The GOS 253 Sukam Tharum Sundara Kandam 10

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I began to do the practice of daily Parayanam (recitation) after praying to Ganesha and Hanuman everyday, while waiting for the next Thursday’s narration. It grew through the grace of Agastya Muni. I could sense that whatever I undertake, there was an excitement, an urge in carrying them out and the tasks were successful through His grace. Through someone, if for this world a merit can be done for other beings, if above all the God’s grace is readily available, all I wanted is to pray for that grace. I felt it is ‘God’s grace’ that the current mentality is called.

Happiness is a natural state, but it does not stay for long days or time. It takes time for one to realize that God has kept this as a testing device. One does not realize how much balance he will lose if he feels so much of happiness, but others will. In fact, mistakes committed when someone is in a normal state or even feeling sad is nothing compared to the mistakes done when someone is extremely happy. Therefore, it is important to have the balanced state of mind. This truth is taught in the 62nd and 63rd Sarga of Sundara Kandam.

Defeat will not go near those who read these two Sargas. They won’t fear anything. Obstacles will disappear. In addition, those whose horoscope has Rahu, Kethu and Guru on the 8th house, those who suffer due to Ashtama Shani, Ashtama Rahu will be relieved of their difficulties. Those who are admitted in the hospital will be relieved of the fear of death. The surgeries related to heart and brain will succeed. Those who suffer because of thieves, fire, natural calamities will be relieved too.

Those who recite the 64th Sarga – those whose Maha Bukthi or Dasha happening with Rahu, Kethu, Sevvay, Shani or Surya in their Kalathra Sthana will be benefitted with all their difficulties removed and their marital life will blossom. Those who do not have happiness in marital life, those who think of getting separated, those couple who are separated because of business or work, those who fear if their love life will come to an end, they can recite this Sarga thrice everyday. All their problems will be taken care of. The marriage that seemed like an impossibility will happen, the separated one will be reunited, The Sevvay and Kalathra dosha will disappear. They will experience bliss in their marital life.

Those who worry for small things, those with 7 1/2 Shani, Ashtama Shani, Arthashtama Shani in their horoscopes, those horoscopes with Chandra and Kethu, those with Chandra Bukthi in Kethu Dasha, those who suffer due to Chandrashtama every month, the husbands who are separated from their wives, those who are desperate to get divorced, those who worry because there isn’t a good news from the far away land, those who have obstacles in having a cordial relationship, those with Kalathra dosha, Sevvai Dosha, should read the 64th and 36th Sarga continuously everyday. All the obstacles will disappear if they do so.

Those who have lost any hopes in life, those who suffer from 7 1/2 Shani, Ashtama Shani, Arthashtama Shani, Viraya Shani, Jenma Shani, Paadha Shani, Suya Bukthi in Shani Maha Dasha, Surya Bukthi, Kethu Bukthi, Chandra Bukthi, Rahu Bukthi, Kethu Bukthi in Chandra Dasha, Kethu Antharam, Rahu Bukthi, Rahu Antharam, Shani Bukthi, those with horoscopes where Sevvay is with Kethu in 6th house, those with Kalathra Sevvay Dosha should read the Sargas 66, 67 everyday, thrice in the morning. Their difficulties will change miraculously then. Their very fate will change.

The Maha Muni paused the narration for that day.

I placed the Nadi in Sri Rama’s holy feet and sat down for meditation.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Preksa

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