The GOS 210 – Perumal & Adiyen 10 – Kali Purusha’s Thandava!

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When Narada asked Kali if Lord Narayana will spare him, he said, “O Narada, you have started your mischievousness. I am not going to listen to whatever you say. No one can win me either. I am going to push this rock down. If you can, save this Muni.”

Narada screamed, “O Munivar! Please come closer to me..” but he was chanting “Govinda Govinda!” and did not hear anything, he did not even open his eyes. Kali Purusha laughed aloud. With a great struggle, he was able to roll the rock which was hanging in the air because of Narada Muni. The huge rock fell with a great thud in the banks of Koneri whose dust covered the banks for a while. It destroyed all the garden, hermitages, ashrams etc in to pieces.

The rishi munis who were doing tapasya ran here and there out of fear. When they gathered after a while, trying to understand what has happened, Kali Purusha said this in a horrendous voice:

“O Rishi Muni’s! Terrified huh? This is just the beginning of my play, which will continue for another thousands of years from now. Run away from here! I won’t allow anyone to do tapasya here. If you still would like, you must chant, “Kali Purushaya Namaha!” and nothing else. If you chant any other name, what happened to this Rishi who was seated in that rounded rock for hundreds of years in Tirumala will happen to you. This is my first warning.”

The rishi seated in the rock was not to be seen and the rock was broken. This terrified Narada and the rest of the rishi munis around. Narada prayed to Lord Narayana and opened his eyes, only to see Kali Purusha standing before him asking, “Narada, where is your Rishi?”

Narada did not reply as he was frustrated that Kali has killed an innocent hermit.

“Why aren’t you saying anything about my strength? Pity, you might have saved his life. Maybe you don’t have the power to do so. Nevertheless, whoever you call as Almighty, that Venkatava could have at least protected this Rishi, but he is just a stone here. How can he?” – Kali laughed.

“Kali! Do you know that you have committed a Brahma Hathi Dosha?” – asked Narada.

“How, how how?”

“You killed an innocent tapasvi. Whatever curse he might have said when he died will crush you, don’t you know?”

“Is it?! It is very interesting to know, can you say it again? That is this tapasvi, when the rock falls on him, crushing him to death will curse me and that curse will crush me? Very well. Ha ha ha! But he is just been made a paste and got dissolved in to the water. What is your take on it?

“It is fair to kill someone who does injustice. The almighty has punished those who destroyed dharma. Should you show your bravery and strength to such an innocent tapasvi? Aren’t you ashamed?” – asked Narada fuming at what happened.

“This is going to be my full time work now on. I will kill only the innocents, especially those who chant the name of Venkatava, their family, their clan, I will destroy. Let Narayana come and save them. I am not stopping him, am I?”

After a while, he said “I thought at least we shall get to see his body but nothing is left. Do you understand my strength now?”

“This is not strength. This is just a portion of Brahma Hathi Dosha. You have killed an innocent Tapasvi. This sin won’t leave you at peace!” – said Narada.

“Cursing me? Why didn’t you save that Rishi yourself with your divine powers then?”

“Even if my powers didn’t save him, his own powers of tapasya would have saved him. Had he really got killed, his body must have remained here. What it means that he must be alive. Moreover, there is no use in talking to you. I will go directly to Venkatava to tell what happened, not that he is not aware of it already. Then it is His will.”

While Kali Purusha was looking at Narada going towards Tirumala, the rest of the rishi-munis approached him with folded hands, fear filled. He looked at them fiercefully as if he asked what they want.

“We shall go away from this play right after the Chadhurmasya Vratha. Please do not harm us till then.” – they pleaded.

“How long is that for?”

“At least for three months.”

“What is this Vratha (vigil) for?”

“To pray to Bhagawan.”

“Which Bhagawan?” – Kali asked sarcastically.

The rishi-munis looked at each other.

“Not just Chathurmasya Vratha. You may keep any vigil as you please. But they all should be done in my name, towards me. Else, I will set fire to all these ashrams and will have this Koneri river flood all the places here.”

The tapasvis cried within themselves thinking of Venkatava, “O Lord! Why aren’t you keeping this fellow in his limits? Aren’t you protecting us? Why do we deserve these?” etc. Such a truthful prayer was indeed heard by the all pervading lord. The next moment, he took the form of wind and reached there with a speed that could not be measured. Kali Purusha was shaken to his base at the wind. He feared his life and disappeared from there. The tapasvis were jubilant. The Lord spoke to them in Asareeri (where the divine voice is heard loud and clear without one being able to see who speaks, sort of a close translation of what asareeri means).

“This is Kali Purusha’s rule. No one knows how he will manipulate others, what harm he will do. But those whe pray to me earnestly like you did, I will protect them for sure. His birth is just happened. I will let him grow as the total embodiment of sin and then only I will destroy him. This will take thousands of years. It is the need of the time where I will do just the right thing at the right time”

One of the rishis explained how an innocent tapasvi was killed mercilessly. The Lord laughed.

“I never abandon those who surrender to me! I just created an illusion of that Maha Purusha being killed by Kali. He just felt happy. That Maha Purusha was saved by Boomi Devi and he is safe. But one may think, why should he suffer so? There is a reason for everything. While he was praying to me, he prayed that one of these 7 hills should be named under him and that he is ready to bear any sort of difficulty for the same. I know about his devotion very well. But if I fulfill his request then and there, no one will have true devotion.

It is only after one gains the strength to bear difficulty, one gets real devotion.

I wanted to have him tested through Kali Purusha. He tested him through my spell (maya). The rishi overcame it through his real devotion. I had asked Booma Devi to protect him.

Fear not! I have come here to Tirumala as Venkatava only to protect those who surrender to me. I will come running for them.” – said Narayana!

The tapasvi’s joys knew no bounds. They wished to see that tapasvi and wanted all those gardens, hermitages to be restored as it were. The Lord knew it very well and he showed them the tapasvi through Booma Devi. The tapasvi was seen, still chanting “Govinda Govinda!”

Narada asked the Lord. “Thank you for protecting him. Will the lord fulfill the desire of this tapasvi, to name the hill after him?”

“Narada, I know your mischievousness. This hill will be named after this tapasvi after a while with a Mangalasasanam. As this is the first head of Adi Sesha, those who climb this hill to have my darshan, I will nullify all their sins and will have them attain moksha.”

Thus, the reason for why Narada came looking for Venkatava was fulfilled.

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 209 – Perumal & Adiyen 9 – Kali Purusha and Narada

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[From the 232nd & 233rd post of the Tamil series]

Narada came rushing to Venkatanath seated in the banks of Koneri river, “I heard that the Kali Purusha came and threatened you?” – he started like he always does.

“Leave it with me and say why you are here.”

“Nothing. Though Adisesha himself has become these seven mountains, I thought it will be appropriate if each of them are named unique. I thought of different names but could not choose any.”

“What did you think, tell me that first.”

“What’s the use in what I thought? What is the guarantee that you are going to fulfilll it?”

“Why? You have only that much of faith in me?”

“Narayana Narayana! Little bit of faith, on you, what is this Swami?” – Narada exclaimed.

“O Narada, do not despair. I just wanted to play with you for some time.”

“I am relieved. I met Bhrigu Muni on my way and he asked if you haven’t started your divine play in the holy hills.”


“I narrated how Hayagriva was manipulated by Kali Purusha and mentioned that the first divine play is Hayagriva’s transformation of Varaha Mithra through Srinivasa’s grace. He was very pleased. Pray, what is your next play?”

“Why ask me? You should ask this to Kali Purusha.” – said the Lord.

“Who is he? Where is he? What is he doing now? I can’t see him?” – Narada had a lot of questions.

“See here. Beneath this mountain near the banks of the river, a Muni is seated on a round rock doing tapasya to me, near the jasmine plant. Just watch in disguise what Kali Purusha is going to do.”

Narada had a thought in his mind if Lord Srinivasa will name one of the hills with his. But here the Lord has asked him to remain in disguise and watch the Muni. He went there nevertheless and started observing. Suddenly, the rock on which the Muni was seated began to submerge in the water. Though the Muni saw that through his Gnana Drishti, he just uttered the name ‘Govinda, Govinda’ but did not move. He wasn’t worried about the rock getting immersed.

The water rose up to his hip, to his chest, now to his neck and lo! now only the matted locks of the Muni was visible, but he did not stop the chanting. The Kali Purusha was astonished. He thought, “I troubled him so much, immersed him in the water, but he still is chanting Govinda’s name. I wanted him to go against Narayana and thereby driving all the rishi-munis out of this place, but this is one adamant fellow!” – Kali Purusha was frustrated.

He made him rise up the water only to find the Muni glowing with divine radiance. Kali Purusha spotted a huge rock nearby and thought if he rolls it down, all the muni and rishis will run away. He acted on it at once. The rock fell down with trembling force towards the Muni. Narada did not expect this and he screamed ‘Narayana!’. Kali Purusha stood there and laughed aloud, looking at the rock which went downwards with great force.

Narada could not know the reasons for a number of things. Why is this Kali troubling such an innocent Muni? Why is Narayana quiet on seeing such a hideous act? But he could not stop himself from seeing such a thing. He stopped the rock with his strength obtained from tapasya. The rock which looked like a small mountain by itself stood in the thin air, immobile. The Kali Purusha was shocked now. He began to search for the one who did such a thing with a great anger.

Narada came out and Kali Purusha thought that it is probably Venkatava’s act to send him to enact this play. Narada thought that this Kali Purusha is ten times more than how he had imagined him.

Kali asked Narada, “Why is this all required for Narada?”

“Why? This is dharma right?”

“I know pretty well what is dharma and adharma. Why are you interfering in my matter?”

“What is your matter? Trying to submerge an innocent Muni? To roll a huge rock on top of him, is that your matter? Then it is my matter to protect the devotees of Venkatava.”

“I am surprised by this act of Narada.”


“Generally, Narada creates confusion and he is pretty good at it. But for the first time, he saves a life. That, is surprising.”

“Agreed. Though I create confusion, have you forgotten that it always ends in something good?”

“What all is going to happen, who knows?”

“O yes, yes! This is your time, Kali-Kala. Whatever hideous things you plan to do, Venkatava is ready to counter attack every move of yours, do not forget.”

“Let it all be. Now I am going to crash that rock on the Muni’s head with my Asura-Shakthi. Try stopping it.”

“No Kali! What did that Munivar do to you?”

“He is always thinking of that Narayana.”

“And what’s wrong in that?”

“No. Because of him, thousands of other Munivars consider him as their lead and are coming here and chanting his name.”

“It is for good then that this place on earth is becoming a Punya-Boomi.”

“No I do not agree. All the chanting is enough. I am the ruler hereafter. Whoever has devotion, I will interrupt them, I will kill them.”

“Is it not a sin?”

“O Narada, whatever I am going to do hereafter will be looked upon by you as a sin. The other munivars should tremble in fear on seeing how I kill this one with the rock. They should forget devotion and should change as rationalists.”

“How rational?”

“Don’t you know? What I meant by rationalists is, they should not worship, they should not go to temples, they should completely forsake what is referred as ‘Dharma, Sashtra, Nyaya, Sathya, and being righteous’ and should behave however they please.”

“This you call being rational?”

“Not just this, I have more plans but I won’t say them all.”

“Why not?”

“You will start spreading my plan to everyone and spoil it.”

“Narayana Narayana. Why should I take all these blame? You can very well tell them to me.”

“O Narada, do you think I would believe you that easy? You are the foremost of Narayana’s devotees. Also, you are acting against me as well. How do I believe you?”

“Kali Purusha, this earth is going to be under your grip for thousands of years to come by, forgetting bhakthi and becoming the embodiment of adharma. I am beginning to realize that it is very difficult for anyone to go against you. I do not know your plans. But the one who knows them and everything else, the Lord Narayana, will he spare you, that is my doubt.” – said Narada.

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The GOS 208 – Perumal & Adiyen 8 – Kali’s Challenge

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[From the 230th & 231st post of the Tamil series]

As Lord Narayana continued, everyone listened with great surprise.

“The avatars of Kali Purusha will become an army of evil forces and will fight with me. That’s when I will take the Kalki Avatar.”

“It means it will take many a years right?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“Well, it can’t be said. Whether I will take the Kalki Avatar or not is completely in the hands of Kali Purusha.”

“How come O Lord, that you took Varaha near you than anyone else?” – Agastya asked humbly. “Also, I desire to know from you, where the other heads of Adi Sesha are seated in this hill?”

“Agastya knows everything but He wants to know from me. This answer is for everyone. Where there is Gnana, there will be Bhakthi. Where there is Bhakthi, there will be mercy, good conduct, all these will dwell. Such place will radiate with divinity. Those who come to Tirumala should not only have Bhakthi, but also Gnana.

Such Gnana should be bestowed by Hayagriva. Hence I made him be seated here as Varaha. The horse is an embodiment of speed, though Cheetah is an example too, it is wild but. One can desire to see a Cheetah but cannot befriend it. But the horse is not so. Hence, as an indication that one should get good knowledge with the speed of horse, I made Hayagriva sit here.

To avoid any disturbance from Kali Purusha, one just needs to surrender to me with just a bit of Bhakthi. I will protect them. Those with Bhakthi and Gnana won’t be affected by anything. So this Tirumala Darshan is for both Bhakthi and Gnana.” – explained Lord Narayana.

“You are going to learn more than what you did…” – continued the Lord.

“In this beautiful place, I have made my spot where Adi Sesha’s head portion is. The body of Adi Sesha is huge and cannot be coiled here. It is spread in the place called Sri Sailam. The place Ahobila where I killed Hiranya Kasipu in my previous Avatar is where Adi Sesha’s tail is. Those who visits Ahobila and prays to Narasimha, those who prays to the Lord of Sri Sailam, I will accept them as the prayers to myself and will protect them. Even those who cannot come to Tirumala can pray from wherever they are, we shall protect them, bless them.”

“…in that case, will my prayers get answered too?” – a voice was heard. Who dares to interrupt when the Almighty Lord is speaking, everyone were shocked.

There stood Kali Purusha!

Venkatava gave a meaningful smile.

“If your prayer is for good, then it will bear the fruits.” – said the Lord.

“What is good, what is bad, let the future decide. Now my prayer is just this, Kali Yuga should flourish. The theism should get destroyed and athiesm should grow.”


“This atheism should spread all across the earth. My rule should remain at least for another ten thousand years. There should be no hindrance for which you need to bless.”

The Lord laughed to himself.

“O Kali Purusha, you could have asked this boon to Brahma himself who created you. Why did you come to me?”

“It’s because you said you will protect and bless those who surrenders you.”

“For sure, but it applies to everyone except you, which you know yourself very well.”

“You are the Lord. That too, you have appeared here only to destroy me. Isn’t it fair for me to protect myself?”

“O that way! In that case, you should have done severe tapasya thinking of either me or Lord Mahadev with a good intention. But you are asking this just like that as a boon?”

“I am not talking about fair and unfair deals here. I have put forth my query to you, that’s all.”

“Kali Purusha, if you do your duties, I shall give you the right results. If not, you will get suitable results. Why come to me?”

“O Venkatanatha! You are not answering my questions. What I asked and what you answer is different. I do not have to mention about my strength. You probably are already aware of it.”

“O I do know very well! In all my 9 past avatars, the asura (demon) who ran in all those I killed were you.”

“You have mistaken me. Though all the past 9 avatars were meant to destroy me as an Asura, you haven’t noticed that this Kali Avatar is the combination of all the 9 asura shakthis. I am not sure if you understand that.” – said Kali.

“So what?” – said Narayana.

“I have got all the 9 asura shakthi. But you aren’t the combination of all the 9 avatars. Even to say further…”

“Go ahead…?”

“This is just a stone avatar. Unlike the 9 other avatars, which had a lot of shakthi, this is not a combination of all those 9 avatars.”

“Kali Purusha. Manipulated by you, Hayagriva tried to fight with me but he is standing here as a Varaha Mithra under my feet. All those whom you will manipulate are going to fall under my feet. Even you, will surrender to me. Why go that far, you are standing here at my mercy now. What else do you want?”

Kali Purusha laughed aloud.

“I was just playing with you all the while. Just see my games now on. I am going to win indeed.” – Kali moved away.

Lord Narayana smiled which stated, “what is there to worry for the One who knows, creates everything?”

~ to be continued…!

The GOS 207 – Perumal & Adiyen 7 – Hayagriva gets demystified!

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[From the 228th & 229th post of the Tamil series]

On seeing Hayagriva rushing towards Him, Lord Narayana pulled himself into the Earth. Hayagriva seldom expected this, he fell from the hill top and as he fell, he remembered Saraswathi’s words, “if you need my help, call me by saying, “This is Varaha calling” thrice. I shall come running for help”. He called thus thrice:
“This is Varaha calling, O Saraswathi Devi, please come”. The next second, Saraswathi Devi held him in her arms. He escaped from a great danger.

As he lay down unconsicous, Agastya was fanning with a white fan, Saraswathi looked at Hayagriva with so much of compassion. Kali Purusha was not to be seen there. A few moments passed by. The screech of the birds, the water falls from the nearby Papanasam hill falling in the feet of Boomi Devi whose chillness touched Hayagriva. He opened his eyes slowly.

Saraswathi Devi was seen in the Sthana of Guru, looking compassionately at him, Agastya fanning, Siddhas, Munivars and Raja Rishis chanting in a low voice, Hayagriva saw all these and jumped out. Saraswathi Devi said:

“Hayagriva, do not haste. Sit quiet. You are not in any danger.”

He began to recall everything that happened. Had he listened to Kali Purusha, what could have happened? His respect towards Agastya and Kalaivani grew manifold. He folded his hands towards Saraswathi, thanking her.

“O Mother! Though I have all the strength, I lacked the wisdom. Else, I wouldn’t have listened to Kali Purusha and fell down. I am very thankful to you. Please educate me on the ‘Gnana’, O Mother..” – said Hayagriva.

“O Hayagriva. Everything is happening as per Lord Brahma said. The curse that the munivars had given you has moved. Though you will look like Hayagriva, here in Tirumala, you will be known in the name Varaha Mithra and bless those who visit here to have a darshan of Venkatava.” – said Kalaivani.

“A small query. When will you educate me on the Gnana?”

“Varaha Mithra, right here and right now, in front of Agastya and all the eighteen foremost Siddhas, in the early Brahma Muhurtha time amidst the holy chanting of these birds with the grace of Venkatava Tirumala Vasa, I shall sprinkle the holy Ganga on you and bestow the Gnana. Please accept.” – said Saraswathi. Then she bestowed her wisdom to Hayagriva when all the rishi munis, devas, siddhas and everyone praising.

“Varaha Mithra, from today, all those bhaktas, rishis, siddhas, gnanis, who wants to have the darshan of Venkatava will get your darshan and permission first and then will have the darshan of Venkatava. Those who go directly to Venkatava will not have any merits. This is Lord Srinivasa’s order.”

“Why is this rigidity?” – asked Hayagriva.

“There’s a reason. This place of Koneri is under your rule anyway. Lord Narayana did not ask your permission and took the avatar. Kali Purusha might come here again and confuse you in the future and you may begin your fight to Perumal again right? That’s why this.” – laughed Saraswathi.

“Ha well, with the Gnana I have now, no one can manipulate me.” – said Varaha Mithra aka Hayagriva. While they were discussing these, there heard a thundrous noise. They all turned around only to see those bulls, four of them standing very ferociously. They appeared as if they would crush anyone who may come in front of them. Who sent them? Why are they so angry? It took sometime for those around to realize why. As Saraswathi Devi raised her hands, all four of them stood still as if they were controlled by a spell.

Saraswathi Devi said, “Hayagriva, this is another play of Kali Purusha to kill you. He knew that he cannot come closer to you any longer. These bulls represent four ill characters and he sent them to you. We also know that there are humans with these four characters. Only you can bless them!”

“Moreover, I have bestowed all the wisdom that I have as per the instruction of Brahma. Therefore the humans does not have to depend only on me to have knowledge. All they have to do is to pray to you who will stay here in this banks of Koneri, blessing those who come to have darshan of Venkatava, it’s enough. They would get the strengths of buddhi, vairagya, health, gnana everything. You and me are no longer different now, we’re equal.”

“I was roaming here ferociously without any knowledge. To me, Brahma Deva and yourself have bestowed all the knowledge and have made me equal to Venkatava himself. I thank you all. Will Lord Narayana allow me to see him, I wish to…” – said Hayagriva.

“For sure!”

“Though I desire very much to see him, whatever I did a while back makes me feel very hesitant.”

“O Varaha, you are the one with the Amsa of the Lord Almighty. You were roaming here ferociously because of a curse, which is removed through the grace of Venkatava now. Lord Narayana is the embodiment of mercy. He will definitely bless you. Come, I shall take you to him myself.”

“You should stay close to me and bless those who come to see me with devotion and gnana.” – Lord Venkatava embrased Hayagriva, who was immensely pleased.

“You are an avatar of Lord Vishnu as well. Protecting my devotees is like protecting myself. Not only this place if yours, whoever prays to you, you have the authority to bless them with gnana and have a shrine wherever you may like to bless them so. You do not need to take as much as avatars as me. Our enemy now is just the Kali Purusha now. He is very powerful and no one knows what he may do to confuse and manipulate others. As the humans will get deviated by him easily, there are a great amount of disasters waiting to happen here. They should be blocked by me, you, Kalaivani, the Almighty Siddha Agastya.”

“You have taken many a avatars before for the welfare of the earth. If you only think, you can destroy Kali right this moment right?” – asked Hayagriva.

“Saraswathi Devi knows about Kali Purusha well. It is not easy to win him, right Devi?”

“Why? This is known by Varahamithra himself as he was ready to attack you after he was confused by Kali Purusha. This example is enough to show how powerful he is.” – Saraswathi showed a glimpse of sarcasm in highlighting.

“Alright, let us protect the world from the evil Kali Purusha.”

Agastya asked a question humbly, “O Lord, may I know for how long this avatar is going to be?”

“The Kali yuga just started. There are countless incidents about to happen. It may take several hundred years.”


“Through Kali, the earthly people will deviate from dharma. The devotion to the Lord will reduce and all unwanted things will happen on a daily basis. Those who are intelligent will come seeking the blessings of Hayagriva here. When the people suffer and cry out, I will destroy Kali.”

“Then the earth will become that of heaven I reckon.” – said Agastya.

“No!” – said Venkatava, taking everybody by surprise.

~ to be continued…!

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