The GOS 206 – Perumal & Adiyen 6 – Hayagriva!

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[From the 226th and 227th episodes of the Tamil series]

Hayagriva stood before Venkatava and roared, “Whom did you ask to come here? Get out of this place this instance!”

Venkatava did not move.

“I shall give you another 5 nazhigai time to move out of this place. Along with you should disappear this hill which appeared for you.” – He was restless, pounding his legs in the ground here and there.

Adi Sesha came forward to breathe out as hot as possible. The rishi munis in the hill kept looking at Hayagriva disrupting their penance. Kali Purusha came there as well. He suggested…

“Hayagriva! No one will hear if you say like this. See those Rishis who are absorbed in their tapasya, kick them out and bite those who come in front of you, thrash them with your feet so they would scream ‘O Narayana!’ by default. He will disappear for his devotees along with Adi Sesha. Then you can rule this place as per your wish.”

Hayagriva thought it was a good idea and he was about to begin where in a thundrous tone stopped him, “Hayagriva! Stop right there!”

The moment Kali Purusha heard that voice, he disappeared. Hayagriva, however he tried, was not able to keep even a single step forward. He just could not move. While he was thinking as to who stopped him thus, Agastya Muni came out of the bushes with the holy Kamandalu in His hands. Hayagriva, in spite of being the avatar of the Lord, was ferocious and was not realizing the divine purpose of his avatar. Where the divinity reduces, the evil forces will dominate themselves. As much as he was ferocious, he lacked sense. Brahma knew this very well. Had Hayagriva acted with a little bit of sense, Kali Purusha would have never approached him.

Brahma wanted to advise Hayagriva and sent Saraswathi. But Hayagriva was not in a position to hear. When he wanted to fight with Venkatava, Agastya could not bear it and stopped him with his tapasya’s strength. Hayagriva knew about Agastya but saw Him just then. He also realised how he is immobile by just a word from Agastya, realized Agastya’s power.

“O Hayagriva! I know who you are. You are an avatar of Lord Narayana himself but as you had enmity towards the rishis, you are roaming in the form of a horse here. The curse of those rishis are going to ward off. Crores of people are going to get enlighten through your wisdom, as I see in my Gnana Drishti. While this is the case, should you get distracted through the words of Kali?” – Agastya asked humbly.

But Hayagriva became angry at Agastya who made him immobile.

“Agastya!!” – he screamed, saying, “I do not need your advise. First, you stopped me. Second, you came to the place I rule and are acting biased towards Vishnu. There is no forgiveness for these two acts of yours.”

“O Hayagriva! “Vinasha kale vibareetha budhdhi” There is no need to feel sorry about me. If you can, take the next step forward. Why, you can even run with all four of your legs, I won’t come in between.”

“O Muni, why are you acting? First let me go!” – roared Hayagriva.

“Where to?”

“I am going to chase the stone avatar of Vishnu who came here without my permission”

“It’s no big deal. Vishnu won’t cause any harm here. Not just that, He will fulfil anyone who prays to him.”

“Oh is that so? In that case, I don’t have to fight him. If I just say, will he go away?”

“Yes, but a small correction. Instead of ‘if I just say’, you should say, “if I pray to him earnestly”. He is the mercy of ocean.”

“What are you saying?”

“If you just pray to this Perumal earnestly with all your heart, He will accept your prayers.”

“What if he doesn’t move?”

“There must be a mistake in your prayers then.”

“How do I pray, where do I do it from?”

“I do not know all these, but Saraswathi Devi knows very well. Pray to her earnestly with your hands folded.”

“Will she come?”

“For sure! She will teach you how to pray. Venkatava will listen to your prayers. Then you may attain what you wanted without any fight or injury.” – Agastya was very happy that He had taught Hayagriva a sensible way.

Hayagriva wanted to give these a shot and so he called upon Saraswathi Devi, “O Kalaivani, come here!”. As She didn’t appear in spite of calling her several times, Hayagriva got angry. Kali Purusha who was hiding came to Hayagriva now thinking how strange he has changed, who was ready to crumble the stone avatar and rishi munis is seated now and praying to Kalaivani. Has he changed? In that case, looks like we won’t have any work here in the earth. He must stop Hayagriva now .

“What happened Hayagriva, have you lost to Vishnu?” – he asked Sarcastically.

“What?! Me? Lost? I am just trying to drive him away without a fight.”

“Doesn’t look like so, you seem to be praying..?”

“Yes, I am calling upon Saraswathi Devi who doesn’t appear.”

“All these are your ignorance. Agastya is very clever. He wanted to stop you and Vishnu from meeting and he devised this plan.”

“What are you saying Kali Purusha?”

“The truth. If you listen to Agastya, you will be fooled. Do what I say. Fight this Venkatava and chase him out. He will run away with Adi Sesha. You can rule this place thereafter.”

“I cannot believe anything, I am confused.”

“…which is the plan of Agastya. Or else, Saraswathi would have been here when you called up. She didn’t. Trust me at least now. Jai Vijayee Bhava!” – said Kali.

“What should be done, O Kali?”

“Run as fast as you can and thrash that stone avatar of Vishnu.”

Hayagriva took his ferocious move towards the stone, Venkatava!

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 205 – Perumal & Adiyen 5, Hayagriva!

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[from the 224th & 225th episode of the Tamil series]

Narada was pretty happy.

So far he was showing his mischievousness although for doing merits in the Deva Loka, now that Lord Narayana himself is utilizing him, he was naturally excited. He bid farewell that very moment to get started with his mission. While Agastya muni was thinking about what the Lord said, He tapped Agastya’s shoulders asking ‘what were you thinking?’

“Nothing O Lord! You were talking about Kali Purusha’s prowess all the while. Now Narada is all excited about his mission, making me worry about the future of this earth and what should I do to save it, I was thinking.”

“Your responsibility is going to increase. The Kali Purusha should be assisting me in fact. See, he has already started his work in this forest.” – laughed Narayana sending goose pimps to Agastya.

“If you allow, I shall drive him away through my Tapasya’s power to a very long distance.” – said Agastya.

“DP not waste your tapasya’s power. It’s not so easy to drive him away either. Now wait and see what he does.” – saying this, Lord Vishnu disappeared in to the stone. Agastya went behind a tree to witness what was about to happen. In a short while came Hayagriva running which created a storm of dust, sent out fear in the hearts of the animals who ran away helter-skelter. His eyes showed so much of anger and the air he breathed was hot like fire. Those who are very angry do not think and such people won’t do any meritorious deed.

Hayagriva looked around and witnessed how Lord Vishnu is seated blissfully, bestowing peace and happiness to those who seek His refuge in that Holy Hill of Tirumala. He thought what Kali Purusha had said. He was frustrated to see the Tirumala which was formed in the banks of Koneri, with Vishnu installing himself in the stone all alone. He raised his fore-legs up to the sky and gave a crying neigh. It reverberated like thunder all across Koneri and the surroundings. The animals which were already scared now got terrified. They ran here and there. The birds flew like crazy. There were dust all across. As the animals ran, they crushed the flowers and uprooted the plants. The snakes got angry and they bit the rocks. Hayagriva was happy seeing all these, which came as a neighing again.

“Who came here without my permission. Come in front of me.” – He roared. As there wasn’t any response, He got furious.

“If you don’t come in front of me withing a Nazhigai time, this hill will be destroyed.” – warned Hayagriva.

The Adi Sesha heard this and got furious. He even thought of swallowing Hayagriva in one gulp. Lord Narayana looked at Adi Sesha that said ‘be patient’. Agastya seldom liked this arrogance of Hayagriva. He began to think, ‘Hayagriva, who is none other than the amsa of Lord Vishnu, why is he behaving so? Is he not aware that this Venkata Nath is none other than Vishnu himself? Or is this the wickeness of Kali Purusha who plays with Hayagriva?”

As he wasn’t doing anything to stop Hayagriva, he looked at Lord Vishnu who glanced the same way as He did to Adi-Sesha, ‘be patient’. As no one came front, Hayagriva began to doubt Kali Purusha himself on what he said.

“Is he playing with me on purpose? There is nothing but a black stone with Thiru Mann. There is no humans or rakshashas here. The animals are terrified already. How strange is this?” When he thought that he should just remain quiet, Saraswathi Devi appeared before Hayagriva.

Saraswathi’s appearance took Hayagriva by surprise. He gave a Namaskar in due of respect. “How come you came here alone in this forest?” – asked Hayagriva.

“Alone? Why, you are here right? How am I scared?”

“I’ve been here for a long time but I am seeing you here for the first time”

“Why? Lord Vishnu has taken an avatar here, didn’t you see?” – asked Saraswathi.

“No Devi. I just saw a black stone with Thiru Mann which appeared like Him. But I did not see properly as the face was covered with Thiru Namam. From what you are saying, I reckon it is Vishnu himself. Am I correct?”

“When Hayagriva says something, it must be right indeed. Well, you don’t seem to be peaceful but are looking aggressive and in a rush. Are you searching for someone?” – Saraswathi asked as if she didn’t know.

“O yes, you and Brahma Deva know that I have been ruling this Koneri forest for a while now. But looks like someone has encroached this place without my permission. I wanted to know who that is.”

“Who told you this?”

“The Kali”

“Oh very well, so you believed what you said. If so, he should have told you who encroached also?”

“Whether he says it or not, isn’t it a mistake to encroach my line of control?”

“What if it is Lord Vishnu?”

“It IS still a mistake”

“So what do you intend to do?”

“I will ask him to get out”

“What if He refuses?”

“I will fight with him”

“You, who are considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu himself, are going to fight with Lord Vishnu himself?”

“Don’t we see that the brothers who are of the same blood fight among themselves? What is so surprising in this?”

“Nothing. But one has to think about the win and loss. What if we win, what if we lose, we should think and plan accordingly.” – said Saraswathi.

“I have never thought about all these, never will.”

“In that case, you are sure to lose.”

“How can you assume so?”

“Brahma Deva said.”

“As what?”

“Come on here O Hayagriva! If you listen to me patiently, I shall say. You will get ferocious on hearing to Kali Purisha and will engage a fight with Narayana. If you did so, you will be defeated by Him here in Tirumala. Lord Brahma said all these to me and asked me to advice you, to turn you away from fighting. Hence I came here looking for you.” – said Saraswathi slowly.

Hayagriva laughed aloud, “I don’t believe this. It appears as if you are planning to enact a big drama around me.”

“Well, upto you then. I mentioned what Brahma Deva told me. I shall leave O Varahamithra!” – said Saraswathi.

“What, Varaha Mithra? What new name is this?”

“Yes, you are going to be called as Varaha Mithra here and will live here in Tirumala for ages to come. Brahma Deva told me this too.”

“What else did he say? Say it all at once” – hurried Hayagriva.

“You are not going to listen anyway. You are powerful and are capable of ruling everyone. You can scare even the wildest of creatures when you come running like a storm, raising the cloud of dust all the way to the sky. But…..”

“….I just don’t have the brains, you mean?” – Hayagriva was already angry. He asked thus while scratching the earth with his leg.

“See, you don’t have the patience to even listen. That is why they say that one has to have patience to have wisdom.” – Kalaivani (Saraswathi) tested Hayagriva’s pulse.

“You’re talking as if you have all the wisdom and knowledge and that I don’t have anything? I never will accept this.”

“Alright, upto you. I conveyed what was told to me. It is not easy to fight and win Venkatava. You need skill. Brahma Deva gave the responsibility of imparting that skill to you which I accepted and came here. I am lost. But if you need my help, call me by saying, “This is Varaha calling” thrice. I shall come running for help.” said Kalaivani and turned back.

Hayagriva thought for a quick while, “No no! I cannot believe this lady’s talks. It may well be the play of Vishnu himself. Whatever it may be, I will ram the stone which is the Kali-Avatara Vishnu and will move it away. Kali Purusha has indeed said the truth.” – Hayagriva marched fericiously towards Vishnu, who stood there in Tirumala as a Stone!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 204 – Perumal & Adiyen 4, Hayagriva!

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[From the 222nd & 223rd episodes of the Tamil series]

Hayagriva looked at Kali aggressively, “What’s the matter, who are you?” – he rebuked authoritatively.

“I am your disciple, the name is Kali-purusha. Those who do dharma are doing adharma in this forest as well. I came looking for you so you can find them and punish them” – he said humbly.

Hayagriva thought for a while and said, “That’s alright, how did you come here? What do you know about me?”

“You are the king of this Koneri forest. The world is talking with wonder on your courage, bravery and strength. I came here so you can help me in my query.” – Kali fell at the feet of Hayagriva.

“What do you want?”

“It’s not about what I want. I am just concerned that the influence, power and status you have in this forest should not go away from you. Hence I came to you directly.” – Kali started his wicked talk.

“What do you mean?”

“Yes my Lord. The Koneri river that runs in the southern side of this forest, there is a ‘Seven-Hills’ that has appeared on its bank. They call it Adi-Sesha. All the rishis, munis, devas gathered there and were talking that there happened an Avatar on that hill.”

“O Adi-Sesha, let him come, that’s fine.” – said Hayagriva.

“No no! If we just leave it like that, then one after the other, somebody will come from the heavens and start sharing the Koneri forest. Not just that, you have never been at peace at the heaven, but looks like they won’t let you remain at peace here too.”

Hayagriva began to think, He who is considered to be an Avatar of Vishnu, came to the Earth circumstantially. Why did he chose the forest of Koneri which is around 300 yojana in area leaving all the rest of the Earth? Before knowing this, let us re-visit the place where the Vishnu Avatar of stone happened in the Tirumala.

Kali obtained a boon from Brahma and is more cruel in nature than Kamsa, Ravana etc., in making people suffer. No one can say when and how he will turn events. The Kali-yuga is given to him by the Almighty. His intention is to deviate people from the thoughts of dharma, devoid them of devotion and establish adharma. Lord Vishnu knows it.

On that day, Agastya and Narada came to visit the Lord in Tirumala. Lord Narayana asked smilingly, “What a surprise, what could be the reason for you both coming to see me?”

“As we reached the earth, we had a difference of opinion. But now its all settled” – said Narada.

“A deed of Kali I reckon. But I am glad that you have settled the differences.” – Lord Vishnu.

“O Lord, the all knower, I bow to your holy feet. You gave an explanation about your avatar as the stone here. What will the Kali Purusha do? How long is his rule? Are you taking the Kalki avatar after Kali’s time? We wanted to know this from you, please let us know.” – Agastya said humbly.

“Be seated, let me tell you.” – asked the Lord and opened His divine mouth to speak.

It is not easy to win the Kali Purusha. He has born just to rejuvenate adharma and destroy dharma. He will pervade the thoughts of those beings in the earth and persuade them to deviate from dharma. It requires a good measure to prevent, which the Kali will try to prevent as well. Hear about him more..

The earth will change now. It won’t rain as it used to before. The climatic conditions will change erratic. No one will say when a mountain will submerge in to the water and when an ocean will become dry. The death due to famine will increase and so will the population. The harmony in the families will decrease. People will tend to cheat. Stable wealth will keep changing hands. Justice will hide in a dark room. Killing will increase. The judges who are the embodiment of justice will accept bribe and take sides.

As the male will become crooked, murder and rape will increase. The ladies will deteriorate in the name of fashion and trend, forgetting the legacy of their families, their greatness. The children seldom will listen to the parents. The ladies will however become equal to men in business and work, but the spiritualily will decrease. The time of the ladies depending on gents will change with the male will begin to depend on the ladies. The importance will be given to money, not affection. They would forget as to how to speak to someone, habits will become barbaric.

As they forget dharma, the relationship of brother and sister, father and daughter, father-in-law and daughter-in-law, at times, step-mother and son, uncle and the brother’s daughter, all these will behave like husband and wives!

The temples won’t have 6 times pooja. The priests will be prone to sarcasm, poverty and will suffer. The mantras won’t have their glory. Those who learn the mantras won’t learn them properly. The Vedas will reduce slowly. There won’t be anything as per the Agama rules in the temples. Right in the garba-gruha will happen those hineous sins. As there won’t be purity in physical body and mind, the temples will lose its purity and bats will live in them. The governments will lose the importance of nurturing the spirituality but rather they would steal the wealth of the temples.” – Lord Narayana said these non-stop and looked at both of them quietly.

“Just to hear this from your very divine mouth is giving us the suffering of Naraka (hell). Can’t you, the all pervading lord, stop these and help the Earth?” – Agastya asked the Lord out of His merciful nature.

“You called it a hell already, you haven’t listened completely” – said Vishnu.

“O enough, enough! Isn’t there a salvation to these? Won’t there be someone good in the earth?” – Narada was shaken.

“Sure there will be! But they will suffer. They won’t get justice wherever they go. Then, they will surrender to me for only to those, I descend!”

“O Lord. This is not right. I cannot accept that the Lord will show his mercy to only those who accepts him. The people are to be protected by you O Lord! When they are under the spell of Kali, how would they get a thought about you? You must have mercy on those and protect them against Kali, please.” – Agastya muni pleaded to the Lord of the Universe.

“Fair! But at least a day, one day, if they think of me right from where they are, place a small offering in a yellow cloth and pray to me. It’s not required that they should come here. Let it be whoever, I will take care of them by destroying any sins they might have done knowingly or unknowingly. Is this enough Agastya?” – asked Narayana.

“O Lord, you are the ocean of mercy. There isn’t anything that you do not know. Had I spoken to you thinking so intelligent of myself, please forgive me.” – said Agastya by kneeling down.

“What is this, Agastya, get up! How is it fair to get all shaken up half way through listening about Kali? I know what else he is going to do too!” – said Vishnu.

“How is it fair to let him do whatever he wants, in spite of knowing what he will do?” – interrupted Narada.

“Do not hurry Narada! I am going to give you some work only now..” – Lord Narayana gave a meaningful smile at Narada.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 203 – Perumal & Adiyen 3, Hayagriva!

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[From the 220th & 221st episode of the Tamil series]

Lord Narayana returned to Tirumala, gave darshan to everyone again and explained why He took this avatar.

“In this universe, there is always good and bad. I descend when there is a need to eradicate evil. Nine such avatar is completed. The 10th one is Kalki. But there is still a few thousand years for the Kali Yuga. The Kali Purusha is going to do his demonic dance. Dharma will get destroyed slowly. Those who teach Dharma will themselves breach it. The Achara will be thrashed. The parents will abandon their responsibilities. The children seldom will respect their parents. Everyone’s mind will be dominated with the attributes of asuras. Justice will struggle. Honesty will be put to jail. The people will do anything for survival. The law will be spoiled. The ladies won’t be able to walk freely due to Kali’s tricks.

The devotion will reduce. Everyone will try to build wealth in the shortcut means. The 5 great sins (Pancha Maha Pathaka) will happen. Every family will have Brahma Hathi dosha. Everyone will tell lies. To taste the power, people will be ready to discard anything. Not just this, I shall explain what else the Kali Purusha will do, pay attention.”

Everyone were spell bound hearing what The Lord himself said. While He was explaining the reason for His avatar, Kali began to show his strengths. Though He has taken the avatar to destroy his wickedness, this is just an avatar as a stone! What can a mere stone do, he thought. Reason, he had sought a boon from Lord Brahma that ‘whatever life form that takes birth in the earth should do so with demonic character, with no spirituality, aggressive in nature and without any mercy’. Lord Brahma, as the Lords play a fair game of bestowing one’s wish upon achievement of a selective deed such as tapasya, granted the boon for He thought that the Lord Almighty will devise a plan to destroy evil, so let us see what this Kali will do. The moment Kali Yuga started, those which came out of His creation was straight opposite to Dharma.

In spite of all these, with Kali’s power in dominance, the birth of noble Atma’s with meritorious character kept happening. But since the count of such people were very less, even those Punya Atma were suffering by various means. Kali wanted to establish his rule for thousands of years, to disturb the Lords, to distract people and divert them towards Adharma. He got furious when he knew about Lord Narayana’s avatar in Tirumala.

He wanted to disturb the Lord in Tirumala itself. He sighted a ferocious horse in the Tirumala hills. That horse was none other than Hayagriva, who was roaming freely in the holy hills as He wanted to establish the Hayagriva Avatar strongly, as there is a notion that the Hayagriva Avatar is not got a strong hold like others and that the Devas such as Indra were not paying attention to the Hayagriva aspect of the Lord.

So here was the Lord roaming freely as a ferocious, strong and untamable horse terrifying the forest of Tirumala. Even the wild animals such as lions and tigers did not have the courage to get near this horse and so they bid farewell to the forest, entitling him the supremacy and leaving him happy. While his nature was aggressive, he seldom disturbed the smaller animals or the rishi-munis who were doing penance in the hills.

Lord Brahma wanted to have the world benefitted through Hayagriva, He called upon Saraswathi Devi.

“O Devi, how far is it beneficial to have all the knowledge kept within yourself?”

“O Lord. Aren’t you aware? Those who pray to me earnestly, does archana to me with white lotus flowers and ask for their wishes, I bestow them the knowledge, wisdom. What else should I do? I shall do as you wish.”

“You the queen of all the arts, are you aware of Hayagriva, an Amsa of Lord Narayana, who is in the holy hills in the form of a horse?”

“I have seen him in the Devaloka often but haven’t spoken to directly. Is he in the Earth?”

“Yes devi. But as he isn’t quiet as he was seen in the Devaloka. He is untamed, ferocious here.”

“What happened to him?”

“He wants a purana to be written on him and that everyone should worship him as an avatar. You, Kalaivani, should help this happen.”


“You are the embodiment of knowledge. There is no one as you. Even if someone has something or not, but if they have the power of knowledge or skill, they can win anything. You should do upadesha to this Hayagriva on all the knowledge you have.”

“O Brahma, your request is strange. All the devas, even the leads of asuras, those in earth who wants to learn the Vedas, pray to me earnestly for whom I bestowed the knowledge. But I have never taught a four legged animal. They won’t listen either” – Saraswathi Devi was a bit furious when she said this.

“O Devi, have patience. Though he appears as a four legged animal to everyone’s eyes, don’t you know that He is an amsa of Lord Narayana?”

“Let it be. I am ready to impart the knowledge to any living being on Earth. Haven’t I do so for Kala Bairava? But for this Hayagriva…”

“What’s the difference?”

“You are saying he is an amsa of Lord Narayana. You also say that he is roaming untamed and ferocious. There are certain rules and regulations to learn anything. How can he guarantee them?”

“He will surely have the patience and behave like a student to learn what you will teach him.” – assured Brahma Deva.

“He is a ferocious horse, that’s why…” – Saraswathi was still hestitant.

“Even Kala Bairava is a ferocious form. Didn’t you teach him the wisdom?”

Saraswathi Devi could not argue further for Lord Brahma is her consort. She agreed to teach Hayagriva. Right at this time, Kali Purusha came to where Hayagriva was.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 202 – Perumal & Adiyen 2

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[From the 218 & 219th episode of the Tamil series]

Sage Narada wasn’t completely convinced still. He thought to himself, “How many times have I returned without having the darshan of Lord Narayana in Sri Vaikunta, for someone like me who always utter the name ‘Narayana’. Is He going to give darshan to this Kumba Muni? Let us wait and see.” He was jealous about the affection that Agastya Muni receives from Lord Shiva and Lord Narayana.

As Lord Narayana was about to incarnate in just about two seconds, Narada bid farewell to Agastya and reached Tirumala. Sage Agastya was wondering why Narada got into the turmoil of jealous, which is a sole proprietary of human beings, how did He get such thoughts?

He also felt that Boomi Devi should have a good darshan of the Lord during the incarnation. Till then he thought, “let us bear the base of Tirumala for Narayana” and began to pray to Lord Narayana.

There at Tirumala, Lord Narayana took the Avatar in Kali Yuga with Adishesha’s head as the centre, with Salagrama (Saligram) garland with various other garlands, radiating with divine fragrance that filled the entire Tirumala, the Devas, Siddhas, Gnanis, Pundits, Vedic scholars, Lord Brahma with His consort and Lord Shiva with His, the holy rivers such as Ganga, Yamuna, Brahmaputra, Godavari, Kaveri, Vaigai, Tamrabarani etc., witnessing the beauty and showering flowers on Him, He took the avatar as a stone while the Tiruvonam star was rising.

The Veda Kosha, the jubiliant voice of the Devas, auspicious instruments, all filled the air. The Lord smiled at everyone and with Abaya Hastha, he blessed those around Him. Everyone was witnessing such a rare sight having forgotten about themselves. Right at that time, the form of Lord Vishnu (Narayana) disappeared. Everyone was shocked and began to worry.

Even the Siddhas thought that the Lord wanted them to worship Him as the stone thereafter. Lord Brahmadeva Himself was taken aback for a quick fraction of time while He was getting ready for the Kumbabisheka after doing Balalaya.

Lord Maheshwara (Shiva) and Parvathi glanced at each other that appeared as if saying, “Here, He has started His divine play right away”. The rishis thought that they should probably continue their penance to get salvation for they had hoped that a longer duration of the Lord’s darshan will help them on their realization / salvation, ‘let us resume our penance in the banks of Koneri’, they thought.

There was one who doubted even this disappearing, yes it was Narada. He whispered to the couple of Brahma and Shiva ‘I shall be right back’ and went straight to Patala Loka.

Agastya Muni was holding the base of Tirumala in one hand and the other hand holding the Kamandalu with the elbow rested on the Vasi Kol, while praying to Lord Narayana. Right before Him stood the all pervading Lord Vishnu, just as He appeared in Tirumala. Agastya opened His eyes suddenly to witness the brightness of a thousand moon’s radiance before Him where He was pleasantly surprised.

In that pleasant state of shock, Agastya Muni folded both His hands to worship Narayana who blessed Him. Only after a few moment did He realize that He had taken His hands out of the base of Tirumala that He was holding all the while. He worried. But the base stood right where it was when Agastya muni held it. Agastya was surprised and He uttered it too.

“Many such things are going to happen in this Earth” – said Lord Vishnu in His divine voice.

“O Lord! I now realized that it is only your play for I was thinking that I was bearing this piece of land, but now I am clear, nothing is in my hands.”

“Agastya Himself knew that only now, is it?” – the Lord was in His usual playful mood.

“Yes, my Lord!”

“At least you understood. But there are quite a few who do not know what is the Absolute. They think that everything happens because of them. They seldom think of the Almighty”. – Lord Narayana

“It is true, indeed. Now that you have taken the avatar in Kali Yuga, even they will realize the truth. You have come right here to show your darshan for Adiyen. This is a very big bhagya.” – Agastya was emotional.

“O Agastya! For this Avatara as the stone, there are crores waiting up there but for my word, you bore the weight here.”

“If you command, I shall do anything O Swami!”

“I see that even Boomi Devi has come up after giving away her responsibility?”

“Yes, I had sent her up for her to get the darshan” – said Agastya.

“I could not see you being here without having the darshan. Hence I showed up myself for a bit and came here” – said the all pervading one.

“What sort of a merit would I have done, for me to get such a darshan?”

“Not like so, for Lord Parameshwara Himself showed His wedding right here in the Southern part of the land from Mount Kailash. Is this any greater than that?” – the Lord asked naughtily.

“O Lord, yourself, Lord Shiva and Lord Brahma, all three are showering blessings on me. I am very proud to think of my blessings. But it is not fair to make these uncountable beings wait for your darshan, O Lord” – Agastya prayed to Lord Vishnu.

“Look, you do not have to bear this weight, I shall take care of it. Come with me up!” said the Lord and Agastya agreed. Sage Narada was over hearing these conversations and was surprised to see the respect that Lord Vishnu showed to Agastya Muni. He thought:

“Lord Shiva showed His wedding to Agastya exclusively. Today, Lord Narayana shows His darshan exclusively to Agastya. Though I am a great rishi, I am just merely a rishi in front of Agastya I suppose for He is not just the foremost of all Siddhas, He is also foremost of my Guru’s”

No one however knew that it was Lord Vishnu’s play through Agastya to get Narada mature!

 ~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Telangana Info