The GOS 215 – Perumal & Adiyen 15 – Kali’s plan makes progress

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Garuda’s wife though shocked initially, her intuition said that it may not be true. But Garuda himself had mentioned to her sometime back thus:

“The Kali Yuga has started. Who know what all will happen?”

Her mind was clouded: has the Garuda who said the above words himself went wrong? The person who has come here as a guest does not seem like an ordinary one. He is able to tell what is happening right in Indra Loka. Either he must be a dweller of Indra Loka itself or he must be a Siddha disguised himself as an old man. Had he mentioned a lie, it is sure that Garuda’s sharp nails will tear him in to pieces but what if he says the truth?

“O Mother!” – called the old guest.


“I am not the person who will think evil of the place where I have taken food. If what I said is a lie, then let my life be crushed under your foot’s nail.”

“O Sire, I do not know you before. But my intuition told me that something is going to happen the moment you stepped in my house.”

“It is true indeed right?”

“You did not behave like a guest. Your actions and words were different. You mentioned something about Lord Venkatava who protects and sustains us all.”

“What did I say?”

“The Lord who protects the entire universe has taken the form of Venkatava. He is served by my husband. He loves the Lord immensely. Such a Lord, can’t He protect himself. You said it is my husband who protects Lord Narayana. How can that be fair?” – Garuda’s wife spoke all these in a single breath. That unshakable belief and devotion shook Kali for a second but he said, “You have misunderstood me. I just said what I heard. It is up to you to accept or not.”

“You came here as a guest. How do you know what is happening in Indra Loka? Such things are possible only to the Munivars who have renounced everything, the Lord Almighty himself and the dwellers of Deva Loka. Who are you in that case?” – Garuda’s wife stressed on this question a bit harshly.

“O Mother! I cannot argue with you, neither do I want to. I wouldn’t think evil of the place where I consumed food.”

“Then why did you speak ill of my husband?”

“One, to ensure that your marital life is healthy. Second, to not to let Garuda get insulted in Indra Loka. That’s all.”

“Many thanks for your well wishing.” – Garuda’s wife bid farewell to the ‘guest’.

“O Mother! Let every auspiciousness be yours. Just a thing. What this guest said is not a lie. When Garuda comes back, his forehead will have Sendhuram. Ask him how it came and watch him struggle to answer. Then you shall know that I said the truth.” – Kali left the place in a hurry. Garuda’s wife was wondering who that person was and why didn’t he reveal himself. Kali was waiting to see what is going to happen next while Garuda was coming back home.

Kali was imagining that the couple would argue much and take this problem to Venkatava who will dismiss Garuda from serving him. No one will ‘apply’ to that post which Garuda had. Lord Venkatava would suffer without Garuda as well. – Kali’s imagination soared. The poison he had injected in Garuda’s wife started affecting Garuda as well. She stood right in the entrance which she never did, puzzling Garuda big time. She asked him angrily: “Tell me the truth. Where are you coming from?”

“Why? From Indra Loka” – calmly replied the mighty bird.

“No. Say that you are coming from the private chambers of Indra Loka properly.”


“What business do you have there?”

“What question is this? I had the darshan of the Lord, did all the service to him and sent him to the private chambers. Today is the day of one of His Avatara day. It took a while to decorate Him. That’s all.”

“The fragrance of ‘javvadhu’ is a little high in your body. Why?”

“What happened to you today? Why are you questioning me like this? We all applied the javvadhu to the Lord and it must have sprinkled on me as well. What is there to get surprised in this?” – Garuda replied casually.

“Is it fair to tell a lie to myself? You have been having fun with the Yuvarani in the private chambers of Indra Loka all the while, haven’t you enjoyed the ‘javvadhu’ that she applied?”

Garuda was shocked at this accusaion right from her lady who is considered to be an example of a perfect woman. But he being intelligent, he began to think the cause of her behavior. Who spoiled her mind? If I answer all her questions, she might grow even suspicious.

“Why silence? Is the truth burning? You should never go to Indra Loka hereafter.” – said Garuda’s wife.

“Are you talking with your senses?”

“Yes, very clearly. You should not go there.”

“Then Lord Venkatava’s service?”

“I don’t care! He can take care of himself. If you are not there, someone else will come. But you should never leave this place.”

Something strange has happened indeed. She would not speak thus otherwise, who has immense devotion and faith in the Lord. Who has confused her? Let us mention this to the Lord himself. He will sought a way out of this problem. As he was stopped in the entrance itself, he turned back to go to the Lord. She came forward and blocked his way, “Where are you going?”

“You were sane but have changed now. I don’t feel quite well. I want to meet Lord Venkatava in Tirumala. Let me go.” – Garuda replied angrily.

“You should not go there either, you shouldn’t leave this place.”

“What? I shouldn’t have darshan of the Lord? There is nothing left for me other than His service. You do not have the rights to stop me from doing so either. More so, I don’t need you hereafter in the first place.” – Garuda went his way.

Kali was witnessing this happily awaiting the next turn of events.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Rudrasena Foundation

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