The GOS 237 – Perumal & Adiyen 38 – Narada & Kali

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The answer that Venkatava gave Narada does not include all the deva rahasya but the all knowing Lord knows very well about Narada. The way in which he stressed on certain things is because He knows Narada would say something here, something else there and confuse people. If he knows everything, then Kali would know of too. Hence the Lord did not convey everything.

Narada was curious as always. He wanted to convey all that he heard from the Lord to Kali Purusha to know what his next action would be. Narada became restless. He went straight to Kali. He was strolling in a deep jungle, deep in thoughts, far away from Tirumala as he realized that he cannot do anything when the Lord is protecting. There was a small village near the jungle where he was showing his ‘skills’ to the people.

“Do not believe in God. It is a lie. You are God. Do not trust in Vedas or its morals. Vedas are fraudulent. Those who chant them are cheats. Do not believe them! There is vast difference in what they chant and how they live behind the screens. Manu Neethi is a lie. They make their livelihood by praising it. They are full of lust. They don’t have any morality. If you think what I say is a lie, just follow these so called ‘big people’ and see their lives. You shall know.” – this was Kali’s preaching. The people started believing in his words slowly. He was happy that his preachings were spreading in the nearby town too.

He wanted to destroy the devotion in the people’s heart. They should be stopped from going to temples. He should work on separating the families. He should create diseases and make them incurable. (If this sounds like the plan of missionaries executed in India, don’t be baffled as they did exactly the same).

When he was thinking how he should execute his plan, Narada came. Kali felt very pleased on seeing him, but since he could not predict how Narada will change the next second, he planned his move carefully.

“Kali, how are you?”

“If I am well, why would I be roaming in this jungle alone?” – Kali asked Narada with a sad face.

“But what I hear around seems different. I hear everyone praising you?”

“If it is true, I am indeed happy.”

“I went to Tirumala yesterday, met Venkatava.”

“What is he saying?”

“He said that he cannot do anything against you as the sins seems to be in the rise.”

“O Narada Muni! Can I believe in what you are saying?”

“Kali! Aren’t you? I came running to see you only after hearing this.” – Narada bowed his head down and raised his eyes looking at Kali. “The sins are in the rise. I cannot stop anything. Let it happen as Kali wishes. – this is what Venkatava told me many a times.”

“If He had said this, it is indeed my victory after a long time. I am believing this only because you have come here all the way to say so. But I have a doubt.”


“Brahmadeva created me. He wanted me to convert the Bhuloka People to Kaliyuga People. I am just following his orders. Venkatava appeared to stop my atrocities. Why isn’t he appearing here to stop me?”

“Fair question. He won’t come here. He will protect only those who visit Tirumala or those who surrender to Him. But he won’t be following you wherever you go, He said.”

“Is this what He said or is this something you are building up?”

“Oh you aren’t believing me…what is my problem. Let you and Venkatava deal this.”

“O no no! I totally believe in Narada Muni. Can you please tell me the reason for your visit here?”

“Venkatava is very tired now. He is not acting like before. Hence you can get on with your preaching against morality, devotion and good conduct among people. He won’t be able to stop you.”

“I am blessed indeed.” – Kali was very pleased.

“But the people are not completely changed. They are still flocking to Venkatava. This must be stopped.”


“You should preach that there is no God, that anyone can marry anyone. God cannot do anything. It is natural to rain and shine. There is no relation for God in these natural phenomenon. Spread such things. The people will start believing in you.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes. It is me who always chant Narayana, who say this. Do what I say”

“Can I believe this? Won’t Tirumalavasa interrupt me?”


Kali jumped out of joy and promised Narada that he will start acting immediately. Narada was immensely pleased that his mission had succeeded. The preaching of Kali started working. It did not rain, agriculture failed and famine hit the country. In spite of their prayers, nothing happened and hence people started losing faith in divinity.

3 thoughts on “The GOS 237 – Perumal & Adiyen 38 – Narada & Kali

  1. Subramanian S says:

    Om Agastheeswaraya Namaha

    In the Tamil series “Siddhan Arul” some of the series contains lot of photographs

    for eg in the episode 250-” Kodaknallur-Agasthiya Peruman nadathiya perumalin thiruvizha-V ” there are lot of photographs of the pooja and temple etc which are very blissful to watch for the reader

    Kindly dispaly the same photographs in the english episode also against the respective episodes. those who read only English can also be blessed and feel blissful

    Thanking you

    Subramanian.S- Bengaluru

    • GnanaBoomi says:

      Dear Shri Subramanian
      It is a good idea. We shall check the photos and embed them in to the post. The idea is to have these episodes published in a e-book for everyone to read. Let Agastya bless us to do so!

  2. Subramanian says:

    Thank you very much. surely sir, Agastya Munis blessings will always be there for the episodes to be published as an e-book.

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