The GOS 231 – Perumal & Adiyen 32 – Hanuman to Kishkinta

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Everyone felt very surprised on seeing Hanuman hanging in mid air. Even his father Kesari was taken aback by surprise. Vali was surprised too, but he wanted to bring back Hanuman at the earliest. Then..

“Why are you all worried? Hanuman has taken birth to do a number of miraculous things. I showed this only to affirm that I have the responsibility to guide him and to protect him.” – Vayu was carrying him in both hands. Vali was angry at seeing this.

“O Vayudeva! We are going to meet Venkatava to decide something very important about Hanuman. It is not fair for you to play with Hanuman at this crucial hour. Still, it would be nice if you give back the property of Kishkinta back to us. Enough of your playtime.” – though Vali was folding his hands, he said that with a ferocious tone.

Vayudeva laughed at this.

“Why are you laughing Vayu?” – Kesari asked humbly. He somehow felt Vayu as his brother and he did not get angry at all.

“Kesari, don’t you think it is fair to consult me before handing over Hanuman to Kishkinta? I am at the stage of his step-father. Why did you all forget me?” – Vayu was very sad when asking this.

“I don’t think it is necessary. Isn’t it enough to get the parents who gave birth to the kid??”

“Vali! You are talking without knowing respect. Kesari-Anjana has already given Hanuman as an adoption. You do not know this. Else, you wouldn’t talk like this immaturely.” – Vayu replied.

“Probably, but better than you and me, the one who creates, sustains the universe, Lord Venkatava is whom we were about to meet for an auspicious thing, how is it fair to interfere in our way? The conversation must happen in the presence of the Lord Almighty.” – said Vali swiftly.

“You should have asked me straight up. I would have welcomed you with both arms. But instead, you play with Hanuman like a ball.” – Kesari opened his mouth for the first time. Vayu realized that it is the presence of the mighty Vali that makes Kesari speaks like this. He handed over Hanuman to them. They all proceeded to meet Venkatava, stood before Him with great respect and devotion and prayed. The Lord looked at everyone, blessed them and asked Anjana what’s the matter.

Anjana explained everything that happened and said, “The decision is yours My Lord.” He listened to it completely as if He comes to know of all these for the first time and smiled beautifully.

“Kesari, where does a river start?”

“In the mountain.”

“Where does it end its journey?”

“In the ocean”

“Isnt’t it fair that the river reaches where it is supposed to reach?”

“Yes indeed.”

“Does the mountain desire to keep the river with itself, just because it is born at the mountain?”

“No it shouldn’t.”

“Perfectly said Kesari. Now you must have got the answer.”

“I understood my Lord. But the river that flows is different than my son Hanuman.”

“Kesari, your eyes are covered with the attachment towards your child. You don’t understand about nature either. Hanuman is your son. He is the foster son of Vayu. But it is destined that he should be in Kishkinta.”

“You too my Lord? Why should Hanuman go to Kishkinta when he can live peacefully and blissfully in Tirumala?”

“Is this what you say Kesari?”

“Yes, even I wanted to make my son Hanuman the future king of my province. I don’t have anybody else other than Hanuman either. But I obeyed your orders.”

“Was that a mistake Kesari?”

“Not at all my Lord. You are the protector of the world who knows everything. Let Hanuman go to Kishkinta, but let it happen after some time. I myself will take him there.”

“What’s the difference between taking him a little later and now? Here stands Vali, you know nothing about him. He is capable of withstanding all three worlds by himself. If Hanuman is with him, it is very beneficial for Hanuman. Do not spoil it.”

“I will take care of him even if he is in Kishkinta. But…” – said Vayu.

“Am I not worthy of getting the respect which is given to a monkey from Kishkinta? Even if Vali himself has asked, isn’t it right Kesari asking me for the sake of it? How is it fair that he thinks that Hanuman is all his?” – asked Vayu.

“Do not get angry Vayu. Such negative talks rise when there is anger and attachment. Forget it. Did you think it was right to push Hanuman and to hold him in mid air yourself. You scared everyone there. Was that fair?”

Vayu remained silent and so did everyone around.

“Let Vali take Hanuman to Kishkinta on an auspicious day. Let Anjana and Kesari accompany Hanuman. Vayu can visit there frequently, train him on various things.” – then the Lord looked at Vali and said:

“Do not hasten. Take Hanuman as you wished. Let his parents come along and do not stop them whenever they wish. They won’t stay in Kishkinta for long. The final phase of their lives will be spent in Kishkinta.” – said the Lord.

Kesari was postponing the Yagna as much as possible as he did not want to send Hanuman to Kishkinta. Vali became furious and rolled his tail, smashing those trees which stood for thousands of years to ground. Kesari was shocked at this. If he can smash such mighty trees with his tail, what sort of a power will he possess? He realized Vali’s prowess and said:

“It was the love for Hanuman that I lost my balance, I dared to postpone this event even after the Lord commanding me to do so. Let me make arrangements for the yagna right away.” – he folded his hands.
Vali was convinced only then. In a few moments, arrangements were made with invitation to Lord Brahma, Narada and so on for sending Hanuman to Kishkinta. Anjana was relieved that she could visit there to see Hanuman whenever she wants to, in spite of feeling the heaviness in separation.

But she was worried about Hanuman’s adamant nature and Vali’s short temper if things would work between them. But she surrendered completely to the holy feet of the Lord and was relieved. When the ritual was proceeding, an old Maharishi came and went straight up to Vali:

“Vali Mahraj”

Vayu who was looking fondly at Hanuman looked around. There stood the Maharishi.

“Do you realize that there is a small error in this ritual. Can the Lord Venkatava allow this?”

“I don’t understand what you mean.”

“Who is Hanuman?”

“The son of Anjana-Kesari, my foster-son.”

“Rightly so. Then you and your wife should sit in this yagna and give Hanuman as an adoption to Kishkinta? You and Hanuman are related anyway..” – said the Rishi.

“My and my wife didn’t think of this at all. But it is all the same now. I am not going to make this a big issue.” – Vayu turned around.

“Vayu, do you know? The moment when someone gives an adoption with Agni as the witness, then all the rights for that child is for the person who receives him. When Anjana and Kesari are giving Hanuman as an adoption to Kishkita, your right as a foster father goes away.”

“What are you saying?”

“No one can call Hanuman as Vayu Putra hereafter but he would be known as Kishkintapuri Putra. Think about it.”

“I don’t get it?”

“With Venkatava as the witness, Anjana and Kesari gave Hanuman as adoption to you. Now Kesari is scared of Vali and he is giving away Hanuman to him. This is where you and Venkatava are making a mistake. When they gave Hanuman as an adoption to you, then you have all the rights. Not them.

Vayu thought for a moment and said, “I did mention this to the Lord. But he didn’t say anything.”

“Vayu, don’t mistake me. He is the source of this play. That’s all I can say.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“You and your wife should conduct this yagna and hand over Hanuman to Kishkinta.”

“Then Hanuman will become like my foster-son.” – said Vayu.

“Yes, but give him as an adoption temporarily. Do not give him away forever. Go now and stop this yagna.”

“You seem to know all these in detail. But you never said who you are.”

“Don’t worry about me, just think of me as your well-wisher. Don’t waste time and don’t lose your rights.”

Though Vayu was worried and confused, he took the Maharishi’s words as a divine ordaince. Right at that time, Venkatava walked in. On seeing the Lord, Vayu went back to his seat. Right then the important part of the yagna of giving adoption started. The Lord looked around and asked: “Where is Vayu?”

Vayu stood in front of the Lord.

“You are supposed to be here in the center and blessing Hanuman. Should you hide like this? Take this akshadhai, bless Hanuman.”

Vayu was surprised. He began to speak and the Lord said: “I know. An old Maharishi must have spoken to you right? Did he also say that you should stop the yagna and clarified you of your rights?”


“Well, it was me who tested your state of mind. Just look around, you won’t find the Maharishi. Look closely at me and you’d find him in me.”

Thus, the Lord carried out the play of giving away Hanuman to Kishkinta.

~ to be continued…!

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