The GOS 230 – Perumal & Adiyen 31 – Vali’s Proposal

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When Hanuman was playing in Tirumala, the king of Kishkinta, Vali came to Tirumala. He made arrangements for a penance to get the darshan of Lord Venkatava. After a severe penance for several years, Venkatava appeared before Vali and asked him why he was doing such a severe penance.

“I had to ask you for a favor my Lord.”

“What is it?”

“I saw a small child flying towards the sky some years back. I began to collect all information about him and knew that he is under your protection.”

“Oh Hanuman! He is not under my protection. He has parents.”

“You are the mother and father of all beings. Hence I wanted to get your darshan.”

“What else do you want as you have got my darshan?”

“I want to see Hanuman.”


“If you approve, I want to take him and his parents to Kishkintha and have them with me.”

“You should be asking this to his parents. Why are you asking me?”

“My Lord. Hanuman will come with me only if you allow.”

“I don’t have any control over Hanuman. Ask this to the Anjana couple. If they agree to your proposal, I am happy too. But why are you asking about Hanuman in particular?”

“O Sire, aren’t you aware? It is well written in the palm leaves of Siddhas and Maharishis such as Vashishta!”

“Oh you are asking this based on them. Why would I be an hindrance if its ordained? Go and ask the couple yourself.”

When Vali came to the ashram, Anjana was very surprised. But Kesari was doubtful about his intention since there were a huge amount of Vanara army with Vali. He guessed that it was to do with Hanuman that this mighty king of Vanaras has come all the way here. As he was a king himself, he welcomed Vali as he would do for another king. Vali inquired about Hanuman as Kesari rightly guessed.

Kesari called upon Hanuman and introduced him to Vali. He asked to do Namaskara for Vali. Hanuman did not do so for some reasons. He was restless and was running here and there without listening to Kesari, upsetting him. He became angry as well as he felt insulted before an emperor. Vali persuaded him saying he is just a kid and would become alright as he grows.

“May I know why your mighty being has honored this poor man’s hut?” – Kesari asked humbly.

“I saw the prowess of your son in the sky a while back. I really liked him. If you allow, if you wish too, I would like to take Hanuman to Kishkinta. Hence I came here myself.”

Anjana was shocked hearing this.

Kesari did not expect this too. It was because of Hanuman that he left his kingdom and is staying here at Tirumala. If Hanuman is sent to Kishkinta, how can he be peaceful?

“What are you thinking O King! Hanuman is not just your son. He is a close friend of Kishkintapuri. It will be very beneficial for the world if he is taken there. I will raise him as a prince myself.”

“O King of Kishkinta! I know about you very well. Hanuman will be blessed greatly if he grows up in Kishkinta, no doubt. But…” – said Anjana.

“What is the problem then?”

“Tirumala’s Lord should approve of this first. Then Kesari should agree. Then..”

“..then its your approval?”

“It is not mine. But Hanuman should like Kishkintapuri.”

“He is just a boy right? My servants in the palace will take good care of him. I spoke to the Lord already, He doesn’t have any objection. I am not sure what King Kesari would say..” – said Vali.

“O King. I won’t speak what is not in my heart. I do not wish to send Hanuman to Kishkintapuri.” – said the straightforward Kesari.

“This wouldn’t be a problem if you both agree to live with Hanuman at Kishkintapuri.” – said Vali.

Kesari became thoughtful. “I am a king of a smaller province. I cannot stay in another palace for more than three days as per the rules. I cannot stay in the palace for long.”

“Let us then ask the Lord Venkatava himself.” – said Anjana.

“Would you agree to whatever the Lord says?” – asked Vali.

Kesari expressed his consent. They all proceeded to the Lord. While on their way, Hanuman was running in front of everyone where he peeped in to the right side of the mountain and fell down in a huge valley next to it. That was a place where survival is next to impossible for those who falls down. But when they saw, Hanuman was hanging in the mid air.

~ to be continued…!

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