The GOS 208 – Perumal & Adiyen 8 – Kali’s Challenge

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[From the 230th & 231st post of the Tamil series]

As Lord Narayana continued, everyone listened with great surprise.

“The avatars of Kali Purusha will become an army of evil forces and will fight with me. That’s when I will take the Kalki Avatar.”

“It means it will take many a years right?” – asked Agastya Muni.

“Well, it can’t be said. Whether I will take the Kalki Avatar or not is completely in the hands of Kali Purusha.”

“How come O Lord, that you took Varaha near you than anyone else?” – Agastya asked humbly. “Also, I desire to know from you, where the other heads of Adi Sesha are seated in this hill?”

“Agastya knows everything but He wants to know from me. This answer is for everyone. Where there is Gnana, there will be Bhakthi. Where there is Bhakthi, there will be mercy, good conduct, all these will dwell. Such place will radiate with divinity. Those who come to Tirumala should not only have Bhakthi, but also Gnana.

Such Gnana should be bestowed by Hayagriva. Hence I made him be seated here as Varaha. The horse is an embodiment of speed, though Cheetah is an example too, it is wild but. One can desire to see a Cheetah but cannot befriend it. But the horse is not so. Hence, as an indication that one should get good knowledge with the speed of horse, I made Hayagriva sit here.

To avoid any disturbance from Kali Purusha, one just needs to surrender to me with just a bit of Bhakthi. I will protect them. Those with Bhakthi and Gnana won’t be affected by anything. So this Tirumala Darshan is for both Bhakthi and Gnana.” – explained Lord Narayana.

“You are going to learn more than what you did…” – continued the Lord.

“In this beautiful place, I have made my spot where Adi Sesha’s head portion is. The body of Adi Sesha is huge and cannot be coiled here. It is spread in the place called Sri Sailam. The place Ahobila where I killed Hiranya Kasipu in my previous Avatar is where Adi Sesha’s tail is. Those who visits Ahobila and prays to Narasimha, those who prays to the Lord of Sri Sailam, I will accept them as the prayers to myself and will protect them. Even those who cannot come to Tirumala can pray from wherever they are, we shall protect them, bless them.”

“…in that case, will my prayers get answered too?” – a voice was heard. Who dares to interrupt when the Almighty Lord is speaking, everyone were shocked.

There stood Kali Purusha!

Venkatava gave a meaningful smile.

“If your prayer is for good, then it will bear the fruits.” – said the Lord.

“What is good, what is bad, let the future decide. Now my prayer is just this, Kali Yuga should flourish. The theism should get destroyed and athiesm should grow.”


“This atheism should spread all across the earth. My rule should remain at least for another ten thousand years. There should be no hindrance for which you need to bless.”

The Lord laughed to himself.

“O Kali Purusha, you could have asked this boon to Brahma himself who created you. Why did you come to me?”

“It’s because you said you will protect and bless those who surrenders you.”

“For sure, but it applies to everyone except you, which you know yourself very well.”

“You are the Lord. That too, you have appeared here only to destroy me. Isn’t it fair for me to protect myself?”

“O that way! In that case, you should have done severe tapasya thinking of either me or Lord Mahadev with a good intention. But you are asking this just like that as a boon?”

“I am not talking about fair and unfair deals here. I have put forth my query to you, that’s all.”

“Kali Purusha, if you do your duties, I shall give you the right results. If not, you will get suitable results. Why come to me?”

“O Venkatanatha! You are not answering my questions. What I asked and what you answer is different. I do not have to mention about my strength. You probably are already aware of it.”

“O I do know very well! In all my 9 past avatars, the asura (demon) who ran in all those I killed were you.”

“You have mistaken me. Though all the past 9 avatars were meant to destroy me as an Asura, you haven’t noticed that this Kali Avatar is the combination of all the 9 asura shakthis. I am not sure if you understand that.” – said Kali.

“So what?” – said Narayana.

“I have got all the 9 asura shakthi. But you aren’t the combination of all the 9 avatars. Even to say further…”

“Go ahead…?”

“This is just a stone avatar. Unlike the 9 other avatars, which had a lot of shakthi, this is not a combination of all those 9 avatars.”

“Kali Purusha. Manipulated by you, Hayagriva tried to fight with me but he is standing here as a Varaha Mithra under my feet. All those whom you will manipulate are going to fall under my feet. Even you, will surrender to me. Why go that far, you are standing here at my mercy now. What else do you want?”

Kali Purusha laughed aloud.

“I was just playing with you all the while. Just see my games now on. I am going to win indeed.” – Kali moved away.

Lord Narayana smiled which stated, “what is there to worry for the One who knows, creates everything?”

~ to be continued…!

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