The GOS 245 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 2

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Agastya came in the Nadi and began.

“With the grace and order of Almighty, for the world and the beings to realize themselves and thereby realize the Almighty, this Kadhai is being narrated to you. It is sufficient if the important nutrients reaches others. Hence when it is given in the written format, what goes out is only what the Almighty grace wills. The Sri Rama Katha will be narrated to you in its whole. The mankind undergoes many a sufferings because of their Karmic effects. Whatever they do, the fate does not loosen its grip. Through the almighty’s grace, to loosen the fate’s grip, where It has placed its grace subtly in which Sloka, I shall tell. Broadcast it. Ramayana will be narrated to you in my words. You will realize that.”

I interrupted, “A small request. If the entire Ramayana is narrated by you, if I publish it in its entirety as exactly as You said, my humble self will feel that it has completed Your bidding completely through Your grace. Can’t you please bless me with that?” – I placed this wish to the Maha Muni as it is.

“True! The world will benefit out of it. But the Almighty has not permitted for it has many divine subtleties. For now, whatever sloka are shown, when narrated, how it can benefit the mankind from what kind of problems, just publish them and be satisfied that you have done the bidding of the Lord Himself. There is a reason behind every single thing that happens. Control your mind so it does not get controlled by desires, just accept things as it is narrated, note down whatever is being said to be noted down and make it in written format for the benefit of the world. I shall take care of the rest through His grace.”

“My Son! In all these yugas, how many ever times it has been requested, only now that Almighty has agreed to narrate His story through my tongue just now. I only know for how long I have been fighting to get this permission. I am narrating this right after I got the permission for the welfare of mankind. Understand this first, then you shall know the mindset of a Siddha.”

I understood completely and remained silent, completely.

When mankind knows ‘why’ they got a trouble, a silence occupies them. When I came to know the truth in this incident, the same silence occupied me. Whatever mistakes the mankind does, it is only the Siddhas we have, who talks on behalf of us, to get the grace of the Lord. If not for them, if the Almighty’s grace isn’t there, the mankind must have been even more a savage than they are. Though they do not talk to us directly, I realized that second that the Siddhas are trying their best yugas after yugas for the mankind, to guide them in the right direction, to get us forgiveness and to make us live peacefully. I firmly resolved that it is completely Agastya’s grace hereafter.

Before Rama Katha began, He analyzed the horoscope of Sri Rama in detail and made me understand. To make mankind understand its greatness, the Lord Almighty proved how far can one withstand difficulties and chose the time when all the grahas were in their Uchcha (heights). When the mankind was thinking that it becomes a great life if all the grahas are in their Uchcha, the birth of Sri Rama subtly showed how much of a struggle one may have to undergo, through this Avatar, Agastya said.

I paid utmost attention in making notes of what He said, all in my mind only. I wasn’t permitted to make notes in the written form. The Sri Rama Katha began from His childhood, the gurukul, how Sage Vishwamithra took Him along, to make Him realize His own greatness, to strongly emphasize the importance of ‘there is no better mantra than one’s Father’s words’ according to Sri Rama Himself, to clarify why King Janaka’s daughter Sita, why did She take the avatar, in everything, how the Almighty expressed the resolve, there is no words to explain. All I could feel is – how blessed Sage Vishwamithra is!

I felt that even if 1% of the blessing that Vishwamithra got, if a man gets it, he would attain moksha and will live in the holy feet of Lord Narayana all the time, I felt. The story of Sri Rama grew and grew. As I was more focussed on it, I did not realize the changes it was making within myself. But I can only say, the mind was like that of a cotton, very light.

“Let us pause here for today! I shall narrate in another good muhurtha. I have to go and do my regular pooja, dhyana and nithya-karma. Blessings to you!” – paused the great Siddha.

“A small request.” – I thought of asking.

“What, I haven’t allowed you to record anything right? When the right time comes, We shall let you know what the Lord mentioned. Till then, listen to what I say with patience. What do you know about the Lord’s orders? I shall tell you. It is enough then.” – He replied without me having to ask.

He matches only Himself in knowing what we are going to ask and to reply us, I thought. I prayed to Vinayaka and Hanuman and placed the Nadi in the holy feet of Sri Rama in my pooja room. Then I did a sashtanga namaskara and sat for meditation, “Om Agatheesaya Namaha” – I began to do japa.

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 244 – Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Shri Hanumath Dasan had written a book on the Sundara Kandam (as mentioned in the post Sugam Tharum Sundara Kandam) and had mentioned the experiences he obtained when writing the book, to Shri Karthikeyan. This series is explained in the view of Shri Karthikeyan.

That day began like any other. I woke up at Brahma Muhurtha, cleansed myself physically and mentally, did dhyana and japa, prostrated before Agastya Muni and praised him. But a thought rose up and I decided to ask the Maha Muni Himself. I asked this.

“I asked this already and You said ‘I’d bless when the right time comes. The time is running. Many have written the holy Charitha of Sri Rama. Can you not bless this soul to write His charita (story) and publish?”

“Why do you have this impatient mind? Time has come. I was about to say this myself and you’re asking just so. In the coming Guruvar, in Brahma Muhurtha, you may begin through the grace of Almighty. He gave His consent. As we narrate, listen to them and write. Everyday before you begin, you must pray to the First one (Ganesha) and the son of Vayu (Hanuman) and seek their blessings. Through their grace, everything will get completed safe and sound. Blessings!” – when He said this, I could not believe my own eyes. I placed the Nadi in its place and prostrated before Agastya, thanking Him. When I came out of the room, I was full of sweat in that early morning, that much of nervousness due to happiness.

The mind became restless as I began to walk here and there thinking. Who will get such a blessing? How many years of prayers? He said He will narrate. Whatever He says must be written as it is, exactly as it is. No need of questions like why, how etc., If I ask anything, what if He gets angry and refuse to narrate further? I must remain very patient. If He Himself is going to narrate the Charita of Sri Rama, all the other Siddhas will definitely come to listen to it. So I must write them in the pooja room only. Only after completing that days’ part should I even see anyone else. This should be a surprise gift for everyone. The thoughts were raging.

With 4 days for the Thursday, Agastya Muni drove me to many a temples to seek blessings. In every temple, somehow or the other, someone would identify me and help me have a good darshan. I got very good respect and hospitality in all the temples. The darshan was till I was very satisfied. The happenings were very surprising to say the least.

“He drove me to all these places with all the preparations done already.” – I thought. My mind was floating in spiritual bliss in every temple I visited. I was like a wet paper with a very light mind on Wednesday. I entered the pooja room, thanked the Maha Muni and placed the request, “Please bless me to write the Rama Charita through Your narration from tomorrow in the Brahma Muhurtha”.

As I lay down, I was waiting when the Brahma Muhurtha would come where a thought ‘the rain falls for everyone due to even one’s pious mind’ came to mind. As I began to think the meaning of what it means, I had slept off. We can think whatever we want, but what happens at the end is decided by the Almighty and the Siddhas. There will be a reason for why such things happen, even if our mind doesn’t accept it. Those who walk in the spiritual path know this very well. Those who are beginning in their spiritual journey will be gasped at this, often would stop their beginning right there without knowing that it is just a test.

But I realized that Agastya Maha Muni was determined about something only when He came in that Brahma Muhurtha the next day. be continued…!

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The GOS 243 – Some rare information about Shri Subramanya Swamy for the devotees of Agastya – 2

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


O devotees of Agastya! I pray you may all blessings through His grace. Below is a link for Subramanya Karavalambam and Subramanya Bujangam, please save it.

The holy trinity will grant all the you ask for and make you get stuck in the whirlpool of vasanas and birth-rebirth. There is a ‘Paraparam’ above them. They do not have the rights to show you that. Lord Subramanya tells Agastya that if someone follows the path that He shows, then that person may attain that Paraparam, in his ‘Subramanya Gnanam’ – note that this is way too different than the Abrahamic religion of cursing those non-believers to eternal hell. Lord Subramanya has given this upadesha only to Agastya. If at all Lord Subramanya or Agastya Himself bestows this Gnana to us, there is no way one will know. The one who realizes the Paraparam releases himself from the birth cycle.

Subramanya, the chief of Siddhas

What is Shaivism, who is the founder of Shaivism? – this is answered by Ramaswamy Gurukon, who is an ardent devotee of Lord Muruga. It is surprising to know the definition of Shaivism.

‘Without killing any living being, by consuming the ones blessed by nature, by itself, and those who lives with a control of five senses are Shaivaites. Those who kill other living beings and grow their bodies won’t have ‘Thaadhu Suddhi’ which is required for attaining the Siddha Marga.

Between our eye brows is a glowing light of six petals. This light is called ‘Shanmukam’ as mentioned by wise men. Plus, three feet above our Mooladhara is a Nadi which is of six heads towards the left. This is called Subramanyam. The six senses, the light on the six ‘Adharas’ are called Shanmukam as well. Our mind is like a cave. Lord Muruga is like the light inside that cave. He is therefore called as Guha (gufa, gukai are some names which denotes the cave). Guhyam is referred to very secretive as well. As ordinary people cannot reach, He is named as Guha as well, they say.

While explaining the concept of Valli and Deivayanai, when our devotion is truthful and when searched for Gnana (God), the darshan is obtained. This is explained as the Deivayanai’s wedding. While if one remains with steadfast, true devotion, then the Lord Almighty will come to us himself – is denoted by Muruga coming in search of Valli for the union. As per the request of the Devas, Parameshwara appeared with His five faces plus the sixth as that of Ambika. The hill top denotes the intention of realizing one’s true light within and that true light on the hill top is Muruga, the very Gnana itself. Hence they mentioned that every mountain is the abode of Lord Subramanya (குன்றிருக்கும் இடம் எல்லாம் குமரன் இருக்கும் இடம்).

If the physical body is purified, the Lord assumes the place of the spirit. This is the concept of Thiru Avinan Kudi. It is not sufficient to just say ‘Muruga’ but it has to mix thoroughly with our very being itself. Then every word we speak becomes Sathya Vaak.

Those who chant Sa Ra Va Na Bhava with Om in front obtain the Mukthi.
Those who add ‘Om Hreem’ in front gets their ignorance removed.
Those who add ‘Om Kleem’ appear like Manmadha, the God of Love.
Those who add ‘Om Aiym’ gets the eloquency of creating poetries.
Those who add ‘Om Shreem’ gets all their miseries removed and remain blissful.

In addition to these, here are some rare information about Karthikeya.

While typing the incidents of Perumal & Adiyen, an episode talks about Adi Sesha recommending about Garuda to the Lord Almighty with such compassion and empathy. This raised a question within. Adi Sesha is a serpent form which is embodiment of poison and ferociousness. How come there is so much of compassion attribute in him? Why did the Lord assume such a being as His bed? What is the inner meaning of it? I asked Agastya Muni Himself.

In ‘Guha Thrayam’, when explaining about Lord Subramanya, He says that it is Lord Muruga Himself who assumed the form of Adi Sesha for Lord Narayana! Muruga is the very form of Brahma Gnana. Every God attribute of Sanatana Dharma has the snakes in some or other form. Lord Narayana chose it to be His bed. Even today, Lord Subramanya is worshipped in the snake form in Andhra and Karnataka (Kukke Subramanya for an example).

Another question likewise. A human is recommended to worship five different God attributes (Panchathayana Pooja), they are: Ganesh, Surya, Shiva, Shakthi and Vishnu. Lord Subramanya is not included in this. How can such a pooja be fulfilled without the worship of Subramanya Swamy?

The answer surprises us.

Surya Pooja – grants everything.
Ganesh Pooja – wards off every obstacle.
Shiva Pooja – bestows Gnana.
Shakthi Pooja – to experience all the above, this becomes the Shakthi in the physical body.
Vishnu Pooja – ensures there is no loss, protects and ensures that all these are experienced.

All the five poojas done above leads oneself to Brahma Gnana – which is Lord Subramanya Himself! All the poojas done to the above 5 goes to Subramanya. If Subramanya Swamy alone is worshipped, one gets the benefit of worshipping all five. Only those who are with Gnana can love others. Those with Brahma Gnana can take incarnations. Those who attained the Siddha Marga are the ones with Brahma Gnana. Then the next question came.

Who came as Jesus Christ?

When one thinks of Jesus, the attribute of forgiveness, even to the enemies, the resurrection etc., makes one think He must have been a Siddha himself, even so, the Siddha who is most merciful. When asked about this to Agastya, He replied: “It was Bhoga himself who came as the man in the Cross” (“சிலுவைக்காரனாக வந்ததே போகன்தானடா!”)

Lord Narayana says that Agastya is like His right hand. In Tirupathi, He appeared before a priest as Narasimha and says: “Agastya is beloved to me. Do not talk ill of Him.” If such a person prays to the Lord, then the Almighty grants it immediately. For example, when Agastya Muni went to Kutrala and stroked the idol of Lord Narayana with love, He transformed himself as Shiva Linga. This should be taken as the Lord is beyond all forms, attributes or any specific type of worship but surpasses everything. When the devotees opposed this figure transformation, Agastya argued with them for 5 days with Goddess Shakthi as the judge and transformed the Narayana devotees who decided to leave the town in to Siddhas and joined them with Him.

One should pay attention here. Those who wants to be in Siddha Marga should have the quality of forgiving even those who oppose them and to enjoin themselves, to have such a broad mind.

One should change their belief system from ‘Let it happen, then we shall believe’ TO ‘We believe, hence it will happen’.

Let us embrace this thought for the coming days are of the Siddhas’. The potential chance of being guided by a Siddha, to be blessed by them in whatever form they choose to come in, this rare opportunity should not be missed because of our inferior thinking. Hence I emphasize this!

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 242 – Some rare information about Shri Subramanya Swamy for the devotees of Agastya – 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


There will be someone keeping a vigil for something, all the time. For their (good) wish to happen, for them to have Lord Muruga’s (Subramanya Swamy) blessing to surround them, there is a single source of truth. Yes! The first Chathru Samhara Yagna was conducted by Agastya Muni in Panchesti as per the orders of Lord Muruga, in the presence of Goddess Gauri. There are many types of mantras mentioned but the foremost and that which makes one’s wish come true is – “Subramanya Moola Mantra Thrishathi” slokha.

The link for this slokha’s recitation is given here – Subramanya Moola Manthra Thrishathi

May you all be blessed by Lord Subramanya and Guru Agastya!

Kandha Shashti is when Lord Muruga defeated Surapadma. There is something to understand. Muruga looked at Love alone and mentioned ‘Love is Shivam’. Will he kill? No. He destroyed the evil in Surapadma and transformed him. Those who do not understand this create Surapadma’s idol, enact that Muruga takes his head off and from there comes the Seval (cock). Lord Muruga mentions about eating vegetarian, to develop Sathvik thoughts, Sathvik actions and thereby a Sathvik, Love filled world, will he kill? Sura Samharam is the perfect event of overpowering one’s evil (within). When evil is defeated within, know that Subramanya is conducting a Sura Samhara within. The evil comes in from external sources. Subramanya is the very embodiment of knowledge. He is the knowledge of external.

Lord Agastya says the following:

The heart is Sravana Pond (Saravana Poigai). This pond sends the blood through the canals called blood nerves. The pond is filled with blood. If one takes care of this pond without evil, this remains pure. Attachment, greed and all sorts of evil spread in this like algae. If one gets the devotion in to their heart, it is a blissful life. Muruga is the one who plays in this pond. Those who keeps this pond pure and with the thought of Him, then He makes this pond His, changes it to His attributes. Those with good thoughts can live a good life.

A Siddha says:

குறவன் குடிசை புகுந்தாண்டி
கோமாட்டி எச்சில் உமிழ்ந்தாண்டி

Kuravan is the form that Muruga took to marry Valli, who was a Kurathi. He entered the hut, the Siddha says. Then he says that the body in which this Kurava is entered, the thought purified with devotion, even the saliva becomes Ganga water. He plays in this Ganga (He and His name are no different). When His name is chanted, we experience Himself.

The holy feet is Nadha Brahmam as denoted by Nataraja with His index finger pointing His feet (to be devoted to Him). If one holds on to Nadha Brahmam (Nama Japa), then they can control the world within and attain Brahma Gnana. It seems Muruga searched for a place where He can keep His love and decided to keep it in His devotees’ hearts and entered those hearts.

If one converts their ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ to the Lord’s ‘I’ and ‘His’, then their ‘I and Mine’ becomes the universal I and Mine. Those who close their eyes and think of Lord Muruga and get their internal eye opened up, they are blessed indeed. Muruga is always in our hearts, speaking Brahma Gnana. But His voice is subtle and is not heard when the 5 senses talk aloud. One should subdue these noises with the chant of ‘Muruga!’.

It seems Muruga decided not to have three eyes due to His mercy towards the Jiva. Six faces, 12 hands with weapons. His appearance is blissful. Other than the Vel, the remaining 11 are the elevan Rudras. Vel is the embodiment of Knowledge. The cock flag is Nadha Thathva, the peacock is virility, Valli and Deivayanai are the Ichcha and Kriya Shakthi. Deivayanai is like the devotees searching for God. Markata Nyayam (like how the baby monkey holds its mother tight). Valli is the heroin. It is like the God coming to the devotees. Marjala Nyayam (like how the mother cat protects the kitten by carrying them in her mouth). The Vel is to give Gnana to the Atma. This Gnana can be obtained when the Ichcha and Kriya are destroyed.

~ to be continued…!

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