The GOS 205 – Perumal & Adiyen 5, Hayagriva!

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[from the 224th & 225th episode of the Tamil series]

Narada was pretty happy.

So far he was showing his mischievousness although for doing merits in the Deva Loka, now that Lord Narayana himself is utilizing him, he was naturally excited. He bid farewell that very moment to get started with his mission. While Agastya muni was thinking about what the Lord said, He tapped Agastya’s shoulders asking ‘what were you thinking?’

“Nothing O Lord! You were talking about Kali Purusha’s prowess all the while. Now Narada is all excited about his mission, making me worry about the future of this earth and what should I do to save it, I was thinking.”

“Your responsibility is going to increase. The Kali Purusha should be assisting me in fact. See, he has already started his work in this forest.” – laughed Narayana sending goose pimps to Agastya.

“If you allow, I shall drive him away through my Tapasya’s power to a very long distance.” – said Agastya.

“DP not waste your tapasya’s power. It’s not so easy to drive him away either. Now wait and see what he does.” – saying this, Lord Vishnu disappeared in to the stone. Agastya went behind a tree to witness what was about to happen. In a short while came Hayagriva running which created a storm of dust, sent out fear in the hearts of the animals who ran away helter-skelter. His eyes showed so much of anger and the air he breathed was hot like fire. Those who are very angry do not think and such people won’t do any meritorious deed.

Hayagriva looked around and witnessed how Lord Vishnu is seated blissfully, bestowing peace and happiness to those who seek His refuge in that Holy Hill of Tirumala. He thought what Kali Purusha had said. He was frustrated to see the Tirumala which was formed in the banks of Koneri, with Vishnu installing himself in the stone all alone. He raised his fore-legs up to the sky and gave a crying neigh. It reverberated like thunder all across Koneri and the surroundings. The animals which were already scared now got terrified. They ran here and there. The birds flew like crazy. There were dust all across. As the animals ran, they crushed the flowers and uprooted the plants. The snakes got angry and they bit the rocks. Hayagriva was happy seeing all these, which came as a neighing again.

“Who came here without my permission. Come in front of me.” – He roared. As there wasn’t any response, He got furious.

“If you don’t come in front of me withing a Nazhigai time, this hill will be destroyed.” – warned Hayagriva.

The Adi Sesha heard this and got furious. He even thought of swallowing Hayagriva in one gulp. Lord Narayana looked at Adi Sesha that said ‘be patient’. Agastya seldom liked this arrogance of Hayagriva. He began to think, ‘Hayagriva, who is none other than the amsa of Lord Vishnu, why is he behaving so? Is he not aware that this Venkata Nath is none other than Vishnu himself? Or is this the wickeness of Kali Purusha who plays with Hayagriva?”

As he wasn’t doing anything to stop Hayagriva, he looked at Lord Vishnu who glanced the same way as He did to Adi-Sesha, ‘be patient’. As no one came front, Hayagriva began to doubt Kali Purusha himself on what he said.

“Is he playing with me on purpose? There is nothing but a black stone with Thiru Mann. There is no humans or rakshashas here. The animals are terrified already. How strange is this?” When he thought that he should just remain quiet, Saraswathi Devi appeared before Hayagriva.

Saraswathi’s appearance took Hayagriva by surprise. He gave a Namaskar in due of respect. “How come you came here alone in this forest?” – asked Hayagriva.

“Alone? Why, you are here right? How am I scared?”

“I’ve been here for a long time but I am seeing you here for the first time”

“Why? Lord Vishnu has taken an avatar here, didn’t you see?” – asked Saraswathi.

“No Devi. I just saw a black stone with Thiru Mann which appeared like Him. But I did not see properly as the face was covered with Thiru Namam. From what you are saying, I reckon it is Vishnu himself. Am I correct?”

“When Hayagriva says something, it must be right indeed. Well, you don’t seem to be peaceful but are looking aggressive and in a rush. Are you searching for someone?” – Saraswathi asked as if she didn’t know.

“O yes, you and Brahma Deva know that I have been ruling this Koneri forest for a while now. But looks like someone has encroached this place without my permission. I wanted to know who that is.”

“Who told you this?”

“The Kali”

“Oh very well, so you believed what you said. If so, he should have told you who encroached also?”

“Whether he says it or not, isn’t it a mistake to encroach my line of control?”

“What if it is Lord Vishnu?”

“It IS still a mistake”

“So what do you intend to do?”

“I will ask him to get out”

“What if He refuses?”

“I will fight with him”

“You, who are considered an avatar of Lord Vishnu himself, are going to fight with Lord Vishnu himself?”

“Don’t we see that the brothers who are of the same blood fight among themselves? What is so surprising in this?”

“Nothing. But one has to think about the win and loss. What if we win, what if we lose, we should think and plan accordingly.” – said Saraswathi.

“I have never thought about all these, never will.”

“In that case, you are sure to lose.”

“How can you assume so?”

“Brahma Deva said.”

“As what?”

“Come on here O Hayagriva! If you listen to me patiently, I shall say. You will get ferocious on hearing to Kali Purisha and will engage a fight with Narayana. If you did so, you will be defeated by Him here in Tirumala. Lord Brahma said all these to me and asked me to advice you, to turn you away from fighting. Hence I came here looking for you.” – said Saraswathi slowly.

Hayagriva laughed aloud, “I don’t believe this. It appears as if you are planning to enact a big drama around me.”

“Well, upto you then. I mentioned what Brahma Deva told me. I shall leave O Varahamithra!” – said Saraswathi.

“What, Varaha Mithra? What new name is this?”

“Yes, you are going to be called as Varaha Mithra here and will live here in Tirumala for ages to come. Brahma Deva told me this too.”

“What else did he say? Say it all at once” – hurried Hayagriva.

“You are not going to listen anyway. You are powerful and are capable of ruling everyone. You can scare even the wildest of creatures when you come running like a storm, raising the cloud of dust all the way to the sky. But…..”

“….I just don’t have the brains, you mean?” – Hayagriva was already angry. He asked thus while scratching the earth with his leg.

“See, you don’t have the patience to even listen. That is why they say that one has to have patience to have wisdom.” – Kalaivani (Saraswathi) tested Hayagriva’s pulse.

“You’re talking as if you have all the wisdom and knowledge and that I don’t have anything? I never will accept this.”

“Alright, upto you. I conveyed what was told to me. It is not easy to fight and win Venkatava. You need skill. Brahma Deva gave the responsibility of imparting that skill to you which I accepted and came here. I am lost. But if you need my help, call me by saying, “This is Varaha calling” thrice. I shall come running for help.” said Kalaivani and turned back.

Hayagriva thought for a quick while, “No no! I cannot believe this lady’s talks. It may well be the play of Vishnu himself. Whatever it may be, I will ram the stone which is the Kali-Avatara Vishnu and will move it away. Kali Purusha has indeed said the truth.” – Hayagriva marched fericiously towards Vishnu, who stood there in Tirumala as a Stone!

~ to be continued…!

Images courtesy: Alarie-Tano & Satyotthan

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