The GOS 257 – Lord and The Siddhas – a small experience 2

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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When what the mind thought happens as it is, the mind becomes happy. If the result happens otherwise but still favourable, the mind ‘accepts’ it. When it goes completely opposite, the mind becomes troublesome, feels sad. As far as me, whatever happened so far itself is a great blessing and I was at peace without expecting anything more. As Lord Narayana organizes everything, no one can enter.

I was affirmative that the Podhigai pooja prasad will reach only after 15 days but surprisingly, a friend who came down on Tuesday itself mentioned: “One of your former colleagues was in my group. He introduced himself where I asked if he knows you. He said he knows you very well and gladly accepted my request to hand over the prasad to you saying that his house is right behind your office. He gave that colleague’s number as well. I was surprised and recalled my sarcasm “Agastya hardly runs any courier service for this to reach the next instance, it will reach at the right time.”

“Who are you to make sarcasistic comments? See how fast I am” – as if He said so. As I stepped out of the office at 5 PM, the colleague stood there. A bag with the prasad, he smiled at me saying, “he asked to give it to you” and bid farewell. A aromatic sandalwood, vibuthi, turmeric, I opened the bag to see the items used for Agastya’a Abisheka. I stood still without knowing what to say. I realized that we are being watched, they do accept our offerings when given heartily. I did not get the oil used for abisheka but the vibuthi (holy ash) made that thought disappear (that vibuthi is still hanging in a bag at home, in the right hand of Odhiyappar’s vigraha). I kept the prasad safely.

In Sabarai Mala, when they close the sanctum sanctorum after a long time, they decorate Lord Ayyappa as a Siddha, apply vibuthi all over and put a screen before closing the door. When the door opens again, they take that vibuthi and distribute it to the devotees as prasad. One of our colleagues was placed in our Sabari Mala branch office. When he was about to go there, he asked me if I would like the Aravanai and Appam and that he could get it only after the Mandala period gets over. I had asked him if I can get the vibuthi that covered Lord Ayyappa. He agreed and by Wednesday, he gave a box full of that vibuthi (even this vibuthi is in front of Odhiyappar, till date).

The next day was Thursday. I had been to the temple in the evening for darshan. It was rather quiet with me and Pujari (of course the almighty too). I had darshan one after the other (at first Agastya, Lopamudra, then Vinayaka behind Agastya Muni, then Nagar, Krishna and then Odhiyappar). When I stood before Odhiyappar, He looked very different with vibuthi smeared all across his chest, head, his dhoti, his feet, everywhere. I asked him within, “What’s special for you O Lord today?” He appeared to be smiling where I looked closely and was reminded of the Vibhthi courier incidents happening for the past three days.

“O Odhiyappa! Can you give me the vibuthi either in your head, chest or in your dhoti which is fresh after a wash with kanji. I shall ask the Pujari once. Please arrange.” – I requested the Pujari who took a banana leaf, went to Odhiyappa and took the vibuthi from the head, chest and the dhoti and went in side the shrine of Agastya Muni. I was very surprised indeed, thanked Odhiyappar and went in to the shrine of Agastya and said within, “Don’t know what’s happening today to Odhiyappa, your guru has given me the Vibuthi. Please have an eye on Him.” I did namaskaram and came out.

I met my friend en route where I mentioned about the vibuthi incidents and said, “looks like this is a Vibuthi week, maybe there’s a real good beating awaits, must remain alert.” and came home. But when I thought about the whole thing, I felt like they are purposefully delivering the vibuthi to be handed over to that relative. Who will go there now, I am not sure but let me put this request to Agastya Himself, I thought. I prayed Him to show me a way. At around 8 PM when I came down to have dinner after my Mother called me, I saw one of my relatives sitting down. I welcomed him inquiring how everything is, as we had just met last Sunday.

“That person who got the surgery last week is recovering well and I thought I will visit him. I may not have come here. But I thought somehow I should come here to see you all and then go my way. So I came here without getting on to the next train.”

I smiled within and asked when he is going to meet our relative. He said he is planning to start the next morning. I mentioned: “Fair enough, I shall give some prasad. Please hand it over to him and ask him to consume it.”

“For sure! Please give it to me right away. I may forget if its tomorrow.” I spontaneously prayed & thanked within, “You have made a real swift arrangement. Thank you very much.” – I went to the pooja room and gave him the parcel which contained all three vibuthi’s. It reached him the very next day.

Friday – The theertha and chandan from Tirupathi Balaji
Sunday – The turmeric powder from Kodakanallur Perumal
Tuesday – The abisheka vibuthi from the saint of Podhigai hills
Wednesday – The abisheka vibuthi from Sabarimalai Sastha
Thursday – The abisheka vibuthi from Odhiyappar

As Perumal began to give the medicine, looks like every other form of almighty wants to give their share. I didn’t understand anything but felt overwhelmed with gratitude. After all these, something miraculous happened next week which I shall explain in the next post.

Featured image: Siththan Arul

Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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