The GOS 207 – Perumal & Adiyen 7 – Hayagriva gets demystified!

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[From the 228th & 229th post of the Tamil series]

On seeing Hayagriva rushing towards Him, Lord Narayana pulled himself into the Earth. Hayagriva seldom expected this, he fell from the hill top and as he fell, he remembered Saraswathi’s words, “if you need my help, call me by saying, “This is Varaha calling” thrice. I shall come running for help”. He called thus thrice:
“This is Varaha calling, O Saraswathi Devi, please come”. The next second, Saraswathi Devi held him in her arms. He escaped from a great danger.

As he lay down unconsicous, Agastya was fanning with a white fan, Saraswathi looked at Hayagriva with so much of compassion. Kali Purusha was not to be seen there. A few moments passed by. The screech of the birds, the water falls from the nearby Papanasam hill falling in the feet of Boomi Devi whose chillness touched Hayagriva. He opened his eyes slowly.

Saraswathi Devi was seen in the Sthana of Guru, looking compassionately at him, Agastya fanning, Siddhas, Munivars and Raja Rishis chanting in a low voice, Hayagriva saw all these and jumped out. Saraswathi Devi said:

“Hayagriva, do not haste. Sit quiet. You are not in any danger.”

He began to recall everything that happened. Had he listened to Kali Purusha, what could have happened? His respect towards Agastya and Kalaivani grew manifold. He folded his hands towards Saraswathi, thanking her.

“O Mother! Though I have all the strength, I lacked the wisdom. Else, I wouldn’t have listened to Kali Purusha and fell down. I am very thankful to you. Please educate me on the ‘Gnana’, O Mother..” – said Hayagriva.

“O Hayagriva. Everything is happening as per Lord Brahma said. The curse that the munivars had given you has moved. Though you will look like Hayagriva, here in Tirumala, you will be known in the name Varaha Mithra and bless those who visit here to have a darshan of Venkatava.” – said Kalaivani.

“A small query. When will you educate me on the Gnana?”

“Varaha Mithra, right here and right now, in front of Agastya and all the eighteen foremost Siddhas, in the early Brahma Muhurtha time amidst the holy chanting of these birds with the grace of Venkatava Tirumala Vasa, I shall sprinkle the holy Ganga on you and bestow the Gnana. Please accept.” – said Saraswathi. Then she bestowed her wisdom to Hayagriva when all the rishi munis, devas, siddhas and everyone praising.

“Varaha Mithra, from today, all those bhaktas, rishis, siddhas, gnanis, who wants to have the darshan of Venkatava will get your darshan and permission first and then will have the darshan of Venkatava. Those who go directly to Venkatava will not have any merits. This is Lord Srinivasa’s order.”

“Why is this rigidity?” – asked Hayagriva.

“There’s a reason. This place of Koneri is under your rule anyway. Lord Narayana did not ask your permission and took the avatar. Kali Purusha might come here again and confuse you in the future and you may begin your fight to Perumal again right? That’s why this.” – laughed Saraswathi.

“Ha well, with the Gnana I have now, no one can manipulate me.” – said Varaha Mithra aka Hayagriva. While they were discussing these, there heard a thundrous noise. They all turned around only to see those bulls, four of them standing very ferociously. They appeared as if they would crush anyone who may come in front of them. Who sent them? Why are they so angry? It took sometime for those around to realize why. As Saraswathi Devi raised her hands, all four of them stood still as if they were controlled by a spell.

Saraswathi Devi said, “Hayagriva, this is another play of Kali Purusha to kill you. He knew that he cannot come closer to you any longer. These bulls represent four ill characters and he sent them to you. We also know that there are humans with these four characters. Only you can bless them!”

“Moreover, I have bestowed all the wisdom that I have as per the instruction of Brahma. Therefore the humans does not have to depend only on me to have knowledge. All they have to do is to pray to you who will stay here in this banks of Koneri, blessing those who come to have darshan of Venkatava, it’s enough. They would get the strengths of buddhi, vairagya, health, gnana everything. You and me are no longer different now, we’re equal.”

“I was roaming here ferociously without any knowledge. To me, Brahma Deva and yourself have bestowed all the knowledge and have made me equal to Venkatava himself. I thank you all. Will Lord Narayana allow me to see him, I wish to…” – said Hayagriva.

“For sure!”

“Though I desire very much to see him, whatever I did a while back makes me feel very hesitant.”

“O Varaha, you are the one with the Amsa of the Lord Almighty. You were roaming here ferociously because of a curse, which is removed through the grace of Venkatava now. Lord Narayana is the embodiment of mercy. He will definitely bless you. Come, I shall take you to him myself.”

“You should stay close to me and bless those who come to see me with devotion and gnana.” – Lord Venkatava embrased Hayagriva, who was immensely pleased.

“You are an avatar of Lord Vishnu as well. Protecting my devotees is like protecting myself. Not only this place if yours, whoever prays to you, you have the authority to bless them with gnana and have a shrine wherever you may like to bless them so. You do not need to take as much as avatars as me. Our enemy now is just the Kali Purusha now. He is very powerful and no one knows what he may do to confuse and manipulate others. As the humans will get deviated by him easily, there are a great amount of disasters waiting to happen here. They should be blocked by me, you, Kalaivani, the Almighty Siddha Agastya.”

“You have taken many a avatars before for the welfare of the earth. If you only think, you can destroy Kali right this moment right?” – asked Hayagriva.

“Saraswathi Devi knows about Kali Purusha well. It is not easy to win him, right Devi?”

“Why? This is known by Varahamithra himself as he was ready to attack you after he was confused by Kali Purusha. This example is enough to show how powerful he is.” – Saraswathi showed a glimpse of sarcasm in highlighting.

“Alright, let us protect the world from the evil Kali Purusha.”

Agastya asked a question humbly, “O Lord, may I know for how long this avatar is going to be?”

“The Kali yuga just started. There are countless incidents about to happen. It may take several hundred years.”


“Through Kali, the earthly people will deviate from dharma. The devotion to the Lord will reduce and all unwanted things will happen on a daily basis. Those who are intelligent will come seeking the blessings of Hayagriva here. When the people suffer and cry out, I will destroy Kali.”

“Then the earth will become that of heaven I reckon.” – said Agastya.

“No!” – said Venkatava, taking everybody by surprise.

~ to be continued…!

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2 thoughts on “The GOS 207 – Perumal & Adiyen 7 – Hayagriva gets demystified!

  1. Aditya says:

    ||Om Agastheeshaya Namaha||
    May Tandhe Agasthiar bestow Gnaana, Vairagya and unending Bhakti in all.

    Just have a brief doubt over the last few posts.

    Varaha is an avatar of Vishnu, in the form of a Wild Boar. (Bhu Varaha Swami temple at Tirumala, per my knowledge, is Varaha Avataara)

    And Hayagriva in the form of Horse.

    Have a little confusion here. Did Hayagriva the Horse turn to Varaha the boar after Saraswati Devi blessed Him?

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      It is a natural question that rises. We had the same question too but this is narrated by Agastya Muni in the Nadi.

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