The GOS 232 – Perumal & Adiyen 33 – Kali tries to confuse Varaha Murthy

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Right after Hanuman went with Vali to Kishkinta, the Anjana couple could not bear his separation. They wanted to go to Kishkinta immediately. But they kept their patience level intact due to the presence of the all powerful Lord. Kali Purusha was hiding and witnessing all these and went to Varaha Murthy who was seated in the western side and prostrated before him.

He opened his eyes after a long time. Kali stood before him humbly with folded hands. He said:

“I am prostrating to the Lord Varaha.”

“What’s the matter Kali?”

“I request your blessings and grace.”

“Fair enough.”

“There is nothing you do not know. But it woulnd’t be nice if you remain patience.”

“Kali, speak to me directly. Why are you beating around the bush?”

“I am blessed my Lord. Please do not get angry at me. I am sure you are aware of the happenings in Tirumala.”


“This is but your holy shrine.”


“Since Venkatava pleaded, You have given a shelter to him.”

“He did not plead. I gave it myself whole heartily.”

“This is where you are cheated.”


“In such a huge place as Tirumala, you are seated in a small place as that of a cow’s shelter. If seated, one cannot get up. If one gets up, they can’t be seated. One cannot stretch their legs and hands and lie down.”


“But Venkatava has forsaken you and has encroached all the seven hills, the beautiful waterfalls, the gardens and all around. You never objected.”

“What if I have?”

“Venkatava cannot have the complete authority. You also would have got a big mountain, beautiful garden etc.,”

“Kali! What happened to you, suddenly you have so much of concern for me?”

“O Lord. I think you have mistaken me. I always have tremendous love and respect for you.” – Kali prostrated again.

“Well, are you looking for a space for yourself in Tirumala for which you speak all these?”

“If I had such a desire my Lord, I would have asked You well before Venkatava himself. Now there is no chance for all these.”

“How are you saying so?”

“I advised Garuda but he stares at me as if he would pierce me with his beak. I then tried advising Adisesha who is blowing poisonous air unto me after having listened to all that I explained. Venkatava on top acts like he has taken the avatar only to destroy me.”

“Why do you create such an enmity towards all of these?”

“I think it is my bad time, that’s all I can say. You have given all the seven hills to Venkatava right?”

“Even beyond the Seven Hills.”

“You should get at least two mountains from him now.”


“For you. You have been the sole owner of all these places. This tiny place is not sufficient for you. Hence you should get back at least two of the mountains and enjoy it. I would like to have the darshan of that. That’s all is my wish.”

Varahamithra did think about what Kali said. Right at that time, Booma Devi appeared. Kali folded his hands in showing respect.

“Let there be auspiciousness.” – blessed Boomi Devi.

“O Mother Boomi! I think I did some great merits. Else, how would I get a blessing from you on auspiciousness?”

“Kali, it is the first thing that Varaha Swamy says too. It was the first Upadesha He gave me.”

“It is true Mother. But Varaha Swamy did not say this but you did, and blessed me. I am very happy.”

Varaha Swamy smiled within seeing this.

“Kali, what’s going on within your mind?”

“This mountain was Hayagreeva’s. Then you took over. This mountain should therefore be called as Varaha Murthy Mountain. You gave this to Venkatava. Now everyone calls this as Venkata Mountain or Thiruvenkata Malai. The name of this mountain should be changed to Varaha Murthy mountain. Then you should get back at least two mountains. That is why I came here.”

Boomi Devi listened to Kali’s words with patience. She felt he makes sense.

“Swamy, what Kali says makes sense. Can we call upon Venkatava and have this discussed through?”

“Devi, did you think this through?”

“What’s wrong in this Swamy?”

“ this comes from Kali.”


“He has come with this request all of a sudden.”

“What has he to gain here. He is just concerned about you.”

“No one does anything without a gain, including Kali, right?” – Varaha Swamy looked at Kali.

“Swamy, if you are well, I will be too.”

“Then there’s a gain.”

“Let us just call Venkatava and discuss this through instead of futile talks.” – said Booma Devi with frustration, unlike her very polite nature. Varaha Swamy was taken aback. Kali has begun his play, even she fell in his trap, He felt.

When Venkatava got the request to meet Varaha Swamy, He knew that Kali is out to play. Even Varaha Swamy knew Kali’s intention. But he began to play along for teaching a lesson to Booma Devi.

“I hear you called me upon?” – said Venkatava who was welcomed by Varaha Swamy.

“Nothing. You had asked me to stay here in this mountain for some time. I agreed. But I hear you are staying here forever. Is this true?”

“Yes. There is a lot to be done for the people at Earth. Kali is making trouble for all walks of lives. I intend to stay here to take care of him for a little longer.

“This is indeed a great news but this mountain is mine. It is being renamed as Venkata Malai after yours. This should be Varaha Murthy Malai in all fair means.” – said Booma Devi.

“That’s all right. I shall have this name changed right away. That’s all right?”

“Venkatava! I know you very well. I don’t have any desire for name of places. Probably Booma Devi has got such thoughts.” – Varaha Swamy winked.

“Those who are born in Earth will have such a desire and it is natural. It is no surprise to see such a desire on the one who is named Boomi Devi herself.” – smiled Venkatava.

Boomi Devi reacted…”Kali explained all these and I felt he makes sense. What is wrong in it?”

“O Boomi Devi, have patience. Do you want this mountain to be named as Varaha Murthy Mountain?”

“I want both”

“Fair enough. You may have it right away. But do not blame me for all the after-effects.”

“No I won’t. You should leave this mountain at once and this place should not be called as Tirumala. This should forever be called as Varaha Malai” – just as she mentioned this, a huge thunder hit and it began to rain profusely as if it will flood Tirumala to its whole. Venkatava saw this and sat down in Tapasya.

“Venkata, can’t you stop this thunderstorm?”

“No Varaha.”


“This is your mountain now. You have to take responsibility and ask Varuna Deva.”

“How can that be possible when this is called Tirumala.”

“You wanted it to be named after you just a while back.”

“It wasn’t me but Boomi Devi who wanted it.”

“Then let Boomi Devi pray to Varuna to have this stopped.”

“But this rain is flowing only this side. Your side is not stagnant with water or even a single drop of rain is yet to touch you.”

“I think you should ask Varuna.” – the Lord said sarcastically.

Varaha called Boomi Devi.

“Let me ask you a question. Who will the grand-father’s property go to?”

“It goes to the grand-children without a doubt.”

“It has happened just so here, right?”


“If Venkatava is my grandson, this mountain should go to him only right? Just so I gave this to him. Why do you want to take it back?”

“Please pray to Varuna to have this stopped and hand ovfr the mountain to Varuna.”

“I am very happy.” – said Mahalakshmi. Right after she said so, the rain stopped. Varaha explained to Boomi Devi on how she reacted like any other normal human being, and hence Varuna came to the rescue.

“I realize it. But if those who come here go straight to Venkatava, how will one ever know that it was yours before? What is Venkatava going to do about it?”

“That’s all right? Those who come and have my darshan straight ahead will have only 1/4th of the merits. But if one taks holy dip in the Pushkarini, have yours and Booma Devi’s darshan and then come to me, each of them will get 100% merit.

Those who worship Boomi Devi sametha Varaha Murthy here, they will get every sowbhagya. Their debts will disappear. There won’t be any distraction in education. They will get fame. They will be healthy. This wordly people will get all such merits. This is Venkatava’s promise. Is this enough?” – asked Venkatava. The couple felt very happy. As they walked out, Kali stayed hidden. When the Lord went his way, he stood before Varaha and Boomi Devi.

She looked at him and thought that he was about to spoil her relationship with Varaha. She breathed heavily which turned out as a flame and started chasing Kali. The couple laughed aloud on seeing Kali being chased out thus.

~ to be continued…!


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