The GOS 206 – Perumal & Adiyen 6 – Hayagriva!

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[From the 226th and 227th episodes of the Tamil series]

Hayagriva stood before Venkatava and roared, “Whom did you ask to come here? Get out of this place this instance!”

Venkatava did not move.

“I shall give you another 5 nazhigai time to move out of this place. Along with you should disappear this hill which appeared for you.” – He was restless, pounding his legs in the ground here and there.

Adi Sesha came forward to breathe out as hot as possible. The rishi munis in the hill kept looking at Hayagriva disrupting their penance. Kali Purusha came there as well. He suggested…

“Hayagriva! No one will hear if you say like this. See those Rishis who are absorbed in their tapasya, kick them out and bite those who come in front of you, thrash them with your feet so they would scream ‘O Narayana!’ by default. He will disappear for his devotees along with Adi Sesha. Then you can rule this place as per your wish.”

Hayagriva thought it was a good idea and he was about to begin where in a thundrous tone stopped him, “Hayagriva! Stop right there!”

The moment Kali Purusha heard that voice, he disappeared. Hayagriva, however he tried, was not able to keep even a single step forward. He just could not move. While he was thinking as to who stopped him thus, Agastya Muni came out of the bushes with the holy Kamandalu in His hands. Hayagriva, in spite of being the avatar of the Lord, was ferocious and was not realizing the divine purpose of his avatar. Where the divinity reduces, the evil forces will dominate themselves. As much as he was ferocious, he lacked sense. Brahma knew this very well. Had Hayagriva acted with a little bit of sense, Kali Purusha would have never approached him.

Brahma wanted to advise Hayagriva and sent Saraswathi. But Hayagriva was not in a position to hear. When he wanted to fight with Venkatava, Agastya could not bear it and stopped him with his tapasya’s strength. Hayagriva knew about Agastya but saw Him just then. He also realised how he is immobile by just a word from Agastya, realized Agastya’s power.

“O Hayagriva! I know who you are. You are an avatar of Lord Narayana himself but as you had enmity towards the rishis, you are roaming in the form of a horse here. The curse of those rishis are going to ward off. Crores of people are going to get enlighten through your wisdom, as I see in my Gnana Drishti. While this is the case, should you get distracted through the words of Kali?” – Agastya asked humbly.

But Hayagriva became angry at Agastya who made him immobile.

“Agastya!!” – he screamed, saying, “I do not need your advise. First, you stopped me. Second, you came to the place I rule and are acting biased towards Vishnu. There is no forgiveness for these two acts of yours.”

“O Hayagriva! “Vinasha kale vibareetha budhdhi” There is no need to feel sorry about me. If you can, take the next step forward. Why, you can even run with all four of your legs, I won’t come in between.”

“O Muni, why are you acting? First let me go!” – roared Hayagriva.

“Where to?”

“I am going to chase the stone avatar of Vishnu who came here without my permission”

“It’s no big deal. Vishnu won’t cause any harm here. Not just that, He will fulfil anyone who prays to him.”

“Oh is that so? In that case, I don’t have to fight him. If I just say, will he go away?”

“Yes, but a small correction. Instead of ‘if I just say’, you should say, “if I pray to him earnestly”. He is the mercy of ocean.”

“What are you saying?”

“If you just pray to this Perumal earnestly with all your heart, He will accept your prayers.”

“What if he doesn’t move?”

“There must be a mistake in your prayers then.”

“How do I pray, where do I do it from?”

“I do not know all these, but Saraswathi Devi knows very well. Pray to her earnestly with your hands folded.”

“Will she come?”

“For sure! She will teach you how to pray. Venkatava will listen to your prayers. Then you may attain what you wanted without any fight or injury.” – Agastya was very happy that He had taught Hayagriva a sensible way.

Hayagriva wanted to give these a shot and so he called upon Saraswathi Devi, “O Kalaivani, come here!”. As She didn’t appear in spite of calling her several times, Hayagriva got angry. Kali Purusha who was hiding came to Hayagriva now thinking how strange he has changed, who was ready to crumble the stone avatar and rishi munis is seated now and praying to Kalaivani. Has he changed? In that case, looks like we won’t have any work here in the earth. He must stop Hayagriva now .

“What happened Hayagriva, have you lost to Vishnu?” – he asked Sarcastically.

“What?! Me? Lost? I am just trying to drive him away without a fight.”

“Doesn’t look like so, you seem to be praying..?”

“Yes, I am calling upon Saraswathi Devi who doesn’t appear.”

“All these are your ignorance. Agastya is very clever. He wanted to stop you and Vishnu from meeting and he devised this plan.”

“What are you saying Kali Purusha?”

“The truth. If you listen to Agastya, you will be fooled. Do what I say. Fight this Venkatava and chase him out. He will run away with Adi Sesha. You can rule this place thereafter.”

“I cannot believe anything, I am confused.”

“…which is the plan of Agastya. Or else, Saraswathi would have been here when you called up. She didn’t. Trust me at least now. Jai Vijayee Bhava!” – said Kali.

“What should be done, O Kali?”

“Run as fast as you can and thrash that stone avatar of Vishnu.”

Hayagriva took his ferocious move towards the stone, Venkatava!

~ to be continued…!

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