The GOS 213 – Perumal & Adiyen 13 – the second hill, Vrushabadri!

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As Agastya sprinkled the holy water on Vrushabasura, he was surrounded and consumed by Agni, he struggled so much in the fire and what remained there was his ashes. Lord Shiva was looking at it quietly as Agastya Muni was weaving his beard with a smile. Right then, ten Vrushabasuras came out of the ashes! Agastya did not expect this but the Lord knew it, He also knew that the demons might jump at Agastya anytime. Hence He pulled Agastya to His side and thought of Lord Venkatava for a moment.

The Lord Venkatava stopped all the ten demons with His Sudarshana Chakra to prevent any disaster caused by him. Lord Shiva thought that the demon’s end has come and the earth will be saved. The demons jumped from earth to sky with the only intention of crushing Agastya Muni. The demons were happy that they were not harmed by Lord Shiva and that Lord Venkatava came in front of them Himself, they roared out of happiness. They threw the rocks and mountains, uprooted the trees and made the place like a battlefield.

The wild animals ran for their lives. Agastya has never seen such a site, but Lord Mahadeva was quietly witnessing all these. Lord Venkatava stopped their every wild actions. Now the anger of all the ten demons fell on Venkatava and so they began to attack him. There ensued a fierce battle and just as a snake shows it ferociousness many times before it bows its head down, the demons became very tired at the end where Lord Venkatava used His Sudarsana Chakra. All ten fell down and within seconds, the nine others disappeared. The one Vrushabasura in his last breath, bowed to Lord Vishnu.

“What do you want?” – asked Madhava.

“I pray to hold on to your holy feet at all times.”

“I shall give you Moksha right here.”

“No need Prabo! I would like your darshan every single time…for that…”

“Yes, say it”

“The Tirumala Venkata Hills that is becoming very famous now, I need a separate place. The devotees who come to have your darshan should step on my back and proceed. Please grant me this boon.”

“You are very different in all aspects. You prayed to Lord Shiva to get more powers, troubled the earth and deva loka for a long time. Now you are asking for Moksha to me.”

“You have granted Moksha to many a demons O Lord! I am desperate to join in that list.”

“You could have obtained the Moksha through devotion as well? Why didn’t you take that path? You were about to attack the son of Lord Shiva, Agastya the dearest!”

“It was the order of Kali Purusha, my Lord!”

“Where is he? If only I can subdue him, that should be enough!” – roared Agastya Muni.

“Have patience O Agastya! Kali has only began his actions. I know what all he is about to do. I pity the humans in Earth.” – said Lord Narayana and looked mercifully at the demon Vrushabasura who was struggling for life.

“I shall grant you Moksha to you who danced to the tunes of Kali Purusha.”

“No Lord! I would still like to have your darshan and to fight with you all the time.”

“What do you mean?”

“Please name one of the seven hills of Tirumala with my name. Till the end of Kali Yuga, every devotee who comes to have your darshan should say my name and come.”

“That’s all right? The second head of Adi Sesha hereafter will be called as Vrushaba. Enough?”

“What else do I want Swami? I will help those who come to have your darshan by having them step on my back. This is enough for me.” – Vrushabasura touched the holy feet of Lord Narayana and breathed his last.

Lord Shiva was pleased at the mercy of Lord Vishnu. Agastya Muni bowed to Lord Vishnu who looked at Lord Shiva and said with a laugh…

“O Three Eyed One! You have been so merciful as always and granted him the boon and thereby pulled me here. Now I ended up doing your aspect of work (destruction). Please grant me a boon that no one should think that ‘Vishnu will also do Samhara (the destruction)”

Lord Shiva replied, “How could I? Who knows what else will Kali do?” – smiled the Lord meaningfully.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Ribhuv

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