The GOS 214 – Perumal & Adiyen 14 – The plan of Kali

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Kali was disappointed with the way his plans were devastated. He began to think deeply about a strategy through which he can establish himself strongly. He chose a mountain in the southern side of Tirumala, went deep in a jungle and began to think. The incidents of Varahamithra, how his plan was defeated in killing that Munivar, in case of Vrushabasura – all came to his mind.

His objective was to create chaos, make people deviate from the dharmic way of life, to make them fight with each other and finally, the total destruction of dharma and establishing adharma. He realized that as long as the women’s thought process of freedom can be disturbed, he could turn around the situation to his favor. If the women start thinking that freedom is ‘doing whatever and whenever they please, to think of chastity and being truthful to their spouses is an act of suppression, and doing the very things that the shastras calls derogatory in an expression of they being free, Kali’s job will be easily done as the women are the powerful species who can make or break the humans.

Though it is not a big task to uproot a tree, making a hole or infect it with deadly insects is a simpler route as the tree will fall by iteslf then. Kali knew that he cannot go to direct combat with the Lord Almighty, but the humans are mere mortals and it made more sense to infect them to achieve his objectives. He thought he should get closer to them and know their weaknesses and manipulate it.

If their thought process is disturbed, they naturally will deviate from being devoted. He liked the concept of the jungle bees who put a hole in such a big tree. While he was thinking all these, there flew a number of ‘Garuda’s, united yet independent, majestic. He was frustrated at that sight for some reasons. Then he devised a plan to meet Garuda, the personal vehicle of Lord Vishnu and to corrupt him. If this is done successfully, thought Kali – his work is half done in winning Vishnu.

He went directly to Garuda’s house in disguise. Garuda’s wife enquired who he was and where he is from. He said he was a guest and that he does not have a shelter of his own or a family.

Garuda’s wife said, “While your appearance is of an old man, the way you talk has some evil motives!”

“O! If my words have hurt you, I apologize..”

“You haven’t done any crime or anything. But I felt within that your speech does not reflect the wisdom of a Gnani or the humbleness of a guest. May I know the reason why you came here?”

“You are the wife of Garuda himself, who is the personal vehicle of Lord Vishnu.”


“Lord Narayana protects everybody. But your husband protects Lord Narayana himself.”

“What are you bloughing?”

“It will indeed sound like bloughing now. You will know the truth in it eventually.”

“Old man, you are a guest.”


“My task here is done after I gave you food, some clothes and a few grains.”

“It is true”

“But you are interfering in unnecessary things. You are talking ill of my husband and the Lord who protects everybody. These are not good qualities of an Athithi (guest)”

“O Lady. I pledge in the name of my creator Brahma, I did not come with any evil intentions you mentioned. You know everything. But in spite of it…” – paused Kali.

“What are you saying?”

“It is a practise to welcome an Athithi, wash his feet, offer him fruits and vegetables and show hospitality right?”

“Who said no?”

“You said everything about Athithi in your words, but you haven’t shown any of those in action.”

Garuda’s wife began to laugh.

“Why are you laughing?” – asked Kali.

“I somehow felt in my mind that you are not an Athithi. Your actions were confirming it too. Hence I did not give you the respect and hospitality that is normally given to guests. But since you have mentioned yourself, I have to show you some hospitality. Please come in.”

Kali went inside the house of Garuda, the mightiest bird who is considered to be equal to Indra in the bird kingdom. Garuda’s wife did not notice that along with Kali, Shaneeshwara entered her house by residing in Kali’s feet. Her mind however felt that a large dark form entered her house majestically. She also felt that Dhairya Lakshmi telling her ‘We have surrendered to Lord Narayana himself. The Lord of Tirumala will be with me and I do not have to fear anything.”

Kali ate food at Garuda’s house. To show the respect and hospitality, Garuda’s wife fell at his feet for Ashirwad. Kali said:

“O noble one! Let all the auspiciousness happen to you. I however would feel guilty if I don’t say what I felt. If you permit, I shall say.”

“You are an aged guest. You are like my father in age. You aren’t going to say anything ill minded, are you? You can say what you want to say without fear”

“Where is Garuda? He is not to be seen?”

“Why, will you say it only when he is here?”

“No no! I have to tell this only to you. Do you know where your husband is now? He is enjoying himself in the private chambers of Indra Loka with the Yuvarani (princess) there. How will you know it?”

Garuda’s wife felt the last few words like a cut from a sharp sword.

~ to be continued…!

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