The GOS 249 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 6

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The next Thursday came as I was restless right from the morning. The incident of Thulasi garland falling on the Nadi from the neck of Sri Rama after I had placed it in His feet after that week’s composition was very green in my mind. As I saw it as a good omen, I considered it to be an honor to my Guru Agastya, as if Sri Rama Himself blessed Agastya’s narration. In this, a small portion of seva is done by me to Sri Rama which made me feel very blessed.

I prayed to Lord Ganesha and Hanuman, sat in the pooja room and prayed to Lord Agastya and opened the Nadi. Agastya’s words came out happily. I thought it is all Sri Rama’s blessings. He began:

“Through the grace of Almighty, my work is only to narrate what He has given me. Whatever happens around, after, all these should be considered as the Lord has decided to bless. This is the truth as well. He has blessed the mankind even in tiniest of things. But they don’t understand this because their expectation lies in the loukeeka (materialistic) things. The blessings that God gives stays with the person even when something good happens someday. But once it happens as per his Dharmic effects, the blessing stays away. In order to keep this constant and stable, the wise men always say, “Do good, think of God, always visit punya kshetras (holy places), always think of all other living beings as they have come to spend their karma just as you, and be kind to them etc.,” But man only thinks of himself and his surroundings which makes him get in to all such troubles. He becomes tired and eventually gives up his devotion and stoops down to the level of animals.

We cannot change one’s karma just be helping that someone for it is only possible for the God almighty. Then why help at all? By helping, one carries out the command of the Lord to help others thereby the person who receives the help can cross his karma with a breath of relief. If we see, one can understand that a ‘karma parivarthana’ is happening. The Siddhas and God knows that here Karma Paripalana also happens.”

I got a question at this stage within, we seem to deviate away from Sri Rama Katha!

Agastya replied to that too:

“Fair question. Still, if the right thing is narrated more than once, mankind may understand the subtlety and awake, our job will be completed even simpler. Hence I said all these. Let me get back to the narration.” – and resumed the Sri Rama Charita narration.

“Sri Rama believed the son of Anjana so much. Hanuman knew this too. He wished that Sri Rama’s hope should not be wasted and he acted after realizing his strengths. The way he carried out every work, all the work he did, the attributes of a messenger he displayed, his confidence, conviction that service to Sri Rama was his birth’s purpose, the dasatva towards Sri Rama, the japa he did, dhyana he did, all these when the rishi-munis were praising in mantra form, the almighty graced those mantras intentionally with his blessing and made it available even now, so when chanted can achieve tremendous blessings to the mankind, I clearly saw. There will be a reason behind every special event. Though Sundara Kanda praises the acts of Hanuman, what pervades throughout this Kanda is Sri Rama’s blessings making it the best of all Kandas in The Ramayana which bestows grace, blessings and effectiveness very much. If the mankind understands just this, they can turnaround their lives for betterment.

When they try something, they surely will face obstacles. They need to have the courage to go beyond them. Those who recite the 195 slokhas in the Sarga 10, 11, 12 and 13, Hanuman himself will grant that courage. All obstacles will be removed, it is a promise.

Rahu, Kethu, Shani and Guru when they take someone for a ride when they are in Ashtama, that someone will have to face inconveniences and losing the steadiness of mind and all that, let them be whoever. The youth who is trying to get a job, those ladies who suffer within thinking they haven’t got married yet, the household person who suffers due to shortage of money, everyone when reciting all the 14 Sargas, they will get the brightest future. Hanuman himself will grant them these. This is for certain.” – blessed Sri Agastya.

“If one recites the 14th Sarga everyday and surrenders his prayers to the almighty, His grace will make anything happen.”

“Those who face obstacles in anything they start as per their horoscope, those who suffer without the marriage happening or seemandham happening, those who suffer to find out those who are missing, those who suffer due to Ashtama Shani, those who suffer due to Rahu Kethu dosha, those whom Rahu Kethu bukthi happens in Shani Maha Dasha, those who suffer due to poverty or shortage of money, when they recite the slokhas in the 18th Sarga, all the obstacles and difficulties will vanish through the grace of Hanuman.”

“From 23rd till the 26th Sargas (4 in total), Valmeeki has explained the difficulties and the misery a woman faces in detail. Those who are thinking of divorce, those who are separated from their husbands, those who are being chased out by others, those ladies who has Shani, Rahu or Kethu in the 7th place of their Rashi, to get rid of Kalathra Ashtama Sthana misery, the 6th place to get weakened, if they recite these 4 Sarga’s along with the Sarga of Pattabisheka, the difficulties will disappear. Their marital life will be very good for those who are married.”

He blessed by completing that day’s class. I placed the Nadi and the notebook which I was using to take notes in the holy feet of Sri Rama and did a sashtanga namaskara. I then got up, sat down and meditated thus:

“Om Agatheesaya Namaha”

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Parashakthi Temple

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