The GOS 249 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 6

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The next Thursday came as I was restless right from the morning. The incident of Thulasi garland falling on the Nadi from the neck of Sri Rama after I had placed it in His feet after that week’s composition was very green in my mind. As I saw it as a good omen, I considered it to be an honor to my Guru Agastya, as if Sri Rama Himself blessed Agastya’s narration. In this, a small portion of seva is done by me to Sri Rama which made me feel very blessed.

I prayed to Lord Ganesha and Hanuman, sat in the pooja room and prayed to Lord Agastya and opened the Nadi. Agastya’s words came out happily. I thought it is all Sri Rama’s blessings. He began:

“Through the grace of Almighty, my work is only to narrate what He has given me. Whatever happens around, after, all these should be considered as the Lord has decided to bless. This is the truth as well. He has blessed the mankind even in tiniest of things. But they don’t understand this because their expectation lies in the loukeeka (materialistic) things. The blessings that God gives stays with the person even when something good happens someday. But once it happens as per his Dharmic effects, the blessing stays away. In order to keep this constant and stable, the wise men always say, “Do good, think of God, always visit punya kshetras (holy places), always think of all other living beings as they have come to spend their karma just as you, and be kind to them etc.,” But man only thinks of himself and his surroundings which makes him get in to all such troubles. He becomes tired and eventually gives up his devotion and stoops down to the level of animals.

We cannot change one’s karma just be helping that someone for it is only possible for the God almighty. Then why help at all? By helping, one carries out the command of the Lord to help others thereby the person who receives the help can cross his karma with a breath of relief. If we see, one can understand that a ‘karma parivarthana’ is happening. The Siddhas and God knows that here Karma Paripalana also happens.”

I got a question at this stage within, we seem to deviate away from Sri Rama Katha!

Agastya replied to that too:

“Fair question. Still, if the right thing is narrated more than once, mankind may understand the subtlety and awake, our job will be completed even simpler. Hence I said all these. Let me get back to the narration.” – and resumed the Sri Rama Charita narration.

“Sri Rama believed the son of Anjana so much. Hanuman knew this too. He wished that Sri Rama’s hope should not be wasted and he acted after realizing his strengths. The way he carried out every work, all the work he did, the attributes of a messenger he displayed, his confidence, conviction that service to Sri Rama was his birth’s purpose, the dasatva towards Sri Rama, the japa he did, dhyana he did, all these when the rishi-munis were praising in mantra form, the almighty graced those mantras intentionally with his blessing and made it available even now, so when chanted can achieve tremendous blessings to the mankind, I clearly saw. There will be a reason behind every special event. Though Sundara Kanda praises the acts of Hanuman, what pervades throughout this Kanda is Sri Rama’s blessings making it the best of all Kandas in The Ramayana which bestows grace, blessings and effectiveness very much. If the mankind understands just this, they can turnaround their lives for betterment.

When they try something, they surely will face obstacles. They need to have the courage to go beyond them. Those who recite the 195 slokhas in the Sarga 10, 11, 12 and 13, Hanuman himself will grant that courage. All obstacles will be removed, it is a promise.

Rahu, Kethu, Shani and Guru when they take someone for a ride when they are in Ashtama, that someone will have to face inconveniences and losing the steadiness of mind and all that, let them be whoever. The youth who is trying to get a job, those ladies who suffer within thinking they haven’t got married yet, the household person who suffers due to shortage of money, everyone when reciting all the 14 Sargas, they will get the brightest future. Hanuman himself will grant them these. This is for certain.” – blessed Sri Agastya.

“If one recites the 14th Sarga everyday and surrenders his prayers to the almighty, His grace will make anything happen.”

“Those who face obstacles in anything they start as per their horoscope, those who suffer without the marriage happening or seemandham happening, those who suffer to find out those who are missing, those who suffer due to Ashtama Shani, those who suffer due to Rahu Kethu dosha, those whom Rahu Kethu bukthi happens in Shani Maha Dasha, those who suffer due to poverty or shortage of money, when they recite the slokhas in the 18th Sarga, all the obstacles and difficulties will vanish through the grace of Hanuman.”

“From 23rd till the 26th Sargas (4 in total), Valmeeki has explained the difficulties and the misery a woman faces in detail. Those who are thinking of divorce, those who are separated from their husbands, those who are being chased out by others, those ladies who has Shani, Rahu or Kethu in the 7th place of their Rashi, to get rid of Kalathra Ashtama Sthana misery, the 6th place to get weakened, if they recite these 4 Sarga’s along with the Sarga of Pattabisheka, the difficulties will disappear. Their marital life will be very good for those who are married.”

He blessed by completing that day’s class. I placed the Nadi and the notebook which I was using to take notes in the holy feet of Sri Rama and did a sashtanga namaskara. I then got up, sat down and meditated thus:

“Om Agatheesaya Namaha”

~ to be continued…!

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The GOS 248 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 5

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


[O devotees! So far the narration was around the way the Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam story was formed, from this episode, through the grace of Almighty and Guru Agastya, the slokhas He mentioned by chanting which one can get rid of specific issues will be given. Pay attention to it’s subtlety, implement it and find peace in life.]

Guru Agastya began:

“Though Valmeeki gave Ramayana in 7 different Kanda, the Almighty gave importance to Sundara Kanda. Navagraha Dasha, those who suffer from the Disha Bukthi, to attain the holy feet of the Lord for those who suffer with such trouble, it is the Maha Punya path that almighty has shown. Though He is the one who lets the punishment for those, we Siddhas understood that He himself is keen to provide a way out for those who wants to transform and realize their mistakes. Those who follow this with a steadfast focus, surrenders to the Lord, salvation is for certain. What they think will happen.”

“Sundara Kanda was formed to praise Hanuman. In other Kanda, the Lord showed that even He takes an avatar as human, He has to undergo the cause and effect, the Karmic effect, that He requests his Dasa (though servant is a lame translation for this word, it more suits with admirer), to praise all the heroic deeds he performed by chanting which, showed the ways for the mankind to get rid of problems.”

“Sri Rama knew that Hanuman will be the one who will bring good news, in spite of so many others went for Sita’s search. Why? Hanuman’s admiration, to carry out everything after careful research, his very nature of being a diplomat, the attitude of seeking blessings from the elders etc., Even before Hanuman set forth to Lanka, he got the blessings from Surya, Vayu and Indra and the like.”

“Whenever a good deed is initiated, it is important to seek the blessings of elders, wise men, teachers and the Lord for without blessings, nothing moves. The effect of what mankind goes through is because they forgot this. Those who will understand this, those who follow this will be given at least a peace of mind in this very Kali Yuga by the Lord. He is always ready to protect His devotees. Therefore for those who are like the devotees, those who do the work of the Lord will be helped by the Lord Almighty Himself.”

“Those for whom the Shani period (7.5 years) has started, those who are affected by the Ashtama Shani, those who have Kethu in Shani Maha Dasha, those for whom Shani Bukthi is happening in their Kethu Dasha should recite the first Sarga of the Sundara Kanda slokha everyday which will ward off those difficulties. They will not have anything as a fear.”

“Though trying through straight forward method will get the results, whoever is affected by whichever graha, if they chant the 5th, 6th and 7th Sarga of Sundara Kanda everyday, all their wishes will come true. The marriages which has obstacles will happen. The separated families will unite. Those who are unemployed will get a job. These Sargas were written for this exact purpose, the wise say.”

“Though hope is life itself, those who read the first to ninth Sarga of Sundara Kanda everyday without fail will be relieved from the effects of Rahu, Kethu and Shani forever. This is a true possibility.”

When Agastya Maha Muni recommended Naga Pradishta for Naga Sarpa Dosha, Pithru Dosha, Brahma Hathi Dosha etc., I didn’t understand them then. Now I clearly understood that if one reads all the 9 Sargas, all these doshas will ward off.

I was taking notes without asking any questions. As it was early in the morning, I felt a slight breeze from the window. A pleasant fragrance, Thulasi’s smell appeared in the same room I was seated. As I was focussed so much in taking notes, I had failed to note the fragrance before. I paused writing and looked around.

“This is enough for today. Let us continue later. Blessings!” – said the Maha Muni.

I prostrated in the Sashtanga Namaskara manner. I placed the Nadi carefully at Sri Rama’s feet and looked at him carefully with folded hands for a minute, the Thulasi garland in Sri Rama’s neck got untied and fell on the Nadi. My mind felt the goose bumps as a pleasant feeling pervading my whole body. My eyes became teary.

“This is enough my Lord! Let your blessings ward off any difficulty to those who will read the book when it gets published and bring joy in their lives.” – I prayed and came out of the pooja room. The mind was chanting ‘Om Agatheesaya Namaha’ and I went to another room and sat in the chair with my eyes closed.

The GOS 247 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 4

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Once I heard that the Rama Katha will be narrated only on Thursdays, I became clear and quiet. Also, I was reminded of what I prayed to Vayu Puthra Hanuman some 20 years back. He had then said: “Agastya Himself will guide you!” That’s what is happening now. Though the entire Ramayana is narrated to me, I realized the almighty’s subtlety by knowing that only a portion of it will get published as Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam. Just as the physician gives medicine to the specific ailment, the almighty gives away solution to one’s karmic effects.

I waited for the Maha Muni the next Thursday after duly preparing myself. He came:

“While in exile, Sita Devi was taking care of Sri Rama just as she would if they were in the palace. As His needs were very minimal, she was roaming around freely in the forest to get flowers and make garlands out of them, get fruits, put the flowers in Sri Rama’s feet and so on. Initially Rama sent Lakshmana along with Sita for protection but in due course, Sita was free to go around by herself. Sri Rama knew within that the fate is about to play its game and he played by its rule by letting her go alone, Agastya said. This caused an unknown pain within. The drama of fate with characters such as Surpanaka, Maricha and Ravana were witnessed by Sri Rama who was in the human form abiding by the rules of mankind. It is the fate which imprisoned Sita, the Maha Muni said.

It is the same fate that brought the Vayu Puthra, who was constantly thinking of Sri Rama to Him.

It is during this time that Hanuman began to realize the purpose of his birth. Pay attention my beloved son! The same fate at the same time plays good and bad. This can never by understood by humans.”

When Agastya muni explained how Rama and Lakshmana became tired and exhausted after searching for Sita, the way He explained the events, how Rama suffered gave a feeling of tiredness within me. I felt exhausted. My mind became normal only when the narration entered the phase where Sri Rama Lakshmana meets Hanuman. I myself felt a circle of protection within for some reasons. My heart felt joyful when I knew that Sundara Kandam begins with this phase of the narration.

“What? Is Hanuman’s power entering you and making you energized? We have been witnessing, not just for you, Hanuman’s name gives the feeling of protection to every living beings. Not many understand that the moment they think of Hanuman, all the problems which the mind doesn’t like gets wards off (please re-read this sentence to get the clear meaning of it). Hanuman likes Rama Nama. If one chants Rama Nama, Hanuman gives them protection without being asked for. Make this as the first note.” – I felt so pleased thinking that my dream is going to come true when the Maha Muni narrated this.

I picked up a note right then and prayed to Vinayaka, Hanuman and wrote ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ on top and was eagerly waiting for what the Maha Muni is going to say next. He said:

“Though the Rama Charitha from Kamban and Valmeeki has all the slokhas in two languages, make clear mention on the slokhas written by Valmeeki on what problem can be solved by reciting specific Sargas, very clearly. Those who believe this and chant those verses will definitely come over the problems. This is my words through the grace of Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman. This is the Almighty’s will too. Your job is to do just what is being told, understood?” – he gave a shocker as well.

I could not believe myself, I even pinched myself. Is it true what I am seeing and hearing? What a noble task this is that the Maha Muni has got me? Who will get such a blessing? Just this single thing is enough for me to sit straight under the feet of the Lord, I was thinking.

“Are you ready to take notes? Shall I begin?” – He asked. He never have spoken to me in this tone of a ‘Teacher’. I expressed my deepest gratitude to Him first, thanking him “Your servant here, is ready.”

~ to be continued…!

Featured Image: Shri Thandav,

Thandav (my apologies I forgot his original name) lives in Bangalore and is a blessed artist. I had the privilege of attending one of his exhibition in Bangalore and was very inspired by his work.

The GOS 246 – Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 3

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


When I started to taste the Rama Katha through Agastya’s words, I could not bear anything without hearing it. Even He was mentioning about everything else but Sri Rama Katha in the coming days. I was expecting but the narration. One day I could not just bear it where I asked, “O Lord, why do you do this? The narration of Sri Rama Katha is paused as it is?”

“Hey! Human! Don’t I know when to narrate?! Why are you impatient? I will narrate everything. Have patience. The one who checks the time and date for everything, don’t you understand this yourself? Guruvar (Thursday) is the day when the grace of teacher falls. It is on this day where the teachers, Siddhas and Munivars provide all those great teachings for the welfare of those who surrenders to them. I am making you wait only for this. Sri Rama and Hanuman whom you regard as your Gurus, this story has to be narrated with them as a Sakshi, is my desire. You will realize many a miracles as you go. Hence, wait for the Guruvar!” – he said softly. I felt that it was a scolding however.

[now the readers may realize why the Grace of Siddha and its original translation is being published only on Thursdays, for the English series is scheduled to get published in the Brahma Muhurtha (4.30 to 6.00 AM), the Tamil series is very high in its quality where it was being typed and published only in the Brahma Muhurtha! It is also the Maha Muni’s orders that He will make the readers understand and realize subtle things within their minds.]

I thought to myself, my mind is that of the dog’s tail which never straightens, how many ever times I get such scoldings. I apologized for my mistakes to Agastya then and there.

“It’s alright. You are just impatient because you want to do your part for the welfare of this world and you are naturally interested in the story of Sri Rama, hence you got that question I know. When you narrate these incidents, make the title as ‘Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam’ (the Sundara Kandam which bestows pleasure), He gave the title as well.

I waited for the Thursday.

On this day, after waking up early, doing my regular duties, I prayed to Vinayaka and Hanuman as usual, chanted Agastya Muni’s holy name and requested Him to narrate the Rama Katha. He came in the Nadi.

“For every man, the marriage is a turning point. Sometimes his life turns upside down. It happened just so in Rama’s life. The turning point where the Ramayana was made, was His marriage. The Almighty which wanted to show the world by action, accepted everything by being in the same mindset, which is what is referred to as the Siddha’s mindset. We Siddhas ourselves learned that even without any yogic practice, to accept everything in its own flow, without happiness and sorrow, one can live like a Siddha from Sri Rama Himself. We were even ashamed of ourselves, can you believe?” – He was all praise for Sri Rama.

When Agastya Muni explained how Rishi-Muni’s, Devas, Gandharvas, Narada, Deva Ganas, Siddhas, everyone around when Sri Rama got married to Sita Devi, I felt as if I myself was present there and was witnessing the whole thing. The mind was floating in a blissful ocean. Who will get such a blessing? I placed the Nadi in Sri Rama’s holy feet and did a Sashtanga Namaskar.

“O Sire! I have attained the purpose of taking this birth. Many many thanks.” I expressed my gratitude.

“You will witness many such things in this holy shrine of Sri Rama, you will feel, you will see. I will narrate them once they happen. Do you know one thing?! Sri Rama named this series as ‘Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam’ only to make His beloved Hanuman’s glory to be praised. It is His title. The Almighty will make oneself realize for what It is intended to. This title is such, apt. Enjoy the meaning of this title at leisure.

[Gnanaboomi is humbled to change the title of this series thereby from now on].

I sat silent, immobile. No thoughts rose up.

He showed me that the fate started showing up in Dasharatha, Kaikeyi, Sri Rama, Kooni, Baratha, Lakshmana etc., only after the marriage of Sri Rama with Sita Devi. He narrated that the fate itself was witnessing how Sri Rama faces it with awe. Sri Rama took the fate by surprise by wearing the ornament of ‘patience’ in His mindset. He played by the rules of human kind by accepting the rule of nava grahas, He showed.

It is through fate that Sri Rama went exile, instead of having to rule, He played by the rules, wore deer-skin and went to jungle. When Agastya explained it, I felt the chillness experienced in the forests. One can understand how Agastya would have narrated from this very example.

“Such truthful explanations, if released in the form of book for the welfare of mankind, how great it will be?” – I began to think and He replied, “Question again? Have patience for you will realize when the right time comes.”

“Let me tell you another thing that’s happening. Agastya who witnessed Sri Rama’s life by staying close to Himself is narrating this. To hear this, one has to have done a great merit hence, all the Siddhas are here in this room and are listening to it with such a devotion. What else of a greatness do you seek my boy?!” – he said simply, such a great thing.

I was shocked for a second.

“Ok, let us continue in another muhurtha. This is enough for today.”

I requested, “Please ask all the Siddhas to stand up for a while.”

I got up and..

did a Sashtanga Namaskara to everyone and remained there for ten minutes when I felt someone is tapping my back. I placed the Nadi in Sri Rama’s holy feet and began to do the japa…

“Om Agatheesaya Namaha”

~ to be continued…!

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