The GOS 250 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 7

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The next Thursday’s ‘class’ started rather earlier. Agastya gave a very different perspective:

“If someone thinks of an unpleasant situation that someone else went through in detail, he remains in that situation himself, suffers and makes those who already went through that suffering go through that again. But Kamban did not want Sita Devi to experience the unpleasant experience of staying in Ashoka Vana again. He therefore shrinks this part to just 8 slokhas. He could not just bear the thought of making Sita Devi feel unpleasant by going through tinsy details. He is a Maha Purusha, and His kavya is an example of his greatness. No one has written like this.” – a very different perspective indeed.

“How much ever trouble comes, as long as good people are around, the Lord sends someone to give a ray of hope. If one puts faith in such people’s words, understands and surrenders to the Lord, he can cross any type of cyclones in his life. For this, one needs to have tremendous amount of patience. Not having such a patience is what lets Kali to play his game wishfully in this Yuga. It also worsens the trouble. Only to make oneself surrender and let the Lord to take care of himself, we often say, “There is no better thing than one’s mind to be given to the Lord.”

“There are 8 slokhas in the 29th Sarga. They all say what a good omen is.”

“For the difference of opinion between couple disappear, for those who got separated to be united, to ward of all types of difficulties in a family, those who fight for their lives in the hospital, all these should recite the 30th Sarga 3 times a day in the morning, thinking of Lord Hanuman. All the problems would then disappear.

[[ Sarga 30 – 3 times in the morning – thinking of Lord Hanuman = wards of all difficulties ]]

Those who have Rahu Kethu bukthi in Chandra Maha Dasha, Rahu Maha Dasha in Chandra Bukthi, Surya Bukthi, Kethu dasha where Chandra, Sevvay or Surya Bukthi, the 30th Sarga will give a greater life.

“From the 31st till the 35th Sarga when recited everyday will ward of the difficulties below:

Those who wants their difficulties to be removed should read Hanuman’s Rama Charita every day. Those who are looking for jobs, those who lost hope in life, those who suffer in debt, those who are attempting suicide, if they read these Sargas continuously, the trouble vanishes just as snow does when sun rises.

Namostu vaachaspathaye swajariNe swayambuve
Chaiva sudhaasanaayacha|
Thaane shoktham yathitham maamakrodha vanao
Kasaa thachcha thathaasthu naanyathaa||

Those who recite this slokha everyday will get a lot of merits. This is an important slokha from the Sundara Kanda.

“Those who are suffering continuously, those who suffer out of danger, who are sick and suffering, those who have 7.5 Shani and Ashtama Shani, those who have Ashtama Guru, Ashtama Kethu, Rahu etc., those men and women who are unmarried should read the Sarga 35, 36, 37 and 38 will save them like anything, wards off evil! It bestows Soubhagya. This is a very very important portion of Soubhagya.

Those who really feel down at heart should read 39th Sarga’s 53 slokhas. It is a boon for such people.

Those who die everyday out of fear, those who do not realize their own strength, those whose horoscope has Guru, Kethu, Shani in their 8th house and the respective Maha Dasha or Bukthi or Anthara happening, those who are affected by ghosts, witchcraft, etc., to ward off all kinds of doshas, and to increase Santhosha, to ward off fear of prison and policemen, they should recite the 39th till 42st Sarga’s slokhas (all of them) within their minds. They are such powerful slokhas.”

– Agastya concluded the class for that day. I sat for meditation as well.

One can read the Valmeeki Ramayan here

Featured image: Sundara Kand

~ to be continued…!

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