The GOS 239 – Perumal & Adiyen 40 – Venkatava clarifies Agastya

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The sight of Vedic scholars not able to conduct the Shanthi Homa and the laughing of Kali made Agastya Muni angry. He went straight to Venkatava not withstanding the adharma dominating dharma. Agastya asked why Venkatava is quiet on Kali’s atrocities. The Lord smiled. Agastya Muni insisted that Kali should be driven away at once to stop the adharma taking over. Venkatava said:

“O Agastya, why are you getting so angry? You are the embodiment of patience many levels than myself. What happened today?” – this made Agastya cool down and the Lord spoke:

“Agastya, Kali is just doing his duty, for why he was created by Brahma Deva. I wouldn’t interfere in what he does.”

“O Lord! Are You saying this? Why am I having to listen such a word from you?”

“Why so restlessness Agastya?” – when the Lord said this, Garuda came and understood the gist of the conversation just by looking at Agastya. He resolved within to grab hold of Kali if the Lord permits.

“Agastya, you have misunderstood what I said. It is because of Kali that the world is coming to an end. The people are going to get astrayed followed by the Pralaya. There is no point in getting angry at Kali.”

“Then why did he get chased out by you many times?” – Agastya asked humbly.

“I demonstrated the fact, whoever surrenders to me totally, I will protect them.”

“Then what about those villagers desperately trying to do the Shanthi Homa but are not able to. Why aren’t You protecting them?”

“I abide by the rules myself, I have a line of control which I choose not to cross.”

“Line of control? For You? Lord I don’t seem to understand.”

“It is as per the papa-punya of the people who is praying. Those priests, though are devoted to me, are swindling the wealth of others. This is one of the pancha-maha-pathakas (five great sins). Hence their acts of good also gets polluted. Hence I am remaining silent.”

“Is this the line of control?”

“Yes. It is due to their merits and demerits that controls them from getting saved.”

Agastya mentioned the fact of every one of the human doing some or the other kind of sins directly or indirectly. The Lord clarified that those who has done the smallest amount of sins, even they must surrender to the Lord for Him to save them. Agastya then said that it is very advantageous for Kali. Due to His merciful nature, Agastya requested the Lord to let the villagers conduct the Shanthi Homa and said He would proceed to have it conducted if the Lord permits.

The Lord said that he would interfere when Kali’s atrocities goes beyond control. Though Agastya felt sorry for the people, He was convinced that whatever the Lord does will be for good and he returned. While Kali was blocking the Homa in the village, he had a doubt. Why is Venkatava not trying to block him from all the atrocities? If He decides to do so, what actions is he going to take? The more he thought about it, he became clear that he should surrender and seek the help of Shukracharya, the guru of the Asuras. If he helps, then he will get the support of all the asuras through which he would carry out what he wanted easily. He then went straight to Shukracharya. He knew Kali would come but did not display it outwardly.

When Kali requested him for help, the asura guru gave him his consent and support. He said that the asuras will join hands with Kali and continue stopping people from performing spiritual practices, daily dharmic rituals etc. He said that the asuras will help in such a way that the temples will be controlled by adharmic people (we are not hinting anything against the TamilNadu Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department) where the nithya poojas will be blocked. The wealth of temples will be swindled. Temples will be demolished.

Shukra guru also said that the idols of some temples will be stolen and melted. Kali was happy that he will happily carry his life’s mission. The moment Shukra Guru ordered, the asuras thrashed on the earth, stopping yagnas and homas from happening, cows were slaughtered, atrocities spread out like wildfire. Kali was so pleased on Shukra’s promises, but he had the same doubt, what if…? He asked this to the guru. Shukra began to laugh on hearing Kali’s doubts.

He clarified Kali that Venkatava will help only those who surrender to Him, by visiting Tirumala. He cited the example of how Kali was able to stop the Shanthi Homa where Venkatava did not help. Kali was convinced with this answer. But he had another doubt which he began to think. Shukra Guru read his mind and asked him what is bothering him. Kali mentioned about the fact that the women are more devotional when compared to men and if their support is not there, nothing is practically possible.

Shukra Guru agreed that it is difficult to get them in control. Then how is Kali’s rule possible, he worried. He wanted to know the reason for why they cannot get the women in complete control. Shukra said:

“The women are the embodiment of Shakthi. They are being protected by the divine feminine trinity force Parvathi, Lakshmi and Saraswathi. The blood that runs in their body is devotion itself. This devotion is what is protecting the world. Till the Pralaya happens, it is women’s bhakthi which will protect the world.”

“Then is it impossible to reach our goal?”

“There is a plan, not so easy one. But let one Amavasya go. My asuras will stop the growth of spirituality in the Earth. Join hands with them and come back after Amavasya. I shall explain.”

A village called Pooncholai where Lord Shiva and Parvathi were blessing the world by dwelling in one of the temples. There was a Narasimha Swamy temple nearby too. The asuras reached here in disguise of Sanyasins and started talking evil about the holy parents. The Sanyasin appearance of the Asuras made the villagers keep quiet and listen to all they have to say.

Another group of asuras witnessed the women entering the temple to do maa-vilaku (a lamp made out of flour). They made all the lamps go off and scared the ladies around. They ran here and there. The asuras then pretented to have raped the ladies around and disappeared. The other set of asuras who are in disguise ran to the temple with the villagers pretending to help.

The next day, they started spreading falsified information that: “Had there been a God here, such a thing would have never happened. Hence there is no need to do any worship for there is no Shiva or Parvathi or Narasimha. Let people not get deviated. We will show the way of rationalists. Had we not come here yesterday, the villagers would not have been saved.”

While they were trying to convince the people against worship, a lamp from the Narasimha temple floated and came straight towards the asuras in disguise who were preaching ‘rationalism’. They ran away on seeing a lamp coming towards them. While the villagers were wondering what was happening, there was a voice that heard:

“These are asuras who came to stop the spiritual growth. Do not believe them.” – this was heard thrice. While they were wondering at all these, Venkatava’s divine idol appeared right where the lamp was seen. The people were so pleasantly surprised.

[Dear readers, thus far the episodes of Agastya mentioning about the divine activities of Lord Narayana and Himself in The Grace of Siddha comes to an end with this. The author had requested Late Hanumath Dasan, who read these narrations right from Agastya Muni through the Jeeva Nadi to request the Maha Muni for the reasons. Stay tuned for the explanation..]


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