The GOS 252 – Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam 9

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The Rama Charita was growing in a pleasing manner narrated by Agastya. What to avoid, what to follow, what to point when teaching something was all done by the Maha Muni like a talented teacher guiding his student made me feel goose bumps. Even before I ask about something which I am not aware of, He gives the explanation right away. Such a wonderful teacher He is!

I did the regular niyama on Thursday and prayed to Agastya that Thursday. He said:

“A human life is made out of various thoughts, external pressure due to circumstances. Until and unless they know the knack of it, it is difficult for him to cross it. When we say ‘limitless almighty’ about God, what is that feeling, what it is, to know, one has to become ‘that’ itself. Even we cannot explain how it is. It has to be decided by the God Almighty only. We want everyone to reach ‘that’ state and hence we say ‘do good that earns Punya, do Dharma, be detached, remain with the thought that everything is but His deed’ etc., How much ever great one may be, how much ever strong one may be, before doing something if they don’t think of ‘what will happen to others’ even for a second, they will have to suffer just like how Hanuman did within His mind after he lit up Lanka on fire. This is what I want to convey to my children.”

…He said this as a generic advise and proceeded to Sundara Kanda narration.

“Those who lost their exams, their position, those who suffer out of their karmic fate, those with ashtama Guru and Shani, those with Rahu Kethu Bukthi happening in Shani Dasha, those with Rahu, Kethu, Shani Bukthi in Surya Dasha, those who are so exhausted and thinking of ending their lives, those merchants who know nothing but failure, business owners, all these should recite the Sarga 55 to 57 every day, thrice without fail. Doing so will get all their troubles, fear and desperation. This is a truth indeed.”

As I was paying very close attention to what He said, I was surprised. The almighty has kept the solution to all possible problems the humans may encounter in one slokha (or Kavya) and blessed it with His grace. What else blessing can the human get?

A reply came to my thoughts. “Yes, we said it is indeed the Lord’s will. Those who read any slokha of Sundara Kanda for any good purpose, He can become that Lord Almighty himself for that moment, he can feel it himself.” – he explained the subtlety of it.

“Further, if he realizes this once, there wouldn’t be anything that he has to realize in this earth. This is true. His mind would’nt want anything else.”

“Those who recite the 58th and 59th Sarga will get all their Papa ward off. The fear of enemy will disappear. The grace of God will be felt closer. The obstacles will vanish one by one. Shani Dosha will go away. The bad effects, disease caused by Rahu or Kethu will be gone. Deeds done on evil intention (witchcraft) will lose its strength. Dharidhrya will not enter. The auspicious things that were blocked will resume. The defeat will turn in to a victory. Those who got separated will unite.” – said the Maha Siddha.

“Those who are having difficulty in taking important decisions in life, those who want to go in the path of righteousness, to act without crooked obstacles, they should read the Sargas 60 and 61 and daringly enter. Everything will happen for their happiness. Those who have Surya along with Kethu in their horoscopes, or those who were born when Chandra was with Rahu, those who are in positions that call for taking important decisions, or responsible for announcing such decisions in their workplace, Kethu bukthi in Chandra Dasha or Rahu Bukthi in Surya Dasha should recite the above Sargas which will get them out of obstacles and gives them encouragement, guides them in the right path and bestows peace and happiness in their minds.”

He paused the class for the day with this. I sat for meditation.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Chitrakoot

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