The GOS 258 – Lord and The Siddhas – a small experience 3

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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When we pray to Siddhas or Almighty and go in the path they show us, we will meet many surprises. Events may seem like there is a karmic connection somewhere even if they don’t appear as we wanted. Wherever I go, its a habit to pray to the Siddhas and the Almighty that “Let your presence be there guiding me, protecting me.” The events of the prasad distribution for the week as I had prayed to them, I felt I should visit Kotakanallur to have darshan of Perumal in the two days holidays I got. I put forth my request in my usual meditation session in the pooja room that evening after taking bath.

It is hard to believe, the answer came very fast, “Do not have to go anywhere. Just be seated here!”

I was surprised, “What an order, (He) never has said this before. Let us just do what they said. Let us not go anywhere.”

One of my friend came and asked if I wanted to accompany a trip to Podhigai hills to do abisheka to Guru Agastya during these two days off. I said:

“Please forgive me. I have been given different orders. They asked me to stay at home without going anywhere. I shall get some items for the pooja. Please take them and kindly bring me prasad. That’s enough. I cannot cross their orders. Let us see another time.”

These friends are known to my Father as well. I had prayed to the Siddhas only this, all these years:

“I should stay with my parents will their last breath. I should perform all the duties with Your grace. I should not leave out any duty missed out for my parents.”

My friends set forth to Podhigai that Thursday. That Friday night around 11, adiyen’s Father’s soul reached the almighty.

Had I gone to Podhigai, my entire family would have been in great distress. All the rituals would have happened only after two days as when someone is at Podhigai, there isn’t a way to contact them. The last rites were performed where my friends could come only that Sunday. They could not see my Father’s face or take part in the rituals.

“There! That’s the reason why I was ordered so. There is Karma. I had to stay. You didn’t have to see your friend or take part in his last rites. He got down in his stop. Let us continue our journey.” – the friends bid farewell. In the tenth day of the karma while seated quietly, a thought came:

“As Agastya mentioned in the Jeeva Nadi, a Moksha Deepa should be lit for Father. Let that soul attain salvation due to the almighty’s grace.”

I requested a person who had come for the 10th day’s ritual to get me the approval to put Moksha Deepa on the Kotakanallur Perumal’s temple. He asked what a Moksha Deepam is.

“It is a ritual. In the Isanya corner of a temple during Saturdays, a light should be lit around 6. The next day morning, all the items used in the ritual should be left in the river. I shall take care of the arrangements, please get me the approval.” – He agreed.

I didn’t say about this to anyone but only to a friend, “We may have to go to a certain place sooner. Be ready.”

Then after the 13th day’s Karma was over, when sitting down for Meditation and Japa, I placed a request to Agastya Muni to give His grace and approval for the Moksha Deepa to be lit. I did not mention this to anyone as I was convinced that whatever plans one make, it is the Almighty who carries out the way it should be. So I had decided to get on in full swing once I get the approval.

For two days, there wasn’t any reply and I began to worry if Agastya doesn’t want the Moksha Deepa to be lit? The Saturday I had planned to lit the Deepa is just 4 days away. I had to procure all the items.

I cried out loud in my mind, “O Sirs! What is this, can’t there be an approval or answer?” – I was stressed out as the day came closer. I guess they heard that loud cry. As I waited for an answer, Agastya sent out a detailed answer through a living person, who is an ardent disciple of Guru Agastya.

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Om Lopamudra Sametha Agatheesaya Namaha!

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