The GOS 258 – Lord and The Siddhas – a small experience 3

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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When we pray to Siddhas or Almighty and go in the path they show us, we will meet many surprises. Events may seem like there is a karmic connection somewhere even if they don’t appear as we wanted. Wherever I go, its a habit to pray to the Siddhas and the Almighty that “Let your presence be there guiding me, protecting me.” The events of the prasad distribution for the week as I had prayed to them, I felt I should visit Kotakanallur to have darshan of Perumal in the two days holidays I got. I put forth my request in my usual meditation session in the pooja room that evening after taking bath.

It is hard to believe, the answer came very fast, “Do not have to go anywhere. Just be seated here!”

I was surprised, “What an order, (He) never has said this before. Let us just do what they said. Let us not go anywhere.”

One of my friend came and asked if I wanted to accompany a trip to Podhigai hills to do abisheka to Guru Agastya during these two days off. I said:

“Please forgive me. I have been given different orders. They asked me to stay at home without going anywhere. I shall get some items for the pooja. Please take them and kindly bring me prasad. That’s enough. I cannot cross their orders. Let us see another time.”

These friends are known to my Father as well. I had prayed to the Siddhas only this, all these years:

“I should stay with my parents will their last breath. I should perform all the duties with Your grace. I should not leave out any duty missed out for my parents.”

My friends set forth to Podhigai that Thursday. That Friday night around 11, adiyen’s Father’s soul reached the almighty.

Had I gone to Podhigai, my entire family would have been in great distress. All the rituals would have happened only after two days as when someone is at Podhigai, there isn’t a way to contact them. The last rites were performed where my friends could come only that Sunday. They could not see my Father’s face or take part in the rituals.

“There! That’s the reason why I was ordered so. There is Karma. I had to stay. You didn’t have to see your friend or take part in his last rites. He got down in his stop. Let us continue our journey.” – the friends bid farewell. In the tenth day of the karma while seated quietly, a thought came:

“As Agastya mentioned in the Jeeva Nadi, a Moksha Deepa should be lit for Father. Let that soul attain salvation due to the almighty’s grace.”

I requested a person who had come for the 10th day’s ritual to get me the approval to put Moksha Deepa on the Kotakanallur Perumal’s temple. He asked what a Moksha Deepam is.

“It is a ritual. In the Isanya corner of a temple during Saturdays, a light should be lit around 6. The next day morning, all the items used in the ritual should be left in the river. I shall take care of the arrangements, please get me the approval.” – He agreed.

I didn’t say about this to anyone but only to a friend, “We may have to go to a certain place sooner. Be ready.”

Then after the 13th day’s Karma was over, when sitting down for Meditation and Japa, I placed a request to Agastya Muni to give His grace and approval for the Moksha Deepa to be lit. I did not mention this to anyone as I was convinced that whatever plans one make, it is the Almighty who carries out the way it should be. So I had decided to get on in full swing once I get the approval.

For two days, there wasn’t any reply and I began to worry if Agastya doesn’t want the Moksha Deepa to be lit? The Saturday I had planned to lit the Deepa is just 4 days away. I had to procure all the items.

I cried out loud in my mind, “O Sirs! What is this, can’t there be an approval or answer?” – I was stressed out as the day came closer. I guess they heard that loud cry. As I waited for an answer, Agastya sent out a detailed answer through a living person, who is an ardent disciple of Guru Agastya.

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

The GOS 257 – Lord and The Siddhas – a small experience 2

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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When what the mind thought happens as it is, the mind becomes happy. If the result happens otherwise but still favourable, the mind ‘accepts’ it. When it goes completely opposite, the mind becomes troublesome, feels sad. As far as me, whatever happened so far itself is a great blessing and I was at peace without expecting anything more. As Lord Narayana organizes everything, no one can enter.

I was affirmative that the Podhigai pooja prasad will reach only after 15 days but surprisingly, a friend who came down on Tuesday itself mentioned: “One of your former colleagues was in my group. He introduced himself where I asked if he knows you. He said he knows you very well and gladly accepted my request to hand over the prasad to you saying that his house is right behind your office. He gave that colleague’s number as well. I was surprised and recalled my sarcasm “Agastya hardly runs any courier service for this to reach the next instance, it will reach at the right time.”

“Who are you to make sarcasistic comments? See how fast I am” – as if He said so. As I stepped out of the office at 5 PM, the colleague stood there. A bag with the prasad, he smiled at me saying, “he asked to give it to you” and bid farewell. A aromatic sandalwood, vibuthi, turmeric, I opened the bag to see the items used for Agastya’a Abisheka. I stood still without knowing what to say. I realized that we are being watched, they do accept our offerings when given heartily. I did not get the oil used for abisheka but the vibuthi (holy ash) made that thought disappear (that vibuthi is still hanging in a bag at home, in the right hand of Odhiyappar’s vigraha). I kept the prasad safely.

In Sabarai Mala, when they close the sanctum sanctorum after a long time, they decorate Lord Ayyappa as a Siddha, apply vibuthi all over and put a screen before closing the door. When the door opens again, they take that vibuthi and distribute it to the devotees as prasad. One of our colleagues was placed in our Sabari Mala branch office. When he was about to go there, he asked me if I would like the Aravanai and Appam and that he could get it only after the Mandala period gets over. I had asked him if I can get the vibuthi that covered Lord Ayyappa. He agreed and by Wednesday, he gave a box full of that vibuthi (even this vibuthi is in front of Odhiyappar, till date).

The next day was Thursday. I had been to the temple in the evening for darshan. It was rather quiet with me and Pujari (of course the almighty too). I had darshan one after the other (at first Agastya, Lopamudra, then Vinayaka behind Agastya Muni, then Nagar, Krishna and then Odhiyappar). When I stood before Odhiyappar, He looked very different with vibuthi smeared all across his chest, head, his dhoti, his feet, everywhere. I asked him within, “What’s special for you O Lord today?” He appeared to be smiling where I looked closely and was reminded of the Vibhthi courier incidents happening for the past three days.

“O Odhiyappa! Can you give me the vibuthi either in your head, chest or in your dhoti which is fresh after a wash with kanji. I shall ask the Pujari once. Please arrange.” – I requested the Pujari who took a banana leaf, went to Odhiyappa and took the vibuthi from the head, chest and the dhoti and went in side the shrine of Agastya Muni. I was very surprised indeed, thanked Odhiyappar and went in to the shrine of Agastya and said within, “Don’t know what’s happening today to Odhiyappa, your guru has given me the Vibuthi. Please have an eye on Him.” I did namaskaram and came out.

I met my friend en route where I mentioned about the vibuthi incidents and said, “looks like this is a Vibuthi week, maybe there’s a real good beating awaits, must remain alert.” and came home. But when I thought about the whole thing, I felt like they are purposefully delivering the vibuthi to be handed over to that relative. Who will go there now, I am not sure but let me put this request to Agastya Himself, I thought. I prayed Him to show me a way. At around 8 PM when I came down to have dinner after my Mother called me, I saw one of my relatives sitting down. I welcomed him inquiring how everything is, as we had just met last Sunday.

“That person who got the surgery last week is recovering well and I thought I will visit him. I may not have come here. But I thought somehow I should come here to see you all and then go my way. So I came here without getting on to the next train.”

I smiled within and asked when he is going to meet our relative. He said he is planning to start the next morning. I mentioned: “Fair enough, I shall give some prasad. Please hand it over to him and ask him to consume it.”

“For sure! Please give it to me right away. I may forget if its tomorrow.” I spontaneously prayed & thanked within, “You have made a real swift arrangement. Thank you very much.” – I went to the pooja room and gave him the parcel which contained all three vibuthi’s. It reached him the very next day.

Friday – The theertha and chandan from Tirupathi Balaji
Sunday – The turmeric powder from Kodakanallur Perumal
Tuesday – The abisheka vibuthi from the saint of Podhigai hills
Wednesday – The abisheka vibuthi from Sabarimalai Sastha
Thursday – The abisheka vibuthi from Odhiyappar

As Perumal began to give the medicine, looks like every other form of almighty wants to give their share. I didn’t understand anything but felt overwhelmed with gratitude. After all these, something miraculous happened next week which I shall explain in the next post.

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

The GOS 256 – Lord and The Siddhas – a small experience 1

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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Even the devotees who live by the words of Agastya Muni will be tested. As He says, every test should be looked upon as an experience, here is a compilation of one such experience. They started everything, tested and granted their blessings as the reward for patience. If the Lord himself partakes in the game of Siddhas, what else does one need, we may think.

One of my relatives fell sick. The doctors recommended surgery as the only way out. While getting confused on what to decide, I thought we should ask the Kotakanallur Pachchai Vanna Perumal himself, as I frequent his temple for darshan. I sat in my pooja room and meditated, where a word came “Come here! I shall give the medicine.” As there was a holiday on the last day of the week, I got three days off. Let’s go, I decided. Eventually, couple of my friends (Shri Sathish and Shri Shridharan) called me up and mentioned about their visit to Podhigai Hills to have darshan of Lord Agastya and they are planning to visit Kotakanallur enroute.

I said I will meet them in Kotakanallur on Saturday and thought let us give whatever we could to Podhigai Hills for Agastya’s abisheka and encourage them on their visit. I collected the abisheka items (Vibuthi, sandalwood powder, javvadhu and other fragrances. I took permission on Wednesday afternoon and proceeded to Tirunelveli. The items were a bit heavy. I was doubtful if my friend will ask me to reduce the items due to their weight. I thought he may say, “it is very difficult to even carry my own weight, this is very heavy. Can you please reduce the items?” Will the Lord Pachchai Vanna Perumal ask for this sandalwood powder? I thought. But nevertheless, I collected everything and kept them.

I reached Kotakanallur on Thursday morning. I stood in front of the Lord and prayed, “Here I am as you asked me to come. Hereafter it is your grace. Please bless.” The priest gave the prasad and went inside again as if he remembered something. He had a ball kind of thing in yellow. He said:

“Take this, I took this when I did the Thirumanjanam for Perumal today. Who will come for this, I thought and I heard – ‘someone will come in 2.5 nazhigai, give this to him.”

I received it with all due respect and took it to both my eyes as if worshipping. I smelled the purest of Virali Turmeric. I thought this must have been the medicine and I kept it safe. I told the priest that I am going to Srivilliputhur tomorrow and will meet him that Saturday. “Please get my friends a good darshan, I will come here before 10 in the morning.”

I then proceeded towards Sri Villiputhur. I met one of my friends who took me to several other friends. After meeting all, we returned to my friends house and while seating, a person said: “Here, bring your hands. Take this, and ask to eat this as well”. and put a small piece in my hand.

“What is this?”

“This is the Chandan that adorned the chest of Lord Balaji in Tirupathi. You know Goddess Mahalakshmi is in His heart. This is a rare medicine by itself.” and additionally, “Here, this is the Perumal Theertham.” and gave a bottle. The smell of Pachchai Karpooram (green camphor) was intense. I felt, “Only for these the Lord has asked me to travel all along. There will definitely be a cure.” and kept them safe. Then I went back to Kotakanallur on Saturday and met those two friends whom I had promised to meet.

“Very good darshan, the Lord blessed us. Come along, let us go again and have darshan.”

“I have some items for Agastya Muni’s abisheka. Let us see them and then get in.” – I began to keep them out.

My friend said: “It is very heavy. It is difficult even to carry my own weight. Can you please reduce the items?

Further, he glanced the items kept out and said, “Please keep the sandalwood paste out. Let the Vibhuthi be in.”

I looked towards the shrine and thought: “Can’t you say straight if you want the Sandalwood paste? Should you make me embarrased and get them? Plus, O Agastya Muni, please forgive me. The Lord is asking for the sandalwood paste which I had collected for you. Please accept the rest of the items and bless everyone.”

We had a wonderful darshan, did pradakshina and spoke about Podhigai to my friends and placed a request.

“After the abisheka, please get a little of Abisheka Oil and Vibuthi as prasad. You can send it after you reach Chennai, its enough.”

It will take around 4 to 5 days for them to reach back Chennai after the abisheka, climbing down etc., “I thought it is ok if it takes the time. Agastya hardly runs any courier service for this to reach the next instance, one has to wait for everything.” I thought and bid farewell to my friends. I met the priest and gave him the sandalwood paste to be used for the Sunday’s abisheka.

I prayed towards the direction of Podhigai hills, “O Guru, your children are coming to you with abisheka, pooja. Please accept their prayers.” I went back to the temple next morning (Sunday) and found that the abisheka had been over. There was a screen in front of the shrine.

The priest welcomed me saying: “Welcome, just move the screen lightly and see inside. The Lord seems very happy today. I did the abisheka with the sandalwood paste you gave. There is a good amount of paste still sticking in His idol, see.”

“That’s great. Where did I come? It was Him who brought me here. He did all this drama and got the paste which I had collected for Agastya Muni.” – I said. The priest gave the prasad, a sandalwood paste ball and turmeric. I received it with utmost devotion and kept thinking about the happenings and came back to my place, met my relative and asked him to eat all the medicines the Lord had given.

The operation was scheduled for Tuesday, he got admitted the previous Sunday. He took the medicines before Monday evening. The operation happened successfully and the relative crossed the danger. The abisheka in Podhigai happened on Monday as well, so special. Whatever happened thereafter took me to a great surprise.

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

The GOS 255 – Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam 11 – Sampoornam

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

We have reached the final episode of the experiences with Sundara Kanda narration. Let us pray to Lord Agatheeshwara and enter His words. Agatheeshwara clarified many a things clearly that can be made easy by the humans. I expected eagerly, what is He going to say new today? I sat in Lord Rama’s shrine on that Thursday morning. The Maha Muni said:

“A man can plan anything according to his needs. But only through the grace of God does the plan succeed. In most cases, what happens is just opposite to what was planned for many and when that happens, they wonder why, we had planned it properly and get confused. But in reality, it is the God almighty who diverted it. That too is because He knows this diversion is for this human’s good only. But the human does not understand this, but they criticize the rishis, Siddhas, his time and even the Lord. That is why the Lord orders us to keep a lot of things hidden as ‘deva rahasya’. The loss is not for the Lord you see. It is for the human who is supposed to rise up.”

These words did not sound like just words to me. Something has happened. Is it that the Lord has taken back the approval of narrating the Rama Katha? I realized that it is true indeed by what He said next.

“Though we began as Rama Katha, the Lord ordered to stick with Sundara Kandam. Once it was done, the Lord ordered, “O Agastya, whatever should reach the humans have reached. Let’s finish it here.”

“Hence, let me narrate an incident and then let me tell you something good, who helped the message of the Lord to be passed on to the humans at the end.”

“As per the horoscope, those who are suffering because of the grahas like Kethu, Shani, Rahu, Sevvaay, Surya in their Kudumpa Sthana, Sukha Sthana, Kalathra Sthana, Ayul Sthana etc., those whose marriage is getting delayed, even those who are married but are not able to experience the happiness the married life gives, those who have difference of opinion between spouses and suffer due to this, sevvaay dosha, kaala sarpa dosha, kalathra dosha, those who suffer through the doshas which follow them generation after generation, those who suffer due to ashtama Shani, ashtama Guru, those who long for their love life not getting successful, those who are not having the blessings of bearing children, those who suffer so much due to the wickedness of their enemies, all these to get rid of their problems, they should recite all the 68 Sarga with a lot of faith everyday is the greatest Parikara.” – and He paused the Rama Katha with Sundara Kanda.

I remained silent waiting for Him to say something Himself. I threw away any question that came in my mind. He spoke Himself after a while.

“Let us complete the Rama Katha at a different time, in the future. Be patience till then. So far the Agastya’s kavya has come out well. Our blessings!” – when He blessed, He did so with Rama, Seetha, Lakshmana and Anjaneya being present. Recall how you looked up when taking notes, after experiencing a cool breeze, subtle aroma of Sri Thulasi and Sampangi, that’s when they left this place. Every week when you take notes, Sri Rama Himself was seated in the place you’ve kept His idol with the others seated closeby when We were narrating. When this narration gets published in a book form, whoever gets them and recites all the Sargas with devotion, they will have an armour around them. The house in which it is kept will be wealthy in all aspects. No harm will come near them. Frequent surprising things will happen.” – He blessed and concluded.

I realized that I have taken notes all these days at the holy feet of Sri Rama without realizing anything. If one has to learn, they must learn under such a guru. Every Siddha will come. To realize is our Karma Vidhi.

Those who want to read all the Sarga of Sundara Kanda (typed in Tamil with sounds in Deva Nagri), please click below and select ‘Sundara Kandam’. It is so very simple.

Thus concludes Maha Guru Agastya’s Sukham Tharum Sundara Kandam series.

We thank the Maha Guru for allowing us to publish in the Siththan Arul blog and pray to Him that all His devotees may live a happy and blessed life.

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

The GOS 254 – Bhoga, the most merciful among the Siddhas

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The answers of Agastya Muni to the generic questions posted by devotees can be found here. The readers are requested to send their spiritual experiences related to the Siddhas to GnanaBoomi at Gmail dot com. Though the experiences are unique and personal to them, it can shower some light or guidance to those who read them. Thanks!


“People of this world will not reform. Do not worry about them. Focus on what you must do.” – said the other Siddhas. But Bhoga did not listen. The people should not perish, they should live here forever. His thirst increased.

“Bhoga! You are going against the divine will. This is not good. Learn everything except the Sanjeevani which brings back the dead. That’s what is good for you.” – said the Siddhas but Bhoga did not listen. I will do whatever it takes and learn this Mantra or will get it through the God’s grace. His ancestors are from Tamil Nadu but they had migrated to China long back. His parents were doing a laundry business there.

He was named as Bo – Yong. Another theory states that Bhoga was born in Tamil Nadu itself and His parents migrated to China only after His birth, and He transmuted himself in to the body of Bo-Yong. As these happend thousands of years back, we don’t have the authenticity of such information. The book ‘Agasthiyar Panirendayiram’ (Agasthiyar 12 thousand) has a song that goes ‘The Bhoga who is greatest of the Siddhas is from the heavy land of China’. He stayed in China and came back to Tamil Nadu after His parents’ demise. He wanted to have the darshan of Siddhas staying in Mount Meru and Himalayas. His main mission was to share the rare herbs hidden in the treasures of mountains all across India and to prevent any disease from attacking the public.

He taught the Munivars and Siddhas in Himalayas on how to make gold. He did so because these men do not get attached to material things and will spend this on the welfare of others. While He stayed in Himalayas, many a students came to visit Bhoga and became His disciples. There were 63 of them including Pulipani, Karuvurar, Sattai Muni, Idaikadar etc., Bhoga disliked the one quality in humans, of not sharing one’s knowledge to others. He arranged for all 63 of His disciples to know everything He knew and to spread them all across the country. He had taught them on how to fly in the sky, to float in the water, the Kayakalpa medicine that helps the body to remain intact and healthy for a very long time.

He tested them too and the students cleared them as well. They then went to the lengths and breadths of the country and tried teaching the public what they learnt. The ignorant masses but didn’t pay heed to such knowledge. Bhoga felt sad but did not give up. He thought that by teaching them about Sanjeevani, they could be made interested in learning the other Siddhis. When He expressed His desires to the other Siddhas, they said what’s been given in the beginning of this post. Bhoga was restless after the Siddhas refused to teach Him the Sanjeevani. He cried profusely that He will give up His life if he will not be taught this skill. The other Siddhas consoled him stating, “if we decide to give up our lives just because what we desired did not happen, there won’t be anyone left in the world. Not everything we want happens. Death is something that the almighty has decided to happen for all humans at a certain time. It is not good to cross this decision. You may incur the wrath of the Lord if you do so. Change your thought to commit suicide. You are a learnt physician who knows everything including Kayakalpa. Why don’t you teach the humans about these and make them live a healthy life? Forget about living forever and teaching it to everyone. The Gnani does not dwell in what is impossible.”

Bhoga left for Mount Meru half-hearted. There He found Kalangi Siddha’s samadhi. When He offered His respects to it, many Siddhas appeared before Him saying, “O Bhoga! We are the disciples of Kalangi Siddhar. Souls like Rama, Pandavas, Dridhrashtra, Harishchandra, Ravana came here and tested what we have learnt. We are staying here since long. What do you want?”

Bhoga mentioned to them that He wanted to learn the Sanjeevani art where no one will ever die, with great respect and humbleness. They pointed him to a place where there were countless rare gems were found. They pointed him to another place where there were lots of gold. His heart felt happy, He thought about the common people even at that time. An ordinary person would greedily take away all he could and try to earn the title of ‘world’s richest’. But Bhoga requested the other Siddhas thus:
“O Siddhas! These are lying here as waste. It looks like there will be more left even if we give away these to all the people in the world. They will live happily with these, why is it getting wasted here?”

The Siddhas gave a grief-filled laughter. “Bhoga! Why are you worrying about the humans? They don’t respect people like us who think of spirituality, neither they search for the grace of Lord. Here you are worrying about such ungrateful humans to get benefitted with these materials here. They don’t deserve to get them.” – and they disappeared that instance. Bhoga felt sad thinking “I was thinking of getting all these wealth to the humans and forgot about the greatest of the wealth – health and to make them live forever. This wealth changes one’s mind like anything. It makes us forget our duties.”

At that time a light appeared and came through Bhoga, it’s light was blindfolding. He covered his eyes with his hands and looked in between in the direction of the light. It came from an ant-hill which was almost the height of a full grown man. He walked towards the ant-hill. He heard breathing from that ant hill. Bhoga sensed that the breathing is not that of a snake but of a human who is perfected. He realized that this person must be a great Tapasvi and that He could learn the art of Sanjeevani from Him. So He sat down in meditating about this person right there deciding that He will wait. The heat of this meditation touched the Tapasvi inside the anthill where He came out. He was a person who knows everything past, present and future. He woke Bhoga up saying ‘O Bhoga!’

Bhoga was surprised, “Swami, how do you know my name?” for which the Tapasvi said it is not difficult for Siddhas to know each others. Bhoga wanted to know how long he was doing this penance for the Tapasvi asked which yuga it was. Bhoga replied, “Kali Yuga”. The Tapasvi exclaimed on how fast the time runs, I have been meditating since beginning of Dhvapara Yuga and a full yuga is gone. Bhoga, I know your wish as well. First, eat the fruit of that tree there and quench your hunger. As soon as Bhoga ate the fruit, he felt very light as if he was floating and he sat down as it is. The Tapasvi handed over a doll to Bhoga saying, “this doll will answer all your questions.” – and went in to the anthill again. Bhoga asked the doll on how to live without getting defeated by death. The doll spoke everything about the birth till death but said that it cannot share the knowledge of living forever in spite of it knowing it due to the law of creation and disappeared. Bhoga felt depressed but he did not give up. Bhoga climbed up the Mount Meru one day where he saw rocks of gold, due to the rare herbs being used by the rishi-munis. He could not withstand the brightness and was about to fall down. The rishi-munis held him.

“Bhoga, we are living here for four yugas. We appreciate your sincerity and perseverance in making the humans live. The Sanjeevani is here in a cave. We shall show you and also teach you the mantra. Bhoga’s joy knew no bounds. They entered a particular cave which contained this herb which was not touched by dust, shining due to the radiance of making one live forever and bring back the dead. The rishi-munis explained the usage of Sanjeevani to Bhoga in detail. Bhoga became the personification of gratitude. He prostrated at the feet of these holy men thanking them profusely for their help and bid farewell. His joy did not find any limit where he jumped and danced out causing the place to tremble. Many a Siddhas appeared before Bhoga and addressed him thus: “Bhoga, it is during happiness that one should remain calm. You have disturbed our penance with your dancing and shouting. Our penance which happened for many yugas has become useless for which we will curse you. We curse you that you will forget the usage of this Sanjeevani for which you spent all your life’s effort, just as we are standing helpless with all our penance going for nothing.” Bhoga was devastated.

“O Siddhas! What have I done? I did a great mistake. Please don’t! Please don’t! You have the responsibility of sustaining this world too right? Please do not punish the people for whatever happened between us here. Please forgive me, please forgive me!” – but there were no one to listen to his cries for the Siddhas had disappeared. Bhoga was broken apart for he kept lamenting about his mistakes and fell unconscious. This drama was orchestrated by the almighty to show that the world is governed by Him and there is a reason for everything. But why did He then create Sanjeevani, a question may rise. The answer is known only to Him.

A bird flew near Bhoga and went in to the cave. This bird is Anda Bagiranda Bird. It plucked a leaf from a herb and made Bhoga inhale its fragrance. Bhoga woke up. It said, “Bhoga! Do not worry about what happened. There are countless Siddhas doing penance here and your movement may wake them up. It is enough of what you have learnt all the while. Help the people life healthy with this knowledge. Do not make another mistake of waking the other Siddhas up and end up lose whatever remaining you know. The person who is contended is the wise one.” Bhoga flew back to Podhigai hills and sat for meditation. Goddess Parvathi appeared in his meditation and said, “Bhoga, grieve not. It is my task to create and destroy the world. Go to Pazhani hills and worship my son Muruga!” and disappeared. Bhoga reached Pazhani and found Lord Subramanya in the form of Dhandayutha Pani wearing just the loin cloth. He instructed Bhoga to make the Nava-Bashana idol of himself and instructed Him on the ways He should be worshipped there in detail.” Bhoga felt very happy and did what the Lord mentioned, and was doing regular Pooja and Abisheka. Those who got those prasada lived a healthy and long life. This is why a lot of people visit Pazhani

Bhoga then reached Thiruchengodu near Namakkal. It is said that he made the ArdhaNareeshwara idol in Nava Bashana there as well. He flew to China frequently as well. Pulipani Siddha went to China and brought Him back. He had many disciples such as Konkana Siddha, Idaikadar, Kamala Muni, Machcha Muni, Nandeesar etc., He came back from China and stayed in Pazhani, eventually attained Samadhi here in Pazhani.

~ to be continued…!

Featured image courtesy: Pazhani Aatheenam