The GOS 251 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 8

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Waiting for the next Thursday made me tired as if I walked for a very long distance. The wise men say, whoever is thirsty of Rama Charitha, how much ever given wouldn’t be sufficient. I realized it is true. I even felt that Agastya Muni’s narration of Sri Rama Charita has reduced a lot. But I longed for something new this week, I prayed to Lord Ganesha and Lord Hanuman, prayed to Agastya Muni and sat in front of Sri Rama in Brahma Muhurtha.

As soon as He came, I got a scolding.

“Won’t I know when to say what, when not to say? Why this impatience? I understand you want to drink the nectar of Sri Rama Charita in one gulp. Alright, listen.”

“Kambanaattan (Kambar) expressed Sri Rama Charitha in very simple terms right, he said that it was Hanuman who began a practice which is followed even now. The humans when going to temple do pradakshina thrice clockwise and do sashtanga namaskara, it was started by Hanuman himself considering Sita Devi as Goddess. This method is followed even now. It is right indeed. What we see is the humans stand in front of the temple as if they are waving ‘Hi God, is everything alright?’ and going their way. The Lord out of His mercy grants it satisified even with that worship. Think of this, if the Lord is bestowing such a mercy even for those who just stand in front of the temple for a few seconds, imagine what they can receive if they surrender to the Lord Almighty completely. looks like the time hasn’t come for man to give his mind to the Lord yet.” – Agastya expressed these in the state of a father.

I sat quiet, this is a father’s mind set ensuring safety and security of the children, that they should not falll down and get hurt. He said, “Let us proceed with Rama Katha”

The speed in which He went appeared as if He wasn’t interested in detailing how Hanuman destroyed Lanka. Yes! He does not like destruction, ever.

“43rd till 46th Sarga along with the Pattabisheka Sarga when read and did Neivedhyam of Payasam, one can shine as that of Hanuman.”

“They take care of those who are affected by Rahu Kethu dosha, Ashtama Shani, Ashtama Guru, Kethu, those who are restless due to enemies, those who are losing continuously, those who wants to win in life, to achieve something, to subdue enemies, these Sargas will be of great help.”

“Those who are possessed by evil spiritis, those who are fearful at anything and everything, everyday, those whom run Rahu Kethu Bukthi in Chandra Dasha, those who have Kethu in Surya Dasha, Kethu and Chandra in Ashtama as Rashi, those who run their lives or business with crooked, cruel individuals, those who suffer in the day of Chandrashtama, if they read these four Sargas (47 to 50), Anjaneya will come and help them, He will give them life, they will be relieved of whatever great the misery is!”

“He single handedly destroyed a major portion of Lanka at that time. When His tail was set on fire, Sita Devi prayed to Lord Agni not to burn Him and Agni agreed. There is something that you humans should understand.

“When a pure soul, when it prays for others who are suffering, that prayer is granted at once!”

“Fear of thieves, fear of enemies, fear of crooks, fear of fire, whoever suffer because of these, those who are having difficulties, those who are experiencing punishment for the crime they did not commit, those with horoscope where Sevvay, Kethu combined in the Eighth place, Sixth place, those who have Sevvay Thasha as Ashtama Dasha, those who work in kitchen or work with chemicals, if they read the Sarga between 51 and 54 Sarga of Sundara Kanda, they won’t be affected for their life, they won’t be affected by fire, the fear gets wards off.”

“The Lord tests who are near by Him. He doesn’t bother about those who do not care about Him, the humans say. But it is not true. When falling from a bicycle, the effect is less. When falling from a little faster vehicle, the impact is a little more severe. But when fallen from heights, it is dangerous for the life. Just like so, those who do evil things, those who pretend like they are spiritual and mint money due to it, it means that they are going to fall from heights.

They don’t realize that the Almighty is making them rise higher and higher only to drop them from there, which is known only to the Siddhas, Wise men and Gnanis. Sundara Kanda shows how Ravana, who ruled all three worlds was destroyed by a normal lady, but a chaste wife called Sita. This important message the humans should realize.”

He concluded the class with that. I placed the Jeeva Nadi and the note book in the holy feet of Sri Rama and did a Namasakara, my heart was filled. The mind naturally sat down with the japa ‘Om Agatheesaya Namaha!’

~ to be continued…!

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