The GOS 203 – Perumal & Adiyen 3, Hayagriva!

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[From the 220th & 221st episode of the Tamil series]

Lord Narayana returned to Tirumala, gave darshan to everyone again and explained why He took this avatar.

“In this universe, there is always good and bad. I descend when there is a need to eradicate evil. Nine such avatar is completed. The 10th one is Kalki. But there is still a few thousand years for the Kali Yuga. The Kali Purusha is going to do his demonic dance. Dharma will get destroyed slowly. Those who teach Dharma will themselves breach it. The Achara will be thrashed. The parents will abandon their responsibilities. The children seldom will respect their parents. Everyone’s mind will be dominated with the attributes of asuras. Justice will struggle. Honesty will be put to jail. The people will do anything for survival. The law will be spoiled. The ladies won’t be able to walk freely due to Kali’s tricks.

The devotion will reduce. Everyone will try to build wealth in the shortcut means. The 5 great sins (Pancha Maha Pathaka) will happen. Every family will have Brahma Hathi dosha. Everyone will tell lies. To taste the power, people will be ready to discard anything. Not just this, I shall explain what else the Kali Purusha will do, pay attention.”

Everyone were spell bound hearing what The Lord himself said. While He was explaining the reason for His avatar, Kali began to show his strengths. Though He has taken the avatar to destroy his wickedness, this is just an avatar as a stone! What can a mere stone do, he thought. Reason, he had sought a boon from Lord Brahma that ‘whatever life form that takes birth in the earth should do so with demonic character, with no spirituality, aggressive in nature and without any mercy’. Lord Brahma, as the Lords play a fair game of bestowing one’s wish upon achievement of a selective deed such as tapasya, granted the boon for He thought that the Lord Almighty will devise a plan to destroy evil, so let us see what this Kali will do. The moment Kali Yuga started, those which came out of His creation was straight opposite to Dharma.

In spite of all these, with Kali’s power in dominance, the birth of noble Atma’s with meritorious character kept happening. But since the count of such people were very less, even those Punya Atma were suffering by various means. Kali wanted to establish his rule for thousands of years, to disturb the Lords, to distract people and divert them towards Adharma. He got furious when he knew about Lord Narayana’s avatar in Tirumala.

He wanted to disturb the Lord in Tirumala itself. He sighted a ferocious horse in the Tirumala hills. That horse was none other than Hayagriva, who was roaming freely in the holy hills as He wanted to establish the Hayagriva Avatar strongly, as there is a notion that the Hayagriva Avatar is not got a strong hold like others and that the Devas such as Indra were not paying attention to the Hayagriva aspect of the Lord.

So here was the Lord roaming freely as a ferocious, strong and untamable horse terrifying the forest of Tirumala. Even the wild animals such as lions and tigers did not have the courage to get near this horse and so they bid farewell to the forest, entitling him the supremacy and leaving him happy. While his nature was aggressive, he seldom disturbed the smaller animals or the rishi-munis who were doing penance in the hills.

Lord Brahma wanted to have the world benefitted through Hayagriva, He called upon Saraswathi Devi.

“O Devi, how far is it beneficial to have all the knowledge kept within yourself?”

“O Lord. Aren’t you aware? Those who pray to me earnestly, does archana to me with white lotus flowers and ask for their wishes, I bestow them the knowledge, wisdom. What else should I do? I shall do as you wish.”

“You the queen of all the arts, are you aware of Hayagriva, an Amsa of Lord Narayana, who is in the holy hills in the form of a horse?”

“I have seen him in the Devaloka often but haven’t spoken to directly. Is he in the Earth?”

“Yes devi. But as he isn’t quiet as he was seen in the Devaloka. He is untamed, ferocious here.”

“What happened to him?”

“He wants a purana to be written on him and that everyone should worship him as an avatar. You, Kalaivani, should help this happen.”


“You are the embodiment of knowledge. There is no one as you. Even if someone has something or not, but if they have the power of knowledge or skill, they can win anything. You should do upadesha to this Hayagriva on all the knowledge you have.”

“O Brahma, your request is strange. All the devas, even the leads of asuras, those in earth who wants to learn the Vedas, pray to me earnestly for whom I bestowed the knowledge. But I have never taught a four legged animal. They won’t listen either” – Saraswathi Devi was a bit furious when she said this.

“O Devi, have patience. Though he appears as a four legged animal to everyone’s eyes, don’t you know that He is an amsa of Lord Narayana?”

“Let it be. I am ready to impart the knowledge to any living being on Earth. Haven’t I do so for Kala Bairava? But for this Hayagriva…”

“What’s the difference?”

“You are saying he is an amsa of Lord Narayana. You also say that he is roaming untamed and ferocious. There are certain rules and regulations to learn anything. How can he guarantee them?”

“He will surely have the patience and behave like a student to learn what you will teach him.” – assured Brahma Deva.

“He is a ferocious horse, that’s why…” – Saraswathi was still hestitant.

“Even Kala Bairava is a ferocious form. Didn’t you teach him the wisdom?”

Saraswathi Devi could not argue further for Lord Brahma is her consort. She agreed to teach Hayagriva. Right at this time, Kali Purusha came to where Hayagriva was.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Hindu Mythology by Narin

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