The GOS 204 – Perumal & Adiyen 4, Hayagriva!

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[From the 222nd & 223rd episodes of the Tamil series]

Hayagriva looked at Kali aggressively, “What’s the matter, who are you?” – he rebuked authoritatively.

“I am your disciple, the name is Kali-purusha. Those who do dharma are doing adharma in this forest as well. I came looking for you so you can find them and punish them” – he said humbly.

Hayagriva thought for a while and said, “That’s alright, how did you come here? What do you know about me?”

“You are the king of this Koneri forest. The world is talking with wonder on your courage, bravery and strength. I came here so you can help me in my query.” – Kali fell at the feet of Hayagriva.

“What do you want?”

“It’s not about what I want. I am just concerned that the influence, power and status you have in this forest should not go away from you. Hence I came to you directly.” – Kali started his wicked talk.

“What do you mean?”

“Yes my Lord. The Koneri river that runs in the southern side of this forest, there is a ‘Seven-Hills’ that has appeared on its bank. They call it Adi-Sesha. All the rishis, munis, devas gathered there and were talking that there happened an Avatar on that hill.”

“O Adi-Sesha, let him come, that’s fine.” – said Hayagriva.

“No no! If we just leave it like that, then one after the other, somebody will come from the heavens and start sharing the Koneri forest. Not just that, you have never been at peace at the heaven, but looks like they won’t let you remain at peace here too.”

Hayagriva began to think, He who is considered to be an Avatar of Vishnu, came to the Earth circumstantially. Why did he chose the forest of Koneri which is around 300 yojana in area leaving all the rest of the Earth? Before knowing this, let us re-visit the place where the Vishnu Avatar of stone happened in the Tirumala.

Kali obtained a boon from Brahma and is more cruel in nature than Kamsa, Ravana etc., in making people suffer. No one can say when and how he will turn events. The Kali-yuga is given to him by the Almighty. His intention is to deviate people from the thoughts of dharma, devoid them of devotion and establish adharma. Lord Vishnu knows it.

On that day, Agastya and Narada came to visit the Lord in Tirumala. Lord Narayana asked smilingly, “What a surprise, what could be the reason for you both coming to see me?”

“As we reached the earth, we had a difference of opinion. But now its all settled” – said Narada.

“A deed of Kali I reckon. But I am glad that you have settled the differences.” – Lord Vishnu.

“O Lord, the all knower, I bow to your holy feet. You gave an explanation about your avatar as the stone here. What will the Kali Purusha do? How long is his rule? Are you taking the Kalki avatar after Kali’s time? We wanted to know this from you, please let us know.” – Agastya said humbly.

“Be seated, let me tell you.” – asked the Lord and opened His divine mouth to speak.

It is not easy to win the Kali Purusha. He has born just to rejuvenate adharma and destroy dharma. He will pervade the thoughts of those beings in the earth and persuade them to deviate from dharma. It requires a good measure to prevent, which the Kali will try to prevent as well. Hear about him more..

The earth will change now. It won’t rain as it used to before. The climatic conditions will change erratic. No one will say when a mountain will submerge in to the water and when an ocean will become dry. The death due to famine will increase and so will the population. The harmony in the families will decrease. People will tend to cheat. Stable wealth will keep changing hands. Justice will hide in a dark room. Killing will increase. The judges who are the embodiment of justice will accept bribe and take sides.

As the male will become crooked, murder and rape will increase. The ladies will deteriorate in the name of fashion and trend, forgetting the legacy of their families, their greatness. The children seldom will listen to the parents. The ladies will however become equal to men in business and work, but the spiritualily will decrease. The time of the ladies depending on gents will change with the male will begin to depend on the ladies. The importance will be given to money, not affection. They would forget as to how to speak to someone, habits will become barbaric.

As they forget dharma, the relationship of brother and sister, father and daughter, father-in-law and daughter-in-law, at times, step-mother and son, uncle and the brother’s daughter, all these will behave like husband and wives!

The temples won’t have 6 times pooja. The priests will be prone to sarcasm, poverty and will suffer. The mantras won’t have their glory. Those who learn the mantras won’t learn them properly. The Vedas will reduce slowly. There won’t be anything as per the Agama rules in the temples. Right in the garba-gruha will happen those hineous sins. As there won’t be purity in physical body and mind, the temples will lose its purity and bats will live in them. The governments will lose the importance of nurturing the spirituality but rather they would steal the wealth of the temples.” – Lord Narayana said these non-stop and looked at both of them quietly.

“Just to hear this from your very divine mouth is giving us the suffering of Naraka (hell). Can’t you, the all pervading lord, stop these and help the Earth?” – Agastya asked the Lord out of His merciful nature.

“You called it a hell already, you haven’t listened completely” – said Vishnu.

“O enough, enough! Isn’t there a salvation to these? Won’t there be someone good in the earth?” – Narada was shaken.

“Sure there will be! But they will suffer. They won’t get justice wherever they go. Then, they will surrender to me for only to those, I descend!”

“O Lord. This is not right. I cannot accept that the Lord will show his mercy to only those who accepts him. The people are to be protected by you O Lord! When they are under the spell of Kali, how would they get a thought about you? You must have mercy on those and protect them against Kali, please.” – Agastya muni pleaded to the Lord of the Universe.

“Fair! But at least a day, one day, if they think of me right from where they are, place a small offering in a yellow cloth and pray to me. It’s not required that they should come here. Let it be whoever, I will take care of them by destroying any sins they might have done knowingly or unknowingly. Is this enough Agastya?” – asked Narayana.

“O Lord, you are the ocean of mercy. There isn’t anything that you do not know. Had I spoken to you thinking so intelligent of myself, please forgive me.” – said Agastya by kneeling down.

“What is this, Agastya, get up! How is it fair to get all shaken up half way through listening about Kali? I know what else he is going to do too!” – said Vishnu.

“How is it fair to let him do whatever he wants, in spite of knowing what he will do?” – interrupted Narada.

“Do not hurry Narada! I am going to give you some work only now..” – Lord Narayana gave a meaningful smile at Narada.

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: Hare Krishna Movement

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