The GOS 228- Perumal & Adiyen 29 – Naming of Anjanadhri!

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Though Kesari was happy that the Lord himself named their son as Hanuman, he did not like the idea of adopting their son to Vayu completely. He lamented about this to Anjana. She said that the Lord will take care of everything and that she was not convinced about the adoption either.

“You could have spoken to Lord Venkatava and got the child back, but somehow you kept silent. We went through a number of ordeals and are in a situation where we lost our child.”

“O Kesari, my beloved! It wasn’t just me who kept quiet. We both were speechless before the Lord. Even you could have tried getting our child back, but we couldn’t.”

“Anjana, can we speak to the Lord once again to get our child back?”

“O Lord. Hanuman is our child. He will be raised by us. Vayu will visit him often to bestow the knowledge and power as agreed. Why are you worrying? It won’t be nice to go back to Lord Narayana again with such a query.”

Kesari could not speak further. It was saddening for Anjana to see Kesari struggling not able to be without the child. Anjana tried consoling him with a thought that the Lord wanted to show them that nothing is permanent in this world. The next day, she went to have the darshan of the Lord alone as Kesari was not willing to join. The Lord asked Anjana affectionately:

“Is there any confusion? Why didn’t Kesari come along?”

“He would. He doesn’t feel well.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s all about our child O Lord.”

“He doesn’t want to give his child for adoption right?”

“Yes. He nodded before you at first but he is not able to bear that thought. He hasn’t slept the whole night.”

“Then let me call Vayu. We shall discuss it straight through.”

“O Lord. Please do not test us any further. Let things happen as per your divine will.”

“O Anjana. Your mind has reached the state of maturity. No one will be ready to give a newborn child as an adoption. You have a divinity within you, hence you were able to accept what I suggested. But Kesari may not have reached that state.”

“I shall manage him. He doesn’t want to stay here in Tirumala any longer. He wants to leave right away. Please allow us.”

“Very well then. But there is going to be a big yagna and Namakarana in this Tirumala. Then you can return to your kingdom with Hanuman.”

“Your wish is my command. But it is difficult to persuade Kesari.”

“Let me take care of him. But you haven’t asked why this Namakarana and Yagna for?” – the Lord smiled.

“You did severe tapasya in this place. Hence this place will be called after you and will remain even if there is Pralaya happening in the Earth.”

“In my name?”

“Yes. This place where you lived will henceforth be called as Anjanadhri.”

“I am pleased my Lord.”

“There is a question though.”

“If I name this place after you, will Kesari have any objection? Can you check with him?”

“What play is this O Kesava. Why wouldn’t he agree when You say so?”

“Nevertheless, you and Kesari are different. You came forward for the adoption but he didn’t. Now if this naming is going to be after yours, how can he accept his name be left out?”

“He hasn’t done anything against my will my Lord.”

“But he feels otherwise in case of Hanuman.”

“Your play is known only to you. Why do you want to separate us?” – Anjana asked amidst tears.

“No, it isn’t me. Your husband wants to do so.”

“No my Lord. It is true that he was concerned about this adoption. But he wouldn’t go against your words or my wish.”

“Anjana. Go back and see if Kesari is there. Bring him if he is around.” – Anjana left the place at once for she knew that the Lord wouldn’t say so if something hadn’t happened. Just as she feared, Kesari was not to be found and Hanuman was missing too! She searched everywhere but no avail. She went back to the Lord with tears.

“Anjana, did Kesari agree to have this hill named after you?”

“Swami, please do not test me any further. Please let me join my husband and child.” – she began to cry.

“While we were talking, Kesari took Hanuman and went downhill. He is now nearing the banks of Koneri. Tell me now, am I the one who separated you both?”

Kesari was not willing to give the child for adoption. So he took Hanuman in the early hours of morning and came down. When he reached the banks of Koneri, he found that the river was flooding. He must cross the river but there is no boat or anything available around. He cannot take the horse in this raging flood plus Hanuman must be protected. He did not want to go back to Tirumala either. He was in a dilemma now for it wasn’t sure when the flood will come down or should he go back to TIrumala.

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