The GOS 209 – Perumal & Adiyen 9 – Kali Purusha and Narada

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[From the 232nd & 233rd post of the Tamil series]

Narada came rushing to Venkatanath seated in the banks of Koneri river, “I heard that the Kali Purusha came and threatened you?” – he started like he always does.

“Leave it with me and say why you are here.”

“Nothing. Though Adisesha himself has become these seven mountains, I thought it will be appropriate if each of them are named unique. I thought of different names but could not choose any.”

“What did you think, tell me that first.”

“What’s the use in what I thought? What is the guarantee that you are going to fulfilll it?”

“Why? You have only that much of faith in me?”

“Narayana Narayana! Little bit of faith, on you, what is this Swami?” – Narada exclaimed.

“O Narada, do not despair. I just wanted to play with you for some time.”

“I am relieved. I met Bhrigu Muni on my way and he asked if you haven’t started your divine play in the holy hills.”


“I narrated how Hayagriva was manipulated by Kali Purusha and mentioned that the first divine play is Hayagriva’s transformation of Varaha Mithra through Srinivasa’s grace. He was very pleased. Pray, what is your next play?”

“Why ask me? You should ask this to Kali Purusha.” – said the Lord.

“Who is he? Where is he? What is he doing now? I can’t see him?” – Narada had a lot of questions.

“See here. Beneath this mountain near the banks of the river, a Muni is seated on a round rock doing tapasya to me, near the jasmine plant. Just watch in disguise what Kali Purusha is going to do.”

Narada had a thought in his mind if Lord Srinivasa will name one of the hills with his. But here the Lord has asked him to remain in disguise and watch the Muni. He went there nevertheless and started observing. Suddenly, the rock on which the Muni was seated began to submerge in the water. Though the Muni saw that through his Gnana Drishti, he just uttered the name ‘Govinda, Govinda’ but did not move. He wasn’t worried about the rock getting immersed.

The water rose up to his hip, to his chest, now to his neck and lo! now only the matted locks of the Muni was visible, but he did not stop the chanting. The Kali Purusha was astonished. He thought, “I troubled him so much, immersed him in the water, but he still is chanting Govinda’s name. I wanted him to go against Narayana and thereby driving all the rishi-munis out of this place, but this is one adamant fellow!” – Kali Purusha was frustrated.

He made him rise up the water only to find the Muni glowing with divine radiance. Kali Purusha spotted a huge rock nearby and thought if he rolls it down, all the muni and rishis will run away. He acted on it at once. The rock fell down with trembling force towards the Muni. Narada did not expect this and he screamed ‘Narayana!’. Kali Purusha stood there and laughed aloud, looking at the rock which went downwards with great force.

Narada could not know the reasons for a number of things. Why is this Kali troubling such an innocent Muni? Why is Narayana quiet on seeing such a hideous act? But he could not stop himself from seeing such a thing. He stopped the rock with his strength obtained from tapasya. The rock which looked like a small mountain by itself stood in the thin air, immobile. The Kali Purusha was shocked now. He began to search for the one who did such a thing with a great anger.

Narada came out and Kali Purusha thought that it is probably Venkatava’s act to send him to enact this play. Narada thought that this Kali Purusha is ten times more than how he had imagined him.

Kali asked Narada, “Why is this all required for Narada?”

“Why? This is dharma right?”

“I know pretty well what is dharma and adharma. Why are you interfering in my matter?”

“What is your matter? Trying to submerge an innocent Muni? To roll a huge rock on top of him, is that your matter? Then it is my matter to protect the devotees of Venkatava.”

“I am surprised by this act of Narada.”


“Generally, Narada creates confusion and he is pretty good at it. But for the first time, he saves a life. That, is surprising.”

“Agreed. Though I create confusion, have you forgotten that it always ends in something good?”

“What all is going to happen, who knows?”

“O yes, yes! This is your time, Kali-Kala. Whatever hideous things you plan to do, Venkatava is ready to counter attack every move of yours, do not forget.”

“Let it all be. Now I am going to crash that rock on the Muni’s head with my Asura-Shakthi. Try stopping it.”

“No Kali! What did that Munivar do to you?”

“He is always thinking of that Narayana.”

“And what’s wrong in that?”

“No. Because of him, thousands of other Munivars consider him as their lead and are coming here and chanting his name.”

“It is for good then that this place on earth is becoming a Punya-Boomi.”

“No I do not agree. All the chanting is enough. I am the ruler hereafter. Whoever has devotion, I will interrupt them, I will kill them.”

“Is it not a sin?”

“O Narada, whatever I am going to do hereafter will be looked upon by you as a sin. The other munivars should tremble in fear on seeing how I kill this one with the rock. They should forget devotion and should change as rationalists.”

“How rational?”

“Don’t you know? What I meant by rationalists is, they should not worship, they should not go to temples, they should completely forsake what is referred as ‘Dharma, Sashtra, Nyaya, Sathya, and being righteous’ and should behave however they please.”

“This you call being rational?”

“Not just this, I have more plans but I won’t say them all.”

“Why not?”

“You will start spreading my plan to everyone and spoil it.”

“Narayana Narayana. Why should I take all these blame? You can very well tell them to me.”

“O Narada, do you think I would believe you that easy? You are the foremost of Narayana’s devotees. Also, you are acting against me as well. How do I believe you?”

“Kali Purusha, this earth is going to be under your grip for thousands of years to come by, forgetting bhakthi and becoming the embodiment of adharma. I am beginning to realize that it is very difficult for anyone to go against you. I do not know your plans. But the one who knows them and everything else, the Lord Narayana, will he spare you, that is my doubt.” – said Narada.

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