The GOS 226 – Perumal & Adiyen 27 – The Lord clarifies Anjana

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When Anjana woke up, she wanted to believe all that she saw was a dream. Hence she did not speak to anyone about it. Her husband thought that she fell down because of tiredness. He comforted her and they set forth to Tirumala. They reached Garudathri, named after Garuda and made a tent to stay. The natural surrounding took their attention completely for they haven’t seen such a beauty before.

A gentle breeze, the flowers that spread fragrance in all directions. Krishna-Thulasi, the plant whose leaves are used for Venkatava. Waterfalls appearing like a silver line, constantly falling down with a steady pace, huge trees as if holding an umbrella against the heat. The murmuring of bees, animals such as deer and rabbits with white peacock, grass that look fresh green on top of which dew appearing like pearls. The clouds up there in the sky coming down to bow down to Tirumala and touch it.

The couple thought that they should just stay here for the rest of their lives, even if they are not blessed with a child. Such a natural, serene environment with Tirumala on top, a small hut to live. What else does one need, they both thought. The Lord blessed the couple who came up thinking of Him, surrendering to Him.

The couple should be doing severe penance for one and a half years. They should consume one fruit given by the Lord for a day. She will become pregnant only after one and a half years. The couple readily accepted these conditions. They even tied a holy thread with a resolve and to pray that the penance should succeed without any obstacles. Then on a Chathurthi day on a growing moon, during Ashwini star on a Shubha Horai, they began their penance after obtaining the blessings of Guru Bhagawan. Lord Venkatava Himself gave them both a pommegranate fruit before they started. The couple’s joy knew no bounds, thinking that the Lord Himself has given them the fruit.

Anjana was completely determined in her penance. But Kesari, her husband wasn’t. It might be said that he did not make use of the multiple opportunities given. One and a half years passed somehow. Anjana completed her penance and looked at her husband. She saw Kesari hunting the rabbits, she felt very sad. She resented that he had not followed the Lord’s instructions.

Kesari replied aloud, “Vigils and penance are for ladies. Not for brave men like me who killed a wild elephant all alone.”

“What happened to you? You were so supportive and were talking so softly till yesterday. Shouldn’t we get our child only for which we came here? Why are you acting different?” – pleaded Anjana.

“You are a crazy woman. You are going to give birth to a child. Why should I suffer?”

Anjana cried within thinking deeply. Is this Kali’s play again? Has he changed my husband’s mind? Is the Lord aware of this? Why is He keeping silent? What sort of a test is this? She kept thinking while a voice was heard only to her:

“Anjana! Do not worry. Your wish will be fulfilled. The son who will born to you is not ordinary. He will be praised by all three worlds. Your husband is not interested in a family life now. He is neither interested in chanting divine names. There is a reason for these, I shall explain to you later.

You felt unconscious on seeing a vision remember? What you saw will happen. The child born to you and Kesari will be given as adoption to Vayu by Kesari himself. This is as per law, fate. None can change it. By being Kesari’s son, this boy cannot do all those miracles. He has to fly and do things which are even hard to imagine. Vayu’s help will be assisting here. This son will be called as ‘Anjana’s Putra’ in all three worlds.

Don’t persuade Kesari. He will give you a son and will do to Himalayas to perform tapasya. He then will be called as Kesari Siddha. The son born to you will protect you, be with you always.” – the voice said.

Anjana could not understand what was happening. Should she feel happy about the son who will born to her or should she go along with Kesari to perform tapasya after their son is adopted to Vayu?”

Venkatava appeared before Anjana while she was thinking these. She fell at His feet.

“What do you want Anjana?”

“O Lord who gives everything that is asked for! I need a son and I also wish my husband stay with me. Please bless me for both.”


“We should chant your divine name by staying here in this holy place till the rest of our lives and reach your holy feet.”


“I wish to bear your holy feet with both my hands all the time. Bless me please with these.”

“Let it all be. Where is your husband?”

“He was right here. But Lord, you are the all knower. Can’t you find him?”

“Anjana, see there! He was hunting rabbits a while back. Now he is in deep meditation.”

“That’s good. Let him continue doing meditation.”

“No Anjana, he spoke rationalism a while back.”


“He said it is your fate to give birth to a child.”


“I asked him to do tapasya here. But he didn’t.”


“Seeing all these, what do you think?”

“I think he is mentally unstable.”

“Perfectly said. Not just in this birth, your husband Kesari was a bit insane in his previous birth as well.”

“O Lord. He killed a wild elephant all alone with just a spear. Isn’t it bravery? My father was impressed by that act and got me married to him.”

“It is true as well.”

“Then what about my future O Kesava!”

“Do not worry. I will take care of your son and yourself. Kesari will go to Himalayas after giving you a son. You will follow your husband after some time.”

“My son?”

“Vayu will adopt him as his own. I will have an eye on him too. Are you happy?”

“O Lord, but You haven’t answered to my wishes earlier?”

“Time will answer them.” – replied the Lord. Anjana thought she might fall down unconscious again.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Ghumakkar. There is an interesting article in the link about the birth place of Hanuman.

There is a valid question posted by Pruthviraj on the time of birth of Hanuman, which happens during Treta Yuga where Kali’s presence is not yet started. How come then Kali tries to interfere in this? Pretty valid indeed. While we try to get the answer from the original post’s author, we can only say that it is a narration of what is told by Agastya Muni. Stay tuned, as always 🙂

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