikeyan. I requested him to ask the Guru if I am allowed to write this series as well, as I worried earlier. It was the fear of doing something wrong, incurring Agastya’s wrath. Two days passed by and nothing was known.

It was a Thursday where Shri Karthikeyan visits Agastya Muni’s temple after publishing the post for the day. He called me that night and said this. As he stood near the shrine, the door opened with the darshan of deepa aradhana to Agastya. As he stood there looking at Agastya’s face, he saw the Abaya Mudra of Agastya’s right hand. He closed his eyes and prayed where he got this order:

“Permission granted. But the title must be “Perumal & Adiyen”!

[Adiyen is a classic Tamil term which denotes Dasa bhava of a devotee. Here, Agastya Muni denotes himself as the Dasa of Lord Narayana]

When I came to know this, I became silent! Hence, the title is “Perumal & Adiyen” which is being composed by Agastya himself, not me! The first post in this series is being published below.

Perumal & Adiyen – 1

While the entire deva loka was waited in the banks of Koneri to have the darshan of Lord Narayana, Agastya Mamuni was not to be seen somehow. No one noticed it either except the all pervading Lord Vishnu. He notified Sage Narada saying, “just let Agastya know, He shall take care of the rest”. Narada was shocked indeed.

“Me, the foremost of rishis, should go to a Kuru Muni to convey the message of Lord Vishnu? Wouldn’t it appear like I am disgracing myself? What sort of a power that Agastya has? He is a Siddha, nay, foremost of the Siddhas. In addition, he is an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva. He is also the first disciples of Lord Shiva’s son, Subramanya. That’s all right?” – Narada sort of felt inferior and tired, bid farewell to the Lord who knew what was going on in Narada’s mind, He smiled within.

Narada began to look for Agastya who is not to be seen. He noticed that due to the presence and continuous arrival of all the rishis, munis, experts of the Vedas, devotees, all from the holy land of Bharath in the banks of Koneri, the Booma Devi was gasping notwithstanding the load of all the punya-atmas at the same place. He thought, if I mention this to Agastya, will He come over and save Booma Devi?

In the meantime, Boo-devi (Mother Earth) called Narada.

“What do you want Boodevi?” – asked Narada

“Really? You feel asking like this on seeing my condition. I am not able to bear this weight. Can you please give a shoulder?”

“O devi, I completely understand. But Lord Narayana has anointed Agastya muni for this task. It won’t be nice for me to intervene.”

“O Narada, I am asking you. Can you help me for a short while, or not?”

“The Devi who is personified as the embodiment of patience has become angry. Am I denying? Had Lord Narayana appointed me to this task, I would have easily withstood the weight easily with my tapasya’s strength. But the Lord did not trust me but Agastya.”

“Let it all be. Please help me for a while, Agastya himself might come any time.”

“O Devi, a small query. If you can clarify me this small doubt, I shall bear this weight for any longer.”

“What is it Narada?”

“As far as I recall, you have been bearing the weight of uncountable things, humans, trees, creepers, mountains, oceans and what not! But today, when Lord Narayana is about to take the Avatara in Tirumala, why is He waiting for Agastya to come and bear the weight of this crowd?!!”

“Fair question. Not just this weight, Agastya can bear the weight of all the three worlds!”

“Hmm..but you know about the power of my tapasya right? There are other munis and rishis here who are great in their tapasya. But why did Lord Vishnu choose Agastya above all?”

“Alright Narada. Let’s have a deal. You are indeed very powerful. Lord Narayana is completely focussed on the new Avatar now. So He may not want to put His focus here.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“You have looked for Agastya all over. Without His presence, you should bear the weight of all this crowd here in Tirumala as you are powerful indeed.”

“Very well. I shall take this responsibility. But what if Agastya comes in between?”

“Let him! We shall manage it then. But he may turn back on seeing your power himself”

“Fair enough!” – said Narada.

Booma Devi transferred the weight to Narada Maharishi. When he first accepted the weight due to his power of tapasya, he did not feel it to be very heavy. He in fact felt that it was partial for Narayana Swamy to have waited for Agastya for such a task, which is simpler to him. Booma Devi rested for a while and asked, “O Narada, how is the weight?”

“O I am fine, you may rest as long as you wish. This does not seem like that heavy.”

“In that case, may I go up and have the darshan of Lord Narayana avatar in Tirupathi?”

“Of course!” said Narada happily. When Booma Devi came up, Narada just could not bear the weight. He began to think if he was quick to make this decision and if he did so only to make Agastya inferior. The weight was becoming unbearable, he cannot call Booma Devi either. At the same time, He cannot have the darshan of Lord Narayana’s new avatar in Tirupathi. I was quick and dumb this time” – Narada felt bad for the first time. He was tired too.

As He became tired, the Earth which was balanced all along, now the place at Tirumala started going down. Everyone was shocked at this but was convinced that it is one of Lord Narayana’s divine plays before an avatar. Narada realized that he just could not bear it any longer, He uttered “Narayana” just as a reflex, and prayed earnestly with folded hands thus…

“O Agastya! Please come wherever you are. Me, Narada is calling you.”

This was heard by Agastya who stood alone in Mount Kailash, doing tapasya. He, through his Gnana Drushti knew what has happened and appeared before Narada the next moment.

Narada felt immensely happy on seeing Agastya and welcomed him heartily. Agastya said, “O let it all be. Why do you get in to such trouble, here, give it to me and take rest.” and got the weight to himself. Narada was relieved.

“O Narada, you are an ardent devotee of Lord Narayana. Please go to Tirumala to witness the glorious site of when He is taking the Kali avatara in Tirumala. I shall bear this weight without any disturbance” – said Agastya.

Narada said, “there is still 3.5 naazhigai for Lord Narayana’s avatar. Can you bear this weight till then? Booma Devi has gone up for darshan as well”

“No problem at all. It is fair that everyone gets to witness the avatar. Please tell Booma Devi not to worry as well. Do not waste time, please proceed.”

As soon as Agastya bore the weight, the portion of Tirumala which was going down began to rise up. Narada was very surprised. He bowed to Agastya saying, “O Ma Muni, I misunderstood your prowess. I was thinking that you are powerless and hence I could not take the sincere effort in looking for you in spite of Lord Narayana asking me to do so. Please forgive me.”

“O Narada, it is normal to have jealousy in humans, but why with Devas? It is only Lord Narayana and Booma Devi’s divine play to change your opinion about me. I was aware of it from the beginning. Please do not delay further, proceed to witness the avatara.” – urged Agastya.

“O Ma Muni, what about you? I feel sad to leave you alone here.” – said Narada for which Agastya calmly said:

“Do not worry O Narada. Lord Narayana will show His glorious avatara right here.” – Narada was taken aback by surprise.

Featured image courtesy: Bhaskar

~ to be continued…!



4 thoughts on “The GOS 201 – Perumal & Adiyen, an intro – 1

  1. Sagar says:

    ll Om Agatheesaya Namah ll

    Dear Team,

    While reading this special article I felt as myself as one of character in the story and experienced the blessings of Mahamuni and Lord Narayana.

    Thanks a lot for such a beautiful translation and special thanks to Mahamuni’s beloved Shri Karthikeyan ji for such a Nobel service.

  2. g bhaskara ramam says:

    I have a doubt For all these years you have been narrating the experience of late Hanumadhdhasan with Agasthya maharshi Now you have shifted to sri Kartikeyan kindly inform whether i am correct r not Then what happened to HANUMADHASAN He was well till 2009 i think and when i asked you in 2013 you informed me theat he was no more was Hnamadhdasan sir around vadapalani temple

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Dear Sir
      The incidents are still from Late Shri Hanumadhdhasan which Shri Karthikeyan had published in his Tamil blog. I am translating it in English.

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