The Grace Of Siddha 241 – Perumal & Adiyen 41 – The conclusion

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Om Sree Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

You might be surprised that the episodes of Perumal & Adiyen came to an rather surprising halt. Why the Agastya Muni came in Jeeva Nadi and narrated it, why was it stopped were shared by Shri Karthikeyan (the composer of the original Tamil series of The Grace of Siddha) are being given here. Please try to understand these from their original standpoint.

The wish of everyone to be happy is the fundamental reason for which Dharma is established in this Earth. The Siddhas’ thought flow is just the same, implemented for they do not have any expectation. They don’t wish anything for themselves. How much ever one is distracted or deviated in this Kali Yuga, how much ever mistakes they may have done, the Siddhas pray to the Almighty for these people’s forgiveness and with the Lord’s permission, they started the “Nadi” and wrote down every possible things about this world in palm leaves. They also created the method of answers appearing as letters for specific questions asked, then and there. This type of Nadi is called Jeeva Nadi for Jeeva means ‘the alive one or life’. All the Siddhas have Jeeva Nadi for themselves. Those humans who are held responsible for keeping these Nadis with them explain the remedial measures mentioned by the Siddha for a specific problem and help them. Such examples are numerous in this Earth.

The karmic effects accumulated by actions done even in their previous births can be easily spotted by the Siddhas for they know all three phases of time (past, present and future). It is not that easy for someone to possess such a Jeeva Nadi. It is rare to have darshan of a divine soul. How rare it is to be in a constant touch with one of the greatest of divine souls! To obtain such a person as friend is great indeed, for one does not need anything else in this world then. How if such a person is placed in the seat of a Guru? All these but require divine grace, also the guidance of Siddha.

The thought of sharing those good things which were shared by such a friend, to all those who are earnestly searching for ‘answers’ in the Siddha Marga resulted in the blog “Sitthan Arul”. Even the title was given by Guru Agastya.

We never expressed our friendship to others. We had an amazing clarity in it. He was rightful to call me ‘Dei’ (a means of calling another friend, younger ones in Tamil). But even such a thing may cause others to look at me differently he thought and gave utmost respect to me when speaking. This grew the respect I have for him. Also, I had realized many a times that though he is a separate individual, Agastya Maha Muni was speaking through him and being with him in Aruba form. It is the truth as well. He never thought of getting any fame for himself, never. Everyone praise the Siddhas, is what he says always. He had the firm belief that his very life is to live the way the Maha Muni wants. He never cares about the next minute for he believed that Agastya Muni will take care of it.

I listened to him and changed my life for good. The changes he brought in me made me treat him as my guru. He is my Manaseeka Guru (to consider oneself as a guru within one’s mind, though not explicitly mentioned or expressed, like how Ekalaiva considered Drona as his guru). During one of the conversations he said, “I never care for this body. Therefore whatever happens, no one should worry. Agastya will take care of everything.”

I realized that something is happening, something is about to happen and said, “Why this word, at this time?”

Then he opened up like a reservoir and said many a things from which I could understand many a things. Everything happens through the divine will. Our job is to reduce the Vasanas (desires accumulated over births!) as much as possible, I realized. He handed over a script through one of his relatives. When asked, he said: “Let it be with you. You may get the auspiciousness of serving Agastya Muni. I shall pray as well. To nullify your karma, to reduce the Vasanas in it, is possible for Agastya Muni. Keep it safe and use it.”

I gave a lengthy thought and kept it with myself. One of them were the episodes of Perumal & Adiyen. But it was not completed. I asked: “What will I do with this which is not completed yet?”

“Hmm…wrong question. You should have asked – why is this paused here? When will Agastya Muni give the remaining ones.”

“True indeed. Why did all the information Agastya mentioned stopped suddenly?”

“It’s been 6 months since I got the order. He ordered His name should not be used, which was used everywhere. He said it should be forgotten and asked me to stay away from everyone and everything.”

Though I was shocked on hearing His order, I asked politely. “Please explain if you can.”

“Agastya Muni was explaining the situation on how the Seven Holy Hills were named. Five of them have been explained and I was waiting for the reason for the Sixth. It was my job to take a copy on what Agastya Muni says in the Nadi every day. I was waiting that day as well but just how He appears in Nadi after me praying, He did not come. Something happened or was happening, hence He did not come I thought, and placed the Nadi in the holy feet of Sri Rama in my Pooja Room and came out.”

“Three days passed by. Agastya never made me feel uncertain like this before. I even began to think what mistake I had made, none came to my mind. I didn’t know what to do and I meditate upon Himself. Normally, if He does not say anything, I won’t dare to ask why. As He remained silent, even the slightest of my courage dissolved. It was a Thursday, Guruvar, so I had faith that Guru Agastya will definitely appear and I waited. He came and spoke, I felt very happy.

Agastya Perumane! For three days I am waiting for you. Please forgive me if I had done any mistake. Please narrate the reason for the naming of the other two holy hills too.”

The answer which came shocked me, very much.

“As We said before, stay away from everyone and everything. You have to forget your name. You must forget your face. The Lord has stopped explaining the naming ceremonies of His holy hills. When I asked the reason, He asked me to go and pray to the Lord of Mount Kailash why. I went straight to Mount Kailash and hence could not speak to you for three days.”

I was confused, but He knows everything, so I remained silent. He continued..

“I stood before the Three Eyed Lord Almighty in Kailash. It was blissful. He asked the reason for my visit. I said that it is a Punya to come and have His darshan in Kailash Mountain. He then asked me to come straight to the point. I said:

“I was narrating how the Holy Hills at Tirumala were named after Lord Narayana’s orders. But He asked me to stop and when I humbly inquired why, He asked me to check with The Three Eyed Lord, You O Mahadeva. Hence I came here. Pray, please guide me.”

“The time for Agastya’s son who reads Nadi is about to end. The time for his return is coming closer. So the Lord of Seven Hills took His orders back. Certain things happen only as per it’s fate.”

“A request O Lord. For the humankind to walk in the path of Dharma, there are quite a few things to do, as You know. Hence I chose this son. I earnestly request to extend this son’s life by another ten years.”

“Lord Shiva replied: “No Agastya! I don’t have any intention to change his fate. He has to come back. You may go. The time will help you in your mission.” – I requested Him many a times but His decision did not change.

“All these are happening as per the Lord’s divine will. Am I even affected by the love of son, I thought and I came back from Kailash Mountain. This may disturb you as a human, may have its effect. Just abandon every attachment. At the right moment, We shall appear and take you back.” – and the Maha Muni remained silent.”

All these shattered me like thunder, but I gained some sense and asked.

“Ok but when..? In how many days? How? When? Did the Maha Muni mention?” – I asked nervously.

He smiled, “What? You are an ordinary person? Will He say such a time? It is the Almighty’s will. Just stay calm. Keep what is given to you safe. You will get the sowbhagya (blessing) of serving Agastya Muni. Hold on to it tightly and climb up and reach there. See you later, bye.” – Agastya’s son bid farewell to me.

I was silently watching Him walking back slowly. It was the last time I saw him, met him.

The days ran. There were many changes in his body. After a few days, in spite of all the medications given in the hospital, His Atma left His physical body.

I was shocked. I did not speak to anyone for a week’s time, did nothing. Even the day to day activities were stopped. I did not have the slightest will to do anything. I sat in front of Agastya’s picture and kept staring at it. I felt it was a great loss, like how something is uprooted totally. I felt whoever they are going around me, did not realize who they were, even someone speaking was heard.

“It is certain for those who has taken the human birth. Come out of this. Many such things will happen. Just accept them as the God’s will and do what is assigned to you as a duty.” – someone came closer to my ears and whispered these, I heard this very clearly within my head when I was seated in meditation with my head down, eyes closed. I opened my eyes and looked to my right. As if a fierce power in the form of air came and said this and went away. Who was it, was it my Friend? Was it Agastya? Was it a Siddha? I would not know.

After a brief silence I began to think again and decided that ‘Someone is with us. Let us do what is instructed.’ and tried coming back to normalcy. It took a few days to come out of the grief however. On a morning during meditation, something urged and so I kept this request thinking of Agastya Muni.

“My Friend has shared many a things with me. I want Your permission to have it broadcasted to the people of this world. I only ask this so the name of my Friend and Agastya be known. It will be an opportunity for me to have served You and my Friend. All the fame I may get, I offer to you. If there are any mistakes, please forgive them as mine. I humbly expect Your permission.” – I kept this request and went out to take care of other things.

It was evening when I came back. I felt I should take bath and sit for meditation. I did so and within five minutes I heard…

“My blessings are with you”

I closed my eyes and wanted to see who said this. There stood Agastya Muni with His right hand raised up in a blessing form. I was so immersed in bliss that I stood and fell at His direction. He said: “Let auspiciousness be.”

I requested, “O Lord, please guide me and give it a suitable name yourself.”

It was Him who named the series, “Siththan Arul” – then to make everyone understand its subtlety, the present administrator changed the series to “Agastya Muni’s Siththan Arul”

This is why the narration of naming of the Holy Hills stopped with the Fifth. When it was asked in the Sathsang of Shri Ganesan in Bangalore where Agastya answered the generic questioins as to “When He will narrate the incidents of the other two hills”, He said: “When the right time comes, when the Lord permits, We ourselves shall say about it. Have patience till then.”

When He narrates them, we don’t know who will be blessed to receive them, then record them as per His orders, we won’t know who that blessed soul will be. But one wish is, the people of this world should get to hear them.

Let us wait for His orders and the right time.

Through the Grace of Siddha, this series grow and there were quite a few who helped as well with each of them taking part in one or another way. I thank them sincerely. I thank Shri Saravanan who drew all the beautiful images for Siththan Arul. I shall convey Agastya’s blessings to him as well. The current administrator and Saravanan had made a combined effort in the image for this series. Just as how Sri Rama Pattabisheka happens, they thought why not Venkatava has such a Rajya Darbar and drew this. I shall say that it has come out very well and let me bid farewell from you all, once for all. I shall bless you all shall be blessed by the Almighty and Guru Agastya! Vanakkam!

~ Karthikeyan

Om Lopamudra Sametha Sri Agatheesaya Namo Namaha

The GOS 239 – Perumal & Adiyen 40 – Venkatava clarifies Agastya

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


The sight of Vedic scholars not able to conduct the Shanthi Homa and the laughing of Kali made Agastya Muni angry. He went straight to Venkatava not withstanding the adharma dominating dharma. Agastya asked why Venkatava is quiet on Kali’s atrocities. The Lord smiled. Agastya Muni insisted that Kali should be driven away at once to stop the adharma taking over. Venkatava said:

“O Agastya, why are you getting so angry? You are the embodiment of patience many levels than myself. What happened today?” – this made Agastya cool down and the Lord spoke:

“Agastya, Kali is just doing his duty, for why he was created by Brahma Deva. I wouldn’t interfere in what he does.”

“O Lord! Are You saying this? Why am I having to listen such a word from you?”

“Why so restlessness Agastya?” – when the Lord said this, Garuda came and understood the gist of the conversation just by looking at Agastya. He resolved within to grab hold of Kali if the Lord permits.

“Agastya, you have misunderstood what I said. It is because of Kali that the world is coming to an end. The people are going to get astrayed followed by the Pralaya. There is no point in getting angry at Kali.”

“Then why did he get chased out by you many times?” – Agastya asked humbly.

“I demonstrated the fact, whoever surrenders to me totally, I will protect them.”

“Then what about those villagers desperately trying to do the Shanthi Homa but are not able to. Why aren’t You protecting them?”

“I abide by the rules myself, I have a line of control which I choose not to cross.”

“Line of control? For You? Lord I don’t seem to understand.”

“It is as per the papa-punya of the people who is praying. Those priests, though are devoted to me, are swindling the wealth of others. This is one of the pancha-maha-pathakas (five great sins). Hence their acts of good also gets polluted. Hence I am remaining silent.”

“Is this the line of control?”

“Yes. It is due to their merits and demerits that controls them from getting saved.”

Agastya mentioned the fact of every one of the human doing some or the other kind of sins directly or indirectly. The Lord clarified that those who has done the smallest amount of sins, even they must surrender to the Lord for Him to save them. Agastya then said that it is very advantageous for Kali. Due to His merciful nature, Agastya requested the Lord to let the villagers conduct the Shanthi Homa and said He would proceed to have it conducted if the Lord permits.

The Lord said that he would interfere when Kali’s atrocities goes beyond control. Though Agastya felt sorry for the people, He was convinced that whatever the Lord does will be for good and he returned. While Kali was blocking the Homa in the village, he had a doubt. Why is Venkatava not trying to block him from all the atrocities? If He decides to do so, what actions is he going to take? The more he thought about it, he became clear that he should surrender and seek the help of Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras. If he helps, then he will get the support of all the asuras through which he would carry out what he wanted easily. He then went straight to Shukracharya. He knew Kali would come but did not display it outwardly.

When Kali requested him for help, the asura guru gave him his consent and support. He said that the asuras will join hands with Kali and continue stopping people from performing spiritual practices, daily dharmic rituals etc. He said that the asuras will help in such a way that the temples will be controlled by adharmic people (we are not hinting anything against the TamilNadu Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department) where the nithya poojas will be blocked. The wealth of temples will be swindled. Temples will be demolished.

Shukra guru also said that the idols of some temples will be stolen and melted. Kali was happy that he will happily carry his life’s mission. The moment Shukra Guru ordered, the asuras thrashed on the earth, stopping yagnas and homas from happening, cows were slaughtered, atrocities spread out like wildfire. Kali was so pleased on Shukra’s promises, but he had the same doubt, what if…? He asked this to the guru. Shukra began to laugh on hearing Kali’s doubts.

He clarified Kali that Venkatava will help only those who surrender to Him, by visiting Tirumala. He cited the example of how Kali was able to stop the Shanthi Homa where Venkatava did not help. Kali was convinced with this answer. But he had another doubt which he began to think. Shukra Guru read his mind and asked him what is bothering him. Kali mentioned about the fact that the women are more devotional when compared to men and if their support is not there, nothing is practically possible.

Shukra Guru agreed that it is difficult to get them in control. Then how is Kali’s rule possible, he worried. He wanted to know the reason for why they cannot get the women in complete control. Shukra said:

“The women are the embodiment of Shakthi. They are being protected by the divine feminine trinity force Parvathi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. The blood that runs in their body is devotion itself. This devotion is what is protecting the world. Till the Pralaya happens, it is women’s bhakthi which will protect the world.”

“Then is it impossible to reach our goal?”

“There is a plan, not so easy one. But let one Amavasya go. My asuras will stop the growth of spirituality in the Earth. Join hands with them and come back after Amavasya. I shall explain.”

A village called Pooncholai where Lord Shiva and Parvathi were blessing the world by dwelling in one of the temples. There was a Narasimha Swamy temple nearby too. The asuras reached here in disguise of Sanyasins and started talking evil about the holy parents. The Sanyasin appearance of the Asuras made the villagers keep quiet and listen to all they have to say.

Another group of asuras witnessed the women entering the temple to do maa-vilaku (a lamp made out of flour). They made all the lamps go off and scared the ladies around. They ran here and there. The asuras then pretented to have raped the ladies around and disappeared. The other set of asuras who are in disguise ran to the temple with the villagers pretending to help.

The next day, they started spreading falsified information that: “Had there been a God here, such a thing would have never happened. Hence there is no need to do any worship for there is no Shiva or Parvathi or Narasimha. Let people not get deviated. We will show the way of rationalists. Had we not come here yesterday, the villagers would not have been saved.”

While they were trying to convince the people against worship, a lamp from the Narasimha temple floated and came straight towards the asuras in disguise who were preaching ‘rationalism’. They ran away on seeing a lamp coming towards them. While the villagers were wondering what was happening, there was a voice that heard:

“These are asuras who came to stop the spiritual growth. Do not believe them.” – this was heard thrice. While they were wondering at all these, Venkatava’s divine idol appeared right where the lamp was seen. The people were so pleasantly surprised.

[Dear readers, thus far the episodes of Agastya mentioning about the divine activities of Lord Narayana and Himself in The Grace of Siddha comes to an end with this. The author had requested Late Hanumath Dasan, who read these narrations right from Agastya Muni through the Jeeva Nadi to request the Maha Muni for the reasons. Stay tuned for the explanation..]


The GOS 238 – Perumal & Adiyen 39 – Kali tries again

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Kali’s atrocities increased and people with some sanity sought the help of wise men and rishis. The Rishis found what happened through their Gnana Drishti and asked, “Is it wise to lose mind after listening to him?”

“It is possible for a change to happen and only Venkatava at Tirumala can do it. Go to Tirumala and meditate upon Him.” The people then called upon the others to go to Tirumala. But many of them did not pay heed. They started mocking these wise men with their pseudo-rationalist view.

“If He is the lord of protection, let him come here and make it rain. Why should we go to Tirumala?” and
“If he is the Lord of Tirumala, then he is the lord only for Tirumala, not for us. This is nature’s state. This will change tomorrow for which why should we go all the way to Tirumala”

These wise men could only shut their ears and say ‘Narayana!’ They decided to proceed to Tirumala with the like minded people, walking. They went on singing praises on the Lord. Kali saw this and thought that Venkatava might take a Vishwaroopa and destroy him if these people go and request Him. He wanted to stop them from going to Tirumala.

If their health is spoiled, they would’nt be able to go there. He liked the idea and began working on it. The devotees started feeling feverish and heavy stomach pain. He felt happy on seeing them suffer. But his idea of making them turn back failed. They did not lose their resolve, chanted the Lord’s name in spite of their bodily tortures and proceeded towards the Holy Hill.

Narada saw these and went straight to the Lord explaining everything. Though the Lord was not pleased at Narada’s initial conversation with Kali, He knew that all acts of Narada will end only in merits. So He listened to all that Narada has to say and forgave him.

He had a merciful thought on those people, why should they come all the way here when they are suffering. What if I do what they need without them having come here? He conveyed the message to Narada likewise. Narada thought that if he conveys this message straight to the people, they wouldn’t believe him and Kali will come to know of this as well. So he disguised himself as an old man and conveyed the Lord’s message.


The devotees did not listen to Narada. They explained about the rishi-muni’s advise to visit Tirumala and mentioned that they will visit Tirumala for sure. Narada could not convince them further. He prayed to the Lord explaining the dilemma that they would think it is Kali’s work even if the Lord himself appears before them. The Lord said:

“Let them come here. We have instructed Varuna Deva to have abundant of rainfall at their place in two days of their time. The famine will disappear, the diseases will go away. The temples will have 6 times pooja. They won’t run short of meals. The dead cattle will gain their lives back. Every household will ring the bells of Pooja.

The people who spoke pseudo-rationalism will involve themselves in true spirituality more than before. In a nutshell, whoever surreders to me will be blessed.”

Narada was immensely pleased. He then appeared before the people in his true form. They could not believe their eyes to see Narada Muni, they prostrated at his feet. When Narada explained the conversation he had with Lord Venkatava, they felt very blessed and they returned to their place. When Narada sent them happily and before he could say the usual chanting ‘Narayana’, Kali stood before him with his face shining with anger. Narada himself got scared seeing his anger.

“Narada!” screamed Kali. There cannot be more hideous sin than betrayal” – he shouted. Narada stood silent.

“Do whatever you want, Venkatava won’t come in your way – all that you said and went all the way up to Tirumala and mentioned everything to him causing so much of embarrassment for me.” – Kali smashed the earth and Narada laughed aloud. This made him even angrier. “Why are you laughing after all these?” – he asked.

“They say that the angry man loses his mind. I am just seeing an example. How can I stop laughing?”

“What are you saying?”

“I told you that the future belongs to you. But you haven’t trusted me. I think I cannot convince you.”

“I think I don’t understand a thing!” – Kali was still angry.

“How can you understand for the anger is blindfolding you?”

“O Narada Muni, please forgive me and guide me, please.”

“You won’t understand whatever I tell you now. Just continue what you do and don’t worry about Venkatava. The people on Earth should be transformed. Create riots based on religion. Divide them based on language. Wherever they are united, go there and divide them.”

“But Venkatava comes running to stop all these right?”

“How many times can He come? He can’t, if you run like a forest-fire and spread anamoly all over. You will win.”

“What will I do if He comes following me, like how He asked Varuna to rain in this place?”

“It is true in this case, but as the passage of ants dissolves even the rock, you should keep up with your efforts. Then He may leave you alone.”

“How is that possible?”

“Due to your efforts, the people will lose faith in spirituality. They would stop visiting temples. If they don’t visit temples, it is hard for them to focus on spirituality. If the Garba Gruha of the temple doesn’t get lit, the focussed divine-energy there will reduce. Then you can win.”

“Is this all possible?”

“Your birth is for this very reason right? Do you know, in the future many temples won’t have the 6-kala pooja. Even the priests will carry out their duties with impurities. The wealth of the temples will be stolen. The poison you will spread will affect the temples first. There will be a time where the idols will be stolen and sold.”

“I feel happy indeed. But I often get a doubt about Tirumalaivasa’s acts making me think if this is all possible.”

Narada laughed again. “Kali, I cannot convince you. Do one thing. The ladies are more devoted than the men in general. If you can change their minds, you will win easily. Then you will know if what I say is true or not. I cannot show you how to do all these, you will have to figure it out.”

Kali began to think. There was another soul which laughed within on this conversation. It was none other than Agastya Muni. He wondered, how is Narada able to convince even those who got angry at them, not getting affected by their anger and even manipulating them.

Right at this time, the village saw rain clouds gathering and a heavy rain ensued. The villagers became very happy thanking the Lord’s blessings. Those who spoke ill of devotion were being driven out of the village. Kali felt sad seeing all these. He took them all to a nearby village. He then made them behave like they were possessed with some supreme power and they began to say everything negative. The people there believed that it is indeed the Gods who speaks, resulting in they fighting among themselves. No one listened to anyone.

The women were raped in front of many. Every household lost its happiness. Some of the villagers united to perform a Shanthi-Homa in their village. Kali was very pleased, he said:

“Such things will continue to happen all over the Earth hereafter. No Gods can help you. There won’t be any effects of your Homa. The temples will burn. No idols will be present.”

The people were shocked at this but they wanted to do the Homa in Brahma Muhurtha itself. When they gathered around early in the morning, meat pieces continued to fall in the place of Homa. They were shocked while Kali warning them that those who try to perform the Homa will not be able to speak. Three of them ventured bravely to lit the Homa fire and Kali poured water in to the Homa Kunda quenching the fire. Kali laughed aloud..

~ to be continued…!

Image courtesy: Inner World Revealed

The GOS 237 – Perumal & Adiyen 38 – Narada & Kali

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


The answer that Venkatava gave Narada does not include all the deva rahasya but the all knowing Lord knows very well about Narada. The way in which he stressed on certain things is because He knows Narada would say something here, something else there and confuse people. If he knows everything, then Kali would know of too. Hence the Lord did not convey everything.

Narada was curious as always. He wanted to convey all that he heard from the Lord to Kali Purusha to know what his next action would be. Narada became restless. He went straight to Kali. He was strolling in a deep jungle, deep in thoughts, far away from Tirumala as he realized that he cannot do anything when the Lord is protecting. There was a small village near the jungle where he was showing his ‘skills’ to the people.

“Do not believe in God. It is a lie. You are God. Do not trust in Vedas or its morals. Vedas are fraudulent. Those who chant them are cheats. Do not believe them! There is vast difference in what they chant and how they live behind the screens. Manu Neethi is a lie. They make their livelihood by praising it. They are full of lust. They don’t have any morality. If you think what I say is a lie, just follow these so called ‘big people’ and see their lives. You shall know.” – this was Kali’s preaching. The people started believing in his words slowly. He was happy that his preachings were spreading in the nearby town too.

He wanted to destroy the devotion in the people’s heart. They should be stopped from going to temples. He should work on separating the families. He should create diseases and make them incurable. (If this sounds like the plan of missionaries executed in India, don’t be baffled as they did exactly the same).

When he was thinking how he should execute his plan, Narada came. Kali felt very pleased on seeing him, but since he could not predict how Narada will change the next second, he planned his move carefully.

“Kali, how are you?”

“If I am well, why would I be roaming in this jungle alone?” – Kali asked Narada with a sad face.

“But what I hear around seems different. I hear everyone praising you?”

“If it is true, I am indeed happy.”

“I went to Tirumala yesterday, met Venkatava.”

“What is he saying?”

“He said that he cannot do anything against you as the sins seems to be in the rise.”

“O Narada Muni! Can I believe in what you are saying?”

“Kali! Aren’t you? I came running to see you only after hearing this.” – Narada bowed his head down and raised his eyes looking at Kali. “The sins are in the rise. I cannot stop anything. Let it happen as Kali wishes. – this is what Venkatava told me many a times.”

“If He had said this, it is indeed my victory after a long time. I am believing this only because you have come here all the way to say so. But I have a doubt.”


“Brahmadeva created me. He wanted me to convert the Bhuloka People to Kaliyuga People. I am just following his orders. Venkatava appeared to stop my atrocities. Why isn’t he appearing here to stop me?”

“Fair question. He won’t come here. He will protect only those who visit Tirumala or those who surrender to Him. But he won’t be following you wherever you go, He said.”

“Is this what He said or is this something you are building up?”

“Oh you aren’t believing me…what is my problem. Let you and Venkatava deal this.”

“O no no! I totally believe in Narada Muni. Can you please tell me the reason for your visit here?”

“Venkatava is very tired now. He is not acting like before. Hence you can get on with your preaching against morality, devotion and good conduct among people. He won’t be able to stop you.”

“I am blessed indeed.” – Kali was very pleased.

“But the people are not completely changed. They are still flocking to Venkatava. This must be stopped.”


“You should preach that there is no God, that anyone can marry anyone. God cannot do anything. It is natural to rain and shine. There is no relation for God in these natural phenomenon. Spread such things. The people will start believing in you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. It is me who always chant Narayana, who say this. Do what I say”

“Can I believe this? Won’t Tirumalavasa interrupt me?”


Kali jumped out of joy and promised Narada that he will start acting immediately. Narada was immensely pleased that his mission had succeeded. The preaching of Kali started working. It did not rain, agriculture failed and famine hit the country. In spite of their prayers, nothing happened and hence people started losing faith in divinity.

The GOS 236 – Perumal & Adiyen 37 – Venkata (Vem + Kata) – to cross the sins

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We saw about the holy theertha that gets mixed in to the Pushkarani at Tirumala. We could go on writing about the glory of Tirumala. We have only seen the history of five hills out of seven. Venkatadhri, Seshadhri – once we see the glory of these two, we can then witness the rare incidents and greatness of Padmavathi Thayar (Mother Padmavathi).

The term Venkata if split comes as Vem + Kata where Vem means sin or papa and kata means to cross. Everyone ends up committing papa knowingly or unknowingly. When these get accumulated, they have their effects as disease or accidents and take a toll on one’s mind. These papa does not go away after taking holy dip in the sacred rivers. They disappear only when one totally surrenders to the almighty.

Today, if we say that the one place which makes every kind of sin disappear is Tiruvenkata Malai, its not a surprise. People committing hideous sins have surrendered to the Lord totally and transformed themselves. We already saw that it is the grace of Lord Almighty that He took the avatar of Venkatava between the 9th avatar and the 10th – Kalki, only to ward of the sins of people and show them the path to realization.

A question rises here. If Venkatava takes the burden of the sins from all the people, how does He remain unaffected? What does He do? Narada Maharishi asked the Lord about this once directly.

“The people on Earth commit more sins than the asuras themselves. Would you not stop them?”

“Why did Narada get such a thought?”

“I am witnessing your mercy Lord. You are forgiving anyone who comes to you and take the burden of their sins on to you. I asked only to avoid this burden being taken by you…”

“You have forgotten something Narada. It is the act of Kali. It will be fierce and fast. It is next to impossible to not to commit any sin in the Earth.”

“If Kali is subdued, the people will not end up doing sins right?”

“Good idea, but this is Kali-Yuga. He has to dominate, how then will the Pralaya happen?”


“Yes. Once his dominance increases, people will forget dharma. Atrocities will increase, sins will. The women will lose their morality. Murders will happen. Every family will face challenges. Diseases will play havoc. The water in the Earth will get dried up. Nature won’t do its duty.”

“Will you witness all these here?”

“Narada, you are tensed even when I am saying what will happen hereafter. You won’t bear if I continue. But one thing, if one surrenders to me in spite of all these, I will protect them, provide them shelter. Not for everyone.”

“Blessed I am and those Prabhu. But there are lakhs of such people who come to Tirumala everyday. You are bestowing them blessings, punya by taking all the sins in to you right?”


“Then what are you doing to those sins?”

“It is a deva rahasya. This hill is called Venkata Malai.”


“That is, the hill which dissolves sin.”


“When people climb up the hill with total devotion and completely surrendering to myself, I look at them from the Kali Gopura. When my glance falls on them, all their sins gets dissolved in the air, under the mountain. Those who cross the Kali Gopura with devotion, Garuda and Sesha will help them dissolve their sins as well.”


“Sesha and Garuda will continue to do this till the time of Pralaya. It is not a difficult job for them but they’re very happy to do this.”

“I am very pleased and blessed to know that those who come here to Tirumala get the blessings of yours and their sins washed off. Please continue to enlighten me Swami”

“Even if some sin is left over after crossing Sesha and Garuda, they get cleansed when they take a dip in Pushkarani. Even if some sin is left over, they disappear totally when they have the darshan of my Gopura Kalasa. Fair enough?” – the Lord smiled.

Narada prostrated before the Lord.

“Wonderful narration on what happens in Tirumala. But there are some whose sins are still present after your darshan. Why is this?”

“It simply means that their devotion is not up to the mark for this hill Venkatadhri will ward off any sin they may have committed.”

“Then does it mean they don’t have any salvation?”

“For sure there is. But they have to have complete surrender and pure devotion. They should stay uphill for three days, come and do anga-pradakshina in the morning and do pradakshina of Venkata Malai, that is, the temple where I am. They should have deep devotion in their heart and should pray earnestly.

There are Parivara Devatha, Varaha Murthy, Siddhas around. Above all is Agastya Muni who is the foremost of all Siddhas. They roam around here in aruba form. What else is needed?”

“O Swami, may I ask another question if you would not mind?”

“Of course not”

“What about those who cannot come over all the way to Tirumala?”

“The count of people who cannot come to Tirumala is higher than those who come here. How can I forsake them? Never. Whoever they may be, however they may be, whatever difficulties or obstacles they may have, I will provide them salvation based on their level of Bhakthi.”

“You are the source of Mercy! There is no worries for the people here in Earth. But…”

“But what?”

“You have taken many avatars to establish Dharma. Why are you letting this Kali Purusha dominate everything?”

“Have patience. Why are you hastening?” – the Lord smiled. Narada Muni could not understand the meaning. He kept looking at the Lord.