The GOS 242 – Some rare information about Shri Subramanya Swamy for the devotees of Agastya – 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


There will be someone keeping a vigil for something, all the time. For their (good) wish to happen, for them to have Lord Muruga’s (Subramanya Swamy) blessing to surround them, there is a single source of truth. Yes! The first Chathru Samhara Yagna was conducted by Agastya Muni in Panchesti as per the orders of Lord Muruga, in the presence of Goddess Gauri. There are many types of mantras mentioned but the foremost and that which makes one’s wish come true is – “Subramanya Moola Mantra Thrishathi” slokha.

The link for this slokha’s recitation is given here – Subramanya Moola Manthra Thrishathi

May you all be blessed by Lord Subramanya and Guru Agastya!

Kandha Shashti is when Lord Muruga defeated Surapadma. There is something to understand. Muruga looked at Love alone and mentioned ‘Love is Shivam’. Will he kill? No. He destroyed the evil in Surapadma and transformed him. Those who do not understand this create Surapadma’s idol, enact that Muruga takes his head off and from there comes the Seval (cock). Lord Muruga mentions about eating vegetarian, to develop Sathvik thoughts, Sathvik actions and thereby a Sathvik, Love filled world, will he kill? Sura Samharam is the perfect event of overpowering one’s evil (within). When evil is defeated within, know that Subramanya is conducting a Sura Samhara within. The evil comes in from external sources. Subramanya is the very embodiment of knowledge. He is the knowledge of external.

Lord Agastya says the following:

The heart is Sravana Pond (Saravana Poigai). This pond sends the blood through the canals called blood nerves. The pond is filled with blood. If one takes care of this pond without evil, this remains pure. Attachment, greed and all sorts of evil spread in this like algae. If one gets the devotion in to their heart, it is a blissful life. Muruga is the one who plays in this pond. Those who keeps this pond pure and with the thought of Him, then He makes this pond His, changes it to His attributes. Those with good thoughts can live a good life.

A Siddha says:

குறவன் குடிசை புகுந்தாண்டி
கோமாட்டி எச்சில் உமிழ்ந்தாண்டி

Kuravan is the form that Muruga took to marry Valli, who was a Kurathi. He entered the hut, the Siddha says. Then he says that the body in which this Kurava is entered, the thought purified with devotion, even the saliva becomes Ganga water. He plays in this Ganga (He and His name are no different). When His name is chanted, we experience Himself.

The holy feet is Nadha Brahmam as denoted by Nataraja with His index finger pointing His feet (to be devoted to Him). If one holds on to Nadha Brahmam (Nama Japa), then they can control the world within and attain Brahma Gnana. It seems Muruga searched for a place where He can keep His love and decided to keep it in His devotees’ hearts and entered those hearts.

If one converts their ‘I’ and ‘Mine’ to the Lord’s ‘I’ and ‘His’, then their ‘I and Mine’ becomes the universal I and Mine. Those who close their eyes and think of Lord Muruga and get their internal eye opened up, they are blessed indeed. Muruga is always in our hearts, speaking Brahma Gnana. But His voice is subtle and is not heard when the 5 senses talk aloud. One should subdue these noises with the chant of ‘Muruga!’.

It seems Muruga decided not to have three eyes due to His mercy towards the Jiva. Six faces, 12 hands with weapons. His appearance is blissful. Other than the Vel, the remaining 11 are the elevan Rudras. Vel is the embodiment of Knowledge. The cock flag is Nadha Thathva, the peacock is virility, Valli and Deivayanai are the Ichcha and Kriya Shakthi. Deivayanai is like the devotees searching for God. Markata Nyayam (like how the baby monkey holds its mother tight). Valli is the heroin. It is like the God coming to the devotees. Marjala Nyayam (like how the mother cat protects the kitten by carrying them in her mouth). The Vel is to give Gnana to the Atma. This Gnana can be obtained when the Ichcha and Kriya are destroyed.

~ to be continued…!

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