The GOS 247 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 4

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Once I heard that the Rama Katha will be narrated only on Thursdays, I became clear and quiet. Also, I was reminded of what I prayed to Vayu Puthra Hanuman some 20 years back. He had then said: “Agastya Himself will guide you!” That’s what is happening now. Though the entire Ramayana is narrated to me, I realized the almighty’s subtlety by knowing that only a portion of it will get published as Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam. Just as the physician gives medicine to the specific ailment, the almighty gives away solution to one’s karmic effects.

I waited for the Maha Muni the next Thursday after duly preparing myself. He came:

“While in exile, Sita Devi was taking care of Sri Rama just as she would if they were in the palace. As His needs were very minimal, she was roaming around freely in the forest to get flowers and make garlands out of them, get fruits, put the flowers in Sri Rama’s feet and so on. Initially Rama sent Lakshmana along with Sita for protection but in due course, Sita was free to go around by herself. Sri Rama knew within that the fate is about to play its game and he played by its rule by letting her go alone, Agastya said. This caused an unknown pain within. The drama of fate with characters such as Surpanaka, Maricha and Ravana were witnessed by Sri Rama who was in the human form abiding by the rules of mankind. It is the fate which imprisoned Sita, the Maha Muni said.

It is the same fate that brought the Vayu Puthra, who was constantly thinking of Sri Rama to Him.

It is during this time that Hanuman began to realize the purpose of his birth. Pay attention my beloved son! The same fate at the same time plays good and bad. This can never by understood by humans.”

When Agastya muni explained how Rama and Lakshmana became tired and exhausted after searching for Sita, the way He explained the events, how Rama suffered gave a feeling of tiredness within me. I felt exhausted. My mind became normal only when the narration entered the phase where Sri Rama Lakshmana meets Hanuman. I myself felt a circle of protection within for some reasons. My heart felt joyful when I knew that Sundara Kandam begins with this phase of the narration.

“What? Is Hanuman’s power entering you and making you energized? We have been witnessing, not just for you, Hanuman’s name gives the feeling of protection to every living beings. Not many understand that the moment they think of Hanuman, all the problems which the mind doesn’t like gets wards off (please re-read this sentence to get the clear meaning of it). Hanuman likes Rama Nama. If one chants Rama Nama, Hanuman gives them protection without being asked for. Make this as the first note.” – I felt so pleased thinking that my dream is going to come true when the Maha Muni narrated this.

I picked up a note right then and prayed to Vinayaka, Hanuman and wrote ‘Sri Rama Jayam’ on top and was eagerly waiting for what the Maha Muni is going to say next. He said:

“Though the Rama Charitha from Kamban and Valmeeki has all the slokhas in two languages, make clear mention on the slokhas written by Valmeeki on what problem can be solved by reciting specific Sargas, very clearly. Those who believe this and chant those verses will definitely come over the problems. This is my words through the grace of Sri Rama and Sri Hanuman. This is the Almighty’s will too. Your job is to do just what is being told, understood?” – he gave a shocker as well.

I could not believe myself, I even pinched myself. Is it true what I am seeing and hearing? What a noble task this is that the Maha Muni has got me? Who will get such a blessing? Just this single thing is enough for me to sit straight under the feet of the Lord, I was thinking.

“Are you ready to take notes? Shall I begin?” – He asked. He never have spoken to me in this tone of a ‘Teacher’. I expressed my deepest gratitude to Him first, thanking him “Your servant here, is ready.”

~ to be continued…!

Featured Image: Shri Thandav,

Thandav (my apologies I forgot his original name) lives in Bangalore and is a blessed artist. I had the privilege of attending one of his exhibition in Bangalore and was very inspired by his work.

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